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Everything the Democrat Party does is designed to cater to it's low income base. They call all this stuff free because it is free to their low income base.

As with Obamacare, the Democrat Party spits on the working middle class. Their so called healthcare is no longer affordable to the working man's family.

I call it taxation without representation. They tax the middle class and take their money to buy low income votes.


So when the Left talks about free stuff, they are speaking to their low end voters, NO ONE ELSE! Everyone else will be taxed to death while our nation goes bankrupt.

It's called affirmative action on a huge scale. You will now get into the Colleges, into the Doctors, into the grocery store, into housing, etc. for free based on your income, while the working man can no longer afford those things.

Democrats support the most corrupt form of Socialism I've ever seen. Any working man who votes for these extreme Liberals is mind boggling stupid.

Probably, this is why the Democrat Party has become traitorous to our nation's immigration laws.

That's great. If more people started suing the Left for their knee jerk political correct intolerance towards anyone who does not agree with them, maybe our nation could finally become color blind.

Hypocrite as always! I wonder how many debates you created attacking Democrats when they actually SEARCHED OUT foreign election dirt on Trump.


Most people would not try to force businesses to cater things that goes against their faith or conscience.

Most people are not insecure Gay activists trying to force everyone to embrace their unnatural sexual orientations.

You are talking common sense to a bunch of hypocrite Liberals. Yes, it is a hate crime!

These hypocrites would the first ones complaining if Liberal owned businesses were forced to cater things they oppose.

Would the Left force a Black family owned business to cater KKK meetings?

Would they force a Feminist owned business to cater male chauvinist conventions?

Would they force a Jewish owned business to cater a Nazi Convention?

Liberals are simply the biggest hypocrites on the planet. Their double standards are insanely pathetic.

There is no irony! Hateful bigoted fools like you, is the type of debater giving them four times as many replies.

NEWSFLASH! I don't want replies from hateful bigots! GET IT? I would rather get NO REPLIES then reading your constant childish filth!

You can't be for real can you? No one could be as stupid as you sound!


Now we will listen to a bunch of children whining how I ban them for disagreeing with me.

LOL, what a sad insecure world these people live in.

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Here's the actual reason for Excon copying my debates.

His debates are a joke! He seldom explains his own reasoning for his debates and simply throws out deceptive titles to try and bait some responses.

He does this merely for points. Many times he does not even respond to other's who post.

Therefore, he is now trying to get points by copying real debates. He figures he will get all the points from hatemongering jokes who spend their lives trying to insult me.

Ignore, I will not play your pathetic point game.

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Thanks for giving me double coverage of my debate, I will paste what the debate is actually about, & then ignore your constant deception...

For those on the Left to keep harping about people on the Right supposedly not accepting Science, is yet one more example of their deceptive hypocrisy.

Biology? Hello? Did you miss Biology classes when they were describing the natural sexual design of our bodies? Science explained our sexual body parts and the natural order to human sexuality. They told us the normal function of our sexual parts and how they were designed to fit together.

I must have missed the classes where the Science of Biology explained how Homosexuality was another natural sexual orientation.

So I guess those on the Left are no different then the Flat Earthers. The Progressive Left needed to some how come up with a new Science, a new alphabet... LBGTQRXUVWXYZ that fit in with their new age Political Correct Science.

If you refuse to embrace the Left's new Political Correct Biology, you are labeled a Homophobe. It's something akin to today's Flat Earthers demanding the world embrace their beliefs of the Earth being Flat. Does that make sense to you?

LGBT activist groups have no leg to stand on when denying the Science of Biology, so their only option is to demonize those of us who listened and accepted scientific facts.

They took the actions of a minority of hateful bullies, and labeled anyone denying their new PC Science as, Homophobes, Gay haters, bullies, etc. etc.

They screamed how we were intolerant of diversity, etc. all so they could deny the Science that did not agree with their lifestyles.

People who are sick of Gay activist groups forcing their new LGBT Science down our throats, do not hate Gays!

We are not Homophobes!

We do not want to deny them equal rights! (Each individual State's marriage laws are not matters of equal rights no matter how much you scream it is)

People such as myself do not believe Gays should be discriminated from jobs opportunities, etc.

We are glad they can now see their partners in Hospitals, etc.

This does not mean people of faith must allow Gay activists to sue the Church, forcing acceptance of Gay Sunday school teachers, even though Homosexuality is a sin in their faith.

God also grasps the science of Biology... go figure. He of course created us so I would think he understands it.

You don't believe in God? That's your right, but does not give you the right to force others to believe and embrace your new age Flat Earth nonsense of LGBT Biology.

I have no beef with Gay people who do not flaunt their sexual orientations on the world. Those who respect the beliefs of others, and respect a parents rights to protect their children from this new LGBT science.

