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You've already admitted you live with your parents and have no bank account. No takebacks.

Those are your accounts.

You'll get legitimate, bona fide reasoning about why it should not be challenged, usually in the form of a proof or logically unassailable argument consistent with the product of the Hegelian dialectic.

Marxism is anti facts. It's a cult for people who can't think for themselves.

Shut your face. You fuck with excon; you fuck with me.

Come come try trolling me and see how I school you.


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Yes. I'm looking at it right now.

If libs would teach their kids violence is wrong, guns wouldn't be very dangerous. But libs teach their kids that violence is neccessary.

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No, I'm in the correct party. The party of Trump only loves freedom of speech when the words support THEIR way of thinking.

What planet are you living on?

The Democrats are known for wearing masks and using intentional organized violence on conservatives and their events.

I think the FBI is getting ready to tie almost everything to the Clintons. They are oddly attached to every shady character in the story.

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I LOVE the Second Amendment (should be capitalized, by the way), and don't want it "stripped".

Then you're in the wrong party. If you love freedom of speech, you're in the wrong party twice.

You forgot mentally unfit and alzheimers.

Looks like the thread has lost its way.

I'm a Conservanazi puppet account. Oh, and America is better than Britain.

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TheUK isn't a nation you uneducated dumbass*

What happened. Did your Trump hating mate neuter you and put the pants in the family on?

You're obviously not a liberal then.

The same reason you do.

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Define "mentally ill". Then tell us why I couldn't claim you to be mentally ill and strip your second amendment right away in a heartbeat.

And you want to instill marxist bullshit. Pot. Meet kettle.

Define "Christian values".*

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Britain is 94.1% white. How multicultural of them.

I'll assume by "Liberal" ol Washington didn't mean get rid of his slaves.

Probably because Democrats are happily taking his endorsements & having meetings with him recently. Can Ted Cruz meet with David Duke tomorrow?

But mainly because your party seems to have millions of people happily following jihadists, racists, & antisemites. The fact that doesn't disturb you disturbs me.

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