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True, but it can be done.

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Truman Capote

James Joyce

George Orwell


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Boooo!! That's just....


C'mon - what conference has dominated the NBA for the last decade?


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The Lakers - 4-2. The Celtics have struggled on the road all year, and even though the Lakers have as well - they showed somewhat tonight that Boston shouldn't take it's home court advantage for granted: they were never up by much and usually at home they've been blowing teams out of the water. As long as the Lakers cinch their home victories they should take it.

I think Ray Allen will struggle @ Los Angeles, and that Phil and Kobe will come up with a decent strategy to keep him able to be free and do what he needs. The Celtic defense is good, but the Lakers offense is better. This will be a great series regardless of the outcome - and I'm sure it will live up to the rivalry.

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I believe that our country is done with this war, and the war-mongering. It's done with the GOP, if it can even be called that anymore - the things that the current Republican party has done would make the party originators roll over in their graves. It's done with Bush. It's done.

I hope.

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Jeeessssuuusss you're an idiot.

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There is a difference between instilling fear in a child and teaching respect and boundaries.

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No, actually we wouldn't. I would vote based on the issues - not the person.

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A good number of them yes. I don't understand it, but I think they will. I mean it's been Hilary who's been attacking Obama throughout the campaign, who's damaging the democratic party with every day she holds out.

You're supposed to vote on politics, not people, but I've run across too many that can't look past what they don't like about the man, and focus on the issues.

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Yes. It's their life. They can do with it what they see fit.

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You've only seen the movie, huh? lol

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I'm sorry, do all illegal immigrants come from Mexico?

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Unless they have criminal records in their original countries, I believe that the illegal immigrants already here should be allowed to remain. If anyone has the right to kick anyone else out of the USA it's the Native Americans we have forced onto tiny reservations.

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Iron Man. Hands down. He's no thief in the night - he's in your face with his justice. No sneaking around like a criminal.

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No. As horrible as it was, our current society should not have to pay for the crimes and travesties of the past.

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If there is a God, most definitely. There are too many horrible things going on in the world that I cannot fathom God justifying. But, it's God - maybe he's good reasons that are beyond my comprehension. Either God is not benevolent, omnipotent , or has a very twisted sick of humor.

The Other Side of the Coin
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There are many factors that might play into someone dropping out of school, be it mental illness, physical sickness, peer pressure, bullying, or dozens of other causes, some legitimate and some not. Forcing someone to remain in school until achieving graduation may not be the best thing for that person. It is their responsibility as an adult to realize the mistake and remedy it - not ours.

Not only is there absolutely no way to enforce something so ridiculous, but we shouldn't try to. The government is forcing it's way into the lives of basically cognizant adults enough already, don't you think?

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