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Then why is it secular by law and Muslims and Christians regularly practise there?

Israel has a Jewish government, it has always had a Jewish government, and everybody who has ever dealt with it recognises it as the Jewish state. It was a state specifically GIVEN to Jews, you blathering goddamned idiot. The only reason there are even people in Israel in the first place who believe they are secular Jews is because they have been lied to their entire lives that Judaism is something other than a religion. This is the reality of matters you ignorant pleb:-

When the idea of political Zionism was introduced by Theodor Herzl, his idea was that Israel would be a secular state. But when David Ben-Gurion founded the state of Israel, he put religious leaders at the head of the government next to secular Jews in the government. Some westernized Israelis feel constrained by the strict religious sanctions imposed on them. inIsrael#Separationofreligionandstate

Furthermore, regards your second classic piece of idiocy, then there are Jews who regularly practice in Iran, but that doesn't mean Iran isn't an Islamic theocracy, does it?

I'm not reading any more of your thoroughly ignorant rubbish tonight mate. Sorry.

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Yes, this is genuinely correct no matter how hilarious it sounds on a surface-level reading.

It sounds hilarious because you are blaming victims for the actions of their abusers, which is precisely what I banned you for yesterday evening.

Israel openly admits it doesn't have Palestine's interests at heart and wants very much to split the two up and end the war.

It has absolutely nothing to do with Israel who the Palestinian people elect as their representatives. Do you even read the stuff you type back to yourself? Would Putin have been the good guy if he'd bombed America to get rid of Obama and/or Hillary? Obviously no, so it's stupid of you to insist Israel are the good guys for bombing Gaza because they don't like Hamas.

Mingi, are you familiar with the term, "apartheid state"?

Is that due to Hamas or Israel?

Let me just clarify this a moment, so I can be sure I understand the question. You are asking me whether the occupation of Gaza by Israeli forces is due to Hamas or Israel? Yes?

Politicians who invest in war related industries like Dick Cheney and countless other politicians are the real problem

I'm certainly not going to argue with you that Dick Cheney is a problem, but you are vastly underselling the point. There is considerable mobility between high level politics and high level jobs in the private sector. Besides which, the entire American political system is funded by capitalist donors. You keep blaming a government which capitalists have specifically chosen with their own wealth and power.

You mention war as being the product of capitalism but again war is the product of government.

You keep pretending that government is a separate entity from the capitalist state so that you can use it as a red herring to shift blame upon every time you are faced with a reasonable point.

the Ukraine, and Russia are not capitalist economies and have the same drug problems.

I'm afraid they are both capitalist economies. I'm sorry buddy, but you are not going to find a way to excuse the fact that capitalism has literally gifted us a generation of drug dealers. In fact, ALL crime is financially motivated, with the exception of sexual crime and/or personal vendetta, so obviously this is conclusive proof of the damage capitalism has done to society.

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The most hilarious thing about your account abuse

The most hilarious thing about you is that you're a completely stupid, friendless, wifeless, childless, venomous retard who literally uses the internet to attack people.

This was confirmed with the 80's cocaine trade Barry Seals, the Iran Contra case, ect. Now it's the Opium trade (hence the reason we invaded Afghanistan) If you look at the UN poppy production stats you will see that in 2000-2001 the Taliban had burned the poppy fields and threatened the poppy farmers.

The Iran-Contra case obviously confirms nothing except the Iran-Contra case. The entire reason people sell drugs is because of capitalism. It makes them rich, and they are taught that being rich is what they need to be. They are taught that is what being successful means. Hence, of course drugs are going to be a problem in capitalist society. It's inevitable, because they are a very marketable product.

Again with prisons, capitalism is not the problem with the prison system it is government.

Buddy, if the society is capitalist then people go to jail because they break the laws of the capitalist state. For example, under capitalism you are not permitted to just take stuff that you need. You go to jail for that, even if you need it because you will die without it. Hence, capitalism is the problem if it is putting people in jail because they need stuff and have taken it, and that wording also applies to the drugs I mentioned in my last post.

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Except for the very obvious fact your posts are all identical style

No they aren't. This is very basic stuff. When liars are asked to prove their lies they inevitably tell other lies to explain why they can't prove their initial lies, just as you are doing right now.

