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Do you have anything else to say to me?

1) Azra - My girlfriend. You probably have never seen or talked to her.

2) AbbyNestor - Lizzie's sister.

3) PrayerFails - old user I assume?

4) LizziexLaura - The nicest debater. At least from my views.

5) Srom - Penis nibbler. Maybe.

Nice comeback lover boy. Got anything else?

I like how Lizzie is your number one. You most definitely got a feel for her.

I don't. I couldn't think of a fifth person. So I listed you.

1) Azra

2) AbbyNestor

3) PrayerFails

4) LizziexLaura

5) Srom

I love playing Black Ops 2 at my friends house. I suck at it though. I am getting better so its not a big deal.

Woohoo!!! We love you too!!! Thanks for the shoutout. Didnt know we were celebrities.

I wont? How much do you wanna bet? Because I will do it if it shuts you up.

Thats no excuse for blaming us with false shit. Do you want our picture now?

Thats what I was wondering. It s a little creepy to be honest that people are so interested in her.

Sweet. I will make a debate and post it. Cool?

Its just crap. I am supposedly a "fake account " now. Now I just gotta see why.

Yep. Wat me to post a debate with us in a picture together? Or would you like me to text her and tell he to change her pic? Which do you prefer?

You messaged me with the LxL thing which made me think of LizziexLaura and then you said I was only a fake account so you are assuming I am Liz. Thats bullshit.

He is positive that I am the user LizziexLaura. I am telling him that I am not.

Thats me wearing sunglasses. Do you not like it or something? I can change it again and again.

Im an LxL? No. For one you still havent told me what that means.

Happy now? I changed it. Whats next?

There is no way that this is me? Oh my gosh. I am shocked.

What is an LxL?

Also would you like me to post a picture of me and Azra together to clear her up as well?

Lol no. Want me to change it? What do you want me to do? Do you want it changed as proof or something?

How do you want me to prove it? Hmmm? What me to prove we arent fakes? Because thats bullshit.

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