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All pregnancies pose a risk to the mother.

If self-defense was disparately carried out on black men, would that mean self-defense should be illegal?

A black woman choosing to not have a black child is not genocide.

you can get condoms for free in most places.

you obviously haven't been most places.

Liberals should be giving their money and time to provide free birth control to poor nations.

Many do.

What happened to the Clinton foundation? Why not give some of that money for free birth control?

They did/do.

ref ref ref

In addition to the reasons that abortion itself can be justified:

Self-defense - All pregnancies pose a risk to the mother.

Mercy - a fetus that is in pain and will not live.

Selective reductions - from triplets to twins, or twins to a single, etc. - to improve the overall chances for those remaining.


There are additional arguments against making abortion illegal:



"Highly restrictive abortion laws are not associated with lower abortion rates." (ref)

Laws making it harder to get abortions are making them happen later in the gestation, and are more dangerous/costly, etc.


The actual complexity of writing a law that applies for the range of possible circumstances:

Should selective reductions to improve the health of multiples be legal?

Should it be legal to protect the life of the mother? (how certain does the doctor have to be that death is likely?)

Should it be legal to protect the health of the mother? (how do you define "health" - severe organ damage? mental health?)

If a 10 year old is raped by an uncle and becomes pregnant - which is better: having the child or an abortion? Who gets to make the decision?

Should embryonic stem-cells be used for research or in curing diseases?

What about extra fertilized eggs created for in-vitro fertilization?

Would several forms of birth control pills, IUDs, etc. become illegal?

What penalties should be imposed on the woman, the doctor, other people who knew?


Is it reckless endangerment for child-capable women to consume coffee/soda/tea, sushi/oysters/clams/mussels/crab, several types of fish, homemade ice cream, mayonnaise, lox, steak tartar, pâté, unpasteurized milk, soft cheese, deli meat, etc. etc.? If she has consumed any of these and has a miscarriage, is she guilty of negligent homicide?

Should all miscarriages be investigated as potential abortions/murders?

The cost of investigating all the new potential crimes and jailing of all the new criminals, etc.


Are there lots of 9 month pregnant women getting abortions to fit into a dress for a party?


Focusing on education about the responsibilities of sex, using protection, etc. reduces abortions.

An IUD program in Colorado was very successful at reducing both teen pregnancy and abortion rates (ref)

Reinstate Glass-Steagall - ref

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i agree with bernie about 70%

Perhaps you are less libertarian than you think.

the issues you listed are all economic issues

No they aren't.

If Bernie is too left on the economy and too right on "some social issues" - what are the issues you agree with Bernie on that equate to 70% of policy?

[Bill Weld] grew on me

Me too.

he definitely did not endorse hillary

He got as close as you can without saying - I'm with her.

ref ref

the libertarian platform is highly tenable

I'll do a separate post for this after work.

As an preliminary question: can you name anywhere in the world where a community of more than a couple hundred people have been successfully governed by libertarian philosophy for any sustained period of time?

"The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy."

Donald J Trump

eliminate carried interest loop-hole.

reducing cost of student loans so the government doesn't make money off them.

(in his book)

How does that make losing the popular vote a trouncing?

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that article

Basically, yes, she was saying that her policies (taxing and spending) would not add to the debt over current baseline projections - the article said that while that was basically true, it would likely be used against her in the future.

Looks like we won't find out.

cut spending by 42% to balance the budget

The government would only have to cut spending by 10-15% to balance the budget.

Saying you are going to cut spending is a lot easier than actually doing it...

It matters as a gauge of the mandate from the people.

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Losing the popular vote is not exactly a trouncing...

Um, what?

How are the Masons, the illuminate, and the Jesuits part of the liberal agenda?

Is your keyboard just set to random??

One word order

A Freudian slip of biblical proportions.

and one wotld religion

aren't you the one pushing one world religion??

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That isn't really a reply to my post.

But, so you know, it was largely a factor of the pace of information at the time and slavery.


For 6 of the last 7 elections - including last night - the popular vote went to the Democrat.

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The Nation spoke!

For 6 of the last 7 elections - including last night - the popular vote went to the Democrat.

Probably not as bad as liberals currently think and not as good as his supporters currently think.

The uninformed will get to see how complex governing actually is - tweeted live.

Dems still have filibuster numbers in Senate.

Trump will be able to get more liberal policies enacted than Clinton ever would.

Infrastructure spending, fair trade policies, protect social security, etc.

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the nature of authority

Sounds like you're delving into a different debate.

Perhaps it will suffice to say - if a person can justify, then abortion can be justified as self-defense.

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Authorized by whom?

If the law says it is legal - isn't it authorized?

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Not sure I know specifically what you are asking - are you asking whether self-defense is ever justified, or is it legal, or should it be legal, or??

You might be looking for something like 'quod est necessarium est licitum' - that which is necessary is lawful.

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