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Winning Position: The top 10 things that nauseates me.
Winning Position: Add up how much you spend a month on Alcohol, Cigarettes, Drugs, Cell phones, etc.
Winning Position: Democrats like to claim that not all in their Party are as extreme as the radical Left.
Winning Position: LeBron James speaks out against NBA General manager for his support of Hong Kong protests.
Winning Position: Why is it rich Democrat Politicians use tax loop holes and give so little to the poor?
Winning Position: To make themselves correct, the Left must always twist the positions of Conservatives?
Winning Position: Ever wonder why Liberals are pro life for mass murderers & pro death for viable babies?
Winning Position: Democrats hate Trump for his ideals, yet have no problem with No Restriction abortion!
Winning Position: Do you care that Trump is delivering on promises made before his election?
Winning Position: Four officers killed by man with knife in Paris France. He was killed with the hated GUN!
Winning Position: Voting Republican means saving even viable unborn lives. Dems support killing for votes!
Winning Position: In the old west when people carried side arms strapped to their legs? No mass killings!
Winning Position: Trump's the President we always dreamed for, & all Democrats want to do is impeach him.
Winning Position: Trump is playing these irate Democrats like a fiddle. They chant IMPEACH if he sneezes.
Winning Position: If Democrats supposedly care so for women, why have they embraced Islam?
Winning Position: Mattel, the manufacturer of Barbie launches a "gender inclusive" line of dolls!
Winning Position: A person who will KILL others (breaking the law), will follow gun laws? SERIOUSLY?
Winning Position: This site was ruined because people actually enabled these vulgar hate filled idiots.
Winning Position: Do you know why the Democrat Party has morphed into this extreme Socialist Party?
Winning Position: Democrat strategy... 1st - create Government dependents, 2nd - end electoral College.
Winning Position: What did Trump promise the voters before his election?
Winning Position: Trump forced Planned Parenthood's hand, and showed how little they care for women's health
Winning Position: Trump wins AGAIN! Tax payers funding of Planned Parenthood's abortion trade will stop!

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