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What is wrong with you?

I said nothing about medicaid helping people, other than telling you how it forces tax payers to pay for abortions!


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I have to stop myself from laughing at the hypocrisy from the Left every time they pretend compassion for animals, while at the same time supporting NO RESTRICTION ABORTIONS of even viable babies.

Are you so blind to your own inhumanity when you judge and slander hunters?

I could give you many verses in the Bible speaking to how God gave man animals to eat and for our own benefit.

Do you ever watch nature programs and see how vicious animals are towards each other? They eat their Prey alive! The animal kingdom is a brutal dog eat dog life.

Men shoot the animal in the most humane way possible, We would never purposely torture the animal when killing it. We try for an instant death shot which someday saves the animals an agonizing death from predators.

So I guess you admit what my debate is saying. You are liars whose ultimate goal is taking our guns.

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So tell us once more how Democrats are not trying to take our hunting rifles.

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Medicaid abortions are already being performed in many states. Tax payers are being forced to pay for abortions through State medicaid programs! That is the fact!

Under your logic, it's funny how the Left does not want to kill all prisoners to save money.

Lets see, Democrats even support killing innocent viable unborn babies, while holding over night vigils to save the life of a mass murderer.

Talk about screwed up priorities.

It's amazing how screwed up the thinking of Liberals. They always get it wrong. They are always on the wrong side of the issue.

They actually think bigger controlling Government is the answer no matter how many times these corrupt politicians show their phoniness.

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Here we have it folks. When killing innocent babies saves money, these hypocritical so called tolerant inclusive Left wing phonies are all for it!

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Tax payers in many states are forced to pay for abortions by poor women through MEDICAID! We are already being forced to pay for abortion while these pathetic pro abortion liars talk about the Hyde amendment.

This is what pro abortion supporters do to deceive the public & hide the inhumanity of their policies. They constantly distort and lie about what is going on.

1) Steer the abortion conversation to life of mother & rape pregnancies, to Zygotes & first trimester abortions, all to deflect what they really support which is No Restriction abortions of all babies, even viable babies for any reason up to birth. This is the first thing pro choice people do. The GOP has allowed extreme case exceptions since abortion was legalized yet we still hear every day about these extreme rare cases. Lie, deceive, exaggerate, etc. all to condition the electorate to think the GOP wil deny these extreme case abortions.(by the way, rape pregnancies can be prevented within a day or two with a doctor visit)

2) They talk about the medical name of an unborn Baby..... Fetus. By using the name Fetus, they somehow believe it changes the status of the life growing inside the mother. Somehow in their thinking, a Baby that has not yet traveled through the birth canal is somehow different than it is after it is has moved down that canal. WOW, TALK ABOUT DENIAL!

3) They talk about the supposed hard life these unwanted children will have if allowed to live. So in all their God like powers, they know the future of every Baby aborted? How many great people have come from poverty or foster homes, etc.? To be so arrogant to allow the deaths of innocent life because of some perceived hard life is beyond diabolical.

4) Pro choice people like to say they do not personally believe in abortion, but would afford other's the choice to end the lives of their unborn Babies. Gee, how nice of them. I always wonder how a person who personally believes that aborting his own Baby is wrong because it is ending a human life, can support allowing other babies to die. HYPOCRITE PHONEY!

5) After all the scare tactics and deceptions, their next step is to lie and say they do not support late term abortions for any reason. They refuse to accept accountability for supporting all late term abortions of even viable babies every time they vote for Democrats who support it.

6) The Democrat Party and the Left even supports killing viable special needs babies, for any reason up to birth, for merely being different from them. That's like the Nazi mentality where we only want blond haired blue eyed people being born in Germany. In all their arrogance, they will deem who is deservng of life. Where is all their talk about diversity, inclusiveness, compassion? I guess these special olympic children actully mean nothing to them. Their lives are disposable.

I am not here trying to judge any woman who has had an abortion. I'm trying to bring humanity back to our nation by protecting our most innocent vulnerable lives.

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You must be too old to be on a debate site when you constantly lie!

Have you heard of MEDICAID? Tax payers in many states are forced to pay for the abortions of poor women through medicaid!

Stop bringing up your ludicrous excuses of life of other abortions! NO ONE IS TRYING TO PREVENT THOSE!

Yes, law abiding citizens do not want to be denied guns just as non dwi drivers do not want to be denied alcohol.

Get a grip

When you and the Left stop bringing out your constant political correctness, waving it round and shoving it down someone's throat that isn't interested, then we might listen to one word out of your hypocritical mouths.

I especially like these verses.....

"Above all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. They will say, “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised?

(2 Peter 3:3-6)"

"Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.

(Matthew 24:12)"

How cold are those who support No Restriction abortions?

These verses are describing the anti Christian bigots on this site.

Every example you gave of why the Left ridicules certain segments of our population is correct.

I will add that the Left must also pander to every group that furthers their socialistic agendas.

We scratch our heads as to why the Left says little about the millions of broken homes, fatherless children, criminal drug users living off welfare, rampant promiscuous sex creating abandoned children, No Restriction abortions killing viable Special Need's babies for simply being diverse, gang shootings, outrageous Obamacare premiums and deductibles, rampant illegal immigration, etc. etc.

