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Why would you want to force Foster children to live? They are not wanted! They will have hard lives! KILL THEM! It's for their own good!


The Democrat Party wants to protect Pedophiles by adding them to their hate crime's list.

This is how Politically correct extreme the Left has become.

All a group has to do is claim they were born that way, and voila, it's not their choice. So the logic goes, if they were born that way, how can we punish them or say it is wrong? How can we descriminate against them?

This is the same logic with all the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFG groups.

This is how a culture dies from within.

You make an excellent point. With the slippery slope of Political correctness, and the insecurities from all these activist groups, they have broken down the door to common sense nature and the natural design of biology and family.

We will now see groups trying to force States to allow men having 30 wives.

There will be those who will push to allow what you just described for the purpose of marriage benefits, etc.

This is what happens when Progressive activists start playing with nature.

Hogwash! Do you think most sperm donors want these children to know who they were? It's most times about money.

This is how sick this political correct world is becoming. To trivialize something as important as a father in a child's life, shows the utter lack of caring for children from all these feminist or Lesbian homes.

Lets see, it's father's day at school, and the child has to explain why their father is not here.

Well, uhhhh, my father is not here because I don't even know who he is, but I brought the test tube with me. My mother says she needs no man, but I would have loved having a father.

Sperm from a man and woman who can not conceive the normal way is one thing, but to take sperm from complete strangers just so some women can have a Baby without bothering with love and marriage, is a joke.

I wonder why the Left cares so little for the wellbeing of our children?'

NO, it's not in the best interest of the child to have no father at home. Sometimes it can't be helped, but should never be a plan for women who are too bored with their lives and want a child to bandaid their unnatural lifestyle.

The definition of Gerrymander is to manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.

So who first decided where the boundaries of election districts would be? Those officials and politicians in charge at the time, that's who.

Are you saying that those boundaries are written in stone for all time?

The people should decide if they want to change it when voting. States

The Supreme court will be addressing the issue.

I thought the Left was big on calling the Constitution a living document that could change with the time? Why not boundaries?

When it comes to truly barbaric things, the GOP is not so inhuman to support something just because the other side does it.

The Democrat Party supports No Restriction abortions of healthy viable babies. Why is it Conservatives do not say we will also support the inhumanity.

There is such a thing as right and wrong, and people grounded in humanity understand when to say no.

Yes, the most inhuman torture there is when viable babies are torn apart in the womb, yet these phoney Progressive hypocrites have no problem with that torture.

They scream for the right to kill those healthy late term babies everytime they vote for the Democrat Party.

But when it comes to mass killers, they say no torture! We are too civilized for that.

Funny how they are not too civilized to kill inocent viable babies, even special needs babies.

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How monsterous a hypocrite can you be?

You are the worst one on this site trying to judge Trump for every rumor that fake news puts out.

Yet with new revelations every day of the corruptions of the Democrat Party's nominee, and the FBI, you could not care less.

Please quit making a fool of yourself. Many of these same corrupt people who let Clinton off the hook are still in power. Do you care?


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Freedom of speech is afforded those who stay civil and honest on my debates. I created the debate, I WILL DECIDE when fools get to disrupt it with constant deception and childish vulgarity.

You can't even admit you support No restriction abortions when voting for Hillary. That type of deception has NO PLACE on my debates. I want to debate honest intelligent secure people on my debates.

Liars not allowed. The liars have every right and freedom of speech to create their own debates. Just don't expect honest people to waste their time in it.

Now we will hear the haters say how I am the Narcissist. They have nothing else they can do but demonize the one who shows their imperfections. I am not perfect and have no problem declaring it. I'm secure with my humanity.

The truth of our culture's moral breakdown is all around us, so they cannot debate me on the obvious facts. They must demonize the messenger.

I usually speak in the broad sense of our culture's breakdown, yet these people are so insecure, they can not stand others speaking to anything that might hit home.

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It's very simple, they have this ban feature, and when you use it, the fools go away!

I use it for all the anti Christian bigots. They are no different from nazi's who hate Jews.

Hate is hate and it comes in many forms.

FromWithin(5478) Clarified
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If you call supporting the killing of healthy viable babies as being logical, then you have no clue what it is to be logical. Maybe diabolical, but not logical.

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Try posting on the debate that was actually created and you might get a response. To post on the site Clown's copied debate means you get a bunch of insults against me, and absolutey no inteligent response to your points.

The original debate will always be down a few lines with the exact title.

He NEVER creates his own debates. This is all fake debating to get points, and he gets points from the deceptive people I have banned. They chase my every word like stalkers. Sad how insecure some people are.

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It said we have so many anti Christian bigots on this site.

