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Winning Position: Yes.. They're INNOCENT
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: He's not bad?
Winning Position: I absolutely WOULD
Winning Position: Trump can do no wrong
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: Get rid of of Democrat Party
Winning Position: Sig Heil
Tied Positions: Trump, KKK, Nazis, supremicist vs. America, of course
Winning Position: We can
Winning Position: it is not their dog
Winning Position: What do you think about being a hindu?
Tied Positions: You anti Commie bastard vs. I'm taking a knee too
Winning Position: Right wingers are prolife while Left wingers are pro abortion. NUFF SAID TO THE HYPOCRITES
Winning Position: Yup.. Tough times are comming
Tied Positions: World War 3 vs. Civil War
Tied Positions: Cause I'm a sore looser vs. Cause they tried SOOO hard
Winning Position: Sig Heil
Tied Positions: Trump isn't afraid of ANYTHING vs. It IS
Winning Position: You deserve it.
Winning Position: it is not their dog
Tied Positions: WTF? vs. Idiots
Winning Position: More Guns!YEEHAW!

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