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That's what happens when the country's economy is kicking ass and hitting record numbers, and the Democrats can't give you a substantive answer to anything.

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1) Direct testimony IS evidence...

Ford's ex-boyfriend testifies that she's lying.

Her witness testifies that her lawyers tried to get her to change her testimony to that she witnessed the alleged assault.

2) Saying that he didn't rape ME, is NOT evidence that he didn't rape somebody..

Show us how to prove something didn't happen.

Facts matter..

See above.

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Lemme expand on my above answer.. Life isn't fair. The good ole US of A isn't fair. But, it's the FAIREST place in the world

Good thing those gun toting, white, Christian men founded such a nation with rights endowed by our creator.

If they'd been today's Democrats, they would have let the Redcoats stay and demanded censored speech of descenters, all after letting the redcoats continue to tax the hell out of the tea, & there sure as hell wouldn't have been any "God given rights", now would there?

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Your socialized fire department

My fire department is run by a privatized company.

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