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Winning Position: The Left hates cigarettes & call them cancer sticks, while trying to legalize hard drugs.
Winning Position: On the TV show "The Voice", a Gay singer thanked the show for letting him use his platform
Winning Position: Democrats think women are so mindlessly stupid, that they can't say no to unprotected sex.
Winning Position: How many times do we see commercials shaming irresponsible Pet owners?
Winning Position: Why do Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, treat women like total idiots who can't think.
Winning Position: Those supporting Marijuana legalization tell us Weed does not lead to Harder drugs.
Winning Position: In today's Progressive culture, it's ok to walk out on a marriage for greener pastures.
Winning Position: Here's my definition of a strong woman. No surprise it doesn't match the Left's definition
Winning Position: I watched the American Music Awards, & as always they pushed their Liberal politics.
Winning Position: Remember ISIS? We don't hear much about them sense Trump took office. Strength works!
Winning Position: The Left says that women are "strong", unless of course you are a Conservative woman.
Winning Position: Who worries more for our daughters? Trump or the Democrat Party...
Winning Position: Am I alone, or have you noticed a huge increase in Conservative debaters on this site.
Winning Position: Here lies the constant deception from the Left and the Democrats on this site......
Winning Position: This is why the Left hates Trump. The courts are the one place they forced their ideology.
Winning Position: Why do we see commercials shaming people who abandon pets, but children get no mention?
Winning Position: Kavanaugh moves on with a 51 to 49 cloture vote. THANK GOD! Salem Witch hunt loses.
Winning Position: Why do we have commercials for protecting animals, but none for protecting our children?
Winning Position: Let's see, women say stay out of my uterus while they can kill viable girl babies. Hmmm
Winning Position: I thought the Left is against teens being tried as adults. Not when it comes to Kavanaugh.
Winning Position: This Witch Hunt against Kavanaugh has nothing to do with what happened 35 years ago.
Winning Position: I thought the Left hated invasion of privacy. What about Kavanaugh's childhood privacy?
Winning Position: It's no longer just rhetoric, we now see the evidence of the Left's move toward Communism.
Winning Position: The first thing Dems talk about when it comes to healthcare? Catastrophic situatations...

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