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Winning Position: Muslim Immigration has made Sweden a "Crime Capital"
Tied Positions: Yes. vs. No.
Winning Position: Where did the Russian Hacking take place in the 2016 election ?
Winning Position: Female genital mutilation is part of the Religion of Islam
Winning Position: Progressive Rosie O'Donnell calls for Martial Law to stop Trump
Winning Position: Barack Obama is a Muslim Sympathizer as stated in his Farewell Speech
Winning Position: LGBT Caucus targets Ben Carson
Winning Position: When did the Progressive Media become concerned with "Golden Showers"
Winning Position: Leftists push boycott against LL Bean for Founder’s support of Trump
Winning Position: Obama's final revenge he "Screws Cuban Refugees"
Winning Position: NBC's Chuck Todd to Buzzfeed editor - 'You Just Published Fake News' OUCH !!!!!!!!
Winning Position: Do Progressives have nothing more than "Racism" claims ?
Winning Position: Donald Trump’s Bogus Jobs Number
Winning Position: Progressives are now concerned with Human Right violations
Winning Position: Is Ivana Trump an illegal immigrant?
Winning Position: Hillary Clinton spent 1.2 billion on a failed run for President
Winning Position: Why do Progressives have such a "Love Affair" with the Religion of Islam
Winning Position: Gun Silencers could become easier to purchase
Winning Position: Negro Criminal shoots Negro Policewoman in Florida
Winning Position: Obama admits he was "Out of Touch" with the American People
Winning Position: Leftist Glenn Greenwald says no evidence of Russian Hacking
Winning Position: Gotcha!
Winning Position: CNN’s Don Lemon says "Torture" isn't "Evil"

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