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How is he a traitor? Knuckledraggers, that's very fitting for Hillary supporters.

No Donald is the one who's going to freshen up the place that Hillary stunk up.

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Fuck your bullshit. Me and my people are voting TRUMP.

Trump 2016

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Then if over Twenty Million Americans support it, that does not make her an extremist, does it?

So Hitler wasn't an extremist.

ProLogos(2729) Clarified
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No worries, bro. My boxers/briefs are nowhere near bunched.

Terrible Joke.

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Don't take it so literally.

ProLogos(2729) Clarified
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Hillary will be arrested....

Sorry but Trump is the victor

The only thing they have on him, is that he's a dick.

HighFalutin(1661) Clarified
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What did he do other than ask the Russians to release the 30K+ emails if they find them? The espionage has already occurred, the email account is already shut down, the emails have been deleted and the servers are off line and in FBI possession.

Yeah, you can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear. With Obama's great oratory skills he will be able to fool a lot of the more dense citizens and his bullshit will be like music to the ears of the welfare spongers.

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innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn LOOOOOOOL

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Originally posted by Instig8or

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Notice the title of this is "Abstract". Abstract is conjecture, hypothesis, it is not science. They're just making this stuff up as they go along, and why people pay them to do it is as much of a mystery as how anybody could believe life emerged without meaning or value.


Abstract isnt the title you fatty moron doggy idiot punk. It means it is a summary rather than the full text. You really are completely without education arent you? They didnt have schools where you grew up? Idiot.

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If Hillary is turd, Donald is diarrhea.

As opposed to the republicans who only pander to old white men. Give me a break. Does your hypocrisy know no bounds?

But you said that bombs should be banned because "These weapons have no use other than for war. You can't use these weapons for self defense in your home, or for hunting, or target shooting, etc."

Do you think that everything that fits that criteria is already illegal? If the answer is no, they why are you advocating for nothing to change?

Just like we have laws that say you can legally go into a bank to do you business, but you can't go into a bank to lie to the banker, or deceive the banker, etc. If you do so, the bank will deny you access.

What's your analogy here? It's illegal to steal form a bank, so therefor you should be able to stop people from responding to something you publicly posted online?

I have every right to ban those who deceive me.

Any they have every right to respond to it elsewhere.

Man, for someone who loves the second amendment so much you really want a lot of control over the first.

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Oh, I mistake. But you got it backwards a bit yourself. The 560 million years would be before the 4 billion, not LUCA in evolutionary belief lived 4 billion years ago when the earth was only 560.274 million years old (I put exact numbers in there because science should be accurate and not rounded down to the lowest ten million.)

Waw. Just waw. You call everyone a moron but yet you dont understand basic maths. 1) 4 billion = 4000 million. 2) 560 million is rounded to the nearest million not 10 million.

Idiot doggy fatty moron potty mouth.

Atrag(3800) Clarified
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Now run along little doggy, you've lost your way and you won't look to the One (The Son of God) who is the way, who made the way for you to be run along little doggy, before the dog catcher gets you and puts you in the impound.

Yeah you fucking dog!! Well said by brother. Stupid moron idiots!! Let them burn in hell!

I am now convinced that Trump's supporters are so servile that he could literally punch a baby on live television and his supporters would try to convince us the baby deserved it. You should've nominated Kasich. Instead you chose this loser.

Black people are low end voters? You need to be more subtle with your racism.

Lol. I'm not buying it. Trump is a buffoon and, as of today, a traitor. Only the knuckledraggers are voting for Trump.

Are you lying or just uninformed?

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I was the "other user" and I have to admit, this made me laugh!

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You wouldn't say any of this to me in person.

You wouldn't even meet me in person.


Makes it easy for you to sound tough when you're behind a keyboard.

Damn...I really wish there were people with a mouth like yours IRL. Hahaahaha.

Listening to hopsin doesn't make you black, so stop using ebonics. It's pathetic.

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