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Rusticus's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: What does Putin have on Trump?
Winning Position: I’m convinced that Outlaw60 is in love with me
Winning Position: Pew poll says Americans think Obama was the best president in their lifetime
Winning Position: Congratulations to the Cave Rescue Hero's! Incredible Job!
Winning Position: The British are going all out for Trump, but not in a good way
Winning Position: 8 boys out, 4 and the coach to go! Rescue suspended for the day.
Winning Position: Fox, smelling catastrophe, is starting to turn on Trump
Winning Position: Nomenclature, whoever you are - you've really got the paranoids heads spinning.
Winning Position: In CONGRESS, July 4, 1776
Winning Position: Wow! THAT stupid???
Winning Position: Die Religion DIE!
Winning Position: Trump worshipers are bombarding the wrong Red Hen restaurant
Winning Position: I hate child abuse
Winning Position: Trumps nightmare come true
Winning Position: I see no similarity at all!
Winning Position: Republicans are stealing babys
Winning Position: Natives cause more crime

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