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when it's high noon in Kansas (sunny day) .... then why at that time is it midnight (dark) in China ?? .... our sun has the ability to light up planets and moons from ours to Jupiter's but can't light up China (same plane as us) at high noon ??? .... give me a freakn break ... our planet is spherical

I'm pretty sure you're just trolling and/or joking, but I'll play along.

"So they made war against Midian, just as the Lord had commanded Moses, and they killed every male."

"Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man intimately. But all the girls who have not known man intimately, spare for yourselves.

It's also worth nothing that the Hebrew word that was translated into "the girls" literally means female children. So gods followers would go on massive killing sprees, then kidnap and rape the young girls.

No, America has never been a theocracy because that would mean forcing people to believe something. We've never had that until the political correctProgressive Secularists came along today.

Today we have a secularocracy whereby if every state does not agree with Gay marriage, they have no choice. THEY ARE FORCED TO CHANGE THEIR MARRIAGE LAWS TO FIT THE DOGMA OF POLITICAL CORRECT SECULARISTS.

Progressive Secularists are now trying to force every public school to allow boys in our daughter's bathrooms.

Progressive Secularists are trying to disarm Americans.

Progressive Secularists have censored the freedom for communities to have a nativity scene on public land in honor of our Christian heritage.

Progressive Secularists have censored the freedom of communities to choose to have a school prayer (with no child forced to pray).

I laugh at the Left's hpocritical lies of how Christians want to make America a theocracy while Progressives themseves are the ones forcing their ideology on everyone else.

No, they do exist. And they are a direct result of people manipulating others using religion. That doesn't change the fact that the number of muslims involved in these groups are in the ten thousands compared to the more than a billion muslims in the world. Banning all Muslims is a ridiculously extreme reaction, and would only serve to ostracize and radicalize more.

But by the way, have you read the old testament? There's nothing in Islam that's worse than what the Torah advocates for. Even if you use the whole "The New Testament makes it ok" excuse, why aren't you trying to ban all Jews?

all terrorist are Muslim

You're really gonna go with that?

LittleMisfit(1607) Clarified
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Will he clean my balls too, because I haven't showered yet today and they could use a good cleaning.

Trans kids? Those words are a complete Progressive joke!

There is no child in this world mature enough to understnd Transgender feelings or any other feelings. HE'S A CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's so sickening about these Progressive Democrats is that they do not care about our children. They care bout gettng votes from the LGBTQXYZABC lobby. It's all about money and votes and our daughters are their guinea pigs!

I'm sorry, what is your issue with this? Are you mad at the professor for trying to get his students to understand the situation?

I never said you were trolling, although I wouldn't be surprised if you were. That pic was a reply to Outlaw60, who is obviously trolling, because I never said I support Chelsea or that I think she said isn't idiotic. Her comment was obviously incredibly stupid.

That's a bullshit excuse and you know it. You aren't actually interested in debating the topic, you're just trying to make people on the left look bad. It's glaringly obvious that Chesea's comment was stupid, and that no one here is going to defend what she said. Although what she said is idiotic, it's still less idiotic than you, Outlaw60, and FromWithin creating "debates" about idiots on the left, and acting like it's somehow representative of 126 million people. If you really think that's how it works, let's reverse the roles.

Republicans are terrorists who bomb department stores because they don't sell confederate flags:

Republicans are racist:

Christians are insane:

Can you really not see how ridiculous it is to judge an entire political party consisting of millions of people by the stupidity of some of them? Both sides of the political spectrum are filled with millions of idiots, but to judge all, or even most, people in a party based on the actions of a few makes you one of the stupid ones.

I don't watch CNN because they are too biased, but I know what you're referring to. I never claimed the press was unbiased, quite the contrary, they are very biased, and so are those alternative sites, especially Conservapedia. It's so over-the-top ridiculous that people mistake it for satire, and some of the articles on it are written by trolls who are poking fun at Conservatives.

A.I. Is immortality. No way biological body will be immortal. Emotions are the hard part.

What you call zero ideas is THE ONLY ANSWER, but fools keep pushing the same failed answers of bigger government social programs as if case workers make a good parent for children.

Do you actully think teaching kids not to play in traffic does not work? That's the kind of lunacy you are spewing. You are saying people will do stupid things no mtter what so we should not bother to shame them for irresponsible behavior?

I'm wasting my time here with you.

IT HAS PROVEN NOT TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have record numbers of broken families with your Progressive bleeding heart answers!

You are hurting our children with your answers!

IT'S GETTING WORSE. Are you brain damaged or what? What kind of fool keeps giving the same failed answers, and expecting different results?

Shaming was proven to work! Our families were much stronger 50 years go, but bigoted progressives will have nothing to do with moral values being the answer no matter how much it works.

You are insecure bigots who will watch the next ten genrations of children have their lives ruined.

What's so sick about Progressives is that they actually believe their Progressive ideology is helping people. They are totally blind to our culture of broken homes, gangs, fatherless children, etc. etc.

All you can fixate on is that killers no longer have to go down back alleys to claim their victims. They can do so legally today in abortion clinics.

THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL PROGRESS! You don't care about the millions of children growng up in fatherless homes. Nahhhhh, what you fixate on is that women can kill their babies leglly today.

It is truly sick how lost this culture is without God.

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You think this study that you quoted and showed evidence for belongs in this list? Wow. That is some next level delusions. I hope you get to your stupid findings in your next post. This build up is ridiculous.

Amarel(1207) Clarified
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Nothing. I shouldn't have posted my little quip as I don't want to talk to you any more than you want to talk to me. I apologize. Perhaps I can try to never interact again.

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List of Islamic Terror:


During this time period, there were 2477 Islamic attacks in 59 countries, in which 21240 people were killed and 26680 injured.

Lot of people killed and a lot of people injured but you can't really say that belongs to a particular religion now can you Progressive !

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List of Islamic Terror:


During this time period, there were 2477 Islamic attacks in 59 countries, in which 21240 people were killed and 26680 injured.

Your false narrative has been exposed so step up and try to say Muslims aren't terrorists.

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Remember "The Matrix" movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NowASaint(908) Clarified
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You don't want salvation, so you will have damnation, that's on deal with it.

NowASaint(908) Clarified
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I'm safely carried across that chasm which you want to pull me down into with you. The Savior plunged in for me to carry me across in His resurrection. Keep on trying to make it on your own, keep on trying to pull me down with you, you will fail in both desires. You are not God, you can't make it on your own but you can try if you want to...I don't have time for your nonsense.

NowASaint(908) Clarified
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What do you want ?

NowASaint(908) Clarified
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Only God can make you're hopeless on your own.

NowASaint(908) Clarified
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You can't wash your sin away you dirty matter what you wash in, it remains with you and holds you in death and is taking you down to Hell. I know you love it more than life, so you might as well enjoy yourself as much as you can while you can, Amen?

NowASaint(908) Clarified
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Get out of here, dirty dog, you know you don't belong here.

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