Do you have a clue what a joke you are for trying to tear down Christianity on the actions of a few?

Do you have ANY IDEA how much good the vast majority of Christianity does for helping the poor and needy?

Nah, bigots like you must try to tear it down by bringing up some false Christians.


Who cares what exists out in this messed up world.

Kids need to learn the basics, and all that other controversial stuff can be learned in their homes, or when they get old enough and mature enough to handle it.

Why is it you can't grasp how political everything is today?

The Teacher's union is more Left leaning and have no business teaching about issues they would choose our kids know about.

Would you want a Conservative teacher's union teaching conservative issues they want kids to learn about?

It's impossible to be fair and balanced when picking and choosing corriculum in schools. Everyone has a bias.

This is why we need the basics and the basics ONLY taught in schools. I do not want my school tax dollars paying for my kids to learn a about LGBT issues. PERIOD!

I guarantee you most Liberals do not want their kids learning about Christianity. Where would it stop? Muslims, buddhists, Jewish. How much time in the day do you think a teacher has to teach our kids the basics?

Another anti Christian bigot heard from..................................................

So now we will all understand what is causing the Left's outrage when Conservatives or Christians shine a light on today's irresponsible culture.

FromWithin(5478) Clarified
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I don't know what planet you live on, but we have had millions of people throughout the past, saying the same things as you... such as

They will never force every State to allow Gay marriage.

They will never force every public school to allow so called Transgender boys in our daughter's bathrooms. Obama and the Democrat Party just tried to do it.

They will never force tax payers to pay for killing unborn babies.

They wil never allow No Restriction abortions.

They will never censor a communty's freedom to choose or not choose, to display a nativity scene on those tax payer's public land.

They will never have Gay awareness days in schools.

They will never force a Christian family owned business to cater things that go against their faith.

I could go on and on about things that people said could never happen, yet they are happening every day. I guarantee you if the Progressive Left gets their way, our biology books will be changed, and will be speaking to these unnatural sexual orientations as now being the new biological normal.

The fact that we have people asking such questions, shows the indoctrination of this political correct Progressive movement in this nation. You are doing exactly what the Left wants you to do. Fixate on their screwed up PC agendas.

We are 20 TRILLION in debt, record numbers of children living in broken homes, record numbers of unwed mothers living on welfare, record numbers of people living on food stamps, drug addictions everywhere, and what is this nation constantly talking about?

The latest unnatural abnormal sexual orientation of the month. This has been the fixation from the Progressive Left for decades now. This is why our nation is dying one step at a time.

These transgender people are totally dysfunctional. Rather than trying to sanction every unnatural sexual disorder as normal, forcing all public schools to allow boys in girls bathrooms, forcing every State to change their mrriage laws, etc. etc. it's time to ignore these vocal activists, and get on with the business of saving this nation from collapse, morally and fiscally.

It's time to remember the difference between equal rights, and sexual dysfunction.

FromWithin(5478) Clarified
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You counted wrong. There are way more crazies on ths site then just two.

If you counted just those who stalk my every post, there would be at least ten crazies.

First, one has to use the common sense of understanding the difference between the scientific FACTS of biology that we teach to impressionable children, verses teaching the political correctness of LGBTBCDEFGHIJKLMNOP groups.

What we teach our children as scientific facts can not be changed on the whims of activist political correct groups who want to feel better about themselves.

School corriculum is not an experiment in free speech, it is thousands of years of knowledge and scientific facts taught to our children.

Controversial issues have no place in our public schools, especialy when there is so much opposition to this PC movement.

Would you like to go back to having Christianity taught in schools? I personally think it would be the best thing ever for the benefits to our chidren, but I have the common sense to understand not all parents want their children being taught things they do not belive in.

Just put the fools on auto ban, and voila, no more fools............................

Now we will hear from the intolerant Left calling anyone who dares gives these opinions, as being homophobic, genderphobic, womenphobic, you name it.

They must shut down and censor such speech when it goes against their political correct humanistic dogma.

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There you have it folks. The bigotted stalkers can't help themselves.

I live in their brains. They spend their times creating fake names to follow me around this debate site and demonize me at every chance. Gee I wonder why I ban them.

Can you spell dysfunction?

This is how insecure the Left is. They absolutely can not tolerate dissenting opinions. When someone shines a light on their intolerant hypocrisy, they go bonkers. I wonder if they think about me 24 hours a day?

The day that I spend one second stalking after insecure dsyfunctional Liberal hypocrites, will be the day I will be in need of therapy.

I not only refuse to chase them around (because I have absolutely no respect for their intolerant judgemental hatred towards Christians), I ban them from my debates so I won't have to see their vulgar deceptive hate.

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