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The guy threatens to make you assimilate or he'll kill you and wants to throw people in ovens, and hates Jews and thinks it's us who are Nazis?


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She should be your biggest nightmare. A child, and not even a smart child, making policy for the adults.

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He was sued by crazy left wingers for doing exactly what they demanded. They demanded he not seperate children from parents (even though Obama didn't and the law said he can't), and then when he did, they sued him for breaking a law they created that doesn't allow children to be kept with their parents. The left is that dumb. 2018/06/21/gov andrewcuomonewyorksuingtrumpadministrationexecutiveorderonimmigrantdetentionisillegal.html

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Classical liberals (conservatives) and liberals are the same exact thing

True. Classical liberals are actually conservatives today who refuse to acknowledge their party is anything but liberal now.

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Trump's import amount is the highest in history at $2.6 trillion.

If border crossings are up, that ultimately destroys your Trump "hates brown people" narrative concerning the border and makes Obama an anti brown tyrant by the same measure.

Trump could intentionally attempt to catch Obama's deficit spending and never do it.

Korea. Looks like he got further than anyone else. No one else ever met them. You also are assuming numbers and facts as though Trump's Presidency has gone on for 8 years rather than 3.

It appears you intentionally left out joblessness, wage increases, gdp, and the stock market. Stocks have risen in nine of the first ten months of the Trump Administration, a record that no other U.S. president comes even close to matching.

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Democrats will focus on your race before a Republican will. We all understand why.

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I think those were actually Nom quotes, but bronto put Mussolini on them to see if we'd catch it.

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Socialism in the USA is it a good thing?

It's a giant, steaming pile of nonsense.

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In 1979, People Living In Maoist China Had A Life Expectancy Of 68 Years

Which is less than Capitalist countries around the globe.

Which was 14 years longer than those living in capitalist India.

India wasn't Capitalist in 1979. Now that it is Capitalist, it's life expectancy is higher.

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I feel like I am failing to see any valid connection.

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