Not only do they ridicule responsible Americans who are in the way of their socialist goals, but they lift up all manners of irresponsible behavior that creates a culture dependent on Government.

Why do you so fear guns but not other things that kill far more?

So tell us why you live in fear of the rare school shootings? Why do all the fake news channels try to make you live in fear of school shootings when it is far more likely our children will drown or get killed by a drunk driver.

Why do you so fear the gun, but nothing else?

You live in such fear of the gun, you try to keep others from buying them.

So tell us what the definition of Assault rifles would be?

How would they be separated from our semi automatic hunting rifles at home that hold ten rounds of ammunition?

THIS IS WHY NO GUN RESTRICTIONS EVER HAPPEN. The Left's final goal is to take our hunting rifles because they refuse to specifically explain the difference between the guns.

New York State tried to passed the so called Safe Act, which would have made hunting rifles in our homes, that hold more seven rounds of ammunition, illegal!

This is why we fight against these hideously deceptive Democrat gun restrictions.


You just excused tye problem with repeat drunk driving deaths by saying that we have tougher laws against repeat offenders which might cut down on the offenses.


Oh, that's right, the penalty is FAR WORSE than drunk driving. The penalty could be the death penalty or life in prison. So why is that not good enough for you when it comes to the gun.


When it comes to your pleasures in life, all of a sudden the lives of those children does not mean so much to you. YOU DON'T WANT BACK GROUND CHECKS IN BARS EVEN IF THEY WOULD INDEED SAVE LIVES.

Your kind of pro life is a joke. You could not care less!

You will spend your life on debate sites debating every meaningless topic in the book, but when it comes to something as important as the legalized killing of our innocent babies for any reason, you are silent.

I have never seen one comment from you about the inhumanity of abortion!


If the founding fathers came back to see what the Left has done to the right to life of our most innocent babies, they would rewrite the Constitution clearly spelling out the unborn right to life.

Spare us all your pious hypocritical concerns for people killed by guns, when you support the purposeful legal killing hundreds of thousands of innocent babies every year.

You are speaking common sense, but i think these people fixated on only one weapon ignore common sense.

They don't want to be inconvenienced when it comes to their pleasures in life..... cars, alcohol, etc., that kill many thousands more people. We have told them these simple truths many times, and they totally ignore it.

It's only the gun they worry about.

It truly is a waste of time trying to debate these people. They lack the simple intellect to get it, or work for the Democrat Party.

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No profits in the sale of the killer weapon ALCOHOL is there hypocrite.

You are a complete phony. You could not care less for those unborn lives because you keep it legal to kill them with your vote.

Listen to your own words, and let me show you your total pious hypocrisy to everything you just said!

You said and I quote...... "It's not about banning all guns. It's about ensuring, as much as is humanly possible, that there is a national sense of responsibility regarding guns. If you are going to support the ability for anyone to get a gun without any sensible restrictions whatsoever, then you are as a member of a democracy informed by voters, complicit in the deaths of every child that died as a result of a psycho being able to get himself an auto without so much as a mental health exam."

Now I will replace the word gun in your response with alcohol. Let me repeat what you just said with that small change.......

It's not about banning all alcohol. It's about ensuring, as much as is humanly possible, that there is a national sense of responsibility regarding alcohol. If you are going to support the ability for anyone to get alcohol without any sensible restrictions whatsoever, then you are as a member of a democracy informed by voters, complicit in the deaths of every child that died as a result of a repeat DWI driver being able to buy alcohol in public places and drive without so much as an identification for prior DWI's.


There are far more children killed by repeat DWI drivers, and all gun control fanatics can do is worry about guns in these mass shootings, which kill a fraction of kids compared to the weapon of alcohol.

So I ask you, are you complicit in the many more deaths of children by drunk drivers when you refuse to push for back ground checks in bars and nightclubs before selling alcohol without so much as an identification?

Before you waste our time with ludicrous excuses of how we already have alcohol restrictions, DON'T!

We already have gun restrictions as well. We can't buy guns or alcohol underage.

People who want to hunt must pass tests to make sure they understand the safety issues with guns.

Where's the test for responsibility when it comes to alcohol consumption?

Yes we have laws against drinking and driving just as we have laws telling people they can not kill each others. People still do it!

If you actually believe the Left's goal is not to ultimately take our guns as they have done in Europe, Australia, Arab nations, Asian nations, etc, etc, then you truly are a moron! Many Liberals have admitted this is their final goal.

We don't trust one word out of their mouth and they have already proven our fears with the New York State so called "Safe Act".

This new gun law did not single out so called assault rifles. It made it illegal to have hunting rifles in our homes that held more than seven rounds! That law would have made our hunting rifles illegal and we would have to turn them in or face jail.

I am fine with laws keeping criminals from getting guns. I am fine with no longer making so called assault rifles if they defined them in a way that would not prevent hunting rifles holding ten rounds of ammo as being illegal.

These politicians never make simple common sense laws. They always add things such as creating a data base of every American who purchased a gun. In this way they will know who has hunting rifles when they finally get enough Democrats in control to make them illegal.

Do you drink? Do you want a back ground check when you buy a drink in a public place?


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