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the wolf is coming but there is no one their to listen to the warnings.

You’re not wrong.

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Remember when you were going to kick everyone’s ass? That was funny.

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I’m Jacob Rothschild. I’m the boogeyman you need to believe is in control of a world in which you have no control. Other, less ignorant people have the kind of control over their lives that economic freedom is conducive to. They aren’t concerned about me. They prefer responsibility to baseless blame.

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Capitalism is retarded

Freedom is oppression! Prosperity is poverty! Capitalism is retarded!

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It appears the “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks“ isn’t just for black people anymore.

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”I am not retarded”

Followed by

”you fucking nigger”

The contradictions never cease with you.

people who ARE normal are always brainwashed robots

Followed by

normal cannot exist

I accept your concession.

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Statistical normalcy has various aspects and is on a scale, and the same is true for intelligence.

Culture is a strong environmental factor that affects everyone, even you. Various normal people have varying degrees of various forms of intelligence.

In other words, it is not the case that a normal person necessarily accepts, and reflects uncritically, all aspects of the culture in which they developed. However, it may be emotionally satisfying for a person who is insecure about some personal abnormality to pretend that those who have normalcy are somehow lacking in some other virtue, such as intelligence. This, of course, is irrational as it attempts to raise ones own stature by attempting to lower that of others, which is only an illusory personal gain.

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It doesn't matter if the accuser is a liar or not. After 37 years, she may be mis-remembering. But that's not the point either. The point is that she has no evidence whatsoever. She cannot name the place, time, or any corroborating witness. There cannot be an investigation. Kavanaugh is willing to make statements under oath while his accuser is not. There is literally nothing to any of this.

The left doesn't actually take her accusation seriously either. If they did, they would not have waited until the moment of peak political expediency to bring the accusation to light. It's nothing more than a baseless hit by a morally corrupt left who is more than happy to play on the emotional biases of their zombie like following. Seriously con, put the shoe on the other foot and it's pretty clear what bullshit this is.

If you think it's the American way to derail a career and a nomination for a singular unsubstantiated and apparently baseless accusation, then you can fuck right off con.

Imagine the state of affairs if every major political nominations was derailed by blatant political hits like this one. Of course that wouldn't happen because historically the public doesn't get behind the accusing woman if the man is on the Left. Jesus Christ they should just nominate him with the new rules created by Dems and give a giant middle finger all this bullshit.

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You wouldn't call it saving the country if a duly elected democrat was ousted by other political elites. In fact, if people refused to accept the results of an election, you might call it a threat to our democracy.

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Nom, I know you deny much about the Holocaust, but do you think it’s a good idea?

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If current trends continue, we won’t even need the existence of an accuser to determine a man’s guilt.

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The race of a person cannot be used in determining whether or not the person acted in self-defense. If you think race is relevant here, there’s a word for that.

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you are quite nasty and spiteful.

I never know if you are ironic on purpose or not. I think it’s just your way.

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If it is "truly of no consequence" then why did you write an entire post about my "bad grammar"?

To troll you.

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Your is the possessive form and you're is a contraction of you and are.

I used to think so, but now you’re here saying it and everyone knows that everything you say is a lie because you are literally Hitler. So maybe it’s not true after all.

Amarel(3451) Clarified
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It’s a somewhat new form of whataboutism your seeing on the right. Basically the line is “You never cared when it was on your side, so you don’t actually care when it’s on our side, and now neither do we”.

But Kavanaugh’s case doesn’t even rise to that when all he has is an unsubstantiated allegation with no time, location, corroborating witnesses, or even a willingness of the accuser to make statements at a hearing that is open or closed according to the accusers wishes.

Amarel(3451) Clarified
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but being accused of sexual assault isn't always guilty of it.

Here we agree. I hope the Federal Government learns this truth regarding Supreme Court confirmations.

It isn't about public opinion.

It very often is. The officer in the Michael Brown shooting was clearly in the right given the facts of the investigation. But no one wants that guys name associated with their dept. In most of the high profile cases, the police were not wrong. But opinion matters, and very often they cannot work again. You can go ahead and list the one to three cases that you think proves rampant police misconduct, but these cases are truly very rare.

There are videos of police violence that demonstrates clear negligence and that directly causes peoples death.

I like how you said it isn’t about public opinion right before repeating what is often wrong with public opinion. Videos are one narrow perspective that often misses relevant facts leading up to an event or fails to catch what the cops on the ground are seeing. In some cases, video does show clear and damning evidence. In those cases police are charged.

Unfortunately, the state conducts its own investigation and finds itself not liable and thus these cases never go to court.

The state is not a single entity. It is not a cop investigating and clearing himself. While different states have different procedures, the investigation is conducted by an independent agency or sector. If you think our system is one of a unified government, watch 3 minutes of the news.

Honestly, police don't have to act the way they do in order to get the job done.

You are ignorant of what cops need to do to get the job done. Improved policing technologies is likely one of the many reasons for a general decline in violent crime. That is, prior to the slight uptick correlating to the Furgeson Effect.

it just takes a bit of humility and realises that the US isn't the best at everything in the world and there are things that can be improved.

One need not be have any particular opinion concerning the US to see through the bullshit narrative that claims black Americans are treated specifically poorly by police who are necessarily racist.

Our justice system most definitely needs improvement. Our violent culture needs to improve as well. Neither of these statements indicate a problem of racist policing. The data and highlighted cases indicate this is not one of our problems. In fact the only support for this narrative is the repeated emotional appeals designed to attract news story clicks and shoe sales.

But it’s true that being accused of sexual assault doesn’t mean you’re guilty (cough Kavanaugh cough cough).

Amarel(3451) Clarified
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Not sure if you know this, but a cop killing someone doesn’t automatically make the cop guilty of a crime. While an individual sexually assaulting someone is always guilty.

Police have been found guilty of murder when the evidence warrants it. When the evidence does not, the court of public opinion is merely opinion, though mere opinion is often sufficient to ruin an innocent cop’s career.

Nothing about anything I’ve said changes with race.

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Then it shouldn’t matter that the CIA is anti-socialists. We are supposedly talking about capitalists.

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you source the literal arch nemesis of socialism.

You said Venezuela was capitalist.

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Their economy is dominated by their state owned oil industry. .

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