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Your argument is the antithesis of logic. So you're saying that we should stop arguing for them to be let into the country because they're... right wing?

You can't just "cut out steps". That's essentially short cutting the law and opens up a whole new can of worms regarding fair trials.

Making them spend the rest of their life in a grotty prison where they'll likely be beaten by other inmates is a much harsher punishment than a quick and relatively painless death.

They're all tragic incidents, for sure, but in the case of the Nanking Massacre, I think it's not seen as shocking since it wasn't the Japanese government directly seeking out a particular race to purge.

Of course, they were killing Chinese people, but not necessarily because they were Chinese - but because they happened to be at war with the Chinese. If they had been at war with, say, Korea, then it may have been the "Seoul Massacre" or something along those lines. In a nutshell, they weren't genocidal killings.

In my opinion, I think the Holocaust is remembered more than other genocides because it was the first major incident of genocide in history (in terms of sheer scale, obviously there had been genocides throughout history). It was also a significant part of a World War, which gave it further coverage and it was therefore more widely known of than, say, the Armenian genocide of 1915-1917.

I lean more in support of the Palestinian people, however saying "let's kick out all the Jews" makes you just as bad as the Israelites saying "let's kick out all the Palestinians."

The solution shouldn't be about picking sides, it should be about uniting the two sides.

Though, considering your name and previous posts, I imagine you're not so much in support of the Palestinians as you are in objection to the existence of the Jewish people.

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Did you SEE the crusades? How do you KNOW they even WERE?

Did you SEE the Roman Empire? How do you KNOW they even EXISTED?

Did you SEE Gandhi die? How do you KNOW he didn't LIVE to his NINETIES?

I'm sorry, there's no point putting this lightly: holocaust deniers are scum of the Earth. Adolf Hitler himself could be resurrected and confess to your face that the holocaust happened and you'd all still call it a "Jewish conspiracy".

No martial arts, no, I think health and safety rules at the school would have prevented that.

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Football, tennis, rugby, gymnastics, athletic sports like running, javelin, etc.

Dodgeball was always the most fun though...

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I assume you're American so I'm not sure what the curriculum is like there, but in England physical education (P.E.) is more comprehensive. I remember when I was at school, we played dodgeball and other similar "fun" sports at most a few times a year.

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Really? Interesting that you rounded up communists and socialists and sent them to concentration camps, then.

How so?


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So you do support gay rights, then? Your comment would imply that you do, despite not personally agreeing with it.

Is it a bad thing that I put someone's right to have equal opportunities and treatment, despite the way they're born, above the right for you right wing loons to carry murder devices?

Owning or not owning a gun is a choice which one can live without very easily. Just look at the vast majority of countries who don't have guns and are absolutely fine.

Homosexuality, however, is a natural thing which occurs in some humans. It's along the same lines as race and gender. Sorry, but my right to exist trumps your guns. I'm sure the very idea that gays shouldn't be treated like filth makes you froth at the mouth, though.

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Does gay people having rights affect or hurt you in some way?

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Active moderation. There's people here who would have - and should have - been banned a long time ago if it were a debating site with active moderators.

Guns were invented during the 14th century specifically as a method of more efficient and deadly warfare.

There are air rifles designed for nothing more than target practice, of course, but that's a denomination of guns themselves.

A vehicle is designed for travel, but different types of vehicles have different purposes for travel. A lorry is designed for delivering goods rather than people, for example.

Just because a few guns (in the MODERN era) are designed for target practice doesn't mean that guns, in and of themselves, weren't initially and still are made for the main goal of killing and harming other human beings.

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I've got to applaud how you manage to bring up abortion in every single debate, regardless of how irrelevant it is to the topic.

As long as the topic isn't about abortion, Trump, gun control or any of the other dozens of topics we already argue about every. Single. Fucking. Day.

Something more unique, please.

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Hi Mint, it's a subject which a lot of people get confused by so there's no need to feel ignorant about it.

Whilst yes, Judaism is a religion, it's also a lot deeper than that. The Jewish people are what's known as an "ethnoreligious group" which essentially means that their ethnicity is defined by a combination of both heritage and DNA, and a common faith between Jews.

However, this does not mean that you need to be simultaneously ethnically Jewish and religiously Jewish to be a Jew.

People are often confused because, yes, it's true that anyone can convert to Judaism, follow its teachings and be considered "Jewish". However, whilst that person may be a Jew in the religious sense, they are not descended from Jewish ancestors such as the Israelites, or... the Ashkenazi Jews.

Equally, one doesn't need to actually follow the religion of their heritage to be considered Jewish. It's literally a part of your DNA whether you follow scripture or not. Excon might even partake in traditionally Jewish holidays and celebrations despite not being religious, like how I still celebrate Christmas and Easter despite not being a Christian.

Fun yet disturbing fact: Hitler actually had the gestapo measure people's noses to find out if they were Jewish or not. Isn't one of the main signifiers of an ethnicity common physical traits?

If you're still curious, Wikipedia can probably explain it better than I can: group#UnitedKingdom

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We need people like Putin to defend democracy from dictators.

We need someone who arrests, bullies and kills political opponents to defend democracy? Funny, because that sounds like the complete antithesis of democracy to me.

Like you said in your other comment, politics and ideologies aren't linear and fixed.

Liberalism isn't really something you can base a government off of on its own, but you can combine ideas from it with conservative ideas, or socialist, or left-wing, etc. You can definitely be a socially liberal conservative.

Oh, I was just clarifying what you meant, not trying to criticise your argument. Perhaps I shouldn't have pressed the "dispute" button, I'm just rather in the habit of doing that to you now.

I don't think it shouldn't be taught, however I'm on this side because I don't think it should have to be taught.

If cursive has anything to do with intellect, it's likely a very small difference. We learnt it briefly at school but I didn't take to it and quickly abandoned it. It's just not a style of writing which works for me, or for many other people (I know very few people who actually write using cursive).

There's much more important subjects which could be taught in the time wasted on teaching kids how to be "proper" in their handwriting.

Oh, not to mention, cursive looks like utter shit and is practically unreadable.

They certainly cross over. I wouldn't call them opposing, but I definitely wouldn't call them the same.

Most forms of socialism would agree with social liberalism, however economic liberalism (if we're going by the modern use of that term) is kind of... all over the place. Modern liberalism doesn't really address the economy, it's more about social rights and values.

Socialism, however, is more economical in its thinking, though some of those economics do cross over into the social aspects of a country.

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