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Winning Position: Whip them
Winning Position: Disagree because I'm religious
Winning Position: Seattle residents complained about a "Confederate Flag". It was the Flag of Norway !
Winning Position: 60 years ago we had few gun restrictions, yet there were no random mass school shootings.
Winning Position: True or False about Atheism 3
Winning Position: What is it these fruitcake trolls get out of interaction on this site?
Winning Position: If I create enough blithering moronic posts, I’ll get respect.
Tied Positions: Armed TEACHERS would do better vs. They HID like cowering dogs
Winning Position: I still want to know from you atheists...
Winning Position: Thoughts on 3rd wave feminists?
Winning Position: Less guns.
Winning Position: Now about the morality of a bag of more evolved pond scum taking an AR-15 to lesser....
Winning Position: You sick bastard!
Winning Position: Yes.
Winning Position: Yes.
Winning Position: Warren Buffett gained $29 billion from Trumps tax cut law
Winning Position: True.
Winning Position: Well duh-doi
Tied Positions: Reason. vs. Reason
Winning Position: Free Will
Winning Position: fiction
Tied Positions: Dr Who is cool if you're gay vs. you did

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