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That would not call for a ban maybe a warning but not no ban. Andy bans for a hell of a lot more than that. Look what he did for me he took that one debate down that he found to be a possible problem for the site.

Hey does being gay have anything to do with incest? That is right it does not one involves the possibility of deformities in the offspring and the other does not play god but does not reproduce.

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Tell me how far,how fast and what have you shoot at. And what caliber did you use to shoot this target?

G22 is my pick, 200 feet, about 5 to 10 mph. And it was a moving target on a mechanical rope system.

No why would Andy use a B instead of D. In their name. His name is Andy Dondinger

Maybe. I estimate their are about 4.5 billion houses on this earth so I will split about .5 percent of the presents with you I guess.

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O now you are a hypocrite. You just used a CNN source but now you are saying their wrong. Because it does not go your way. How did I know you would do that.

Did he take reputability for what I did. I stole it fair and square. Who the hell does he think he is.

My proof.

Damn right. I am a unique one... No one on this site could pull me off. I can shot down another nathanallen account just like that. And so can a bunch of other members. Like you said I have a personality unlike a lot of others on who I am talking with.

Unlike all of you fools I do not match that formula for x+y=y+x for everyone.

Sv3rige, does not ring a bell. Hmm that is right never accused you of owning that account. I did accuse you of being good listener and the other low point accounts that regularly troll the site.

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LMAO, sure I am you dumb broad. Get a life, you wish I would waste my time on you like that. Don't make me blush because you are trying to show a twisted sense of affection towards me. '

Might be gay just not gay enough to let you near me.

We all know it was you in those photos. But wait did you really post such shit?

O shit their is some hot bananas. Monkey child porn was always a fetish. How did you now?

O shit their is some hot bananas. Monkey child porn was always a fetish.

Yes, but soon I will be leaving due the chaos and trolls of the site. Found another site I recommend to actual debtors. DebateIsland.

Already am a member and going for the numbers again. Already putting my name out their for the big boys.

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Do you not read anything I say? Because I did say I stopped reading when I read the CNN url.

Officers are taught to kill not wound, but to kill. So even if I did nick a main artery it would either kill them or they have a good chance of surviving, I am giving them better odds than a kill shot.

O here is a CNN article you might like this one.

Like I said a real skilled marksman will be able to under stressful situations aim and not miss. If a soldier can not hit their target when in a life or death situation than their a bad soldier. Aim and shot do not let the things going around you effect you mentally.

This nurse or doctor even explains why you could survive. itself-be-functional-at-all

Sure their is a much greater risk since their is that one main artery but if you do not hit it that person has lost control of that arm. And they will likely fall in shock or pain.

Goodlistner & his alts. And by god am I surprised I am not mentioned. O that is right I debate and keep on the low end of the other "DEBATORS".

Do not ever use a major media source, they lean right or left their never are neutral sources.

And you should know along with everyone else a liberal siding source will never go with my books. I stopped reading the moment I read the url of that CNN link.

And I did show you a diagram of bones to arteries. Their is a chance of missing all major arterys. Even if you do nick one you have on average a few minutes to get it covered and repaired. If you apply pressure on a artery that has been shot than they can live.

If you aim point mass you also have a chance of hitting the heart+death, the lungs collapsed lung(s).

If you are able to keep cool under pressure or a life or death situation than you can shoot what you normally would.

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O you admit point farming on alts. I do not have alts. And if I had to take a wild guess you,fact,or bronto has all those pesky damn alts.

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Exactly proves you are GoodListener. Any joe that talks what you have so far would of cursed the fuck out of me for saying what I did. You just do not want to be known as GoodListener hints why you ignored everything else.

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How about this, go to hell and also go kill yourself good listener.

OOPs, wrong link.

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Says the one who has nothing to prove and has nothing but a computer. You do not know me, nor will you ever know me. How about you go troll some other site that gives a fuck about you.

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