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That's easy to find out. Can they make decisions by themselves without being commanded about it or it representing automated stimuli?

Yes, they can. The closest that come to humans seem to be dogs (since they're the most domesticated by us).

But, apparently, I'm uninterested in saying any of that.

I can "face to face" with anything, and even I'd find it more interesting that way. As long as I can't see you being afraid and breaking down, it's boring. That's what I said there - show yourself worthy of my particular attention (become the kingmaker you said you could), and I may decide to come after you. Talking online like this is a boring and rather disgraceful affair. But you, apparently, aren't bright enough to understand that.

I'm great at fighting and strategising too - no matter what it may come down to, a savage like you can never hope to defeat me in any equally matched event.

It'd be shameful if your such words can have any effect on me, chimp (though you're already too savage to care about what you say). Seems like you've finally given up on your terrible plan... not like it'd matter either way.

If you ever rise so high that I can see you, I'll feast on your fear, and you'll regret being alive. I won't be ripping out, for that's too quick and rather painless... you will feel every bit of your final pain.

It's funny that even as it stands, I'm more of a Christian than you are, yet you're the one claiming to follow it.

I don't reply to insults or similar personal judgements, savage chimp. (Also, you aren't worth my clarification.)

Refrain from replying if that's all you can say.

Is there anything you really want to say to me?

Considering how you're behaving like a broken record, I don't think so.

No, your words are too worthless to hurt me.

I wonder why I even told anything about it to you... I'd recommend you don't get any wrong ideas as if I particularly care about you or something - you're just a repulsive idiot.

It's been a dishonourable act (as to you not believing any of it, that was very easily foreseeable). It's better that you dismiss it all as fantasy just like you're doing right now. I hope the command is clear, chimp, or I'll see to it that you go to hell for not having sufficient faith in your god and saviour (consider it the last time I'm using your religion to command you if you obey).

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As obvious as it is that you couldn't be farther from analysing me (and how you expected me to make it easy for you... ridiculous), all of that is just you.

It was too easy to distinguish between the things I said, anyway. You could potentially have been much more accurate if you had any intellect.

If I didn't knew how much of a savage idiot you were, I'd hope you to remember what I said in our first encounter. You're too worthless, zombie chimp. I'd rather talk with your masters about the topic.

But, it'd be dishonourable that I interfere with a chimp forming judgements about me, so you can think whatever you want. From next time, I won't go so soft on you if you try any such things again.

You're funny for an incompetent savage.

Don't tell me... my words affected you sooner than expected. You're pathetically weak, after all, so that'd still be unsurprising.

I'm probably overestimating you unsafe lunatics, it seems.

Cold showers are clearly more enjoyable, especially when the season is cold itself (I'd prefer the water to be equally cold in summers).

You're mixing up your accounts, stain. That account was just supposed to be a political lunatic, rather than a religious one too.


As if anyone should care enough to find quotes for you. Put them by yourself, stain.

It seems like you're too unoriginal to be a primary account.

I don't really debate with alts...

Christians were the ones who always hated Jews the most. Thank Hitler that it's changed now if you want to.

You thinking that explains why you'd suppose a brainless lunatic like you should make the reply.

Ah, chimp, you understand little of what power means and is about. I see that you are still angry that you had to follow my command, but I assure you, that isn't all. I can use unsafe religion for any purpose I want to, and any zombie like you will have to obey.

But that's a disgraceful thing to do, to use the scriptures of such religions for my purposes.

Now, if you're done accusing me of random and baseless stuff, that's good. Even if not, I'd recommend you don't get any wrong ideas as if you can 'rebel' against my will. No blue chickens or ear-biting is going to save you if I don't want it to.

But don't worry about any of that. I've heard some of you baboons can observe auras or something... you might prefer to learn/practice that.

You also think that the Pope is basically Satan, so it shouldn't matter too much.

If you can make them fall... then I'll have a surprise for you.

If you're trying anything for the points, your point history would surprise you.

Upvotes don't add quite so fast.

I didn't really expect the people to hate books so much, though... it's rather amusing.

I'm not really willing to watch one on youtube right now.

Finding good biographies is a tough work... they are among the highest in the ratio of books that I've abandoned while reading to those I didn't.

Ah, Erdos. He's one of the people for whom it was in my list to look for a good biography about... That's a tough work to do.

You know, I find such descriptions rather irresistable. I'll be seeing how good it is... (That reminds me of the books I have of Randi on my list.)

journey through Theorems Ive not read but I may as i find the subject fascinating ,

Also, proofs (forgot to mention there). It's rather accessible, though, even for anyone understanding middle school maths.

The Man Who Knew Infinity : Life of the Genius Ramanujan

Robert Kanigel

It was supposed to be on my reading list... I guess I'd forgotten about it.

I'll be reading it later.

Looks interesting I like graphic books I've read a fair bit on Russell a brilliant and original thinker

I'm also reading Action Philosophers! right now, but it'll probably end up with 4-stars from me. Many good books fall short of being great, apparently.

Trump might be a bridge too far for me

I don't think so... The book is rather accessible (though I wouldn't have minded much if it wasn't). He's a persuasive man with something between a twisted honour code and a marginal intellect - the perfect combination to have become the president.

maybe the chimp will supprise us with his choices

If, at this level of activity, he stays similarly idiotic for about 1-2 more weeks, it'd be established beyond reasonable doubt (and under some generic premises) that he isn't putting up an act.

So, with that, you can check whether him surprising us is probable enough to take into account.

My... favourite?

Well, I'll keep the list short for now.

Journey through Genius; The Great Theorems of mathematics

It's fully accessible to anyone who understands upto basic high school maths. The author tells about some of the important theorems and their histories.

Logicomix; In the search for truth

This is the story of Bertrand Russell, a central figure in founding of analytic philosophy and one of the greatest logicians (also, an atheist).

On Writing (by Stephen King)

More than just a writing manual, it's like the collection of the author's personal memoirs on the topic. A great book for anyone interested on the topic.

Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

I believe it can go without an introduction.

The Man who was Thursday

As a novel, it was very well-written. I'd like to tell about the storyline, but I won't consider it as complete enough without including the major climax, and that might spoil the fun should you decide to read it.

Those are, so far, the only books I've given a 5-star rating. (I also like many of the mangas, though.)

Of those I'm reading right now, Trump; Art of the Deal is worth a 4-star. He is pretty good at negotiations, and you'll find him refreshing if you feel bored by those like the chimp making inflated claims for their skills.

Painful? More like... it's so painless and slow (but attention-grabbing) that it's boring.

It'd be much more painful to somehow be ripped apart, or be electrocuted, or impaled, or drowned... and similar things.

If Christus agrees to let you into heaven and wants to send me to hell, then I'll challenge him to a duel (deathmatch, one-to-one).

It's pathetic that you wanted to talk about pride or committing spiritual suicide.

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