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Will people like you ever get tired of using false Christians to make your judgmental assaults on Christians?

There you go trying to wash it all away. Those people thought they were fighting the cause of God, you can deny that all you want, doesn't change the fact that most people who were against black rights were Christian religious nutcases.

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I feel like if you are on government assistance then yes. But I don't really know how that would be implemented without either forcing sterilization or denying the current kids certain things or denying the new child something, all of which either dabble in or are just straight up inhumane.

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..but pfff hey, who cares so long as abortion is the correction I needed.

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Cuaroc brought up an interesting comment.....

XD What exactly DID Trump do now for FW to jump to his support and tie in his tired accusations again?

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vs. barack-obama/

Trump isn't smart enough to stick to the truth, nor is he smart enough when he does lie to tell ones that are not so easy to disprove.

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Can there be any bigger hypocrites in this solar system?

Yeah, you.

How on Earth can you sit there judging Trump's past womanizing sins, while you support No Restriction abortions when voting for the Democrat Party?

I've already told you that supporting a woman's right to choose isn't the same as supporting no restriction abortions and not all Democrats support no restriction abortions. So let's jump to a new theory using your ability to, if you think it's ok for the leader of our country to touch a woman without permission to the point that you're willing to excuse him and promote him to the position of President, and that leader is Republican, by your thought process all Republicans support raping women. Right? I mean, you do think the choice to abort must be EASY for them so you obviously want to remove it and force them against their will regardless of circumstance or mental stability or potential for back ally abortions, dumpster babies and dead female teenagers who were too scared to go to their family and tried to abort the fetus themselves....but pfff hey, who cares so long as abortion is legal....PHEW. Seriously why do Republicans hate women so?

Do you see how ridiculous that jump was? That's what you do.

Do you not see that one has nothing to do with the other so your comparison is ridiculous.

Do you actually think killing a viable unborn baby for any reason is ok?


What total hypocrites you are when judging others for their sins.

Are you serious? I can't tell if you're serious.

You wallow in much worse sins every time you elect these No Restriction abortion Democrats!

And you want to do whatever you want with women, regardless of what they want. See how that works? It's just as much a ridiculous assumption as yours is.

Use the brain God gave you and look at yourself before throwing stones. Clean up your own act before judging others.

Yes. Please do.

Call your Democrat Politicians and tell them you will not vote for them again until they compromise with the GOP on late term abortions.

Compromise is key, but yes, I actually DO agree with this. COMPROMISE.

But you won't do that because you are total hypocrites!

Are you going to call your Republican politician and tell them to compromise? Or is it just your way and no other.

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Ehhh, not as funny the second time but the first....that was golden.

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Christians were one of the groups fighting to end end slavery and racism.

Some where, sure. MANY others used their religion to PROMOTE segregation. And you must have forgotten your history if you want to suggest that Christians where more prevalent than ....oh....I don't know....just about any other ending racism.

Hell, just typing Christians and racism can bring up some HORRIFYING pictures of Christians lynching blacks, none of which I'll post here but I need to go scrub my eyeballs.

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Sorry, you made me laugh pretty hard. If you don't have a come back you don't need to respond. XD But really though, thank you, not even saying it to be mean, it was just a random "Hogwash".

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I haven't noticed TOO much of a difference, there are still some debates that are more mean spirited then they are keeping with the spirit of this site, but can't change people.

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Back 60 years ago we did not have all these broken homes! WHY?

Because we didn't have social media or focus on broken homes as we do now? Also, yes we did. Where do you think that standing joke comes from about a man going out to buy cigarettes and never coming home? It's probably it hasn't been as high as it is now but I haven't done any research on the incline and what percentage it has invariably increased over the years. You keep thinking wanting to tout about the times when men where allowed to beat their wives and children, where racism was still rampant and white men were in charge. REAL life isn't the sitcom you want it to be. Real life isn't Mayberry.

But we have people like you who can not stand to hear the village speaking out on common sense moral values that all Americans should support.

Yet you JUST said: How's that village doing? We have record numbers of children being raised by case workers, on food stamps, in broken homes, etc., all after this ludicrous idea of a village raising our children."

That sounds to me like you are the one who can't stand to hear the village speaking out on common sense morals. I have said over a dozen times to you that while I think morals ARE important, they can't be the only thing we stand on.

You like the concept of a village, but only when it means no fault social programs with no mention of personal responsibility.

Wrong again. I have advocated personal responsibility enough times to you as well. You have either refused to listen or refused to understand in favor of your own preconceived notion.

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Hardly. Even if he repented (which there is no way to know if he did), he still murdered people and we aren't even sure why, yet. Saying he was a good Christian is like saying he was a good Conservative. Even if he identified with both, he wasn't a good Rightie, wasn't a good Christian, and wasn't a good person.

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No it doesn't but it is imperative that you get the kids socialized, be it through music or some kind of sports or recreational activity. Home Schooling removes the social aspect that kids need.

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People would be free to celebrate their beliefs or differences so long as they aren't to a detriment of others and no one belief or difference would be elevated over another. There would be no extremism, people could put their ego's aside and accept and help others if need be and we would focus more on improving ourselves as a whole instead of focusing solely on our personal stature. Children could safely play in the streets, education and academic achievement would be applauded as much as sports. We would work to live, not live to work.

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It's really going to depend on how much of a grip the empire has on its citizens. If it's like N.K.....I'd say potentially yes. If it's like the US or any other country where people actually do have a voice, I'd say no. I do not agree that murdering innocent civilians would ever be a good option through.

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In an ideal society, and only where everyone agrees or believes in God and His teaching, possibly. But we will never have that society. Some who do believe in Him use that belief as an excuse to justify their anger or hatred at a certain group or groups and others still use Him as an excuse to kill or condemn others in His name. Even if we all believe in God, we don't all believe in everything said or taught or understood about the Bible. Ultimately it will be up to generations in the future to wipe out the prejudices of today. As of now it is slowly going away but the older generations who grew up with racism in their hearts are still able to spread their poison.

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Such a silly thing to do. And as another person already mentioned....where do you draw the line? If you are in a business that caters to the public, why deny certain members of the public? It's one thing to deny someone access who has a history of violence, theft, rudeness....that's a different matter as you have experience with that customer and don't want the hassle of their business.

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I highly suggest you read what I wrote again. If there was something you didn't understand then please ask me to clarify, simply ignoring because you either didn't read or misunderstood, won't get us anywhere.

2 points'll probably want to read this. The Rules6

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Sure but if I take him and raise him differently it's entirely possible that future would change without having to kill a baby.

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No. He was a baby. Whatever caused his sins occurred as he grew up. Maybe I would raise him differently? I don't know but as a baby he was innocent.

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I enjoy it but it does come with dangers that ignorant or foolish people choose to ignore. I use it for small talk with family/friends and to share certain pictures, nothing of which could be taken and used against me, nothing that I would be ashamed of years down the road. When you write it or post it online just expect everyone can see and it will never go away.

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Well, let me ask you this. Churches are tax exempt. Where do you think the government makes up the money that they don't get from Churches? Us. In a nation where the rise in the number of Atheists continues to grow, do you really want them to have the ability to not support your church as you want the ability to not support schools that teach an emphasis on science?

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If you "start all over again" then you aren't truly sorry to begin with. It goes a bit deeper then "oops my bad". God knows when you are truly sorry over your actions vs. when you are just apologizing to get something else that you want.

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