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Now SUPER STUPID typed this - Hello:

I surely don't know who is telling you that Medicare for all is free.. It ain't. It really boils down to this.. Do you think a doctor who's paid $75,000/year can treat you as well as one who's paid $250,000/year??

Here's the MATH.. Yes, Virginia, my plan is based on MATH.

We start with what we already spend, as a nation, on health care.. That's about $3.5 trillion.. Then we SUBTRACT $.5 trillion we're NOW spending on the health insurance industry, because my plan will scrap it.. Then we SUBTRACT another $.5 trillion from savings on drug costs, medical equipment and lower doctors salary's.

That leaves $ ONE TRILLION to spend on actual health care that we're NOT spending now.. That'll cover EVERYBODY for EVERYTHING with money left over to buy a couple of aircraft carriers.. That means your health care, while NOT free, won't cost you a PENNY more than you're NOW spending..

You get that, right???


Did the FUCKIN DUMMY ever refer to how many DOCTORS are willing to WORK for the GOVERNMENT ???????????

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ROTFFLMMFAO !!!!!!!! This shows you an IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Gavin Newsom’s first act as governor Monday was to propose state-funded health coverage for 138,000 young people in the country illegally and a reinstatement of a mandate that everyone buy insurance or face fines.

“When everybody is pooled together it means lower cost for each and every one of you,” Newsom said in a video broadcast on Facebook as he signed his orders. “The spirit of this is about bringing down costs.”

Newsom was elected following a campaign that leaned heavily on his promise to provide health coverage to everyone. His actions hours after he took the oath of office take a step in that direction but the $760 million price tag will require approval from the Democratically controlled Legislature.

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A new study out Monday from George Mason University's Mercatus Center finds that Sanders plan would add $32.6 trillion to federal spending in its first 10 years, with costs steadily rising from there. That closely matches other studies — including one by the liberal Urban Institute — that looked at Sanders' plan.

SUPER STUPID what you got to say ??????????????????????????????????

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Hay MATH GENIUS what is the cost to TAXPAYERS of SEATTLE for the HOMELESS using the ER ????????? Come on BOY use your MATH and put your MONEY where your KEYBOARD is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fight-chronic-homelessness

Health care companies donate $15 million to fight chronic homelessness

By WILL JAMES • MAY 16, 2019

So STUPID what is the cost of the HOMELESS in SEATTLE'S ER ??????????


It's literally the OPPOSITE of science:-

DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

Commercial DNA tests that claim to tell people whether they are related to Richard III or descended from the Vikings are no more than "genetic astrology", scientists have warned.

You're a stupid, lying, obnoxious, science-denying, fake Jew prick. Go put your head in a blender.

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SUPER STUPID have FLESHED out your PLAN for the SEATTLE HOMELESS ???????????????

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SUPER STUPID again i will say that COUNTY HOSPITALS cannot refuse service ! But DUMMY where do you think your FAVORITE ILLEGAL ALIENS are going for HEALTHCARE ?

Plausible at the time, the Khazar-origin premise has crumbled under the onslaught of modern molecular genetics.

Both the Khazar theory AND the near-east theory that your blog is falsely portraying as the only plausible alternative have crumbled, imbecile:-

Genetic Roots of the Ashkenazi Jews

The new findings contradict previous assertions that Ashkenazi mitochondrial lineages originated in the Near East, or from mass conversions to Judaism in the Khazar kingdom, an empire in the north Caucasus region between Europe and Asia lasting from the 7th century to the 11th century whose leaders adopted Judaism. “We found that most of the maternal lineages don’t trace to the north Caucasus, which would be a proxy for the Khazarians, or to the Near East, but most of them emanate from Europe,” said coauthor Martin Richards, an archaeogeneticist at the University of Huddersfield in the U.K.

Ashkenzi Jews are from fucking EUROPE!

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SUPER STUPID are you aware that COUNTY HOSPITALS cannot refuse service to anyone ?

You FUCKIN IDIOT under FREE HEALTHCARE WE the taxpayer will not PAY for ALL of it..?

SUPER STUPID you a MATH GENIUS so tell us how many doctors will accept a FORCED HEALTHCARE PLAN !!!!!!!!! Do you have a number for the amount of doctors that will accept GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE ?????????????

In the late 1970s a theory began to circulate among antisemites that held today's Ashkenazis descend, NOT from the Holy Land but, rather, from Khazaria

Oh, the Israelis are anti-Semites? That's interesting you ridiculously stupid fucking imbecile.

Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars migration-to-ukraine/

You've heard of Stanford University, haven't you?

You linked a student's personal blog, written in 2013, hosted on the Stanford University server you astonishingly stupid little prick. The student himself was an Ashkenazi Jew, and his claims have been thoroughly debunked by actual genetic research:-

Christ you wind me up. You're such a pathetic little prick. You claim to be an atheist while at the same time you believe in the Biblical story of the 12 tribes of Israel. You're deranged and completely fucking stupid, and you don't know the difference between a blog and a piece of research.

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SUPER STUPID how is it you have a VIABLE PLAN when MEDICARE is going to be insolvent in 2026 ?????? So is BARNEY going to create a GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE plan ???????

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ROTFFLMMFAO !!!!!!!!!! The IDIOT writes this - The government simply WRITES CHECKS. You get that, right?


You FUCKIN DUMB ASS where does the GOVERNMENT get it's MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Educate yourself.

You utterly retarded prick. I just debunked the ancestry test you keep spamming into chat as "proof" of your Jewishness and you tell me to educate myself? Fucking kill yourself you retard.

DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

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What you are is an IDIOT and with your RANT you have yet to say how many DOCTORS will accept MEDICARE FOR ALL ???????? SUPER STUPID how is it MEDICARE FOR ALL is going to work when MEDICARE is going to BE insolvent in 2026 !

Your Google mining is absolutely laughable. You have linked a personal blog written in 2013 by an Ashkenazi Jew which makes false claims about an independent research study. Here is a published genetic research study from 2015:-

Genetic markers cannot determine Jewish descent

Obviously, what kept Jews identity were their language, culture, tradition and religion. Thus, whatever their biological hereditary kinships, both the trans-generational vertical, and intra-generation horizontal relationships are secondary consequences. However, the increasing reliance on scientific reductionism in biological thinking of the last two centuries eventually culminated in turning the evidence of DNA sequences into the essence of the characterization of Jewishness rather than its consequence. Still, in spite of repeated efforts, there is no agreed upon criterion to identify Jews, and samples examined for the distribution of biological or molecular markers all depend on the preconceived biases of the investigators.

Sounds like a liberal Jew to me.

I don't think so Con. One of his main teachings was a warning against those who try to change his teachings. Especially in the last days.

Libs are notorious for making his words say what they want.

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It's amazing the power of this LGBT Democrat base. No other groups get any mention these days.

He demonstrated against power

Actually he said "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's" and then went nuclear on virtue signaling, self righteous hypocrites who pandered to the poor, did nothing for them, and used violence, shoutdowns, and shaming to shut up anyone who opposed or exposed them.

Guess what these same virtue signalers kept trying to get him to do....

Pay taxes...

He was also killed by people who didn't like him having my exact same beliefs. Isn't that interesting?

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But you don't have proof.

Hello hater and science denier:

Sure, I've got proof... You've heard of Stanford University, haven't you?? They've done a new genetic study.. Turns out there's an ABUNDANCE of evidence for modern Ashkenazi Jews historical ties to Israel that blows your pseudo science out of the water.

Here's what the study reveals:

In the late 1970s a theory began to circulate among antisemites that held today's Ashkenazis descend, NOT from the Holy Land but, rather, from Khazaria, a medieval Turkic empire in the Causasus region whose royals, caught between the rock of Islam and the hard place of Christendom, chose the politically expedient course of converting to Judaism.

Some groups (yours) hold that Ashkenazis, who constitute half of Israel's current population, are colonialist interlopers with zero historical claim to the land of Israel.

Plausible at the time, the Khazar-origin premise has crumbled under the onslaught of modern molecular genetics.

Educate yourself...


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Being a Jew has NOTHING to do with genetics, you infantile, boring, stupid three year old cunt on a plate.

Hello science denier..

My DNA is SCIENCE.. You DENY it.. What else is there to say???


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There's paradox and there's proof

But you don't have proof. You have an ancestry test you bought on the internet which has been thoroughly debunked by scientific experts:-

DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

You're a deranged fucking retard.

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three year old cunt on a plate.

ssshhhhh....are you trying to summon Bronto or something?

Nom_Chomsky(540) Clarified
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not to mention a workhorse I name Trump

That's especially ironic given that Donald Trump has never done an honest day's work in his entire fucking life.

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