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Outlaw60's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: Journalist fired after wanting Covington Catholic Students and their Parents "To Die"
Winning Position: CNN Analyst accuses David Webb of having "White Privilege" but he’s Black
Winning Position: Ocasio-Cortez uses Violent Sexual term to describe her Far-Left Agenda
Winning Position: Leftist Rashida Tlaib pictured with Hezbollah Supporter and Anti-Israel Activist
Winning Position: Nancy Pelosi whines that a Border Wall discriminates against People Entering Illegally !
Winning Position: Former ICE Chief rips the Socialist Ocasio-Cortez
Winning Position: Ocasio-Cortes proves she is Better at Dancing than Economics
Winning Position: From now on a NYC Newborn's Gender can be "X"
Winning Position: New Orleans Women's March cancelled after "Drastic" drop in support
Winning Position: Revelers in Times Square are going to be put in Pens ! This is Great !
Winning Position: California Sheriff slams Sanctuary Cities
Winning Position: Mizzou Official claims Tall Men asking out Short Women could Constitute Sexual Misconduct
Winning Position: Girls as Young as 14 Sell Sex to Escape "Socialist Hellhole Venezuela"
Winning Position: CBS Anchor to DHS Official: How could you let Sick Immigrant Child Out of Hospital?
Winning Position: A Judge says Cops have No Duty to Protect Kids from School Shootings
Winning Position: Judge orders Special Counsel Robert Mueller to hand over Documents
Winning Position: Democrat Ted Lieu admits he wants to Censor Speech but laments he Can't
Winning Position: Ohio Man arrested for planning ISIS-Inspired Mass Shootings
Winning Position: Strasbourg Terrorist had been on French Terrorist Watch List for 3 Years
Winning Position: Child Killer in the UK claiming to be Transgender so it can move to Female Prison
Winning Position: Hillary Clinton bails on Speaking Tour and heads overseas for Wedding
Winning Position: DNC Chairman complains about Voters influenced by their Faith
Winning Position: Now this Socialist is Dumb as a Stump !!!!!!
Winning Position: You can now attend Bill & Hillary Clinton's World Tour for LESS than Ten Bucks

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