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Not showing off but my IQ is quite a bit higher than 124

不不不不不 不不不不不不不 不不不不不不 Hows that time machine of yours doing 不不不不不不不不不

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I just hope it doesnt affect us too badly in my neck of the woods , there is an awful lot of speculation going on about the border between us in the Republic and Nothern Ireland if that hard border goes in again its spells absolute disaster

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You better open a new alt account buddy to get that rage out , hows the windmill earth in your neck of the woods today

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Pointless liar.

Ah yes indeed youve changed your mind .....again Kinda like your time machine thesis where you did likewise ......its understandable 不不不

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You better open a new alt account buddy to get that rage out , hows the windmill earth in your neck of the woods today.不不不不不不

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There needs to be an atmosphere for there to be wind you couple of dummies.

Yes Nom I get it you claimed the Earth is a windmill and wind and windmills go together thanks for that Albert

What type of wind do you think is caused by the rotation of a planetary body in space?

Is that what powers a wind bag like you?

You are both idiots.

How that time machine buddy or did you do any calculations of really big numbers with your new discovery?不不不不不

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If I'm the one who is lying then quote me defending Stalin and include a clear link to the post so everybody can find it.

Oh man up you big child at least have the courage to admit your love of Stalin

Yeah, that's what I thought you stupid child. Go play with your Catholic terrorist IRA buddies, you infantile paddy twat.

My Catholic buddies 不不不 A paddy twat Well at least youre consistent in your hatred as in you refer to blacks as niggers , hate Jews , Mexicans and the Irish but yet adore the flea ridden terrorists Hamas oh man !

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But you are the sad Irish wanker who is drowning in his own hate.

Yet youre the one who never stops opening alt accounts and sitting up all night furiously typing your hate filled rants ......everything you say is the opposite of the truth

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Liberals want Donald Trump indicted, charged, tried and put in jail. You want him to be crowned king of the universe.

But you elevate people like Stalin as your king of the Universe and think him a great man ........You really need help with that logic of yours buddy .......then again you think the goat fuckers Hamas are great men also .......

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Actually, I've changed my mind

Thats something you really should embrace as the one you have is hopeless

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A laughable untruth

Its not but a compulsive liar like you has no option but to lie youve stated in the past that Stalin was brilliant and the USSR under Stalin was a perfect example of the Marxist model

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The Earth as a windmill !!! Ooooookay I thought his time travel nonsense was funny this is hilarious stuff the guys comedy gold .......... He also stated yesterday that mathematicians have figured out how to multiply really big numbers , what next 9/11 was an inside job .......wait ..........hes done that 不不不不不

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I'm feeling sleepy for some inexplicable reason.

Really? Strange that bet it wont stop you opening yet another account though

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Oh Jesus Christ why am I so stupid, Jody? Why?

Maybe because youre a punctuation and grammar Nazi , or its (不) genetic不不

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Bronto has really spanked your ass again youre so furious you open another alt account like the big dummy you are 不不不不不

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I should give consideration to you killing yourself?

See how basic English and its comprehension completely eludes you , IF I were you etc etc .....I know that if word is a tricky one for you

That's awesome, retard.

Says Dr who , hows that time machine doing buddy?不不踢

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Kill yourself

If I were you I would honestly give it serious consideration Adolf

pathetic troll

Says the racist with 900 odd accounts just so he can .......troll

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Cookie monster, obviously my nigga.

Oh dear , the racist at it again

Cookie monster is the only intellectual in either group.

Well yes to you he is indeed an intellectual power house 不不不不不

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the latter of which is popular amongst your right wing buddies such as Jody and Outlaw.

Youve being smoked out again buddy just own your hatred of blacks it fits perfectly with your hatred of everyone and everything

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He has no defence against these charges

Will you listen to Rumpole of the Bailey , I think youre getting a bit carried away there buddy

3 points

Hes in a right old rage these days as the whole site kicks his Marxist ass , hes sulking that much he bans everyone from his debates and has ended up making debates to talk to himself.

He got very excited yesterday because scientists figured out how to multiply long numbers by .......long numbers 不不不不不不不不

Any sign of that time machine? 不不不

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Maybe you could head there in your time machine and see how it all came crashing down ......dont hurry back ....bye now

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you kept sneering that the Iraq War was legal

You really do get a hard on for any atrocities relating to Arabs and Muslims dont you?

You adore Palestinian terrorists , claimed Bin laden was innocent and like the majority of your buddies call for the total elimination of Jews , whys that?

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If Nom were to die, the only difference it would make to anyone anywhere would be that this website would suddenly become noticeable better. And who doesnt wish for a better CD

If that were to happen I wonder who he would leave that time machine to?

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