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CreateDebate is a social decision making tool that we built to spur conversation and critical thinking. Our debate forum and online communities are an ideal setting for people to debate topics and ideas they feel passionately about. We think CreateDebate is seriously better than your typical forum and we believe you will agree.

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Winning Position: My pups want nothing to do with my new toy ;)
Winning Position: You better not.
Winning Position: No.
Winning Position: Yes
Winning Position: Oh God Yes! You are!
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Winning Position: Yes.
Winning Position: Can a Godless Nation prosper from absence of moral absolutes?
Winning Position: I prefer being single.
Winning Position: God of the gaps
Winning Position: No, this is the no fault USA
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Winning Position: Unresolved
Tied Positions: I don't need a babysitter. vs. That's why they need rules.
Winning Position: I'm not so sure.
Winning Position:
Winning Position: Do you wear street Clothing?
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