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Everything being created in 2 days doesn't fit.

Intelligent design is very unlikely actually. If we were designed we wouldn't have vestigial parts.

There is no accuracy in the prophesies of the Bible. They are so vague it can be interpreted to mean anything.

The history of the Bible goes against geology and archaeology.

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Yeah!!! And then stab her in the fucking eyes!!!!! God bless her.

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How doesn't it fit?

Are you saying that it has been proven that God doesn't exist?

There is likely an intelligent design.

And to take it even further He knit history and set appointed times and predestined hosts.

It wouldn't be possible to have pre-written history given through prophesy.

The accuracy and detail is miraculous. You can dismiss one or two but 800?

Other mystical prophesies are like reading Revelations, they are far out and interpretive.

But pre-written history is detailed and unmistakable fits it's puzzle pieces of time


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Soon there will be one party for the whole world and I shall be the leader.

Wouldn't a God that could create a world as complex as this have to be more complex than the world, thus making his existence more implausible?

KNHav(691) Clarified
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Catholocism has long been a known Wolf in sheep's clothing. Catholocism has been more political institutionand full of heresy and curruption. Not an example of Christian faith as given through followers of Jesus

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It does with the eye and brain, have you ever rehearsed this ever? and a single cell only need Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, sulfur, and phosphorus normally makeup more

than 99% of the mass of living cells. which can all be found out in space, Evolution of brains evolution of eyes

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1. Does God exist? The complexity of our planet points to a deliberate Designer who not only created our universe, but sustains it today.

There are billion of billion of stars which have there own planets, and we have found 3 planets 90&#xis;h of habitability like earth, out of the HUNDRED OF BILLION A TRILLIONS,AND WE ONLY SEE ONE OF OF MILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF GALAXYS

2. Does God exist? The universe had a start - what caused it?

BIG BANG, already explained this...

3. Does God exist? The universe operates by uniform laws of nature. Why does it?

Shit does change in the universe, look up issac newton and he will explain it all, if a planet about the size of earth was in orbit with earth on one side of earth gravity would be doubled and one side would have none at all.

4. Does God exist? The DNA code informs, programs a cell's behavior.

Ever heard of cancer, thats where cells have gone rogue!And the DNA shit is stuff i hoped you learned in 8th grade

5. Does God exist? We know God exists because he pursues us. He is constantly initiating and seeking for us to come to him.

Its says in the beginning ¨I was an atheist at one time. And like many atheists, the issue of people believing in God bothered me greatly.¨ I have met many christian who converted to athiestism and not a single atheist i know has ever converted to Christianity, and i am not bother by you believing in a imaginary friend.

6. Does God exist? Unlike any other revelation of God, Jesus Christ is the clearest, most specific picture of God revealing himself to us.

False already debunked this.

KNHav(691) Clarified
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Are you laughter resistant? Or can't you laugh at something so simple? Are you afraid if you look, you would be an idiot?

Your an idiot if you don't investigate.

There is solid details that build on each other and are dire Ted and purposeful. There has been around 800 prophesies fulfilled.

And not with guess work lie thee book of Revelations.

Prophesies are more than fortune telling. Fortune telling is vague and detail. Prophesy is telling history in the future!

Bible proof of God and the credibility of His Word is as proven as scientific data.

But I know your a atheist I thought you might enjoy a Christian conversation, without being sentenced to Hell.

And I did say as if it were fictional to you haw would you apply this to the modern day. So it was an open Question to give you story if you were interpreting it in modern times.


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Atheism IS a neutral POV.

It IS the logical default position.

As a science guy, I only believe what I see that has been tested and proven. Or what has such a magnitude of hard science evidence that it is far more likely to be true than not.

Evolution is an example of this.

But your gods and bible stories? Like when a trumpet blast destroys a fortress wall? Or a Bronze Age sky god parts millions of tons of seawater so as to allow his besties to escape their pursuers?

So here now I will offer to you the truly ironic thing about your challenge to me to be "neutral." Ready?

OK...see,,,it is YOU who are the non-neutral (read: biased) one here. Why? Because you, like the vast majority of all other believers in your god and your bible, are that way simple because you were TAUGHT to believe. Indoctrinated. Usually as kids. You certainly cannot be believers from looking at the world around you. OR from experimenting and testing. Rather, when you claim that god is working, well, you are really only engaging in what is known in debate circles as "confirmation bias." Also "cherry picking" since you guys arrogantly dismiss a lot of proven science. proof. Not a shred. Plus, these things violate known physical laws. So the "neutral" or default position when reading about them is to take them as pure fiction, or as fables made of allegory.

It's Occam's Razor. It's logic. It's reason.

Thee things the Bible has none of.

Richard Dawkins even says that he would be happy and willing to dismiss Evolution as wrong. IF, that is, they were to discover something that discredited it. Something like finding a radiometric dated fossil in the wrong strata of rock. Just one fossil! But guess what? It's never happened! Rather, Evolution has passed every single solitary test ever thrown at it. And with flying colors.