The beef I have is with LGBT activist groups, and the Left, for using LGBT issues as political weapons against the Right.

We as Americans have a right to defend the science of Biology. We have a right to keep so called Transgender boys who think they are girls out of our daughter's bathrooms. WE HAVE RIGHTS AS WELL!

We are sick of political LGBT activists forcing their new age science of sexual orientations into our public schools, our privately owned Christian businesses, our Churches, etc. etc.

If you want respect, give respect. It's that simple.

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That sends a big fat IGNORE to an absolute waste of time. Go back and take Biology once more. You slept through school by the sounds of it.

HOGWASH, we see no homosexuality in any of out pets or livestock or animals we can observe. WHY IS THAT?

If it happens in nature why do we not see it in animals we live with and see every day?

Any animal you try to deceive us with, is not Gay. They have sex with anything that moves just as a dog will hump your leg. I guess that dog must be into bestiality.

Stop wasting our time!

The truth is not always in the eye of the beholder.

Sometimes truth is truth and undeniable.

When a person deliberately and knowingly votes for a person who supports and keeps No Restriction abortions legal, that person is culpable and accountable for keeping No Restriction abortions legal.

Deceptive people like you will deny the truth which makes it impossible to have an intelligent debate.

There is no debating a lair! The liar simply ignores the truth, so how can there be a debate?

I've wasted my once a month quota of giving you another chance of being honest. You will never change...


LOL! Again you did not answer my question or address the actual debate topic.

You copied this debate to insult me!!!!! PERIOD!


You are as deceptive as it gets!


Get real!

They do the exact same things with guns as alcohol yet the Left wants more and more restrictions even though their restrictions never work.


We already have have age limits on buying guns!

Killers are sent to jail!

Obviously if we have idiots who drink and drive, we need training courses to teach them, correct? This is the logic of gun hating control fanatics.

Drunk drivers still drive when their licenses are revoked. We see it all the time!

The only way to prevent this is to require back ground checks before selling that weapon of death! I don't want this. I am showing you the true motive of the Left, and it is not saving lives.

It's not a smoke screen to show you the motive behind the Left's hatred of our gun freedoms. They want to take our guns, and is why they refuse to address other issues that kill far more children then guns do.

Do you more fear a drunk driver when you child drives, or some mass murderer with a gun in schools?

Deceptive as always because you will refuse to honestly answer the simple question.

LOL, it was a debate to attack me you pathetic liar!

The people who were not deceptive liars, were confused to why there were two debate with the same title, and wondered why the idiots copying the debate had no clue of the topic.

I guess I created some great debates if those who were banned, for being deceptive vulgar childish jokes, were going to all the trouble of copying my debates and insulting me.

Gee, why not create their own debates on the issue. Oh, I keep forgetting, they had no desire to address the issue, their desire was to attack me for speaking the truth about what they supported.

We as Americans have the right to keep boys who want to dress up like girls out of our girl's sport's programs!

I complained that the idiots who would copy my every debate were confusing people who wanted to respond to the actual creator of the debate.

They would respond to the idiot's copy because it would be the first to show up on the debate list.

They never get a real debate because the copied debate was merely created to attack me.

Sweet heart, you keep repeating the same lie. Do you think that is debating?


The day you stop denying you support No Restriction abortions, when electing Democrats who support it, you will be off my ban list!

But you are too deceptive to admit the inhumanity you support.

Now go ahead and repeat the lie of how I ban people who do not agree with me. Then I can once again ignore you.

FromWithin(7235) Clarified
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Well said................................................................................................

Do you mean like alcohol? It's funny how the Left does not require back ground checks on repeat drunk driving offenders, to save many many more lives of children.

Why does the Left not demand back ground checks when buying alcohol to keep that weapon of death out of the wrong hands?

We all had to take safety training courses before hunting for the first time. Why is it drinkers do not need to take training courses on drinking before driving their fist car?

It's always the GUN being singled out by the Left. Use your brain and understand their strategy. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING CHILDREN'S LIVES IN SCHOOLS, ETC!

Now we will hear about so called gay animals, the ones we never see in our pets, our farm animals, etc. etc.

These activist groups will grasp at anything to try and claim the Earth is flat.

Yes, when doctors are forced to charge less, fewer of them spend eight years + in College to perform a very stressful time consuming job.

Wait, you actually gave a response to the question!!!! H alleluia!

So let me respond to you since EXCON is incapable of ever responding to questions he does not like.

You just made an excuse why famous people should have guns. You say that people in the spot light deserve to have guns for protection.

But the Left constantly tells us all how we do not need guns for protection. We have the police!

So are you admitting that guns DO protect us from bad people?

Great, you just made our point. Thanks.

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