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Winning Position: How many times have we heard gun control Dems tell us they are not after our hunting guns?
Winning Position: Florida tried to make semi automatic rifles illegal! You liars say that would not happen!
Winning Position: An intruder breaks into your home with an illegal gun. How's that steak knife doing?
Winning Position: Ask yourself why gun control fanatics are fearful of guns. Is fake news fear mongering?
Winning Position: 60 years ago we had few gun restrictions, yet there were no random mass school shootings.
Winning Position: Background checks for past DWI drivers would actually work to save lives, not gun control.
Winning Position: Remember when Democrats had the numbers to pass Obamacare without one GOP vote?
Winning Position: Why are Democrats silent every time a bus load of kids are killed by a drunk driver?
Winning Position: The fact that the Left hates Trump means that he is doing a great job as President!
Winning Position: What would the Left say if the Right voted for a KKK member?
Winning Position: Here's a list of the Left's talking points for the last 30 years.... it never changes!
Winning Position: That's funny! I know many people who just got pay increase! HOW'S THAT POSSIBLE?
Winning Position: Bernie Sanders was one of the first Dems to introduce the federal Freedom of Choice Act.
Winning Position: Trump's State of union spoke to record low Black unemployment & Dems refused to applaud!
Winning Position: We've got a true leader! Trump's ideal's show the drastic divide between Dems and GOP.
Winning Position: It's funny how Trump is called a Nazi while being the Jewish people's biggest supporter.
Winning Position: Dems want the Government to shut down because this is their only hope of slowing economy.
Winning Position: It's time once again for a dose of reality when it comes to how Christians feel about Gays
Winning Position: The bizarro world of this Democrat Party and people on this debate site.
Winning Position: The problem with Democrats (I mean Socialists) is they never learn. It's inbred I guess.
Winning Position: The Democrat Party has been completely taken over by their extreme Liberal wing.
Winning Position: Pro choicers talk about babies with hard lives & NEVER the one's denied good lives.
Winning Position: Look at the stats and ask why more millennials identify as LGBT but other segments not.

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