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I've been there a couple of times buddy, but I vastly prefer the format here.

So do I but I need new idiots to argue with.

Mingipoowoo is the type of guy who visits McDonalds and demands they remove the pickle from his cheeseburger.

I would've thought the pickle would be his favorite part.

I've been on, there are more serious debates going on there. I recommend it, it's a nice break from the usual CD shitposting although there are still plenty of idiots to keep you nice and pissed off.

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I agree. I have changed my mind wf strength.ith new evidence. 'Tis a sign o

You haven't changed all that much. You go from center-right to center-left and back every 2 weeks but your fundamental programming doesn't change.

Damn that flow. A little too much sing-rapping but still lit.

I have never really lost it, although there is a happiness I had when I was younger that I no longer have. I still have a sense of "wonder" and "mystery" about the world but I don't have the same optimism or carefree innocence. Reality is still mysterious for me because I know that there is still a lot I don't know but I also know much of what is not true and am no longer susceptible to comfortable delusions.

On one hand the way I think is good because I will never outgrow childlike curiosity, on the other hand it is hell because I cannot find stability in anything other than doubt and cynicism. I am essentially half a child with limitless curiosity and half a grumpy old man who hates everything in the body of a young man.

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As you say, a right wingers opinion is worth less than a fart in a storm, especially when the storm was brought about by the thunderous gas expulsions of the left wing butthole of truth.

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Yes, I'm aware that the Monarchy still has power and wealth and is still influential but the royal family is more akin to being just another rich family influencing things from behind the veil rather than a legitimate rulership.

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Usually I here those types of excuses from Democrats trying to excuse their culpability.

I apologize for my assumption.

No mention of how Cocopops wants to essentially ethnically cleanse African babies under the guise of humanitarianism. Total hypocrisy FromWithin.

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And I am the Royal Highness of yours, rendering you the Prime Minister and me supreme.

The Monarchy of my butthole is only symbolic much like it is in the UK. The prime minister in your butthole has more power than the Monarchy does in mine.

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Weird. A lot of old users seem to be coming back one after the other all of the sudden.

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You are a mindless robot who keeps repeating the same exact bullshit while doing nothing to educate yourself or at least help the poor souls you think are being brutally murdered.

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You are a right winger though. You're an Americanist who thinks you're a leftist because you label yourself with "liberal".

Sources or stfu cunt.



Let me see where you get this crap from you incessant booty hole lozenge.

The Patriots are better because they regularly kick more ass than the Steelers. The patriots have always been a relatively good team for as long as I can remember.

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Since your sources are far right websites I think it is safe to say that you are spewing lies.

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Robinhood stole from the aristocracy to give to the peasant. Amarel is retarded and Bronto is even more retarded in their interpretation of Robinhood. Communism is about removing the class from society so that everyone is equal before the law and has equal opportunities, and so that no one can get a free ride on the backs of the working class and lord over them simply by being a fat greedy Jew. Capitalism is by far much closer to the feudal system that Robinhood was fighting.

I would only vote for a radical left winger .

Budweiser is low class swill. I am too rich and greedy and capitalistically inclined to drink such sewage.

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He'll be a Muslim who is actually a Jew who is actually a Satanist

"Fuck you moron fucked." Obviously google translate. .

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Прекратите использовать гугл переводчик, чтобы быть умной задницей, вы воспалили горящую инфекцию уретры

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Thank you for this beat, I like it. I am going to use it for an insanity themed rap.

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