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Your problem is that, because you believe something, you automatically assume it to be objectively true. Which, basically, is the same problem everybody who isn't a twit has.

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Christianity is not a methodology for figuring things out

Now you're running to an argument I debunked over 24 hours ago, which is a sure sign that you have lost the plot. Science is not a methodology. You can't submit a university dissertation and claim your methodology is "science" you persistently stupid idiot. Science uses various qualitative and quantitative methodologies because it is an ideology, just like Christianity uses scripture as a methodology for its own arbitrary set of values.

It is a series of faith based conclusions about reality.

So is science you boring infantile idiot. I have explained this to you, several times, and provided notable examples, such as the faith scientists had in the notion that time and space are constant. I also explained that science can never define the present moment because all of its conclusions lie in the past, leaving an infinite set of probabilities in which it can go wrong. You are running around in circles because you're a petulant child who has been having temper tantrums ever since I beat you at chess. Your ego is so fragile I could shatter it with a whisper. Shut your boring, stupid mouth and go to bed.

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Jews vote Democrat.

Americans can't find Africa on a map.

Of Africa.

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Science is a tool for figuring things out

So is Christianity, moron.

not a belief system

They are not mutually exclusive, moron. They are the exact same thing.

You're an idiot. Shut your mouth and go to bed.

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That article supports my position more than yours.

Lol. You delusional infant.

It is essentially about the dangers of mixing belief with science

It is essentially about the fact that science is a form of religion. Shut up you child.

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Address my arguments or shut up cunt.

I would gladly do so, had you any.

You are avoiding the fucking debate I'm trying to have with you because you are full of shit.

No, I'm avoiding the debate you are trying to have with me because I've already proven that you are completely wrong. People who continue arguing when they know they are wrong are idiots.

Science is a form of ideology. It too, relies on basic assumptions about the nature of reality. Many of these assumptions have already been proven not to be correct. Science recognises and employs a value system and since all value systems are arbitrary, that makes science a form of ideology. Just because it is the most presently useful form of ideology does not mean it is something different than an ideology. It is as if you think science represents the absolute pinnacle of human evolution, despite the fact we've been around for less than 100,000 years. Better ideologies will develop from science just as science developed from alchemy and natural philosophy.

Literally everything you just said is bullshit and you are the one running away from my extensive ass rape

You sound like you're 12 years old. Shut up you idiot.

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The left is superior

You sound exactly like Brontoraptor or FoamWithin. Just another partisan idiot who thinks his religion is the only true religion and everyone else needs to die. Grow up you twit.

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Still doesn't answer why you think science is a religion though you nutcase.

All you want to do is argue and insult, even when you are wrong. You are nothing more than a child. I have explained my position meticulously and all you have done is contradict yourself for the last two days. No wonder you have no friends.

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So is saudi Arabia.

And they are both United States allies. Says a lot about your country that they ally themselves with the most brutal dictatorships they can find.

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According to the SPLC David Horowitz and FrontPage Magazine are considered anti-Muslim hate groups.

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Brontoraptor back on a puppet account proliferating the exact same lies and neo-Nazi propaganda:-

Overall, we rate FrontPage Magazine a Questionable source based on Extreme Right Bias, promotion of conspiracy theories regarding Islam as well as propaganda that only reports negatively on Islam. This source has also failed fact checks by IFCN fact checkers.

In review, FrontPage Magazine promotes extreme right wing propaganda that utilizes loaded language such as this: LEFTISTS HAVE ALWAYS LIED ABOUT AUSCHWITZ. They also routinely promote President Trump’s immigration agenda such as this: ORWELLIAN SPECTACLE OVERSHADOWS IMMIGRATION DEBATE. The primary purpose of this website is to paint Islam followers negatively such as this: AMERICA’S NEWEST MUSLIM MARTYR IS A CHILD RAPIST AND KILLER. In general, the stories published on this website serve to portray Islam in a negative light. You will never find a positive story, only murder, rape and terror. This is a classic propaganda and conspiracy website that many take seriously.

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You also have faith based beliefs whereas I do not. For example, you believe there was life on mars, that the genetic code was created by aliens, that I cheat at chess, and that particles are more fundamental than fields.

Claiming that I have beliefs does absolutely nothing to evidence that you do not have beliefs. Shut your childish mouth you moron. Nobody wants to read your temper tantrum.

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I can't believe how much of a dick head you are.

I can't believe you would rather have a temper tantrum than admit being wrong about something. I don't even have to write anything because your very reaction proves the irrationality and immaturity of your thinking.

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Donald Trump has highest approval of any President in the last 11 years

What a ludicrously false claim. Donald Trump has never had a single day of positive approval ratings in his entire tenure as president, which is a world's first for American presidents. Currently his approval rating is 42.2 percent, which is lower than Obama's at EVERY SINGLE POINT OF HIS PRESIDENCY!! You are an absolute liar.


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All value judgements are faith based you damned idiot.

That was never in question.


I'm done trying to argue with you. Bye.

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Does Nom believe you have to believe in a theory or can you merely think it is probable?

Nom believes you don't understand the limitations of science.

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Fourth of all science is not an ideology

I have explained to you meticulously why it is and provided clear historical examples. I'm not going around in circles with you just because you're too pig-headed and narcissistic to admit being wrong.

nor does it require any form of belief or faith.


Go away. You're starting to annoy me.

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Third of all an ideology is not necessarily based on faith.


An ideology is a set of normative beliefs and values that a person or other entity has for non-epistemic reasons.[1] These rely on basic assumptions about reality that may or may not have any factual basis.

Belief is faith. Stop being a tool.

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Second of all there are other options besides fact or faith such as speculation and theory.

No there aren't, idiot. If something is not a fact and you want to believe it is true then that requires faith.

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First of all it's not that nothing is fact, it's just that you have to be very rigorous in making sure something is a fact before you say it is.

First of all, you agreed that "a good scientist" would be the first to tell you that nothing can be said to be an absolute fact, so you are contradicting yourself again.

Second of all, it is one of the most fundamental tenets of philosophy that nothing can irrefutably be proven to be a fact (i.e. why law courts have the concept of "reasonable doubt").

Third of all, I've already explained how and why you are wrong, so at this point you're just being an argumentative little twerp for no reason other than your own ego.

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The government couldn't run a taco stand.

Then why do you shill for Donald Trump all day? He's the government in case you hadn't noticed.

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You still haven't replied to the science being an ideology thing and whatnot. I replied to you if you didn't notice (and if you did but you know what I mean).

I didn't notice but you're wrong. If nothing is fact then everything is ideology.

I just beat level 6. The analysis said I made a ton of mistakes but I won.

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No it doesn't. See:-

Scroll down to see the comparison between Obama and Trump. At no point has Trump's approval rating surpassed Obama's.

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