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Winning Position: Trump can do no wrong
Winning Position: Helping the communitty
Winning Position: No answer
Tied Positions: They aren't the big problem vs. Nonviolent supremacists
Tied Positions: No vs. Yes
Tied Positions: Diet vs. Meth
Winning Position: The Left hates cigarettes & call them cancer sticks, while trying to legalize hard drugs.
Winning Position: What is the explanation of what Nirvana or Heaven is like?
Tied Positions: Harmful vs. Benificial
Winning Position: House negro face
Winning Position: It's systematic
Winning Position: Any other armed atheists out there?
Tied Positions: Some people are bad baby vs. They want & need power
Winning Position: Bwahahahahahaha!
Winning Position: Trump can do no wrong
Winning Position: Marxist mob rule
Winning Position: Resist Trump
Winning Position: Forget the meds
Winning Position: On the TV show "The Voice", a Gay singer thanked the show for letting him use his platform
Winning Position: The code for water is 10111100000000111101
Winning Position: True
Winning Position: We'd know everything

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