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Just saying

That is a near perfect explanation of the nothing you offered.

55 days ago

I'll give u this: what you lack in intelligence, you make up for with lack of argument...

In case you forgot, this is a debate about science...

57 days ago

Yes - everyone who thinks fancy sounding words are scarey should vote as you do.

And comfort themselves by thinking people who don't know the words are smater than those who do.

Then we can get back to thinking with our gut - the Earth was much flatter/simpler then...

57 days ago

self defense - cool

god gave me your land; pack your shit and get out so I can bulldoze your house down and build mine - not so cool

59 days ago
JustIgnoreMe(1090) Clarified
1 point

Should an employer withhold paying their employee since their employee might use the money on an abortion?

I think it is fine that we give tax benefits to employers for putting money towards health-care, but the employee should have the direction over their insurance + care.

59 days ago

I think someone somewhere agrees with me, and I don't care to state (or probably even know) why - and I feel this is sufficient argument for me to post on a debate site.

60 days ago
-2 points

A few questions:

Does repressing one's sexuality cause harm?

If marriage is beneficial, then is denying it harmful?

If a gay or mixed-race (or other) couple lives in a town with sufficient bigotry that they are completely denied services, are they harmed?

If the catholic church choses to close its orphanage rather than place an orphan with a loving gay couple - who is the one doing the harm?

If a person is a bigot, is calling them a bigot harm?

If homosexual women have a lower rate of HIV than heterosexual women then is being a heterosexual woman inherently harmful?

61 days ago

Wikipedia isn't a "source" per se - it is an aggregator; You still have to base your judgement on the evidence for the claims.

Do you claim that any of the listed fossils are fake?

Which transition in the following timeline do you feel surpasses mere "adaptation" and why?

61 days ago

I was initially going to respond by condemning the use of such a poor source full of straw-men and very little real argument, etc., however I had a change of heart. Instead I want to thank you for at least including a source and trying to base your opinion on something - this seems to be more and more seldom on here.

I decided to sift through some of the plethora of web responses to Dr. Sewells' claim and would initially point you to this one It does express some personal jabs at points (most rebuttals had significantly more), but it does deal well with the physics and is done by a credible source.

If you feel any significant part is left unaddressed, let me know and I will address it.

61 days ago

Re: "The second law applies to both open and closed systems. This is also something a real scientist would tell you."

Second Law: In an isolated system, natural processes are spontaneous when they lead to an increase in disorder, or entropy.


George Mason


UC Davis



Boston University

Carnegie Mellon

Georgia State

University of Arizona

Re:"Go educate yourself. Your ignorance offends me"

Your turn...

63 days ago

Evolution is: Mutation + Heredity + Selection + Time

Do you disagree? Which of these would you like more support for?

See also my heretofore unrebutted debates regarding:

the fossil record, the geologic column, and dating methods

transition from sea to land animals

65 days ago

There have already been many court trials where creation was ruled religion and evolution was ruled science as the prize demands:

66 days ago

your argument has the proof in the wrong place.

I think you would agree that the question is not an offer of proof at all. It could have been answered by saying that this font does not have any color - the intent was that in having them say that, it forced them to reconcile the semantic contortions created by completely discarding the colloquial use of the word. (Which is precisely what Physicist did...)

I think you can look at my other posts on the topic and see that I dealt with the technical aspects of the question, but at the end of the day it is semantics. (A review of your posts would seem to suggest that you concur.)

66 days ago

That is an inaccurate quote - strawman much? :)

I asked what color this font is. Do you have an answer other than black?

66 days ago

The Bible "cotradicts the Book of Genesis!" ref

Hope that helps!

66 days ago

A website is not an argument.

Moreover, you get an additional fail for not knowing that completely contradicts your claim that "it's impossible to add new DNA".


"a wide range of mutations can be shown to provide a beneficial phenotype to an organism"

"Subsequent genetic analysis of some of these E. coli mutants found that they possessed insertion sequences (IS elements; a small segment of DNA that can insert into numerous sites of the chromosome)."

