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Umm I agree with you, it's not a community but full of individuals. And the community is a liberal cult. It's not for Republicans.

Gangs are made up of African Americans, and liberals don't want to fight the fight of being killed. Not many mess with gangs because of the death part that comes with messing with them.

It would take an act of god and a liberal ran military. I say liberal ran as a means of mostly a liberal military. Are military is made up of mostly reps. Are military is not going to be for taking guns away from the American people. Martial law is what Trump would have to call upon for the military to step in to take guns away from gangs, thugs, and the rednecks. I can say that Trump is not going to call martial law for guns if anything he would to clear the table of liberals.

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You are only proving you're wife has the balls and not you. Keep up the good work! Why not ignore?

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I see what goes on. You just said you bully him because he bullies you. Yes both of you and a few others are usually in the wrong. But does not mean they should be banned. I do not see them making debates using hateful slurs to attack you or any other member.

Do you not see the issue? The issue is that everyone that is getting bullied by such people are taking stuff into their own hands instead of letting Andy handle it. He can not really ban nom if you are reporting him than turn right back around and attack him. You are crying wolf when you are also a wolf.

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Did you not see how fast after I made that one debate that half the trolls where banned? I guess you missed that. I made a debate less than 48 hours later over 5 accounts where banned.

It does not matter what you put it under. This whole debate is against the rules. You are bullying others. Knock it off. Again check yourself are leave if you really do not care anymore...

We would not be able to use a nuke. As a nuke would have effects on are ally South Korea and are (can't make up are mind ally) China. and a few other countries would be effected as well.

I believe the go to weapon would be hell fire missiles and tomahawks. Plus we have ships right now not even 300 miles away from NK that could launch right now. And NK would be gone by 5 today. We have so much fire power and crap right now off their shores that it is not even funny. And if I had to take a guess Trump has already put in the order as NK is a world wide threat right now, that Trump has already armed a few ships with nukes. All of our ships have the capability besides the aircraft carriers to launch nukes. The aircraft carriers can mount nukes to the F 16 though as a drop missile not a launched missile. Which I doubt we will use those type of nukes as NK is going to attempt and probably actually hit the F 16.

Darth are you looking to be banned? You did see how fast that one troll ended right? Check yourself pls.

It does have the ability to touch many. This site has over 100 new views a day. The people that view the site might not join as a member but if you take those 100 people that view just the site and they see debates that actually are original and not repeats of debates of the day before than this site just might have an impact. But now it just seems like a bunch of repeat debates.

They use the Lord's name to swear but turn around and want the Lord's name out of the pledge of allegiance.

Their hypocritical bigots.

LOL. I have to agree gay and str8 are the only 2 that should be needed. These libs are just pushing their luck with all these new things to call their attractions. The reps need to shutdown all the fake activist that advocate but are not wanted. Or bring the community down. I have long separated myself from the lgbt community as it is just a way if the libs categorizing people that are different than the majority. They added a black strip not long ago to the lgbt flag so what I said is very true, blacks are the minority and they are labeled under lgbt+ as a strip on a flag

NathanAllen(2227) Clarified
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