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Winning Position: Muslim Logic Has Been Found
Winning Position: Private Gun Sales
Winning Position: The Answer To Toilet Confusion
Winning Position: The arrogance from those on the Left and LGBT activists with their double standards.
Winning Position: Yes
Winning Position: What's the hardest part about playing Soccer?
Tied Positions: Plebeian Stupidity vs. The Establishment
Winning Position: God owns His saints
Winning Position: Crazy Bernie Speechless On Socialism's Failures
Winning Position: What do the Detroit Red Wings and the Titanic have in common?
Tied Positions: Sinners are slaves of sin vs. God owns His saints
Winning Position: At what point does CPR become necrophilia?
Winning Position: of course
Winning Position: I'm Sorry
Winning Position: The Progressive View Of "Gun - Free Zones"
Winning Position: Yes
Winning Position: Yes
Tied Positions: I want to be a Slave vs. Fuck Israel
Winning Position: NathanAllen's rant on idiots.
Winning Position: Is the usage of throwing knives during combat viable?

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