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Winning Position: Identity politics... look at it's beginnings.
Winning Position: Half the nation voted for the Democrat Party this past Presidential election...
Winning Position: After what the nation went through with the Hillary investigation? Hypocrite Democrats!
Winning Position: Does Democrat logic make sense? Help the poor, kill the poor. Can there be bigger phony's?
Winning Position: Once again a Conservative speaker is attacked at a College Campus for his opinions!
Winning Position: Why do Democrats expect other's to pay for those choosing to live irresponsibly?
Winning Position: Do you get tired of the Left judging the Right for not supporting free healthcare for all?
Winning Position: The fact that most non Christians support abortion, is best evidence of God's existence.
Winning Position: I hear many Pro abortion people saying how abortion is good for controlling population...
Winning Position: Remember Roe V Wade leaving it up to State's to decide? The Left is boycotting Georgia!
Winning Position: We should move to Georgia because they cherish all innocent human life with a heart beat.
Winning Position: Here's the difference between Dem's obstructing Trump & the GOP against Obama.
Winning Position: Why do people on welfare have money for alcohol, cigarettes, casinos, cell phones, etc.
Winning Position: Deceptive Liberals wonder why they get banned from debates. Look at how fake they are!
Winning Position: This is the type of person Fake news CNN, MSNBC, etc. lifted up to demonize Trump.
Winning Position: Don't hold your breath waiting to hear apologies from Left for being so wrong about Trump.
Winning Position: I thought Progress was suppose to mean improvement. Look at this Progressive movement.
Winning Position: Why do you think some women throw their new born babies into dumpsters?
Winning Position: If viable babies are being killed & you vote for those supporting it, are you responsible?
Winning Position: Imagine living in a nation run by a Government Theocracy. America is now a Human-ocracy!
Winning Position: School choice... ask yourself why the Democrat Party is always against it.
Winning Position: Most things supported by the Left stem from their intolerance towards Christians...
Winning Position: What do dictators and corrupt Governments do to those shining a light on their inhumanity

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