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Turtle soup and escargot then, eh?

If Congress doesn't believe humans cause Global Warming - does that mean they wouldn't fight ISIS?

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they are all under the 501(c)3

1. Only US churches can be 501(c)(3)

2. Not all US churches file for 501(c)(3)

we are not associated with any religious belief

How do you define religion?

JustIgnoreMe(1508) Clarified
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Um, yes...

The bible specifically mentions child sacrifices to gods like Moloch, admonishes people who believe in other Gods (and calls for them to be killed) Deuteronomy 13, etc. There is also: "For the LORD your God is God of gods" (Deuteronomy 10:17)

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How do scientist figure this stuff out with mere numbers?

Yea, pretty amazing. Basically they use the scientific method - make some educated hypotheses, use those to establish some predictions, develop and run some relevant experiments and then see whether the data matches your predictions. A good example is the WMAP satellite - they predicted that in order for galaxies to form, the early universe would not have been uniform, and, after the discovery of microwave radiation emitted at the big bang, they were able to create a probe and send it to space to take measurements (which confirmed their predictions). See also Plank, eLISA (future mission mentioned in the overview video above), the Large Hadron Collider, etc.

dark matter. I have no idea what that is, but I'm assuming it's just unseen matter

You are definitely on the right track. It is not directly seen, but there are observable effects. The wiki seems a good place to start.

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Here is an overview


and here are more scientific treatments:

ref ref ref

The literature is copious, so if these aren't the right level, definitely do some more searching.

JustIgnoreMe(1508) Clarified
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and we just happened to have >90% the same dna as apes when we got here...?

Denis Leary

JustIgnoreMe(1508) Clarified
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i would like it fixed as soon as possible

Understandable. I guess I have just run into the whole - the quickest fix is not the best fix - problem enough to skew my opinion.

A leader is not exempt from the law unless the law isn't applicable to them.

An absolute monarchy would generally seem to be above the law, right? Since they create the law, they can say that the law specifically does not apply to them. Or, since they also control sentencing, they can say their sentence is nothing (or to eat a slice of pecan pie...).

The plethora of coup d'etats is outstanding

Yea, sometimes I think Wikipedia is way underrated (then I see some other postings...)

If the people feel they are living under an undesirable monarch, what method should be used to change them?

JustIgnoreMe(1508) Clarified
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I am kinda glad you think so. That gives us an opportunity to find out why.

Why do you think you believe this to be true?

Do you remember where you heard it?

Also, do you think that the numbers from BLS which show that involuntary part time work went up in 2007, 2008, and 2009 and then went down every year thereafter (Obamacare was signed in 2010) are inacccurate, not relevant, or ...?

Do you know of any statistics, studies, etc. that support your position?

Not a feature per se, but we should probably take another look at how links are handled. Adding underlining created some issues and special characters cause problems at times too.

Maybe need to URLEncode links when saving...? (e.g. underscore becomes _) Ampersand can create issues in normal text, but most issues just arise from links.

Thanks again Andy for all the work!!!

JustIgnoreMe(1508) Clarified
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Yea - after I posted to Daver, I thought you might have been using debt this way, but didn't go back and say anything. Spending is the same thing as incurring debt, etc. When people see deficit next to debt, we apparently focus on one meaning of debt and forget its others.

Maybe we'll be better in a few hundred years - see ya then :)

JustIgnoreMe(1508) Clarified
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To me speed is a good thing.

Can you elaborate on that a bit? What benefits do you see, etc.?

speaking out against our leaders, unless what they do is wrong by our standards, is intolerant

What about when what they do is wrong by your standards?

I would rather have a council sit with the King/Queen

Should having a council be mandated, maybe through having a constitutional monarchy, etc.?

the second link

Sorry, it had special characters that CD didn't like - hopefully this one works:'%C3%A9tat_and_coup_attempts

Brian Williams might be available...

JustIgnoreMe(1508) Clarified
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good - looks like this might be a good discussion - already running late for salt mines myself, but just wanted to thank you for the discussion. At first glance I think you have me on the gas tax - the rest I'm sure will earn you a good talking to. :)

Thanks again.

JustIgnoreMe(1508) Clarified
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Do you really not see how someone saying that 20% are due to genetic issues does NOT support you saying that the vast majority are due to Down Syndrome??

JustIgnoreMe(1508) Clarified
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They should call it:

Weekday Update...

If they do a left show and a right show - maybe bring back Dennis Miller. Don't listen to his radio show much, and when I do, he seems far more right than he used to be - and it is hit or miss. Might be interesting to see what he would do with a new show though.

Samantha Bee

Tina Fey

Superior indeed. I will post there.

JustIgnoreMe(1508) Clarified
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aw man, a down vote...

Should I have provided references? ;)

JustIgnoreMe(1508) Clarified
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Explain how putting billions of fiat dollars into our economy month after month for years, does not decrease the value of the dollar.

By having it still be better than all the other currencies (which is why inflation and interest rates are still very low).

QE, leading to eventual inflation

We want at least a little more inflation than we currently have. More inflation would be good so we can increase interest rates modestly (rebuilding our ability to handle future crises, incentivizing more saving, etc.) We've had QE for years, and for years we have heard the hyperbolic warnings of runaway inflation - not happening. Some inflation will happen and we will temper it with interest rates - this is expected and desired.

How does ever increasing debt help us in the long run.

Deficit down by two-thirds.

Explain how taking tax money from job creators and giving it to non-workers stimulates our economy.

It obviously has. (More jobs have been created under Obama than under both Bushes put together. The U.S. has put more people back to work than Europe, Japan, and every other advanced economy combined.)

Paying people to work (and reaping the rewards of that work) is better than having them in poverty, on welfare, or in prison (which you would take tax dollars to pay for anyway). It keeps resumes current so they can flow back to private sector jobs more easily, keeps demand up (a positive thing for those job creators), etc.

The recovery is not growing at a rate commensurate with the billions spent on stimulus programs. Rather it is inching forward via the momentum of a most powerful economy.

We had one of the best recoveries from the economic collapse of any nation. (Sweden did well early on - see why. Germany did pretty well at times and depending on which measurements you use.)

over regulating banks and lending institutions

preventing future economic collapse

how Obama was actually stimulated our economy to any significant degree.

Um - the near trillion dollar stimulus bill... Infrastructure spending (on roads, bridges, airports, trains, shipyards, ports, water, sewer, power), housing tax credits, HARP/HAMP, college tuition tax credits, increased Pell grants, changed EITC for larger families and refund-ability of Child tax credit, credits for purchasing solar wind and geothermal energy equipment and increasing home efficiency, tax cuts for small businesses, increased small business loans, payroll tax cuts, extended unemployment, deduction for teachers who buy classroom supplies, cash for clunkers, the auto bailout, aid to states for Medicaid, subsidies for healthcare (COBRA then Obamacare), increased internet access, border/port/cyber-security, research, more spending on the VA, job training programs (including some for the disabled), money for meals on wheels, school lunch programs, and food banks, and, and, and, and, and ... (And, of course, proposed several other initiatives that were blocked in Congress, and the QE mentioned earlier.)

ref ref ref ref ref

How will raising the gas tax grow the economy.

Falling gas prices have reduced the typical amount raised by the tax which is mostly used for highway construction. That construction creates jobs (reducing welfare), decreases pollution, improves business productivity, facilitates emergency response (and national defense if it ever came to that), etc. etc. It additionally incentivizes use of alternative fuels which are in the long-term interest of the US.

JustIgnoreMe(1508) Clarified
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well, and nobody likes too much Bush... ;)

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