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Winning Position: Michael Moore's dire "Climate Change Prophecy" ! LMMFAO
Winning Position: Italy set to offer "Menstrual Leave" for female workers suffering from painful periods
Winning Position: Store caters to Progressives with a "Fetish For Wearing Diapers"
Winning Position: Homeowner’s son shoots and kills three would-be burglars
Winning Position: Meet the Idiot Progressive from Drexel University Professor Ciccariello
Winning Position: Climate Change Alarmists say warming linked to diabetes
Winning Position: Right wingers WISH they could
Winning Position: no
Winning Position: I decided to be a moderate Republican.
Winning Position: Climate change fail has shown up in California
Winning Position: Guess which city lost the "Most People This Year" Winner is Chicago
Winning Position: Rockville school superintendent accuses parents of racism over outrage about rape
Winning Position: Feminists stuff letters into "Giant Fake Vagina" to send to Trump
Winning Position: London Westminster shooting is being treated as a "Terrorist Attack"
Winning Position: This week in Feminism: If you're not Bisexual then you're Transphobic!
Winning Position: Islamist Turkish Dictator threatens Europe and the Western World
Winning Position: Black Lives Matter leader: Police officers "evolved" from "Slave Catchers"
Winning Position: Cosmo: Men are Sexist if they enjoy giving their "Female Partner Sexual Pleasure"
Winning Position: Terrorist in Belgium stopped before ramming speeding car through crowd
Winning Position: Progressive Chelsea Handler is Illiterate
Winning Position: Wellesley Professors insist ‘Objectionable’ campus speakers unduly Burden SnowFlakes
Winning Position: Jamelle(Progressive)Bouie says SCOTUS needs Judges with no "Legal Background"
Winning Position: Feminist Writer says "White People Are Evil"

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