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Winning Position: Greetings everyone, I am Farah Bristy.
Winning Position: Bronto definitely is on some kind of drugs
Winning Position: rap rap rap rap
Winning Position: Sparks In The Void Resisting The Pull Of Entropy
Winning Position: Trump had a great first election campaign speech. Huge crowd!
Winning Position: A small list of things Democrats claimed to be against, & then showed their true colors.
Winning Position: raps I text to girls
Winning Position: Classroom Expectations Exercise
Winning Position: Why did God create me, if I have to be disabled?
Winning Position: Slave owners did not expect tax payers to pay to kill their slaves. Dems expect you to pay
Winning Position: The Democrat Presidential candadates all want to get rid of the Hyde amendment!
Winning Position: I've changed my mind.. DEFEAT Trump. Don't impeach him.
Winning Position: Should we change Science books with each election cycle? The Left has redefined Biology.
Winning Position: Science deniers say that Life begins at spanking. Doctor spanks at birth & voila! LIFE!
Winning Position: Why does the Left deny Science when it comes to life at conception? Science deniers?
Winning Position: Democrats are Republicans
Winning Position: Scientists Are Putting Antibiotics Into The Ocean - what could go wrong?
Winning Position: I'll play Skyrim with my left hand, and masturbate to hentai with my right
Winning Position: I watch anime nd play video games and make post modern art
Winning Position: This is how easy it is for people to make the fake quotes Bronto uses
Winning Position: The nicest thing I can say about Bronto is that he says amusingly silly things
Winning Position: How to actually prevent abortions.
Winning Position: We might go to war with Iran. We are FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Winning Position: What will America's government/economy look like in 2050?

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