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Read your last sentence because that is what school choice will do.

The money saved from shutting down a school can be used to grow the better schools. They will not shut a school down to the summer shutdown. This is when changes would happen in other schools to handle the kids.

The idea is not to shut down schools. The idea is to make them better instead of inabling failure. School choice will make them better or else.

No, I asked you to point to American lives, you essentially said "well American lives have been lost" and I asked you to provide a source.

If you are confused with what's been going on these past eight years, start watching Fox news and see what the Liberal media does not want you to know.

If you need sources for what the Left has been doing, then you must live in a cave because it has been all over the news.

Did you not know about New York's so called "Safe Act" where they wanted to make illegal any hunting rifles in our homes that held more than seven rounds?

Like I said, watch Fox news ad learn what's going on.

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he is against drug dealers and rape coming in wit the wall

yoboi(2) Clarified
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actually freedom of speech means you can say it without being convicted or getting punished by the govt, as long as it is not a threat you can say it

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As long as a word is not a threat you can say it, so the N word is fine to say as long as you are not threatening people.

is it offensive? Yes, but if I say "faggot" that is ok?

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You are The Perfect Progressive that does not view Muslims as your enemy when they view you as their enemy !!!!

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You scared SnowFlake to enter into the fray ????????????????????????

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SnowFlake have you noticed anywhere recently that Christians are killing women and gays?

outlaw60(6273) Clarified
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Is there a medicinal purpose for LSD and Heroin ?????????

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Does the environment change with presidential elections ? Did Barack Obama heal the planet ? If so in what ways did he work his magic as he burned fossil fuel in Air Force One ?

O dear,Love it man. But still can not take someone like yourself that talks to yourself seriously.

You are this dip wad and you have said it.

Bondage, a fetish some take part in, that is torture to the body in a sexual way.

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I believe that the Havasupai Indians were treated with disrespect. The fact that their blood samples had been used to study many other things, including mental illness and theories of the tribe’s geographical origins that contradict their traditional stories without their permission is disappointing. I feel like the Indians would have been collaborative if they had knowledge of what tests were being done. It is like their blood was being taken advantage. The University would have saved so much time and money if they did the right thing by the Indians and told them what they were getting themselves into.

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I sided with the Havasupai Indians because they were not completely informed about what tests their blood was going to be used for. They did give consent to the University but they gave consent only for their blood to be tested for diabetes. The University should have been more specific and informing with the tribe about what tests exactly were going to take place. The Havasupai Indians were taken advantage of and have the right to be angry.

O dear being serious. Well ok you are in luck I hate hot dogs to bland for me. But I do my research and found these.

Supporting Evidence: Hot dogs (
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I believe that the Havasupai Indians have the right to be mad about ASUs actions. They all did not consent to having their blood tested and ASU went against their wishes by not fully elaborating on what it is they would be doing with the samples. ASU went onto the Indians property and took something of theirs without their informed consent. The tribe was not aware of what the blood was being used for had their blood taken away from them without their permission. It was wrong for ASU to take the tribes blood just to do research.

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Arizona State did not step outside the boundaries outlined in the consent form. "Roughly 100 tribe members who gave blood from 1990 to 1994 signed a broad consent that said the research was to “study the causes of behavioral/medical disorders.” Although the tribe wanted to find a cure for the rampant diabetes within them, they signed a formed which did not limit Arizona State to just that. Many members were angry that incest was found to be very common in their tribe. This may be embarrassing but they agreed that the university could “study the causes of behavioral/medical disorders.” Incest is certainly something that could cause these issues.

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The Havasupai Indians have the right to be upset with Arizona State. The university took something very personal (blood) from the tribe, with the tribes knowledge that it would be used to study diabetes in the tribe. By studying other things with that blood, the university defied their rights they were given by the Indians. Also, the consent form that the Indians signed was in English, a second language to most. It was very apparent early on that the tribe wasn't as respected as they should be. If the researchers wanted to study all of these different things about the tribe, things might have gone over a lot smoother if they had discussed it with the tribe.

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I support the Havasupai Indians for many reasons. Primarily, the Havasupai Indians reached out to Arizona State, hoping to get an idea as to why their diabetes rates were so high. They gave them their blood samples for that reason only. However, the university took it upon themselves to use those blood samples for many other tests in which the Havasupai Indians did not ask for nor give them permission to do. The geneticist states that she received permission for these studies, yet the university still agreed to pay $700,000 to the tribe members. This show guilt and wrongdoing from the University, regardless of what reasonings they had for doing so. The university did not obtain permission to continue further studies with their blood samples and therefore are wrong for doing so.

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I think the Havasupai Indians have the right to be upset. The way the information was collected from the tribe by Arizona State University was unethical. The tribe does not have access to a great education, thus they were taken advantage of when they agreed to this blood testing because they did not know any better. They were told they only were testing for Diabetes, however they tested their blood for more and made money off this research. I think if ASU would have clarified exactly what they were researching, the tribe would not have been so upset and felt so taken advantage of.

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While the Havasupai Indians did ask for ASU to conduct research on their blood, there was no form of written consent to make the continued use of the blood samples okay. "The geneticist responsible for the research has said that she had obtained permission for wider-ranging genetic studies." If she obtained written permission for further genetic studies, then this would not be an issue. However, there are no statements or proof of written consent, making the research intrusive and wrong. If I give you permission to use my credit card for lunch, that is all I am allowing you to use it for. You cannot go on a shopping spree because I gave you permission for lunch. Eventually, it evolves to stealing. Which is why the Havasupai Indians deserve the money and support ASU is giving them know.

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I feel that the Havasupai tribe was lead in the wrong direction by Arizona State University. They were approached by the University to research their genetics regarding the diabetes trend that has been seen throughout their tribe over the years. The Native American tribe gave consent to have this issue researched by the University but the researchers went beyond researching only this issue. They found that in their genetic research there were other health issues that the Native Americans had in their genes.

I feel that Arizona State took advantage of this group by going beyond what they had agreed on with the tribe and crossing an ethical line with what they published without permission of the tribe. I feel that the tribe's privacy was violated and that the university broke the consent contract by going beyond only researching the diabetes issue and then publishing results about other issues.

A good way to remain ethical would have been to have seen these other issues and gone directly to the tribe leaders to discuss what they wanted to do and felt comfortable doing moving forward with the data that Arizona State collected.

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I think the tribe is right in saying that they were treated unfairly because they were not asked permission to use their blood samples for research, but they ended up getting very little information about diabetes and how to treat it. Even if the research had potential to discover new information about other diseases and illnesses, finding a way to help treat the tribe members with diabetes should have been their first priority. This was clearly a serious issue, and their well being was dependent on the research.

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