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There will always be intelligent capitalist nations that believe in individual freedoms, but sadly there will also be Socialist nations where corrupt politicians control the working man's paycheck to buy votes from the able bodied dead beats who refuse to work.

You as always prove everything I say about the Left.

You are the deceptive vulgar child that I would ban because you NEVER address the fact you support No Restriction abortions every time you vote for the Democrat Party.

I will continue to speak to this and other issues until deceptive fools have the character and honesty to admit what they support. You must like hearing it since you refuse to admit what you support.

But you never do admit it. Every single time you insult me and throw out ludicrous deception to try and change the subject.

What on EARTH does capital punishment for mass murderers have to do with killing INNOCENT viable babies?

You do realize that the Left's supposed caring for the lives of mass murderers, make them absolute deceptive hypocritical fools, when they care nothing for innocent viable babies. As I always say.... PRIORITIES?

Pro life people for the millionth time are not opposed to capital punishment because it saves future INNOCENT lives from these monsters. Life without parole puts other inmates and correction officers at risk.

FOOL! Go have another midnight vigil for some mass murderer's life, while fighting for the right to kill viable babies.

You have the nerve to talk about hypocrites? You will always be banned from my debates because it is an absolute waste of time addressing you.

I have found that the most annoying part of debate sites is deception.

The childish vulgar morons on this site can be banned and ignored, but we many times waste our time debating others, thinking that they are honest people, and then finding out they refuse to be honest when it comes to the facts of the issue.

When people are not willing to admit the simple obvious facts and truth of an issue, there can be no intelligent debate.

For example, when I show how the Democrat Party supports No Restriction abortions of any viable baby at any stage for any reason, those on the Left refuse to admit it. It would show how extreme their Party has become, and shows what they themselves support with their vote.

They are simply not willing to admit what they support because it destroys any argument concerning the Left's so called compassion, tolerance and inclusiveness for all children... even Special Need's children.

When I give examples of how our entertainment industry has become biased Liberal, and use it's bully pulpit to indoctrinate our children on issues of LGBT, Feminist, or other liberal agendas, these debaters deny it no matter the obvious evidence.

How can their be an intelligent debate when so many simply deny anything that proves them wrong?

It is so rare to find a person who is willing to simply admit how biased and Liberal our media has become. Their reply is always the same..... they talk about Fox News to try and imply our media is balanced.

They lack the honesty and character to see how the vast vast vast majority of our media is Liberal biased.

The Left has CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, etc. etc. etc.

All putting out biased news, while the Right has but the one Fox News.

How can there be an intelligent debate?

All one has to do is watch the Liberal biased entertainment and news outlets and there in lies the brainwashing.

A parent can not sit down with their child to watch a singing show like "The Voice", without getting bombarded with political pro LGBT indoctrination.

The Left wants to force every public school to transform their bathrooms to allow so called Transgender boys in our daughter's bathrooms.

This Political Correct extremism is everywhere and our children are their targets.

Yes, you are correct, our society is being brainwashed ever since this so called Progressive movement took power in our Government and courts.

This only shows how extreme the Democrat Party has become.

The electorate chose Trump (who made many gaffes) instead of Hillary because of her corrupt Socialistic radical ideology, and what did they learn? NOTHING!

Everyone tells them how far to the Left they have gone, and that they need to come back to the center. THEY ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO DO SO!

The few moderates in their Party are totally censored and they vote in lock step with the extreme Socialists of their Party.

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If you work in a factory, you are not some free loading able bodied sponge expecting others to support you.

Liberals and the Democrat Party have become the mob mentality. They are such narrow minded hatemongers, if you do not belong to a couple groups of activists, you are absolutely NOTHING to them.

They have become the Party of extremists and their base made of of Feminists, activist LGBTQRSUVWXYZ groups, illegal immigrants, and Socialists.

You know a Party by those who support them.

The Democrats have a fiscal plan. It's called socialism whereby you use and abuse the responsible hard working Americans, and reward lazy able bodied dead beats.

Doe that sound like a good ideology? If it does, get off these debates sites because you are an absolute fool!

FromWithin(6481) Clarified
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I'm most angered by deceptive people such as yourself.

Just for the record, in California where Pot is legal for any reason, a spokesmen involved with the laws of marijuana just estimated that approx. 90% of the pot use is for recreational use, and only 10% are for medical reasons.

But as always, you used pure deception to try and infer that pot legalization is all about medical benefits. Most Americans were fine with medical uses if they truly work, just as most Americans are ok with extreme case abortions.

