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You'd understand it better if you weren't so... addicted... about believing in fairy tales.

In that case, what you can see isn't of any concern or importance.

I obviously don't need that. It's just one of the things you'll have to think a bit by yourself to understand.

God is merciful. You should thank Him for letting you been born

I wouldn't have minded otherwise. But that makes me think of another series of questions that destroys your faith.

Where do all the souls come from?

I expect you to believe God created them (the Hare Krishna chimps don't understand that).

So, that means souls are always being created (since there are no reincarnations). Since you exist only due to your soul, how does a deity randomly selecting it out of infinite possibilities comfort you any more than the atheist interpretation that you won't exist if there was any difference in when your mother conceived?

JatinNagpal(2372) Clarified
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Not if you're careful enough and one can't obtain the VPN log.

Such things are possible, but not easy.

After that, it just needs some cookie editing, and you can easily switch the account. That can be automated, and you end up with things as simple as a drop down menu for the purpose.

I see that you've unbanned most people here.

Does that mean you're finally repenting?

Could have been true if our posting times were any similar enough.

Yes, the only thing alts are worthy for is to cover the spectra of positions without any self contradictions.

Even that is too boring.

If he is smart enough to hack the site, then he must be using VPNs again.

Keeping so many alts (I expect, effortlessly enough) would make him feel that it's funny - so much, in fact, that he still seems to expect others to buy it (he has, apparently, mixed them up and messed the act beyond repair). That's the price one must pay for such an obsession.

Ah, so you just hate everything, and thus it doesn't matter for you.

That's amusing, but probably not unpredictable.

Look at the points on my latest debate, Why dopeoplethinkChristusiscoming_back

It's obvious that only he can upvote his such arguments.

If that's normal level at your place, then you can be in the 95th percentile by gaining little skills in Logic.

I'd still be the persuasive me, but you'll understand those things more easily.

He is obviously SM and negligentt. (It doesn't take a lot...) Probably SC too...

Also, these all are probably Prodigee.

FromWithin/NowASaint is a different person. That's been my stylometric analysis (sort of), he doesn't follow the same pattern that could be almost certainly expected and the other accounts do.

Bronto is almost obviously FH and AC. It is also very likely that he's GW.

The others... Well, he probably is, but I haven't seen them enough to conclude.

Yes, they aren't.

FromWithin/NowASaint is a different person. That's been my stylometric analysis, he doesn't follow the same pattern that could be almost certainly expected and the other accounts do.

JatinNagpal(2372) Clarified
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Bronto has been posting faster than he could think enough to make sense on, especially now that he's using multiple accounts.

So I wouldn't expect these to be reasonable.

Your content makes you seem an alt of NowASaint, and your intellect of bronto.

Either way, you aren't allowed.

Well, you're obnoxiously irrational.

Better luck next time, perhaps.

Any more lies for us?

You already have so many that I don't think I should give you any more.

Really, it's obvious that it's your alt account, Prodigee (aka Bronto).

Not many people are so capable of acting like idiots in specifically this manner.

I don't need excuses.

If you think that makes no sense, then you should be worried (about yourself).

Ah, that's a reference. You're new here, so don't worry about not understanding that.

Or perhaps not... But, Prodigee, I don't really know about your interactions with him in the past, so I can't really say much about it.

Dismissed for being unworthy for reply. No wonder you're a religious lunatic.

Better luck next time.

You actually have to present the model or it is meaningless...

That's your second idiocy I'm overlooking right now... Though I don't like my debates to be full of such fluff.

Really? Name all of the non abrahamic faiths with any significant followers making predictions.

I don't care to name all of them for you, but Hinduism, for one.

There are many more tales of Sodom and Gomorrah. I don't care to tell you about them, but you'll find if you ever read the Bible.

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