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Yes, the last generation enjoyed a culture that lifted up our nation's Christian heritage and was not afraid of lifting up the importance of moral values, which more often kept them from unhappy lives as with today's many millions of unwed mothers on welfare, abandoned children, drug addicts, broken families, people living together with no commitments, etc. etc.

True Christian families today are still happy because they have not allowed this self love culture to brainwash them into living these broken unhappy lifestyles.

The drug use and anti depressant medications in this nation has skyrocketed because of the depression from such unhappy lives.

People will do anything to mask their unhappiness for a few hours.

The media's thirst for ratings and money has brainwashed our children into believing these promiscuous immoral self love lifestyles will bring lasting happiness.

The results are proving what a complete lie it has been. Yes there will be short term fun when people live these shallow lifestyles of sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. but it will most times come crashing down when the unwanted pregnancies, the drug addictions, the alcoholism, the lost drivers licenses from drunk driving, the outrageously expensive auto insurance, the bad credit, etc. etc. etc. finally hit.

That's when we start hearing about all the so called "mistakes" people make. They say we all make mistakes right? They say it's not our fault, it just happened, right? It was just a mistake.

ROFLOL, that is the lie from the Left.

Newsflash, none of those scenario's are mistakes. They are conscious moral choices we all have to make every day of our lives.

The next time your so called friend comes up to you and asks you to go out, get drunk, hook up, take some drugs, etc. etc., you have a choice to make.

Do you want that instant short term fun of a wild night, which could lead you to drunk driving, jail, unwanted pregnancy, welfare, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. etc., or do you want to enjoy a happy fulfilling life with a loving family, financial security, and self respect.

It's all in your hands. Choose wisely!

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I wouldn't say meaningless but there are a good number of people who toss those words out so casually it diminishes actual moments where racism, a phobia and real hatred, has occurred. I remember the Righties getting upset when Trump was called Hitler but now we have some who accuse non-righties of being Nazis every dang day.

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Violence breeds violence

Hello A:

It does.. But, WHO was killing the Jews?? It was Nazis. And, WHY isn't that violent? And, what does TIME matter anyway???

I thought you liked the Jews.. You can't support Nazis and Jews both..


Try opening your child's mind to God so he might have a chance in this self love promiscuous culture.

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Nazis were not known for wiretapping. You are just one of those snowflakes that likes to use the word Nazi to describe any act that triggers you. Pathetic.

You pathetic hypocrite, if the multiple accused rapist Bill Clinton were running today, I guarantee you would not be saying anything about his sexual exploits. Clinton paid off women to shut them up!

The last I knew, there is no proof of trump doing anything. His locker room talk is something I'm sure hypocrties like you have been doing forever.

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It's interesting you say that. I recall there was a survey or a study done involving food. People where given two plates of the exact same thing (but they didn't know that) and they were told one plate came from a fast food joint, the other from a high end restaurant and cost much more than the other. Nearly all of them said the higher priced one tasted much better....but it was the same ingredients, from the same place.

Mint_tea(1965) Clarified
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And if they do but you aren't 100% ready to forgive, is it best to try?

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A refugee is a refugee.. WHERE he's a refugee from isn't important..


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Hello bront:

They were.. Right after WW II, there was a golden era here in the US, where everybody was working, buying houses, and having children like me. The worst things that ever happened to a family was a scraped knee or two.


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Hello bront:

If MY side was the one being called Nazis and racists, I'D pretend those words don't mean anything either...


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Hello bront:

Nahhh... Manafort was wiretapped because he's a Russian plant.. One guy is NOT the Trump administration..

What??? You WANT a ruskie in the White House??? DUDE!


mrcatsam(265) Clarified
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No.....I'm saying that today's Nazis associate themselves with the people who were responsible and contributed to the Holocaust. If they still think that's appropriate, we oughta punch them to teach them a lesson.

Dermot(2906) Clarified
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The atheist stance to me is perfectly supportable ,most Atheists do not claim with absolute certainty or absolute knowledge that they know there is not a god which is a common misconception. However, they do say that they do not have a belief in a god at least in relative terms because everything we understand about the universe and how it functions and operates does not imply a god exists. Supernatural phenomena such as the belief in a god have not met the burden of proof because they have not been demonstrably demonstrated and verified with empirical evidence. You do not go about life assuming things exist and then require these things to be disproven before you dismiss them. If you were to go about life this way you would end up believing everything you were told. Instead you should assume that things do not exist until these things have first been demonstrably demonstrated or discovered to be true.

Just because something is possible does not mean it's probable

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Never to a kid that you where at one time responsible for. You could be faced with a heap of charges if the parents force the issue. They can say you did things to their little boy. They could make a ton of stuff up. And 2 against 1 the odds are slim that you would win against the parents.

These parents are not bad parents. They would not drag their child through all that trauma just to hurt me. It is not only because they arent bad parents either.. I suspect they have already figured out that I am gay and are fine with it.

Never tell a kid are anyone that you worked for are looked over at one time you are gay. It is not fair for the child to be put into a state of confusion. Now the kid is going to ask mommy and daddy why do guys date other guys. What do you think the first response from the parents are going to be? Where did you hear about that son? I heard it from the caretaker.

Urg you are such an apologist. We, homosexuals, are part of society. We should be expressing our love for our partners in the same way that heterosexual do. That is what you do when you truly mean "it is ok to be gay". Therefore, children are going to find out that homosexuals exist by merely seeing it on the streets. They could also find out that homosexuals exist from reading the Bible and its moral teachings on homosexuality.

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Now you can ban me.

Why would I ban you? Youre the perfect Christian example for me.

and you want to send me a video? Do you know what i can do to it before i send it back to you? From the video i will edit will make you realise how sick you are.

