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Cuaroc's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: "Both sides are just as bad"... how many times do we hear this statement?
Winning Position: When you look at traits for Narcissists, it's like describing Liberals on this site.
Winning Position: Let me give you some examples of Narcissism & what insecurity does to people.
Winning Position: Has the Left created their new political correct biology books for public schools?
Winning Position: Dems keeps changing their witch hunts against Trump. No Russia proof so back to sex.
Winning Position: Dems are the moral thought police, judging people for past sins rather than current sins.
Winning Position: Here are today's priorities when electing politicians. Life & death loses to accusations.
Winning Position: God gives Christians the wisdom to admit our own sins. Non believers refuse to do so.
Winning Position: Pro choicer's constanty say we should eliminate the need for abortions rather than outlaw
Winning Position: Pedophiles say they have no choice in being attracted to children. Should we cater them?
Winning Position: A few people answered my questions on forcing businesses to cater controversial events.
Winning Position: I asked all those questions, & only one Gay person had the guts to honestly answer me!
Winning Position: Still only one person with the guts to answer the questions. Ask yourself why no answers?
Winning Position: Do you want to force a Prolife family owned business to cater Pro abortion conventions?
Winning Position: The Supreme court is now hearing arguments concerning our freedoms to say no.
Winning Position: Another site Clown who copies debates rather than having the intellect to create his own.
Winning Position: Do you want to force a Jewish owned family business to cater a Nazi convention?
Winning Position: Do you want to force a Feminist owned business to cater a convention for Male Chauvinists.
Winning Position: Should Gays be able to force private family owned businesses to go against their faith?
Winning Position: Do you want to force privately owned African American buinesses to cater KKK conventions?
Winning Position: Do you want to force a divorcee to cater their ex spouse's wedding?
Winning Position: Do you want to force a PETA business owner to cater a fur trapper's convention?
Winning Position: People who say Trump's Tax plan only helps the Rich, are liars! They must not pay taxes.
Winning Position: Facts of the new GOP tax law....

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