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"Obama: Senate Failure to Pass Gun Bill Is 'Shameful Day for Washington'

Apparently speaking without notes, President Obama stood in front of parents who lost children at Newtown and Gabby Giffords and furiously criticized the Senate and the NRA for a failure to break the Republican filibuster on background checks."

Do those same people also understand that a penis is smaller than a baby? Every successful pregnancy ends with either a cesarean section or a baby passing through a vagina.

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Am serious - it doesn't sound like something the left would oppose on its face.

It may not be pursued because a similar affect is achieved through different means - namely license revocation ref

As some Republicans are apparently just now learning - a majority does not "control" the Senate, but 60 votes.

Dems had 60 votes in the Senate for 4 months and 10 days (from Sep 26, 2009 to Feb 4, 2010) - and those 132 days included 38 weekend days, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, etc., etc.

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"why won't the Left support back ground checks in public places that sell alcohol to possible repeat DWI offenders"

Just to clarify, has it been proposed somewhere and the left opposed it?

Self defense is to save one's life

No - we allow self-defense to protect from death or serious bodily injury. (And in lots of states, much less - e.g. for being in the wrong house even by accident.)

Can you shoot someone to defend yourself from rape? Other than mental distress, how is rape worse than pregnancy?

I used to want special characters to be fixed and now I still do because I'm scared of the present?

oh boy, you sure got me there...

life of mother abortions

No - I mean all abortions. Every abortion can be justified on self-defense grounds - even those that you call "convenience abortions".

Have you ever met one woman who said her abortion was convenient?

And, what this fool needs to understand is that the weight a deluded moron gives something is not relevant. Until he proves God said something, he is wasting time.

Nothing can be proved if nothing is acceptable as proof...

The only time the can needs to be close to the piece is during the painting - which is why the sighted person is not allowed to see this part.

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And, perhaps that perception has more to do with your current paradigm than any objective reality...

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chirp chirp

Bump. Links are probably the bigger problem, but happens in the text, too.

& to & (currently a semi-colon is just inserted after the word that follows e.g. &page=1 becomes &page;=1 - which often breaks the link)

% to %25

underscore to %5F

close parens to %29

e.g. mode=DisplayStatute&URL;=0700-0799/0776/Sections/0776.013.html

He is now...

Isn't this what the site is largely supposed to be?

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you like the idea, but post on the "No" side - tsk tsk

Beware the chides of February... ;)

If I say I perform an experiment, how would it be any more convincing to you than the many scientists who already have? If you would like to disprove it, do so.

We see superstitious behavior in several animals, including humans (disprove away) - and it helps explain why people were driven towards a god hypothesis when many events in their life seemed to be random (lightning, tsunamis, comets/meteorites, etc.)

You can attempt to offer a rebuttal to the argument, or you can concede that you can't and ban me, you can keep making posts with only drivel, or you can justignoreme, it makes little difference to me.

You are arguing against people who provide sources, etc. by providing none of your own and assuming that is a stronger position - so, just take all of my references, sources, logic, etc. away so that my arguments can now be just as strong as yours...

the phrase "free will" has multiple meanings

None that escape my statement. Under an omniscient creator of the universe hypothesis, only a perception of free-will can exist - the same illusory free-will as under any determinism - whether theistic or not.

Whether a god worthy of worship exists in that reality is relevant to whether we should perform such worship.

If you can't provide convincing arguments for why your god is worthy of undertaking such worship, you shouldn't be surprised by those who don't.

I give equal weight to the idea that those gods said something as I do your god saying something - none...

Why would you give yours unequal weight compared to those?

make convenience abortions illegal

or, focus on preventing unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

What good does it do to reduce the numbers of abortions

Um??? So, what is important to you is that babies have a right to life, but not that they actually live... ?

Would you legalize murdering people after they are born if it could possibly reduced the numbers of murders?

If there was convincing evidence that it would reduce murders - yeah, at least in a trial scenario to see if we get the same results.

You fixate on the numbers of babies killed while supporting the right of their death's.

I actually fixate on both - the right of the mother to self-defense, and the ways we can reduce the necessity of women invoking that right.

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