"Another mutation of E. coli facilitated amino acid catabolism under starvation conditions, enabling the mutant to outcompete the parental wild-type.53 This increased catabolism resulted from a genomic rearrangement (Figure 3). The first step of this rearrangement was insertion of an indigenous IS5 element between the promoter and a CRP-binding site (catabolite regulatory protein) of the starvationinducible cstA gene.54"

"Several of these mutants contained at least one duplication near the 2.85 Mb position on the chromosome."

"Hence, certain environmental conditions seem to favor bacteria with specific genes duplicated. This may have provided the organism a temporary increase in gene expression of those duplicated genes, which apparently helped the organism cope with the higher temperature."

"When confronted with antimicrobials, such as antibiotics, bacteria frequently will develop resistance to the compound. While this resistance often results from horizontal transfer of pre-existing resistance genes, a significant number also result from point mutations."


"Some mutations can cause an organism to lose genetic information and yet gain some type of function."

"An insertion mutation is a segment of DNA, whether a single base pair or an extensive length, that is inserted into the DNA strand."

"There are two basic types of frame shift mutations: frame shift due to an insertion and frame shift due to a deletion."


"The main beneficial role of viruses known to date is the ecological role of horizontal gene transfer (DNA transduction) by bacteriophages."

"They are similar to some bacteriophages (temperate phages) in that both insert their genetic material (DNA provirus) into host cell chromosome(s)."

"Polyploidy can lead to reproductive isolation, new morphology, and characteristic traits, so is considered at least a potential mechanism for speciation"

"The extra length is due to an apparent tandem duplication of codons 29 through 31 in pigs (Kijas et al. 2001)."

"complete sequencing revealed that the allele also contains a 2-base pair (bp) insertion at codon 23 (nt67insCC)."

"The last two indels were found in the stone marten (M. foina): a 10 bp duplication followed closely by a 28 bp deletion."

"These observations imply that repeats may act to format the genome for future indel mutations (and perhaps other mutations as well)."

"are the result of an intracisternal A-particle (IAP) insertion."

"The sixth allele (sienna yellow, Asy) is also the result of an insertion, in this case of a novel sequence upstream from exon 2"

"Bultman et al. (1994) identified an 11 kb insertion in the a allele prior to codon 2."

"A 190 kb tandem duplication involving the ASIP gene is responsible for the white phenotype found in domestic sheep, a trait that is highly valued and characteristic of many sheep breeds."

"This appears to have resulted from homologous recombination between two SINE sequences."

"pseudogenes, genes inactivated by an insertion or deletion;"

"Repetitive DNA sequences form a substantial fraction of the genomes of many eukaryotes" "We now know that at least some of these sequences carry out important functions."

"DNA transposons, or 'class II transposable elements', move from place to place by replicative transposition (that increases the copy number) or by a simple cut-and-paste mechanism. Though in general not as common or in as high a copy number as retroelements, they are still found in most organisms. Examples are the Drosophila P elements, bacterial transposons such as Tn10 and Tn7, the Mu phage, and the ubiquitous mariner/Tc1 superfamily of transposons. The mariner/Tc1 family is the most widespread, being found in most insects, flatworms, nematodes, arthropods, ciliated protozoa, fungi and many vertebrates, including zebra fish, trout and humans.43 Copy number varies from two copies in Drosophilasechellia, to 17,000 in the horn fly Haematobiairritans, accounting for 1% of the genome."

"short terminal inverted repeats. They were first found in plants, but have also been found in nematodes, humans, mosquitoes and zebrafish."

"transposition can disrupt genes by direct insertional mutagenesis"

"There can even be an exchange of DNA between non-homologous chromosomes: such as was seen in maize, in this case mediated by the recombination of one complete and one partial copy of the Ac (Activator) transposable element."

"Vertebrate retroviruses do have a general preference for insertion into regions with an open chromatin configuration."

