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Winning Position: Stormy Daniels Launches Crowdfunding Drive To Finance Trump Lawsuit
Winning Position: Rex Tillerson finally stands up to Russians, - abruptly FIRED the next day.
Winning Position: GOP Rep. Tom Rooney: ‘We’ve Lost All Credibility
Tied Positions: J.T. Rocks! vs. Hilarious!
Winning Position: FAKE NEWS!
Winning Position: Trump worshiping Nazi thugs threatening elderly woman
Winning Position: Whataboutism - A SOVIET propaganda tool used by Russians on this site
Winning Position: Putin's in love!
Winning Position: Trump says 'Everybody wants to work' For Him As His Staffers Leave In Droves
Winning Position: The Mueller investigation is about to lower the boom on Trump
Winning Position: Trump has taught this country one valuable lesson
Winning Position: State Dept spent $0 of $120 mill allocated to combat Russian influence on U.S. elections
Winning Position: I'm learning how to cook, do I need a food processor?
Winning Position: Trump Praises Chinese President For Extending Tenure ‘For Life’
Winning Position: Alec Baldwin calls into brother’s radio show as Trump to hilariously mock Trump
Winning Position: It's Mueller Time! Trump Administration Season Ending
Winning Position: How would you change this site if you had the ability to do so?
Tied Positions: Jared Kushner vs. Donald Trump Jr
Winning Position: Fantastic idea!
Winning Position: Oh Donny, you're my HERO!
Winning Position: New Study: Worlds Fastest Growing Religion? No Religion

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