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If the Lib's held most of Obama's entire administration, IRS, Justice department, to the same standards as Trump, most of them would be in jail.

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I agree with you that he is not like the childish fools who spend all their time on this site attacking and insulting debaters with Conservative ideals.

But there can never be an intelligent debate with people who deliberately refuse to admit the truth of what they support. Without honesty there is no debate.

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I have given Excon many chances to get off my ban list as he has asked me to do so.

I told him there is one simple thing he can do to show me he is not purposely being deceptive.

I said he can admit that when he votes for these Democrats who support No Restriction abortions, that he is culpable and accountable for keeping these extreme abortions legal.

I have given him the sites clearly explaining the Democrat Party's support for late term abortions of any viable baby for any reason. I have shown him how they refuse to allow the GOP to get the 60 votes they need to pass a 20 week abortion limit (with extreme case exceptions). Almost ever Democrats votes against the compromise abortion bill, and almost every Republican votes for the bill.

This is when he goes silent because he refuses to admit what he knows to be true. That is pure deception.

The door is always open for him to become honest and admit his support for these extreme abortions by helping elect those who will keep the depravity legal.

Yes, no one knows what tomorrow may bring, so put it in God's hands and live worry free.

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I long ago put Excon on my ban list for this very reason. He constantly makes deceptive statements toward the Right. I refuse to waste my time with deceptive people. You will never get him to admit his deception.

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Now go play video games in your mommy's basement, and let people who want to debate do so.

You're life must revolve around creating aliases for your bigoted hatred, and living off Mommy. I'm glad I at least make you work to create mindless aliases.

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So the next time you hear someone say that the Democrat Party is glad a Gay man, or Lesbian Woman, or Straight woman, or whatever becomes mayor or Governor or President, I want you to think about that statement.

Identity politics is a sickening thing, and no Political Party should be giving special mention to any particular group of people. We are all Americans and deserve no other label.

We should always strive to find the most capable talented person for the job and not be looking at affirmative action based on identity.

Since the Left has a new alphabet starting with LBGTQ... they had to come up with an entirely new way of identifying people.

America was once considered the land of the free, home of the brave, but this was far too vague for the Democrat Party. It included everyone! How was this going to garner the Special interest votes for Democrats?

So decades ago, the Democrat Party sat down behind closed doors, and hatched their new master plan to win elections... IDENTITY POLITICS!

The Left witnessed how their anti Christian Progressive Socialistic agendas were creating many more broken families, with the inevitable increase in Government dependents.

They had a decision to make... standing strong with a value system so important to securing intact families, or embracing this amoral sub culture.

We all know what they chose. They decided to pit one American against the next and segregate Americans into Special interest groups. Their goal was to make these groups of people believe they were hated by the Republican Party.

Since racial tensions were running high at the time, the Black vote was considered first and foremost in their new master plan of Identity politics. Hence, African Americans became their number one group on the list of identity politics.

This was followed by the Feminist movement. Women became the Left's next Special interest identity. This movement ushered in one of the most divisive issues in our nation's history... ABORTION!

The Democrat Party of course embraced the inhumanity of abortion because this was a political powder keg. The thoughts of millions of dead babies was of little consequence to them. They were salivating over the potential for millions of votes.

This was followed by their new alphabet... LBGTQ........

This was like a goldmine of potential new votes for Democrats... Lesbians, Bisexuals, Gays, Transgender, etc., etc., the possibilities endless.

At this point I'm not sure if the Left has found a new low, including Pedophiles into this new alphabet. I know they are deeply involved with Pedophile rights.

Since then, identity politics has moved on to Muslims, illegal immigrants, Transgender men playing in women's sports, etc.

The list goes on and on.

I don't know about you, but I will vote for the Politician who see's me as an American!

A politician who will treat me as important as any other American in this nation.

He will not punish me for being a hard working successful American. He will treat me with the same respect he gives every other American, not seeing me as votes for his opponents, not calling me a Conservative racist and Nazi, to sway votes.

Identity politics goes against everything America once stood for.

You do a great job of getting the facts out to people. This is why those on the Left hate you.

The sites you post, showing the truth of what's going on, enlightens people who only watch fake news. This is why they try to demonize you. The Left can not stand it when people show the truth of what is going on.

Do you ever hear fake news speaking to how the Democrat Party supports No Restriction abortions? NEVER!

Do you ever hear them speaking to what "health" of mother includes when it comes to abortions? Never!

They do their best to keep the public ignorant and brainwashed. They can not stand people who give the other side of the story.

Keep up the good work.

Congrats, you got your one post of vulgar childish insults before making it to my ban list. People like you don't want to debate, you want to demonize those you don't agree with.

I go after the ideology, not the person. I go after the extreme radical Democrat Party that supports killing viable babies, not the individual.

I only insult those who insult me first. I try to stay civil and allow anyone to debate me as long as they do not make it personal by insulting me, using childish vulgarity, or being deceptive. I will not debate a dishonest person.

Yes, I've seen the same shows where they ask people questions about politics, and surprising them when they agreed with the Conservative position.

I believe that half of the people who vote, do so out of Conservative ideals and their fear of Socialist Democrats gaining power.

