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Read a Bible. It's all in there. Or you can Google it if you're really interested.

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A close encounter with death usually does that. Wouldn't you agree?

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LOL! Keep those downvotes coming. I want to see if I can get it below ten percent. Every time you downvote, I know I scored some points on you. I'm living rent free, in your empty skull. LOLOL!

You shouldn't beat up on the handicapped like that. It's not nice. :)

No. But I have an anti-tank rifle. Kicks like a mule, and it's really heavy but it will take out that chopper. No problem.

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Actually, it was almost dying that made me take a good hard look at my life. I didn't like what I saw.

I believe, if the Army was ordered to fire on civilians, many of them would join us. I know that if they ordered me to do it, I would refuse. I'm sure most of them share my feelings about it.

Half-wit? That would make me smarter than you. And you spelled Half-wit wrong, which leads me to believe you aren't too bright.

I'll go along with that assessment. I was thinking the same thing. It must hurt to be that stupid.

American has a population over 300 million. If we decided the military had to be defeated, we could do it. We don't have to defeat their hardware. We only have to defeat those who use it. A knife, in a dark ally, will do that. Now they have a chopper without a pilot.

There is also a civilian weapon that can take out a light tank. That Apache wouldn't stand a chance.

I'm sorry. I try to give people the benefit of a doubt, but this guy is dumber than dirt.

He is definitely unfamiliar with things like facts and common sense.

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You're a poo poo head no matter what you do or say. Sucks to be you.

Trump is not the government. He is a single person, trying to do an impossible job. I trust him. because he is NOT the government. He's a patriot. Something we haven't had in the Oval Office for a long time. And Trump said he would leave our guns alone. That's good enough for me.

Well, what the hell were we supposed to do? Vote for Hillary? LOLOLOL! I'd trust Trump over her... any day.

I didn't say they carry guns, I said they had them. They need permission to carry them, but they have them. And just how have we treated blacks? We freed them from slavery, gave them land and an education. Blacks in America have every opportunity that whites have. I think the problem is that American blacks are hateful, lazy and violent. FBI statistics back me up with 90 percent of all violent crime committed by blacks, as well as half of all murders. And what percentage of your population is black? Oh, look! It's 3 percent. WOW! How do you cope with them all?

And yet, until recently, no other country had the amount of freedom we have. If you trust our government, turn in your gun. I know better.

As long as no threats are made against another, or incitement to violence, or lies told that could harm someone financially, or otherwise, you should be able to say anything you want. The fact that someone might be offended is not an issue. Our Constitution does not give you the right to not be offended. Deal with it, snowflakes.

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There are some who want to be able to kill them AFTER birth. I wish I could strangle every one of them with barbed-wire.

The British police do have guns. They have had to use them several times. They simply require permission to have them issued. Also, how many spooks do you have in your country? If you look at FBI statistics, 90 percent of violent crime and 50 percent of all murders are committed blacks. Can we send them over there? Give you a taste of what we're dealing with. And how are your unarmed police going to deal with all those Muslim 'Immigrants' coming into your country? Good luck with that.

I don't care about votes, but you obviously do. That's why I down-voted you. I also did it because you are an annoying idiot.

Don't be an idiot. You can't go up against an Apache with a rifle. You can, however, find the pilot of that helicopter, and blow his brains out. And there are rifles that can take out an Apache. One shoots a projectile about the size of a soda can. It will take out a light tank, so I think the armor on that Apache doesn't stand a chance. We would not engage in open battles. It's called asymmetrical warfare. There is also guerilla warfare. It's very effective. The death of a thousand cuts. And if things got desperate enough, human wave attacks. You cannot subdue a population of our size if they want freedom desperately enough. If enough people are willing to die to achieve their objective, there is no stopping them. If nothing else, civil disobedience could do the trick all by itself. Just don't show up for work. Disrupt the services that are still running. There are all kinds of things that would do the trick. And don't forget. There are plenty of people out there who know how to make bombs. Bombs are very effective. And ragheads aren't the only ones who can hijack an airliner and crash it into a building. We, who love liberty, will stop at nothing to keep it, or get it back. Remember that.

They are offended because it reminds them that they are unrepentant sinners, and bound for hell. It really interferes with their ability to sleep at night.

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Hmmm. Looks like someone here is against free speech. Why else would they down-vote my previous reply?

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