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It's easy to support term limits when you're running for a job that already has them.

And Bush inherited NAFTA

Actually Bush Sr signed NAFTA during HIS lame-duck period ref - it was the implementation/ratification that went through during Clinton and most Democrats voted against it. Republicans are far more in favor of "free" trade deals, while Dems generally support "fair" trade.

ref, ref

it is double what it was in 2008


Deficit 2008:-458.6B

Deficit 2015:-438.4B

The deficit for 2015 was less than the deficit for 2008 - even before inflation adjustment.

Inflation adjusted:

Deficit 2008:-459.5B (in 2009 dollars)

Deficit 2015:-396.5B (in 2009 dollars)

Explain to us how the yearly amount is going down compared to 2004







Inflation adjusted deficit:-470.2B (in 2009 dollars)






Inflation adjusted deficit:-396.5B (in 2009 dollars)

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Actually it has shifted to high 80's to 90.

ref ref

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Just saying scandal after you say someone's name doesn't make them involved in a scandal. Most of the "endless list of scandals" have amounted to nothing.

It's unreal.

Indeed - most of it is unreal. People have her going around murdering dozens of people - committing treason, etc., etc. "like a movie character"...

If you had hundreds of well-connected, well-financed enemies that sought to destroy your reputation and career for decades, and in those decades they could find nothing worth prosecuting - would that make you highly scandal-prone - or far less scandal-prone than most people?

She is less charismatic than Bill or Obama, but she is right on policy - and Trump is not only wrong on policy - to the extent that he has any; he has the opposite of Presidential temperament, is just as corrupt if not more, alienates Americans and our allies and emboldens our enemies.

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Working alongside experienced politicians while completely ignoring any advice they give doesn't improve anything.

So, you have a construction worker surrounded by experienced dentists - and the construction worker derides experienced dentists and has so far ignored all information from experienced dentists.

An you have a very experienced dentist who has a lot of lousy yelp reviews most (if not all) of which were falsely submitted by her competition.

Dentist or construction worker - that's the choice.

And then Congress figured out that it should have listened...

ref ref

A) the FEC didn't sue Citizens United, it was the other way around

B) That correct - she, as 1 Senator out of 100, didn't have say in the FEC - the FEC is a separate agency run by the commissioners, and 4 out of 5 commissioners at the time were Bush appointees.

He was talking about the tiny fraction of people who are in the private insurance market and make just above the level of income were people qualify for a subsidy.

Compare that to: insuring 20 million more people, saving tens of thousands of lives, providing insurance for those with pre-existing conditions, removing lifetime caps, limiting rescissions (getting kicked off your insurance when you go to use it), providing preventative care with no out-of-pocket cost, etc. etc. all while maintaining low rates of premium growth and healthcare inflation. ref ref ref ref

Democrats are fine with trying to improve it even further - are Republicans? - or, are they more committed to making sure that nothing called Obama-* can be seen as a success?

It depends on what is meant by social media. The internet certainly can be a platform for great discussion - but many current incarnations of "social media" aren't generally conducive for in depth political discussion. Focusing on short messages, or discussions with friends and family are less favorable for in-depth politics.

In part the problem isn't the platform, but the culture - social media is still fairly nascent compared to most other forms of communication and people still need to develop their skills in this realm - using reliable sources, handling the volume of new information, etc. etc.

No - people that rant that they're about to lose their guns for nearly a century (when clearly they aren't) - are gun nuts.


don't be anti-dentite...
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Every time I go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, I come out feeling like my dentist has some pent up anger issues.

Therefore, I think I should go to someone outside the dental establishment. If I want change it is really the only possible option at this point.

Some people in construction are the most human people you'll ever meet - and they gave lots of practice with a drill, too.

They won't try all the scripted routines of those establishment dentists - this just provides some real opportunities for trying new things.

See what I did there...

If you investigate and find contradictions within each version of the bible, between the different versions, and with the basic laws of reality (fruit trees existing before the sun existed), etc. - would that lead you to believe, or to disbelieve?

How is it interesting that some languages go from left to right, some go from right to left, some go both ways, some go from top to bottom, some go from bottom to top, some go around, and some have changed direction over time?

That somehow is a sign??

I wouldn't be surprised if it were taken horizontal to find the same thing.

As I already said - there is no pattern here to see - not all countries write pointing toward Jerusalem - neither horizontally, nor vertically.

If only we could think in that extra-dimension of "reasoning and perception" with you and the pigeons.

It said she would support using the executive order to close the gun show loophole - something comparable to, if not exactly, what Obama already did nearly a year ago - and a policy the vast majority of Americans and gun owners agree with.

Criminals don't follow laws - therefore don't have any laws - um

that sounds....

The same way some regulations make it tougher to start a small business - it makes it harder - therefore prevents some of it from happening - not all.

Do regulations stop small business or not?

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