Somehow I can just imagine you looping it over and over while you jerk off chasing the elusive pleasure of a male multiple orgasm.

You won't last 24hrs in my family if you are gay. It's either you get raped by a woman, beaten up brutally to cast out that stupidity from your system .....infact.....The entire family will disown you(a proud homosexual).

Fantastic. The good Christian family with female rapists and thugs. These people are who Christians believe go to paradise while the truly good people fry.

Do you know how the organ with which you have sex with looks like?

You are asking someone that has sex with men about whether they know what a penis looks like? You stupid fuck haha.

This is called freedom of speech... i have said it but not even 1/100 of what i should.

You have only said 1% (percent is /100 just so you know) but you have had to repeat the thing about diapers 3 or 4 times? Right................... It is funny how Americans always spout about how they are exercising free speech - they will voice their opinion so vehemently even though they have nothing of substance to say. Most Christians on this forum are like that - sadly.

Mack(254) Clarified
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Let's define terms, because atheism and agnosticism aren't mutually exclusive.

(Note that when I use the word agnostic I am referring to somebody who says they don't know if God exists, rather than one who says it's not possible to know if God exists)

There are four common possibilities:

1. Gnostic theist: Believes there is a god(s), and is certain of this.

2. Agnostic theist: Believes there is a god(s), but is uncertain of this.

3. Gnostic atheist: Lacks belief in a god(s), and is certain there isn't one.

4. Agnostic atheist: Lacks belief in a god(s), but doesn't know for sure.

I get what you are saying, but this is only applicable to number 3, not 4, which most atheists are.

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Even before your book knowledge came into books, it was experimented and proven in the lab with the necessary factors available.

Does createdebate have a laboratory?

Why do you idiots keep asking for proof over a debate site?

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Why you shouldn't punch a Nazi.

Violence breeds violence.

That snap is similar to the famous/infamous photo of an incident during a right vs left wing demonstration/counter demonstration in London England when a left wing thug kicked a policeman on the head while shouting ''fascist pig''

The unarmed Bobby was simply doing his job by trying to keep the opposing sides apart.

The officer suffered permanent brain damage and died some 2 years later with a condition directly related to the physical trauma of the kick.

Apart from breaking the law, punching people nearly always leads to being punched back.

Then the warring factions almost always decide that weapons would be more effective than bare knuckles, so the physical violence escalates into The gunfight at O.K. Corral type conflict.

The only place to express your opposition to any group with whose ideology/political agenda you disagree is at the ballot box.

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Interesting the amount of Americans who got very upset at the image of Donald's severed head , they sound exactly like Muslims who got very upset at cartoons of Muhammad

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Today's Nazi's are responsible and contributed to the holocaust?

What a stupid thing to say, so stupid it just makes me

Dermot(2906) Clarified
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Your statement was ......Just because something isn't important to you doesn't mean it isn't important. One can fail to acknowledge the importance of something, yet it will still be important...........

If I insert the word significant iinstead of important I still maintain my position is correct .

You say ..... until they experience illness ....again this is totally shifting the goalposts , if I go through life not in the least worried about my diet only to be told several years later I'm very ill and it was brought on by a poor diet I'm now confronted by facts I was unaware of which are of significance now .

You keep saying ' regardless of their recognition ' this is untrue if they do not have recognition of their condition how can they acknowledge it ?

But we cannot take suffering in and of itself without analysing and attempting to understand it , isn't that what humans do as in try to make sense of experiences that trouble them ?

So why should we not assume these "Nazis" that were nonexistent months ago aren't just leftists creating more fake news.....

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Also it's valued at 80,000 dollars !

Again if one reads the back story on the artist Piero Manzoni it makes for interesting reading , by doing his thing he is showing up how gullible the art buying public are as in they will buy shit ; it's fairly amusing that he hoped his cans of shit would eventually explode which some have as they were designed this way .

You cannot help but like the idea behind this guy's work it's a great jab at the nonsense that goes on in the art world .

People forget that the art world is peopled by all sorts of individuals as in the good , the bad and the downright ugly , also behind the paintings , sculptures , installations etc ,etc , it's just a big money making game fought amongst galleries , collectors ,investors and assorted chancers all looking for the next big thing .

A very wealthy couple many years ago asked me my opinion on an abstract painting they purchased I said " to be honest I think it's dreadful " ( I rarely hold back ) the reply I got was " but it cost 60, 000 sterling "

This made me wonder why is it that the extremely wealthy always understand what the abstract artist is trying to convey ?

Why is it the ' ordinary Joe ' just doesn't get it ?

The wealthy art buyer goes to a gallery and wants to hear all the over the top bullshit about the piece he's about to pay a fortune for , normally terms , like ' organic ' , juxtapose , symbiotic are thrown into the description all the while with the purchaser stroking his chin and saying ' yes ' ' yes ' every now and then ☺️

At the moment art colleges over here deduct marks if one submits a painting as part of their final exam , young artists are told to come up with ' ideas ' and colleges favour installation and media art , art students come to me and ask me to teach them to paint because art colleges are not doing so any more .

A guy I know has just finished a three year college course in ' Art speak ' this is basically learning how to talk absolute bullshit and couch it in terms that appear ever so clever and arty as people paying big dollar for a piece need to feel that what they're purchasing has great artistic importance .

Here is an example of Art Speak from a brochure in a Mayfair gallery in London ..........

" The artist brings the viewer face to face with their own preconceived hierarchy of cultural values and assumptions of artistic worth," it says. "Each mirror imaginatively propels its viewer forward into the seemingly infinite progression of possible reproductions that the artist's practice engenders, whilst simultaneously pulling them backwards in a quest for the 'original' source or referent that underlines Levine's oeuvre."

Basically it learning to talk ' the game up '

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