The other half vote for their own desire to have other's support them.

It was amazing that Trump won the election with all the fake news hating him. It was also amazing so many still voted for a corrupt Hillary. This speaks to how many Government dependent's are out there.

This nation is at a crossroad.

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I have a hard time calling someone a Conservative when they lack the initiative to vote. If these issues of life and death can not spur a person to vote, then I would put them in the camp of low end voters or low end no voters.

But I get your point.

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I can always count on you to hold me accountable for accuracy :)

Ok, so there was approximately 30.7% that voted for Democrats and 38.6% that did not vote.

Like I always say, when a person does not care enough about viable babies to vote, he might as well be in the same camp with the No Restriction abortion people.

So I will add the two together and come up with 69.3% of our population that would look the other way as Gram-pa Jones is Euthanized.

Therefore it is even worse than I thought.

It's beginning to look a lot like the me me generation...not me too.

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But wait a minute, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch were discussing grand kids on the tarmac.

You are actually wasting everyone's time talking about spinning investigations?

If Democrats want all Americans to vomit, they should continue with Obstruction.

This is the Party that chose Hillary to represent them!

Obstruction? LOL, there is not a politician alive who has not at one time obstructed information to prevent any possible political damage.

Obstruction should be part of the definition of a Politician.

They already do co-exist. Science has proven that a human life begins at conception, and moral compassionate loving people agree.

There is one Party that flies in the face of Scientific evidence of the beginning of a human life, and this is the radical pro abortion Democrat Party.

I realize there are people, acting like animals, who admit that life begins at conception, but simply do not care. Most of these people reside in the Democrat Party.

Read your article once more. It says.....

"In one incident, a local Christian clergyman, who had scars across his body, said he tried to intervene as he witnessed a man being buried alive after being condemned as a witch for apparently admitting to killing 150 people."

"The clergyman was threatened at knifepoint for trying to intervene in matters that did not concern the church," one eyewitness said."

Gee, why would evil Christians try to save these so called Witches?

Oh I forget, you are an anti Christian bigot who distorts anything to spew your hatred towards wonderful loving Christians.

You would take false Christian groups such as the KKK, and try to paint true Christians in their likeness.


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Can you see what is becoming of our Government? Unless there is not Congressional and Presidential control by one Party, nothing will get done because the minority Party will spend all it's time trying to damage the other side.

Thankfully for a couple years, the GOP had control of both houses and were able to get many things accomplished. America's economy is doing great!

When I read the title of your debate, I thought your dream had to do with you being a viable baby one month from birth.

Your mother was financially poor and feeling a little depressed over her pregnancy.

Much to your dismay, a Democrat won the Presidency and their Party was trying to force every State to allow No Restriction abortions.

Even more troubling for you was the fact that your mother lived in one of the nine States that already allowed No Restriction abortions. They included poverty and depression as reasons for aborting viable babies.

There you were, so close to a life full of joy and wonderment, but you were terrified of being dismembered by those forceps from Hell.

Then you woke up and were thankful a Republican had actually won.

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Well said... you hit the nail on the head by describing how radically obsessed the Left has become with Identity politics.

Democrats search out a list of activist groups who will fund their campaigns if they promise to play Identity politics. Then Democrats try to paint the Right as hating these groups, and voila! The Left's political strategy for the past decades.

Just remember, according to the Democrat Party, the GOP hates women, Black people, Gays, Transgender, immigrants, Muslims, etc. etc. etc.

The Democrat Party could not care less about Gays, Transgender, Women, poor people, etc. etc.

These groups are merely used as a political strategy.

As you say, who on earth would like someone simply because they are Gay? That would imply they do not like other groups who do not fit into their PC click. Wait a minute, they don't!

I'm not pretending anything. IT'S A CULTURAL PROBLEM if people on the Left are saying it happens much more today.

What kind of nutcase thinks that people become killers when they have access to a gun? The person was already raised up into a culture that made him believe it was ok to kill someone he did not like. He is already a killer and matters not what weapon he chooses, whether it be a gun, a knife, a bomb, a truck, etc.

If you actually think the Democrat Party believe's we have a gun problem, then you should go and buy the Golden State bridge. The Democrat Party is the Big Government Party that wants to take our guns so they can better control the people while they turn America into a Godless Socialist cesspool.

No, he is not evil unless he want's to indoctrinate our children into believing that two men having sex together is a natural normal sexual orientation, and the way our bodies are designed.

You are trying to do what all Lefties do and stereotype how the Right feels about issues.

We don't care how people live their lives as long as they don't shove it down our throats. No one needs to know what two people do in the privacy of their own homes.

Entertainment shows like the Voice, American Idol, etc. etc. love to tell everyone about a singer's sexuality, and condition our children to believe it is a natural normal thing.

IT IS NOT! We want the Left to stop pushing their new PC alphabet of LGBTQ....... and start respecting people's right's to protect our children from being brainwashed by extreme Left wing activist groups who deny the science of biology.

I hope Mayor Pete is not an activist Gay pushing his sexuality onto every American who might not agree with him. In a respectful nation, we need not know whether a person is Gay or Straight. It's no one's business.

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