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Winning Position: The people I ban refuse to admit why. They are the fake news Liberals who always deceive.
Winning Position: Why does the Left deny the science of Biology? Are they Flat Earthers?
Winning Position: Democrats never respond when we say Rich Liberals have body guards with guns. Why?
Winning Position: How would you like the job of peicing a baby back together who was dismembered in womb?
Winning Position: Here is how you put these hateful bigots on your ban list to stop them from spewing hate.
Winning Position: It truly amazes me to watch people banter words with hateful fools over & over again.
Winning Position: The Left has a ponzey scheme to usher in Socialism. It works like this...
Winning Position: Progressives have created this ungrateful culture of people demanding other's support them
Winning Position: How many of you choicers would stay pro abortion if you witnessed the abortion first hand?
Winning Position: If we had confidence the President DID commit a crime, we would have said so.
Winning Position: Innocent until "PROVEN" guilty. Dems scream Trump's GUILTY til proven innocent!
Winning Position: Today's Dem. Party supports Colin Kaepernick who takes a knee during national Anthen.
Winning Position: There can only be one question. Is that unborn baby a living human life or not?
Winning Position: The Democrat Party supports forcing schools to put boys in your daughter's sports!
Winning Position: Connecticut allowed Transgender boys to win Women's track & Field CT State Championship!
Winning Position: Lefties refuse to respond over their Democrat Party forcing boys into girl's sports. Why?
Winning Position: Ever wonder why these anti Christian bigots are incapable of controlling their hatred?
Winning Position: The Left tries to get girls involved in sports at an early age. HELLO? Transgender?
Winning Position: It amazes me that people waste their time debating these hateful anti Christian bigots.
Winning Position: If a woman decides to kill her two year old, conceived by rape, are you ok with that?
Winning Position: So lets ask a simple question about Rape pregnancy and abortion...
Winning Position: Do you want to hear the true testimonial of a once pro Planned Parenthood employee?
Winning Position: Why doesn't the Left use the media to educate women about seeing doctor after rape?
Winning Position: Liberals have no moral foundation to hold on to, because to them everything is relative.

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