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Cuaroc's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: I wonder if the Dems have dug up Kavanaugh's elementary school reports as well?
Winning Position: Democrat logic, we can't tell a woman what to do with her body, but she can kill the baby?
Winning Position: Let's see, Dems hate Trump for his Conservatism but No Restriction abortions are ok?
Winning Position: Imagine a world that lived by the Golden rule, treating other's as you want to be treated.
Winning Position: So lets get this Liberal thing correct ok?
Winning Position: What becomes of a nation, when the Left replaces God with Man's Humanistic God?
Winning Position: Tell us how the words Tolerance, inclusiveness, open mindedness, equate with deplorable.
Winning Position: The Left is so insecure, they must demonize anyone who speaks common sense reality.
Winning Position: So which is it, is Trump going to start a nuclear war or is he too soft on Russia and N.K.
Winning Position: Would you deceptive liars have voted for a slave trader & then said you were against it?
Winning Position: Dems say the GOP has a pro life litmus test & ignore their own pro death litmus test.
Winning Position: I can see it now! One hundred years from now Trump's face will be on our monuments.
Winning Position: Trump picks Kavanaugh for Supreme court! Great pick on a list he gave us BEFORE election.
Winning Position: This is why family is so much better at raising our children then Government?
Winning Position: I'm so sick of the Democrat Party being so deceptive. They know they can't win on facts.
Winning Position: Would you prefer our Constitution be a living document, as the Left strives for?
Winning Position: Do you more fear your child being killed by a drunk driver, or a mass killer in school?
Winning Position: Are you as fixated on alcohol, that kills far more children, as you are the gun?
Winning Position: A couple questions for those who possess the honesty to answer...
Winning Position: Intelligent people understand Government's corrupt, so who would want more of it?
Winning Position: Let's list what Trump has done with a majority Republican Congress...
Winning Position: Democrat's never care when children are separated from bank robbers or unfit mothers!
Winning Position: Democrats treat illegal immigration like Jay walking because illegal's will vote for them.

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