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Yeah, for your free pass to paradise.

Oh, so the Romans were right to execute Jesus for healing the sick for free? That's great buddy. So you did us a favour then?

It’s not magic

I literally just told you that. Please keep up with what I write, you irritatingly pointless corporate cock puppet.

and it’s also not free

Lol. Right buddy. If I give you something for free then it isn't free. That's some pretty profound stupidity there, Amarel. You must have been working hard on that.

You don’t have it anymore.

Because I've just given it away you stupid cunt.

It costs.

I've literally just told you that it's free.

Manna from heaven doesn’t cost

I don't even know what that is. I don't believe in heaven because there isn't any evidence it exists. If there isn't any evidence heaven exists then you can't possibly know what things from heaven cost or don't cost.

Look, do you have anything at all relevant to say? You're boring the living shit out of me.

Magical Jesus health care doesn’t cost

I told you it was free six hours ago. Are you just going to sit there and paraphrase what I told you six hours ago in as many different ways as possible? You're a fucking idiot who literally thinks he knows more than Jesus.

There’s nothing kind about stealing people’s property and wealth


Don't pretend you aren't fully aware that the basis of capitalism is theft. Parasites like you get rich from STEALING the profit produced by the labour of other people. The very fact that you purposefully mislabel the rightful return of this wealth "theft" emphasises what a reprehensibly corrupt, lying sack of shit you are.

How do you know they are lying?

Because according to fact checkers, Trump alone lied over 8,000 times to the public in his first two years of office. That gives us pretty good odds.

There were people who said that Governments were lying about Hitler and Germany. Your point?

The point is that your government are the ones acting like Hitler, not Iran's government. You are trying to invent fraudulent reasons to attack a country which has never attacked you, ever. Hitler did this many times, most famously when he had his men burn down The Reichstag so that he could blame Communists and eventually win support for a war against Russia.

No I don't

Damn son. How do you live without torrenting? It's the best thing about the entire internet.

Run a search for Tixati and download it.

Then run a search for PirateBay Proxy List. Go into the list and click one of them. You might get a pop up but don't worry about it. Just advertising.

Once you are on the site just use the search engine to look for "Minds of Men".

Damn man. Have you really never used torrents? You can get films, books, magazines, the latest games, music, software programs, literally everything. If you use Pirate Bay they are usually pretty hot on cutting out malicious viruses or spam too. The only time you're at risk of downloading a virus is if you download a video game.

U.S. military forces have been at war for all eight years of Obama’s tenure

That's half the story. The other half is that he vastly reduced troop numbers, and spent what resources he did deploy fighting ISIS warlords and training internal security services, rather than on invading a stable sovereign UN state and smashing everything in his path. Withdrawing US forces after Bush had left a large power vacuum in the region would have been disastrous to US interests, so what do you suggest he should have done?

Seems you like that DARK REMOTE place that you keep your HEAD parked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy, you are the ZZ Top fan!!! They only know 3 chords! Shut up you 3 chord wonder.

Before he took office in 2008, Barack Obama vowed to end America’s grueling conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his second term, he pledged to take the country off what he called a permanent war footing.

He kind of did do those things though. Get back to your ZZ Top, boy.

If the government can lie about iraq, they can lie about Iran.

They are obviously lying about Iran. It is the only potential threat to Israel in the region and the far right has wanted to attack it for literally decades.

I never said I am okay with any country having WMDs, I just don't support this war, honey.

When the US dumps its own WMDs it will have a legitimate right to suggest other countries do the same. Otherwise it's just pure hypocrisy.

Yeah I've heard of that stuff, do you know where I could get that documentary? Is it on YT?

I think I torrented it off either The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents bro. Should still be up there. Do you have a torrent client, like Tixati?

In Trump world, YES

You can't blame only Trump for this one because obviously Israel has its hand up his arse. They never wanted the deal and they fell out with Obama over it. Unless of course you think Golan Heights, Jerusalem, Iran and a grovelling sponsorship advert for Netanyahu are all just a big scary coincidence. Either there is some form of corruption going on (likely given Kushner's interests in Israel and the West Bank), or the Israelis have some form of major leverage over Trump.

this would not be my choice of words if I was actually trying to seduce them.

Once I literally rapped out the first verse of 99 Problems But The Bitch Ain't One Of Them by Ice T (not the Jay Z track) to a girl I was trying to hit on. Needless to say I got nowhere. Lol.

