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Don't mind him, he's a lunatic who loves the ontological arguments.

Also, you might want to see his debates and waterfall.

The one that says that we don't need to include a God as the uncaused.

Are there more, which are structurally different?

That'd still be helpful for me.

You'd know why if you had enough brains and/or guts to read me.

It's refutations aren't really worthy.

And there is none better - for example, the ontological argument is something I'd have considered a joke even when I was 5.

A united sovereign state.

Though I think it'd be sovereign either way...

Oh Stain, if only you were smarter than that, you'd stop calling any poop devilish.

Atheism has a lot to do with the study of the universe.

That's where the stuff I initially said about physics and mathematics comes in.

Basically, that's just about making a claim.

Not like you have the benefit of intellect, even.

If you give the doubt to me, then you'll be left with nothing.

You're so persuasive that the only thing better at the task would be a pebble... and all the other things.

If that's what you want to believe.

As I said, it isn't important whether you want to believe that or its opposite. You'll be reasonable either way. Atheism can't have enough observational data to finally have a model for beginning of the universe, because space is stretching faster than light. Until, of course, that changes.


Because that's what reason dictates us to believe.

Not like I care about that anyway. I'm either a deist or an atheist depending on whether you grant that premise.

Christians believe in God

Atheists do not believe in God.

That's it.

Okay, fine.

Deism and atheism are only different in what is the final cause. All other reason is same. After all, "God doesn't care" and "God isn't there" aren't very different notions for mortals.

What else is there that gives any worth to the christian morality, if not the punishment behind it?

If we grant all the premises, and I ask how is your morality any better, what would be in your answer other than any (direct or indirect) references to hell?

The Kalam Cosmological argument has been refuted many times.

Big Bang is still material, and every material effect requires a cause. God, on the other hand, specifically wouldn't.

That's why the refutations aren't worthy enough.

Same could be said between atheism and Christianity.

I don't see how.

It is mandatory here. Sort of.

No, it doesn't really help any obesity. At best, you end up having more knowledge about some sports, health problems and some other fitness related things - by no means a fine survey, even.

I'm for open borders.

(And a one world government, too, though.)

I don't give up on things.

I don't need to even try to look smart.

But I can understand why you'd think that one would have to try for that.

The deity isn't material and bound to those rules, so it doesn't need a cause.

Still, Deism and pure atheism are almost entirely similar, with just one difference.

No need for hope.

You should try reading more carefully than that.

Also, Deists use mainly the first cause argument. It can not be answered well enough, yet, so there might be a God.

That's where the observation stuff I talked about comes in.

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Okay, a word was missing in my original argument.

As to all the "Low probability, therefore God" argument users, How manytimesshouldwespinaroulettewheeltoprovetheexistenceofGod

I wonder, though, what is convincing at all in the argument either way.

Yes, it is all a coincidence.

Have you read your scriptures? Are they, at all, consistent with your theological deity in christianity?

Read your Bible, keeping in mind the features you expect of your God. Especially that he is independent of time.

Anyway, when do you think was the universe created? And how did humans come? I'd like to see your level of indoctrination.

I don't need to hope for that.

Though I can understand why you think that one would hope for it.

That's the reason for the question.

I wouldn't have written that if I could see who it was.

I do.

It helps me recognise idiots from a mile away.

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