But what does the Left constantly do? They use these rare cases to justify making it legal for the vast majority of people using the drug for pleasure and the vast majority of abortions for convenience.

I'm fine with shaming smoking because I know shaming irresponsible choices works.

Democrats could not care less about the lives of smokers. They wanted the tax revenue and they are getting it big time. Did you know that in NYC, a pack of cigarettes might cost $13?

"De Blasio announced a package of proposed bills that would, among other things, raise the base price of a pack of cigarettes from $10.50 to $13, making New York home to the costliest cigarettes in the country."

Same with marijuana, there will be huge tax revenues.

I was not speaking to marijuana, but as always, you could not address the actual point of the debate and chose to change the subject.

If you want to continue on in this debate, try addressing the point of the debate.

So if someone wants to use the cost of healthcare as their rationale for the good or bad of something, I guess they should be cheer leading cigarettes.

Before Trump we had politicians for President.

It took a businessmen to do what had to be done to make our economy go to record highs.

It also took a strong leader that has no worries about future elections and can not be intimidated by the Left wing media's fake news.

Trump is giving the RINO's a backbone.

The Democrat Party lives in a world of deception. They will use and abuse any group at any time it suits them.

They go from one so called victim to the next, all to garner votes. Here is a small list of their victims... when it suits them...

1) African Americans

2) Women who vote for Democrats

3) the alphabet of unnatural sexual orientations... LBGTQRSUVWXYZACDEF

4) Muslims

5) Illegal immigrants

6) People living off tax payers

7) Pets

8) College students

etc. etc. but I digress. They can turn on any of these groups if a person goes against their victim mentality.

The Left hates Conservative women and they hate Conservative Blacks, so you must play your role of the victim before the Left will care for you.

You are the deceptive Left, ALWAYS pushing your political agendas onto all Americans no matter they don't agree with you.

If they don't agree with you, you resort to the mob mentality and threaten to kill people. What a joke you are.

Always play the victims!

Always thinking you have the right to condition our children's minds to your narrow little Liberal world, while censoring any mention of God on our public land. HYPOCRITES!

Only your speech is allowed on our entertainment programs.

Your agenda is to brainwash our children to believe up is down.

You are sickening arrogant control fanatics trying to force everyone to think like good little Liberals.

Gays have the same rights as everyone else, and the activist LBGT groups still spend their lives trying to force all Americans to sanction an unnatural sexual orientation as being normal.

They know that biology teaches us how our bodies are designed, so they must try and condition our children to ignore science.

They use the bully pulpit of Liberal media to do so.

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You are God? Bye...................................................................................

FromWithin(6481) Clarified
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I already know that alcohol is not a gateway to hard drugs. The facts are already in.

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LOL, another person who denies the undeniable. Do you people actually take yourself seriously?

Are you putting me on?

You can not be that stupid, can you?

You would compare someone saying Thank God with Gays pushing their sexual orientation on everyone?


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I should be more concerned with wasting my time bantering with someone so stupid as to compare what the Left is doing with their PC extremism, with someone saying Thank God.

No one on the Voice pushes their faith in God on other people's children. WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT NOT TO DO!

For you to deny what is going on with the Liberal biased TV programming means as always you are a total waste of time to debate.

IGNORE, there can be no debate when a deceptive person stoops so low to deny the undeniable.

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We don't have to build a wall on Canada's border. Canadian's are not a bunch of criminals trying to break into our nation.

FromWithin(6481) Clarified
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I repeat my last point. You look at the percentages, if they have them, and then get back to me.

If alcohol were a gateway to hard drugs, why do you suppose we were not having drug epidemics in the past? We've been drinking alcohol for centuries.

The Right is not trying to push Christianity on Americans through shows like The Voice. We respect that people do not all think alike.

Keep these shows apolitical and start having respect and tolerance for those who do not think like you.

We would not be such a divided nation if the Left was not trying to transform it.

FromWithin(6481) Clarified
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So you are comparing a singer spending one second giving thanks to God for their singing ability, with a Gay couple spending the entire introduction explaining their plight as Gay men and how their Gay relationship is a wonderful thing, and how their parents were so supportive of their Gay lifestyles, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Give me a break!

News flash, myself and millions of other Americans do not think Homosexuality is a natural normal sexual orientation and we sure do not want our children being indoctrinated by entertainment programs to believe it is.

I realize the Left is outraged at the thought of their children hearing someone say a prayer in public, but they have no problem pushing their Political correctness through entertainment programming.

Have you ever heard a contestant saying a Prayer on these shows? No, because we are not arrogant extremists constantly trying to force everyone to think like the Left thinks.

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