I can remotely tickle your tits

I watched a documentary you might like last night called Minds Of Men. Well, I watched the first two hours because it's three hours forty two minutes long! Going to watch the rest later.

It's basically about MK Ultra and the various programs which led up to it. A bit hard to follow but fascinating stuff. As far back as the 1950s scientists were implanting electrodes in the brains of rats and monkeys and then using remote control to change their behaviour. Wacky stuff.

Except that his teaching was the opposite of your proposal.

Oh? Jesus taught people to rip other people off for profit? That's interesting, Bronto. I'm sure your links do literally nothing to support your claims, as per goddamned usual. See:-

Jesus Was A Socialist b13854296

Based on this verse giving only matters if it is voluntary. Socialism is not voluntary. It's forced.

You're half correct. Socialism forces thieving bastards like you to give all the money back you have stolen from the labour of other people. That's the entire reason you hate it! Because you're a liar and a fucking thief.

Faith. If you didn't have it, you didn't get healed.

Jesus charged an hourly rate of faith? Get out you deranged imbecile. I've literally banned over 400 of your accounts and you're still in here spamming your poisonous far right rubbish.

People CARE about liars.. They fucking HATE them

Excon, you are one of the biggest liars ever to log onto the internet. You lie in a deliberate effort to goad and annoy those very people who use reason to debunk your arguments. When you lose a debate you stick your fingers in your ears and abuse the other person because you're an obnoxious child.

Fact Machine doesn't lie. You do.

What reason do you tell Brontoraptor that he's definitely Jewish and not Native American?

There is just so much wrong with this that I honestly don't even know where to begin.

Firstly, being Native American is not mutually exclusive from being Jewish. There are Native Americans who are Jews so obviously your "either or" premise is a false dichotomy.

Secondly, Jewish is not a race. It is a religion. The belief that there is a Jewish race comes from the Christian Bible and the part of the Jewish religion which says a mother's son is de facto Jewish.

Thirdly, Brontoraptor is definitely not Native American because part of his claim was that he lived on a Cherokee Indian Reservation in a particular state. A thirty second Google search revealed there are no Cherokee Indian Reservations in the state he named (something he laughably forgot to perform on account of him telling lies at the speed of a belt-fed machine gun).

Finally, Brontoraptor is not definitely Jewish, but it can be considered to be the smart bet given his political views, and especially his political views about Israel. Furthermore, perhaps more importantly, I caught him on an alt account admitting to Excon that he is Jewish. Of course, he could have been lying (i.e. he seems to do it even when there is no perceivable point in lying), but perhaps he wasn't lying on that occasion.

BurritoLunch(1887) Clarified
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All kinds of 'men' who make the 'man-made' rules.

So you're not an alien-backed demigod any longer?

Are you prepared to explain your demotion to mere mortal? Fallout with the boss, was it?

BurritoLunch(1887) Clarified
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You insult people for absolutely anything you can insult them for, including being a Jew

You have this backwards son. If he calls you a Jew and you take that as an insult then the only logical explanation is that you are anti-Jewish.

Then don't expect us men to care about the 'rules' protecting you

Men who cry for ten thousand words at a time about being called mean names? Those men? Or different ones?

BurritoLunch(1887) Clarified
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serial trespasser of the site's security system

I tricked you into admitting that you are doing exactly that because Andy banned you just like he banned FM. Therefore, not only are you an annoying little idiot, but you're also a raging hypocrite.

And how, dare say, have you ascertained that? Oh yes, that's because YOU are here EVERY SINGLE WAKING HOUR of your life.

But I'm not the one insulting people for having no job, am I? Obviously you missed that part on account of you being an idiot.

no wonder you rely on handouts to survive

Given that you are here all day every day during normal office hours you must either be a night shift worker who suffers from chronic insomnia or a hateful, pointless little retard who projects his own worthlessness onto other people at every given opportunity.

I'ma go with number two.

Then again, everybody knows that the Nazis were "open Marxists", right buddy?


Cringeworthy. Just fuck off and die somewhere, fascist scum.

The Gateway Pundit is an extreme right news and opinion website

Hmmm... Those words sound familiar. Extreme right. Now, where have I heard them before? Oh yes, I remember...

The National Socialist German Workers' Party, commonly referred to in English as the Nazi Party,[5] was a far-right political party in Germany that was active between 1920 and 1945

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