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Chinaman's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: Democrat Andrew Yang wants to modify one's diet
Winning Position: California begins issuing $1000 fine for each "Tiny Plastic Communion Cup Served"
Winning Position: Liberals clarify their Racism is actually Democratic Racism
Winning Position: Bloods and Crips release joint statement calling for more "Civility In US Politics"
Winning Position: Saudi Arabia closes down new Chick-Fil-A location
Winning Position: The NRA has finally stopped producing firearms
Winning Position: Panel of Third Graders to dictate World Climate Change Policy
Winning Position: Nation's murderous psychopaths undecided on whether they will follow "New Gun Laws"
Winning Position: College campus designates 2-inch-by-2-inch patch of concrete as "Free Speech Zone"
Winning Position: Art exhibit features Elizabeth Warren reading DNA test results
Winning Position: Deranged lunatics are running for no apparent reason
Winning Position: Black Conservative informed by white people that he is Racist
Winning Position: NYT reveals source on Kavanaugh allegations was reputable Nigerian Prince
Winning Position: New radar system alerts Politicians when people are enjoying something so they can Ban It
Winning Position: Did Robert Francis O'rourke really say this
Winning Position: Food , Lust and Violence
Winning Position: Tough housing market forces more Millennials to live in a van down by the river
Winning Position: Dog identifies as genderfluid to avoid getting neutered
Winning Position: Pre-Inca child sacrifice site was actually a Planned Parenthood
Winning Position: E-cigarettes are now a National Issue
Winning Position: Alabama Sharpie thing identified as most important issue by 78% of voters
Winning Position: MLB bans red baseball caps as symbols of hate
Winning Position: Walmart asks customers to stop shopping in Sleepwear
Winning Position: Lot of talk lately about bellwether

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