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lets make an allience to ban bronto from any and all debates, he is a lying troll anyways so it will save a lot of annoying bullshit

I will back that alliance, brother. I will begin banning him from debates from now on because he's literally a pathological liar.

Let's deny platform to anyone with whose dogma we disagree.

The true voice of communism

You're hilarious. You live in a country which gives you a choice between right wing capitalism and far right wing capitalism. Where is the platform for communism in your country? Where is the platform for anything else other than capitalism? You're a cretin who lives inside a glass house throwing stones all day.

Yes you would. You're not the smartest of mammals.

Says the guy who couldn't even find a VPN stealthy enough to bypass the: SUSPECTED NETWORK SHARING DEVICE security warning.

LOL. You're pathetic and stupid. Face reality for once.

What a coincidence! Quantumhead lives in Britain too!

Yes that's a phenomenal coincidence. Two people from the same country who have used the same website at different times. Almost qualifies as a religious miracle wouldn't you say?

You're a joke, bronto. A joke in which all the humour has been removed and replaced with idiocy.

The picture even shows that it is Great Britain.

You knew I lived in Great Britain before you posted it. I have told you this many times. That's exactly why you used a British proxy server in the first place you piece of lying filth.

I don't live in Britain

Your own image shows that the address was obtained through use of a proxy device you raging boner. It says in big blue letters: SUSPECTED NETWORK SHARING DEVICE. If I were going to disguise my location then I wouldn't pick the country I am actually in, would I?

You obviously haven't thought this through, have you Hitler?

And you don't live in America, so it obviously isn't your concern

Yes it is. Your lamentable dishonesty affects the entire world not that the internet has been invented. Did you forget about the internet while you were busy lying about my IP address?

You're absolutely pathetic, mate.

You absolutely have to be a troll because nobody is this insane. I refuse to believe it.

Well, those are his qualifications for being a conservative Presidential candidate, what else is wrong with him?? ;-)

You know this is entirely it. My problem isn't even with him being such a liar. My problem is really with the fact that about half of America sees this as a career tool rather than a personality defect.

WRONG. People who commit suicide do so because they choose to all on their own.

There's no way you can arbitrarily claim external factors have no influence on any decisions about suicide. Shut up.

Also, did these guys ever get charged, buddy?

Human Rights Watch report claims Israel committed war crimes in its use of air-burst white phosphorus artillery shells

Or nah?

This was following the CHARGES filed against the soldier BY ISRAEL

Oh, they charged that one? That's nice. What about these ones?

"A Palestinian Health Policy Institute survey over two years recorded the deaths of seventy-three babies at 'military checkpoints, barriers and trenches' and found that many women facing difficult deliveries had no choice but to give birth at home with no medical help." (Pilger 2007, p127)

Two-thirds of the 621 children killed at checkpoints, in the street, on their way to school, in their homes, died from small arms fire, directed in over half the cases to the head, neck and chest -- the sniper's wound. Two-thirds of the children were under fifteen. Clearly, soldiers are routinely authorised to shoot to kill the children in situations of minimal or no threat. These statistics attract far less publicity than suicide bombings." (Pilger 2007, p164-165, Quoting 2004 entry in the British Medical Journal).

PILGER, J., 2007. Freedom next time. 2nd ed. Great Britain: Bantam press.

Nomenclature(1131) Clarified
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See what I did? I read your source and addressed it

Yes, you "addressed it" by lying about what it says.

I am additionally glad you used the phrase "your source", because it illustrates I am the only one of us with the honesty to provide a source in the first place.

Nomenclature(1131) Clarified
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I would think an Israeli General cautioning restraint lest Israel act like Nazis, as he does in your source

So you think lying about what the source says is a rational next move? Really?

JERUSALEM — On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day last week, a top Israeli general gave a speech saying he saw “revolting trends” in today’s Israel that he compared to Nazi-era Germany and Europe in the 1930s.

His speech comes amid revelations that an Israeli soldier shot and killed a wounded Palestinian attacker in the head, an act that human rights activists called a street execution term=.3b971e49d09f

You see, Amarel? This is why debate with you rapidly becomes impossible. You immediately begin lying and distorting the truth when things are not going your way.

Nomenclature(1131) Clarified
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Former head of the PLO Zuheir Mohsen- “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity.”

Yeah, I can cherry-pick quotes too, Amarel. I can even provide sources.

The Israeli general who compared the Jewish State to Nazi-era Germany term=.a767d133f91f

You've blocked your IP address, use a VPN service, or have made a request to your provider to protect it. Nomenclature has not. Anything else?

God, you are just so stupid. The image you linked which you falsely claim is my IP address says in underlined blue letters: SUSPECTED NETWORK SHARING DEVICE. That means it is a VPN or proxy sharing address. The listed company name confirms this because it is not a valid ISP. It's a network coordination centre.

Did you see how Nathan Allen tried to get my IP address?

I don't care how he tried to get your IP address. Earlier you said I would claim bronto is wrong either way. That is untrue because I am an extremely honest person.

Between bronto's absurd wave of lies and your idiotic wall of private messages I'm just about done with this site.

Nomenclature(1131) Clarified
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Addltd, can you do me a huge favour?

Bronto is saying he has my IP address and he's lying. He has even gone so far as to post fake screenshots. I am guessing that as the site owner you have a log of my IP?

Could you please make a comment in this thread to the effect of Bronto being a liar? Nomenclature daresmetoposthisIP_address#arg865805

Thank you. I would greatly appreciate it.


That's not true, my IP should be available

Of course it isn't true. He's a liar.

That's not true, my IP should be available

Of course it isn't true. He's so dishonest it borders on criminal.

You've blocked your IP address, use a VPN service

No I haven't. I live nowhere near London and I am not using any software to disguise my IP.

You are an utterly pathetic liar, bronto.

The first two numbers of my IP address are 81.106 and my server is in Gosport, not London.

Nomenclature(1131) Clarified
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Perhaps the real question is “Should Israel become Palestine?”. If it is a matter of Israel remaining or Israel going away, I would have to side with Israel remaining.

It was taken from the genocidal Ottomans. Carving up the borders was always going to be along whatever lines the Brits chose.

These are fair comments.

The fighting started simply out of hatred for Jews

This line is stupid and obviously false. The fighting started because the Brits gave away land being used by other people. If indeed there was hatred for Jews in this region, as you claim, then the British should have known better than to give the land away to Jews in the first place and risk a war.

Zionists strive to portray Israel as the poor, innocent victim, and they blame all the violence on Arabs and their "hatred for Jews". But the reality of the matter is that the Israelis are the invaders, and I personally am not aware of any other historical circumstances where the invaders are considered to be the victims.


Yes thanks. They're in the same place as your sources, you ludicrous hypocrite.

Do you double standard much?

Goodlistener is Nomenclature's puppet debating himself. I can see his IP address because both profiles have clicked on links that belong to me.

GoodListener is not my account, you psychologically ill cretin. You are just such a ridiculous liar.

Run a location check on my IP address and tell me which city I am in. I dare you, you delusional, lying piece of crap.

Nomenclature(1131) Clarified
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I've never seen the A.D.L. use threats and violence

The ADL is an Israeli state intelligence front posing as a civil rights organisation. It has been harassing anti-Israeli scholars for decades. There is documented evidence that it spied illegally on Noam Chomsky, for example. The ADL has been involved in dedicated smear campaigns against black activists and the left in general.

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