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Who cares what he meant. It is laughable for you to constantly rail against Trump for the very things Obama did.

How about sticking the true differences between the Right and Left instead of bringing up things that both sides constantly do?

GET A BRAIN and use this debate site for what it was meant, which is showing the true difference in ideologies between both sides, and debating THOSE FACTS.

Yes, when the Left deliberately denies Biology and the natural design of our bodies, to get votes and money, they definitely do get votes from the low end free loaders, Progressives and the LBGTQRSUVWXYZ activist groups.

When the Democrat Party, that supports all abortions for any reason up to birth, says they are the Party of tolerance, inclusiveness, open mindedness, compassion, etc., do you believe them?

Or do you believe Conservatives who fight for the right to life of our innocent unborn lives no matter who they are.

Which side has true tolerance for diversity and true compassion?

If the Democrat Party wants to become a 4th Party, they should do what you say.

After witnessing what you so called enlightened Progressives support, I will stick with the humanity of my Christian faith.

It's funny what man without God has supported. Those backward Christians you speak of have the humanity to understand we can not pick and choose which innocent viable unborn lives can be sacrificed for convenience.

All innocent life has the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Without God, these so called enlightened Progressives can't even grasp the science of biology and admit the natural design of our bodies. They live in some political correct backward world whereby unnatural sexual orientations are normal.

Without God, these so called enlightened Progressives believe that if a person is born a boy, and decides he wants to be a girl, he is mature enough to decide who he is and that all public schools should allow these boys in our daughter's bathrooms.

Without God, these so called enlightened Progressives believe a self serving corrupt Government can better redistribute our money, and tell us all how we should think.

Look at what you support and see who is living in a political correct mythology.

What the Left is missing is that they can not impeach someone that is innocent of the crimes they accuse him of.

The Left has become dysfunctional extremists. Have you noticed how the Democrat Party has no vision to where they would lead our nation. Their entire strategy is demonizing Trump.

People are sick of that type of politics. The Democrat Party is dead. All they have is fake news holding their water. Were it not for liberal Hollywood, MTV, fake news, late night hate, feminists, activist LGBTQRSUVWXYZ groups, ignorant immature College students, the Democrat Party would be a third Party.

Lets hope.

These feminists will become terrorists before they stop killing babies.

FOOL LIAR....................................................................................................

Having Special need's people in this world is risking NOTHING!

It's called humanity and for you to not get that fact just proves what a great job the Left has done of brainwashing you.

So tell us all who will play God and decide who is too Special to allow life. Where do we draw the line?

How do you think these Special Olympic children feel when they learn that we, as a supposed enlightened compassionate people, have tests for Down's Syndrome so that we might kill them if we choose. How special do you think these kids will feel after learning that?

We leave behind a people who had compassion for the least of us. We leave behind a people who did not pick and choose who was deserving of life.

Why do Liberals want to play God, and allow the choice to kill on the basis of every person's definition of normal or on the basis of convenience..

Tell me, who decides how Special a Baby has to be before we kill them? Would there be an IQ test?

No the Democrat Party supports No Restriction abortions which means people can kill any baby at any stage for any reason.

The sanctity of life has nothing to do with if a baby has Special Need's. It has everything to do with selfish convenience.

I want you to look within yourself and what your politics support, and see your total intolerance and closed mindedness for diversity.

Yet you label the Right as being intolerant towards diversity. We support the right of life for all people, no matter if they have Special Need's, or if they are Gay or anything else.

We are the Party of true tolerance and compassion for the least of us.

FromWithin(6185) Clarified
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WE ARE DONE HERE! For you to be so blind to be saying the exact things spoken by the likes of Hitler makes you an absolute waste of time to debate.

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You are the ones who support killing Special Need's babies....FOOL!

Conservatives do not want to kill Gays! We would never support testing for being Gay and killing them if there were such a test (which there is not). We love all people. Fools like you think if we do not believe in gay marriage, that we hate them..FOOL!

People like you would be the first ones aborting a baby that was supposedly Gay.

Read what happens with this sick Progressive movement. This is the so called tolerance for diversity of the Left!

Hitler called himself a realist. He believed Jews were a lower form of human lives. Hitler wanted to rid his Germany of any lives who did not fit in his perfect blonde haired blue eyed utopia.

People like you and the Left wants to cleanse the world of people they deem lower them themselves.

Listen to what you have become in this sick selfish Progressives society. Convenience now supersede's a baby's life!

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I have Downs children in my family and guess what? THEY LOVE LIFE AND WE LOVE THEM!

We are not total selfish people who put convenience over a baby's life.

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When you take your kids to the Mall, do you cover their eyes when you walk past a Down Syndrome child?

People like you and the Democrat Party support testing for and KILLING these Special need's babies at any stage for any reason.

Live with who you are and what you support.

LOL, you are spewing absolute lunacy. There would never be a majority of Downs children because they are much more rare than children who are not Special Need's.

Is this the tolerant open minded inclusive compassionate Left that you love?


LOL, what a waste of time you are. You do what every deceptive Liberal does and spew absolute deception and distortion to what Conservatives stand for. Conservatives care for all people no matter their age or location.

To pretend that hypocrites like you care for the very children that you support killing makes you a total fool!


What you said goes along with what Hitler did to unborn lives................................

Hypocrites like you parade Special Need's children around track fields during Special Olympics, and support testing for these viable Special Need's babies and killing them.


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You are one sad human being to be so callous about an innocent viable human life. The Democrat Party and people like you support No Restriction abortions.

I have absolutely zero respect for selfish inhuman people who are so ambivalent to an innocent human life.

Only the corrupt Progressive Left could be against voter I.D.

Their voter base is the non working Government dependent voter who for some reason just can't manage to get a simple I.D.

This is no different then the Democrat Party fighting to get votes from illegal immigrants. The Left cant get enough votes from the working man so they must go after the criminal element.

This is why the Democrat Party is not trying to make our elections secure from fraud.

This is exactly what the Left tries to do to Conservatives and Christians. They say if you disagree with Gay marriage, or no fault welfare for able bodied people, then you hate Gays and hate the poor.

The Left wants everyone to believe that their political opponents are hateful people. They try to keep the conversation far from the facts of the issue.

The strategy of the Democrat Party is to constantly demonize their opponents and play on the ignorant fears of low end voters.

The Left loves to use words such as nazi, racists, homophobes, deplorable, irredeemable, haters of women, haters of immigrants, etc. etc. etc.

The truth is just the opposite, but people on the Left lack the moral character to stick to the facts.

How would you know what I think if you never read my posts? Gee, what a shock, another complete Liberal liar.

It's funny how people are creating debates about me yet you say no one reads my posts.

What a waste of space on this debate site you are.

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