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Winning Position: The jews are responsible for creating christianity and islam
Winning Position: Amarel is a hook-nosed kyke who worships the devil
Winning Position: The jews run the illuminati
Winning Position: The Burritto Ban
Winning Position: I thought Progress was suppose to mean improvement. Look at this Progressive movement.
Winning Position: Have you ever been to the dark web?
Winning Position: Learning Cello on my own in mid 30
Winning Position: Why do you think some women throw their new born babies into dumpsters?
Winning Position: Mingiwuwu wants to have a threesome with Nom and I
Winning Position: Would you rather bang a neanderthal or a homo erectus?
Winning Position: I am the president of Mingiwuwu's butt hole
Winning Position: Cocopops snorts coco until he pops a blood vessel and then molests farm animals
Winning Position: Nine years
Winning Position: If viable babies are being killed & you vote for those supporting it, are you responsible?
Winning Position: Why in the USA does Capitalism seem unappealing to some?
Winning Position: Funeral services
Winning Position: Bronto nibbles on kangaroo scrotums and burrows into the mothers pouch
Winning Position: Outlaw molests piglets and baby giraffes and fucks his own anus with electric egg whiskers
Winning Position: Is JESUS CHRIST coming back? Yes ----- 2019-03-17
Winning Position: What religion will the antichrist be?

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