Thus, a neutral person accepts is in view of its mountains of evidence and also the total LACK of evidence for an alternative hypothesis explaining how we got where we are today.

Again...and in closing........Atheism is the DEFAULT position. The burden of proof is on the Christian asserting God exists. All we're asking is to see the convincing empirical EVIDENCE.


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For jesus to be real god must be real, watch this for it to be more in depth

The Christian god is all knowing and all powerful so if your god was all knowing he would know EVERYTHING... And if he was all powerful he could do anything, so would know about the serpent, adam and eve eating the fruit, jesus dieing at the cross and athiests being real, and who would go to heaven and who would go to hell, he also all good, so he would know that i am going to hell, but he could change that, if he wanted to, but hes all good, and all knowin..

I'd put my money on 3d-printing, virtual reality, and mag-lev.

While I certainly think one of these two has a strong argument while the other has almost no argument at all, this is a false dichotomy. Creationism and evolution answer different questions.

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But, even less evidence for God and yet that's what you believe. Interesting.

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The world was created by a big bang, so everyone knows taht the universe is expanding, so it will eventually shrink, when all the stars die they will get smaller and smaller and smaller till tall the mass in the universe is in the size of 1 atom, and then the universe restarts.

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I doubt it. As she is almost certainly Libtard Prolifer.

Thus....about 15 years old and mildly retarded.


KNHav(691) Clarified
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Did you ever investigate it from a neutral point of view?

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Hmm..just what the world needs, a couple more coddled pop stars.

And hey.....ya better Hope they don't go into acting. Because of of the changes in the Brave New World will be a drastically lessened need for real human actors. CGI will become the norm. And real actors in a couple decades (maybe less) will be looked at then as we today look at those Charlie Chaplin types from the silent movies and the early talkies. Sorry.


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In the high tech world.................Virtual Reality will become the standard type of video game. You will stand in a room on a stage with the goggles on and be totally immersed into your game. As if you were really there, or in a giant 3D movie set.

And speaking of movies..........3D will be replaced by Holographic/Interactive Movies. You will again be able to don the goggles and become a PART of the movie oyu are watching. Such as, for example, being able to see the movie (and act in it) as if you were the main character. And see the movie thru his or her eyes. Like, in Guardians of the Galaxy, you would be Chris Pratt's character.

In computing.....Quantum Computing will become the norm. No more binary 1's and O's (on of off, or "yes" and no"). Instead...those electrons will not need the logic gates anymore--or those gates will be orders of magnitude more complex--since the electrons will not be on or off but able to exist in BOTH states during the computing process. A handheld tablet-sized Q-Bit computer will be as fast and powerful in 20 years as a room-sized commercial server is today.

Self-driving cars will become more common and will be the norm within three decades.

Nano-technology! Sidewalks will melt snow and ice. Scratches and dents in cars will "heal" themselves. House paint will change colors depending on the seasons and the sunlight so as to provide optimal insulational effects.

In medicine.....genetic engineering and diagnosing! When you are born you will be genetically scanned, and will know what certain dieseases or other types of physiological or psychiatric maladies you might have or be susceptible to. And then you will be injected with a genetic-based vaccine that will eradicate those problems.

Evolution will ascend from a Theory to a Law.

Religion will be seen as the superstitious nonsense it is, and has been all along. Christians will be deemed on par, with, say, those idiots walking aorund outside looking for Pokemon. Or with believers in a Flat Earth or in Hobbits from Inner Earth. Churches will finally be forced to pay taxes. Attendance at these churches will in three decades be about one-fourth of what it is now. (the numbers have already been falling for years!)

Brave New World, amigos! Can't wait!!


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It is not more logical to believe in something that doesn't fit with the way the world works.

KNHav(691) Clarified
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I'm not saying there isn't evidence, but I'm saying there is a logical inclusion of the Creator, and extra step of God is factual.

And I wouldn't say it an excuse for an answer.

I'd say it's more logical than everyrhing else at the bottom of the rainbow.

It's more logical that everything was formed out of the dirt from the ground, filled with life and cells. And day 5 and 6 arived in a day hand appeared within 1 day

Everything jumped into being, although I do believe there were many things growing including cells and amoeba and viruses and bacteria, and even as advanced as bugs etc

Day 5 says He made fish and birds

Day 5 says He made animals and man

And He did so from the ground which already was growing all these things.

So when God picked up a handful of dirt to form everything, He picked up dirt that was rich in those things you know as evolution!

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Yeah. There aren't nearly enough varieties of Coke.

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We need more choices.

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Deception number 1: Muslims are being vetted before coming here.

Deception number 2: Christians being free from the OT doesn't stop them from quoting it any way, and from still being dicks to gay people.

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