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I can tell you like the song lol. That is nice.

Just ruins to original taste I would have for it. Sounds stupid now.

That is why I don't like going to church.

Lots of Christians are nutcases. I don't like going to church. I am always dragged there.

Nope. Bro I listen to that stuff sometimes. However to Christians if it ain't Gospel they don't like it. I was listening to Versace by Drake in church and people get an attitude for no reason.

.. Hmmmmmmmmmmm lol. ^^ Oh look. I am happy now.

I see how it is. I see.

I don't think I said I liked the kid at all. In fact I think its funny he wants to live with her.

If the creation story is true then of course. You have to populate somehow. However after a you have a nice population think you can be gay.

Why? What makes you believe that?

No. A colon and a bracket/parenthesis will not make me feel better.

Why? Why can't a human be gay?

How do you know she likes dubstep, sports, and shooting games?

Its fine. I don't care anyone. Just dont bother putting anything else.

Its okay to be gay.

You wanna live with Lizzie? Lol.

Forget it. Nevermind.

Pick a user. Just pick one.

I did say I didn't like you. It's only to be expected. Sorry.

Well fuck you too then. Damn prick. Azra is no idiot.

You are supposed to pick a user to live with but sure. Be my guest.

Wow. Randomdude and Hellno's bitch ass downvoted me. WTF?

Pick a user. That is the point of this debate. Pick a user. "nobody" does not count.

Azra. Either her or Lizzie. I know either one of them would take care of me.

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