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My point is that wildfires are beneficial. Thus successfully proving your notion of wildfires being non-beneficial false.

You've failed to explain how they are beneficial, if you actually believe that they are.

And I've already given an example of how they aren't beneficial.

You stated this in another response.

Wild fires are not beneficial....... Stay in school please

It's clear to me that you don't know what you're saying.

Due to the opposition's incoherent arguments and inability to remain consistent, ProLogos wins this battle.

1 point

Right. I pointed out a reason why wildfires aren't beneficial after you stated that they were beneficial. Then I asked a rhetorical question.

Care to tell me why you paraphrased that?

Either state what you think is wrong or right along with whatever you're quoting or paraphrasing or don't bother responding.

I'm not playing your guessing game.

1 point

Probably a sugar high when I was about 3 or 4... that or that time I killed a guy.

1 point

Hell! I've only been away a couple weeks and I don't know half the people on the Leaderboard.

Harvard(38) Clarified
1 point

My point is that wildfires are beneficial. Thus successfully proving your notion of wildfires being non-beneficial false.

1 point

Yeah... and you've peaked just like me.

P.S. I thought you quit?

ProLogos(810) Clarified
1 point

Yup that's my point. What's yours?

Niffer(55) Clarified
0 points

You can't say both. I mean think about the question here. It's either Jesus or evolution. I mean you can believe He made this world or you can believe in empirical science stuff. Which we all Know that empirical stuff is not true.

1 point

Wild fires kill animals and their homes. How can they be beneficial if they only cause damage? - this jog your memory? I did not misquote I paraphrased.

Harvard(38) Clarified
1 point

You said the earth "harms itself" and substantiated that claim exemplifying 'wildfires'. This would imply that this wildfire is not beneficial since it such a 'harm'.

Harvard(38) Clarified
2 points

You really have a hard time at comprehension. That of a child. Clearly I said wild fires are not beneficial with the "....." as to mean 'brief pause for his stupidity'. Then I stated "stay in school" meaning in school they teach you how wild fires are beneficial which he clearly implicated was not.

You attempting to abase me caused yourself to look like a complete idiot. This further supplements my notion of your cognitive abilities being that of the incompetent.

(You probably won't comprehend this but hey; some get it, some don't.)

1 point

Naturally, it should be as so !

1 point

what about the "rights," given to those who don't believe in such things as religion?

1 point

Which is my way of saying a cease of time, creating a labyrinth in time-space creating a state of limbo. Negating the existence of destruction, and all forms of nature.

1 point

Not really, I mean I play a lot of violent video games, and it doesn't really make me more violent.

1 point

Same here. :)

1 point

I'm sure there is someone out there for anybody. I mean we have so many people on this earth. How could you not find somebody?

1 point

Welcome back! I'm officially the 3rd now in all time points.

There are a hell of a lot of people at any one time. On the one hand, this increases the chance that any one person will find a perfect match for themselves.

On the other, it increases the number of people who need nobody or have ridiculously impossible tastes, or simply could never be satisfied with a regular lover.

Simply put, its a step forward to mending fences and adding a boost to both economies.

In the real world, the sexes are usually going to be competing against each other. Might as well get the students used to it.

1 point

Only fools would think otherwise. 

Behold this masterfully crafted air tight argument!

Is this how you were convinced? My guess is yes. You were bullied into your position as a child by religious and political indoctrination, now you continue this line of reasoning as an adult. I mean look how you berate those that disagree with you with insults on their persons instead of addressing their actual points. It is impossible for you to hold a discussion with someone unless they ascribe to the same cult as you. You have been robbed by your upbringing of the ability to interact with others with any sense of reason.

Religious conservatism is truly child abuse:p

At a rave in '98 I did a bit too much ecstasy. It was insane fun....but I've put that behind me. Looking for more natural highs these days.

When you consider how horny teenagers are, its seems wise to separate them.

Should homosexual students be barred from participating in gender-segregated sports, then?

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