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Outlaw60's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: Lefty's you only have 11 years left to live !!!! What is your plan of escaping ????????
Winning Position: Nanny and Chucky beat the "Same Gun Control Drum" following Texas Shooting !
Winning Position: Beto: If elected i am going to "Confiscate your Semi-Auto Firearms" Heil Beto !
Winning Position: Leftist why didn't the Paris Accord stop Hurricane Dorian !!!!!!!!!!! LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!
Winning Position: Bernie is open to a "Meat Tax" to combat Climate Change !
Winning Position: MSNBC claims National Zoo could lose Pandas due to "Trade War With China" LMAO!
Winning Position: Epidemiologist AOC warns that "Melting Glaciers" could release "Ancient Diseases" LMAO!
Winning Position: L.A. launches "Skid Row Clean Team" now that should work out well ! LMAO!!!!!!
Winning Position: Leftist want to ban "White Milk" because it is Racist ! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Winning Position: Chicago update on Gun Violence which the Left ignores !!!
Winning Position: From the G-7 Summit - "Global Recession is a Real Crisis !!!!!!!!!" LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
Winning Position: 12 Years left due to Climate Change? Obama buys Oceanfront Mansion !!!!
Winning Position: CNN hires known liar Andrew McCabe of the FBI !
Winning Position: Lefty's have them a new Doomsday Prediction - "Recession"
Winning Position: Lefty's did you know Brazil is on FIRE ! Someone find the COLD CONTROL !!!!!!!!!
Winning Position: Obama was the 1st Gay President ! Larry Sinclair ring a bell Lefty's !
Winning Position: You can now "Officially label Ilhan Omar an Anti-LGBT Bigot"
Winning Position: Residents in Newark,NJ have "Lead In Their Water Supply" ! Say what LEFTISTS ?????
Winning Position: Stacey Abrams states she is "Complicit" in "Unfair Election" if she concedes !!!!!!!!!
Winning Position: Leftist wants to put "Gun Owners in Prison" ! This Elitist has lost her mind !
Winning Position: The UK is now going to ban forks !!!!!!!! Say What ?????
Winning Position: The UK Wars with Cutlery, Offers Knife-Free Chicken Boxes ! LMMFAO !
Winning Position: MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid insinuates cover up LMAO!!!!!!!!

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