Indeed, by your very own logic, you are using an identical style. Hence, I must also secretly be you.

I happen to know a great deal about healthcare as I work in healthcare. Here are some truths that you can fact check if you doubt my word. Health care is so costly because of government not capitalism.

I think you need to formulate a better understanding of the function of government, my friend. Government is there to protect capitalists in nations which use capitalism as their main economic system. Capitalists simply point their finger at the government whenever they are caught doing anything wrong because it's a great method of deflecting blame onto a party which pretty much can do whatever it wants anyway, so it's never really a big deal. When people think banks did something wrong they rally and protest. When they think the government did something wrong they usually just shrug their shoulders and curse. The only time the government and the capitalist parasites are ever truly, genuinely at odds with one another is over tax.

You? University? Hahahahaha! You wouldn't last a day.

It must be difficult carrying around all that venom and hatred all day every day. I take it bags aren't solving your problem?

And, then you jump to this account.

Bronto, as we have discussed already, being accused of abusing multiple accounts by you is akin to being accused of Jew hatred by Hitler.

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But, you're using two different accounts at the same time, how is that honest?

But you have precisely zero material evidence to support your accusation (otherwise you obviously would have shown it), and therefore you are obviously the one of us who is being dishonest. You are throwing accusations around which you cannot support with any evidence in a deliberate and underhanded attempt to defame and smear my good reputation. I may consider legal action in fact, such is the heinous nature of your slander.

First I clearly stated capitalism in the USA because Kenya and Bangladesh are not in the USA they are irrelevant to the discussion.

What is relevant to the discussion is the fact that there are 41 million people in your country who do not know where their next meal is coming from.

41 Million People in the United States Face Hunger press-room/new-data

But since you are unwilling to have an honest discussion, capitalists like yourself invariably attempt to circumvent this economic reality by claiming these people are not really hungry. Are you aware that one million families lost their homes as a direct result of the excesses of the rich, and then the subsequent "belt-tightening" following the onset of the 2008 economic downturn?

you are wrong about ambition and learning not being a major factor in your outcome.

He is not wrong. As a matter of fundamental logic, learning must stop for capitalists before they have sufficient knowledge to comprehend the deceit upon which it is based. It must stop before they become learned enough to critique the inadequacies of capitalism, otherwise they would never want to be capitalists in the first place!

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There is something called 'born into poverty' where no matter how hard you study or work, your qualifications and career prospects stay narrow and shit and one year of bad harvest for your farm will starve you so badly you can barely focus at school with yoru stomach rumbling and no vital minerals and such to your brain and body.

Yes. It's called living in Gaza you twat.

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So the idiot now supports the religion of Islam !!!!!! How is you can control your confusion on religion ?

It isn't that I support Islam so much as I support defending it against attacks from people who are equally insane. If we are going to legalise insanity, then I don't think we should be discriminatory about it.

Again why is it you Leftist support Mooslimes

Because they are always under attack from Jews and Christians. I hate religion, whereas Jews and Christians hate Islam. There's a subtle difference, you see. Then again, I wouldn't expect a ZZ Top fan to understand subtlety.

Actually, that's not entirely true. I do have a certain degree of respect for Buddhism.

Why is it a Leftist like you has admiration for Mooslimes ?

Your question is based on a false premise. I hate all religions equally.

What a great insane response !

I thought it was a funny story. Wanted to share. I had to explain to the poor guy that they aren't even allowed to cut the power off without going to court, let alone send the military.

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Funnily though, I used to live with a Chinese kid when I was at university. I mean, he was literally Chinese. Barely spoke a word of English. We started getting red letters from the electricity company because nobody in the house had the presence of mind to organise bill payments. One day this kid opens one of them and literally nearly goes into cardiac arrest. He was hysterical.

I sat him down and tried to get to the bottom of why he was so frightened. Turns out he thought the electricity companies might be linked to government like they are in China, and he was shitting bricks in case they sent soldiers round!!

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Does AL want to vacation in IRAN ?

Have you ever actually met an Iranian?

They are honestly some of the nicest people I've ever met. They are just like you and I -- ordinary people who think government is shit and who don't want to be blamed for the things it decides to do.

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