"From 50-85% of all spontaneous mutations seen in the fruit fly are due to transposon insertions."

"Although retrotransposon sequences, for example, are seldom found near genes in animals, recent analyses of plant mobile element insertion sites have revealed the presence of degenerate retrotransposon insertions adjacent to many normal plant genes that act as regulatory elements."

"Human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs)-retroviruses that have become part of the human genome in the past by insertion into the germline cells."

"Pseudogene-a gene that has been inactivated in the past by an insertion or deletion of DNA."

"Processed pseudogene-a gene that has been apparently reverse-transcribed from its mRNA back into DNA and reinserted into a chromosome. It thus lacks its introns, has a poly-A tail, and often is bounded by the characteristic direct repeats associated with transposition."

"Triplet codon-three nucleotides in an RNA or DNA that signal the insertion of a particular amino acid or termination signal; e.g. AUG would be the 'code word' for methionine."

"Hybrids may be diploid, triploid, tetraploid, or pentaploid. Polyploidy in vertebrates is unique and unisexual populations consisting of females are a result and may include the following species;" order-anura/

"10. African Clawed Frog kind" Genus Xenopus

"African clawed frogs are twice the size of dwarf clawed frogs, have eyes on the tops of their heads, and have pointed snouts. Polyploidy characterizes Xenopus and interspecific hybridization has been documented."

Nice not knowing what your talking about...

68 days ago

"The fossil record is a joke. Even some evolutionists admit that."

Name one. They wouldn't be evolutionists if they thought the fossil record was a joke.

"it's impossible to add new DNA"

Maybe you should review some of the debates that are on here and see if your claims have already been addressed.

Here is from my post about 9 months ago ref:

Evolution can

- increase genetic variety in a population

- increase genetic material

- create new genetic material

- create new abilities based on genes

There are lots of ways information is added to the genome:

- duplication (may or may not duplicate a full gene sequence)

- asymmetrical chiasma

- Trinucleotide repeats

- polymerase-catalyzed extensions (slippage)

- nucleotide and amino acid insertion

- frameshift mutations

- virus insertional mutagenesis

- polyploidy

Polyploidy has been found in the Red Viscacha-Rat, some frogs and toads (e.g. African clawed frog), salamanders, flatworms, roundworms, leeches, and brine shrimp, and many fish (goldfish, carp, neopterygii, trout, salmon, etc.) ref ref ref ref ref

frameshift events originate new gene segments: ref

observed formation of de novo genes in fruit flies: ref ref ref

more on de novo genes: ref ref ref ref ref

See also:

the tale of the Nylon-eating bacteria

69 days ago

If Americans came from Europeans, why are there still Europeans...?

70 days ago

then maybe god wants marriage for gay guys because it lessens competition for women among straight guys

70 days ago

Which group has the least AIDS (and STDs generally) - Homosexual women.

Is it God's intent to promote lesbianism?

70 days ago

Ha! That's a great find. I think if some people who are against gay marriage watch this - it might change their mind.

Also, be careful what you wish for - after all the queers and lesbos die out, we will have this perfectly fenced off area to put the next group of people and it might just be the idiots and the bigots...

70 days ago

But, you can tell that factors beyond one's control are correlative (hormones, birth order, etc.) And that many animal species exhibit homosexual behavior which can provide a group with advantages:

God gave them over to that sin

So, everybody is a sinner, but at a certain amount God can't take it and gives up? At what point would you give up on your children (when you have them)?

70 days ago

"I believe that supporting gay marriage is supporting those people's lifestyle of their lifestyle."

They aren't asking you to support gay marriage - just that it be legally neutral while you vociferously argue against it. If they pay social security taxes, they should be able to marry the person they love and have their spouse be eligible for those benefits the same way heterosexuals would.

"It doesn't produce anything but diseases"

Someday you might fall in love and find that it is something.

"That is why when God made the first two beings on this earth, it was a male and a female and not a male and a male."

Actually the first beings (prokaryotes) were not male and female ref

70 days ago

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