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If your asking if friendships live forever, I would say no. Everything dies eventually: people, nations, ideas, it's all the same. /pessimistic

What he said^.

No, just look up absurdism. I believe that people, as part of their innate survival mechanism, desire to have or be a part of something greater than what is around them; it gives them purpose and hope in this painful life that seems to lack it.

I use to be all for it being illegal, but after a while I started seeing it as a new type of tobacco; it would be much more cost effective to just legalize and regulate it. Besides, it's your own fault if you want to breath in a harmful substance.

I like having my information, even if it leads to dissatisfaction.

Best. argument. ever.

In the Name of Jesus Christ i command he demons speaking through you to be silent right now.

Fuk you.

I know i have authority over you, because Jesus Christ has given it to me.

Oh, so now you have authority over another person because "Jesus" has given you it? That's dangerous thinking you know; soon you'll be saying that you have authority over everyone, and when that happens you'll be the most foolish person ever.

Also Satan is the father of lies and the enemy of Jesus Christ, so i renounce any allegiance i have given to Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ, and I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and no one else is. :D

I'm going to call you out as a troll. Though I myself made jokes throughout my responses, I did still give some actual questions to critically discuss. You on the other have just basically been saying "praise jesus". You are a fail troll whom is far too easy to identify.


Is it cool if I call my girlfriend my "little white chocolate love"? :D

Same .

Are you a satanist?

Ave Satanas

Also by the way, Jesus Christ has power over Satan.

Damn, really? I always thought Satan would be the man in the relationship :D

I have had demons screaming for mercy by mentioning the Name of Jesus Christ.

You must be pretty bad-ass then. Do you dress in leather and spandex too? It's okay, we're all a little kinky sometimes ;)

When you give a command to demons in Jesus Name they have to listen to you.

What if they don't?

The Name of Jesus Christ is above every name.

So it's the best name? Wait... if it is the best name, then shouldn't there be a lot more people with the name of Jesus? Or is Jesus like Hitler and too egotistical to allow another person to have the same name?

Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Counter-example: I say that Satan is Lord.

Because he gives some of the most brutal treatment to his followers.

Some of us like it brutal ;D

He has been a liar from the day he was thrown out of heaven, and forever will be.

We all lie once in a while.

His doom is the lake of fire.

Hot tubs are nice.

Satan wants to destroy all that God has created, including us.

We all have to die some day. Plus some of gods creations are stupid anyways (aka viruses, mosquitos, etc)

God gave us life, and He wants us to live with Him for eternity, with no pain and suffering, and loss, and no sin.

If that was true, then why is there pain, suffering, loss, and sin? If god simply eliminated it all, everything would be alright. So pull the free-will card so that I can respond again, yea? :D

That is the best thing that could ever happen, living forever and ever worshiping Jesus Christ

Why does he need to be worshipped?

sacrificed everything for me

So what?


Ave Satanas

Praise the good lord.

Satan gives better deals.

Yes. God is real and Christ is his son who died to save us. Will you be saved?

I think it could be, though I believe most people who are Irish are okay with the stereotype as it provides excellent marketing opportunities as well as a sense of easily identifiable cultural identity. To clarify my last point, let's use a Canadian example (as I am most familiar with them):

Stereotype: All Canadians live in igloos, use dog-sled teams as transportation, and worship the beaver.

General response I hear from my Canadian pals: "Hell yea! We're Canadian!"

Like, the stereotype seems to be used as almost like a proud label to distinguish one from the regular masses. I don't know, what do you think?

Simple and to-the-point definition, thumbs up.

I don't know... if I find someone who I really love (and who loves me back), then shoot I guess I would drop it like a hot potato.

For the empire!

Plus, look at the Roman Empire and how it was held together from immediate collapse via the five good emperors.

I focus on education so that I can get a really good-paying job so that I'll have more money and time to focus on pleasure :D

This is going to sound selfish but whatever:

Sacrificing myself or someone I care about for random other people? Pffft, hell no.

Random person sacrificing themselves for others? Good job, your good (even though I would never sacrifice myself for you).

Sacrificing myself for someone I care about? Sure.

Someone I care about sacrificing themselves for random other people? I'd try to convince them not to, but it is ultimately their choice so.... yea.

Chemistry (looking at becoming a chemical engineer), Star Wars (hell yea!), cats (they're adorable!), mathematics (currently have 100% in pre-calculus [beat that, fakir]), abstract ideas (philosophy and stuffs), and good books with an honourable hero in a story of true love (sounds kinda sappy but whatever; I like books like that).

After reading the controversy section of the wikipedia article on her, my opinion is that she is more negative than positive with her criticisms and comments about society.

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