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Everybody on this site.

I didn't name them.

I come here to make my ego bigger.

MathFan = MF = real you

FactMachine = FM = Fake Me

GoodListener(383) Clarified
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So you're mathfan then, thanks for the input.

You are mathfan and sv3rige but idk if you're nomenclature.

This is a fraudulent link. Go to prison.

GoodListener(383) Clarified
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I knew you wouldn't quit and would rage instead.

Give me ten minutes with your spouse and they'll have met God in the flesh.

You mean into the ground? Yeah he sure turned it around quantumhead.

Nomenclature, stop supporting Hitler on your alt account, it's vile for a left-wing socialist to do.

He decided that his entire campaign. He want a jingoistic maniac the entire time.

Go ahead, step in the shower.

-1 points

You fucker what are you talking about? The economy was absolutely crumbled in Germany at the end of Hitler's reign.

I love you, princess mint.

Alright, do you wish I'd be gay with you? :D

GoodListener(383) Clarified
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Since you play the character, I'll trust your verdict.

Enough lube or what? ;)

Hahaha, I am very dignified in my annihilation of the scum of this site. Mint_Tea wants to play the nice guy who loves all the bad guys and I'm calling her out on it.

GoodListener(383) Clarified
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Your disappointment turns me on.

GoodListener(383) Clarified
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Do you understand propaganda and 'playing the media game'?

I think there should never be a ruler and instead should be a group and you vote for the entire group not one person or their personal traits. I think this is much better for democracy.

Thank you for being my peer and reviewing my paper.

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