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Winning Position: No it's not.
Winning Position: What would the men in video games look like if they dressed like the women in video games?
Winning Position: Some cops just killed a White woman with no visible weapon. Where's the race bating?
Tied Positions: Wait..., what? No!!! vs. Apparently.
Winning Position: Why aren't there any overly attached boyfriends out in the wild?
Winning Position: obama is a good president
Winning Position: Internet... Good Or Bad?
Winning Position: Is World Domination Possible?
Winning Position: Its a part of going to school
Winning Position: Is World Peace Possible?
Winning Position: Castro Boys Demand Gitmo Back
Winning Position: Not Really
Tied Positions: Wait..., what? No!!! vs. True.
Winning Position:
Winning Position: That's my guess.
Winning Position: Not at all!
Winning Position: yes
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: Female
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: Not at all!
Tied Positions: No, it is good vs. Yes, it is bad
Winning Position: Intelligence
Winning Position: Money

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