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Oh how I love a good quality , reasonable , evidenced based debate! Have both sides lost any sense of reason?

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First of all I'm not American , so that's assumption number 1 dealt with. Secondly there is evidence of the potential harm that vaccines can do. A lot depends on what evidence you look at , where you look and whether you blindly follow what you are being told by the mainstream. The problem is that you seem to believe the mythology that vaccines are "safe". Even our governments accept implicitly they they are unavoidably unsafe for at least some people.

Are you aware of the 1986 Vaccines Act? What happened was that the pharmaceuticals went to the USA government and said that they would stop producing vaccines unless they were exempt from being sued by people who had been vaccine damaged. They just didn't see how it was going to be financially viable to make vaccines. This should at least be some food for thought for you. Even the drug companies knew vaccines could seriously hurt people. Are you aware that vaccines do not have to undergo the same rigorous testing that normal drugs do because they are not classified as "drugs"?

These are basic facts that you can find for yourself and it's just the tip of a big iceberg. Many so called "vaccine hesitant" people know these things as fairly basic facts , but do you?

Also , polling has showed that in the USA those people who are anti vaccines and tend not to take them to schedule are high earners and highly educated people possibly with a higher IQ than you or me.

There's loads more to explore here but I sense you will not be able to hear it because your mind is not open enough to consider the truth for yourself. Most people just believe what comes out of so called "respected" medical agencies and don't question it. Please tell me you are not one of those sheep.

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I'm afraid you have had the wool pulled over your eyes my friend. You need to watch Vaxxed the Movie for a start. Then move on to finding out much more about vaccines and especially the MMR. Here are some indisputable facts that you can research yourself.

Canada had an MMR vaccine withdrawn because of it's link to possible Menningitis (a disease related to the brain). Similar thing in the UK and Japan.

Around 1986 Pharmaceuticals went to the USA government asking for immunity from lawsuits for vaccine products. They got what they wanted. Since then the vaccination program has grown massively (I wonder why?)

No study has been done on MMR vaccinated children with a non vaccinated control group to look at the difference in levels of autism. That's the obvious study to do.

There's loads more to know that you don't yet know so I don't have space. What I will say is that I agree about the media hysteria - that hysteria is around the "outbreaks" that we will face if we don't have vaccinations. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that there is big money involved here and I ask you to consider whether you might be being a tad naive when it comes to this ?

Did you know for example that the journalist Brian Deer who was largely responsible for making out Andrew Wakefield's research was fraudulent was also working for the Sunday Times? On the board of the Sunday Times was Rupert Murdoch's son who was also on the board of Glaxo Smith Kline , who produced the MMR vaccine.

I'm not saying that MMR causes Autism because the research has yet to be done properly. I'm saying there's enough evidence for serious doubt and until it happens to your family then it's very difficult to imagine that established medicine is not all what it seems to be. I cannot emphasize to you enough that you need to be highly skeptical of a lot of so called "research". Much of it is biased and funded in the background by corporations.

I hope I haven't patronized you or offended you , but trust me , there's so much you don't yet know. Find out for yourself and put aside your blind faith of the system.

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