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I believe a MAN named Jesus existed. A charismatic man who generated a large following ... for his day. A man like Billy Graham and others who have captured the imagination of thousands .. more like hundreds in that day. A people one generation removed from worshipping idols and mythological creatures. Here was an actual HUMAN they could worship, make up stories about, like the Yetti, the Locke Ness Monster, aliens from Flying Saucers, etc.. Some were somewhat educated, most were goat herders, shepherds, and camel jockeys that were prone to stories of "wonders" and exaggeration. I believe he was ahead of his time, allegedly a force for good. I'm glad he showed up. However, the "Son of God"? ... Nah.

The story of the Nativity, evidence shows, was "made up" by St. Francis of Assisi to "Try to explain" the birth of Jesus to his "flock". I believe a "book" written CENTURIES after the "fact" is filled with these "explanations" of "stories".

I'm not ridiculing anyone's belief. You believe it, that's your right and you have my "blessing". Enjoy. I see NO, even vaguely incontrovertible facts. I DO believe the MAN existed.

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Do you seriously think the guns we have now are any match against their military aircraft? They don't even need to be on land to bomb cities.

Yes, they probably would still have guns but that wouldn't make us slaves any more than it does now.

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So far my favorites are:

Red Rising series

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Ready Player One

Harry Potter series

I feel like there are a ton more, I just can't think of them offhand.

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Your DNA is European, moron.

Hello again, N:

I dunno.. On the one hand, I got a DNA test that I paid for. And on the other, I got a Jew hater.

I'm just not sure what to believe..

Bwa, ha ha ha ha.


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You don't need an assault rifle to hunt and if you do you're just a crappy hunter.

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My favorite book is "Le Rouge et le Noir" written by Stendhal

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theyre animals t doesnt matter theyre inevitably gonna be extinct so who cares

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That sounds like a great thing, more debating and less bitching.

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Now you resort to calling me a dickhead whys that ?

NO, my friend, I am NOT calling you a dickhead!

When I wrote. "But I bet you are anti-homicidal dickhead," I was saying that Homicidal dickheads are something you are against. That is why there is no comma before the word dickhead.

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Oh wow so many to choose from.

I love:

Dark Crystal


Earth Girls Are Easy (SUCH a cheesy movie but cute)

Phantom of the Opera

Most of the Marvel movies

Meet me in St. Louis

Singing in the Rain

I feel like there are a few more and there may be some that others post and I'm like OH YEAH I do like that one a lot too...but for now....I think this is good.

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I love how these fools post nonsense that they expect me to take seriously when they fail day one of Philosophy 101. God is right. They are unreasoning animals.

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The scientific method relies on your senses and reason. How do you know yours are valid?

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God is the creator of reality and has told us all about it, or at least what we need to know. His revelation is truth, by definition. Now, to save time, any question you ask will have a hidden fact claim. To save us the time and trouble, do not post anything unless you have a way of know the hidden fact claim is true. Since you said you do not, there is nothing left for you to say.

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What compels me to care about your happiness in Atheistland, mental midget?

So are you admitting that you are only nice to others because your religion forces you to be, under threat of eternal damnation?

I think most people would sooner befriend a genuine philanthropist than someone who is only being nice for fear of the consequences.

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What compels me to care about your happiness in Atheistland, mental midget? And please show me this happymeter? Your idiotic posts make me unhappy. Does that mean they are immoral? ROFL

And your post is more evidence atheists cannot prove something immoral. Thanks.

No straw man arguments and worthless opinions. Just deal with the absurdity your worldview. Thanks.

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We are not talking an experiment, but a logical syllogism that has a mistaken premise. Please tell us the experiment that would prove color exists to a blind acolorist?

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You’re not in a position to say what’s “illogical “ because of your severe mental retardation , remember this is what you believe you fruit cake believe in talking serpents , virgin births , zombies , talking Donkeys, walking on water messiahs etc , etc , yet Atheists are “ mad “ 🤪🤪🤪 Oooookay 😂😂😂😂😂

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These idiot atheists cannot even agreement among themselves which delusion they follow.

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Moron, answer the OP and put away your irrational red herrings. Or be banned. Your call.

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Not only is this an irrational claim, but where does this loser get his info on pigeons? Pretending to be wise, they have become fools.

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In being wrong (and irrational), this fool has demonstrated he cannot figure his way out of a paper bag.

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No red herrings and straw man. They are illogical. Of course, atheists are irrational, which is why God says they are unreasoning animals.

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Thank you for admitting that your fallacious quote (e.g., fallacy of the excluded middle) does not prove God does not exist. It does prove you are delusional and the OP correct.

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God says so. My gosh, these atheists are dumb as a box of rocks.

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