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If America is to stay great, we are gonna have to TRIBALize. This is more difficult in such a mixing pot. Tribalism/Nationalism or whatever u wanna call it is the most powerful force in history. Period. Face it, Hitler should have had the nuts to kill the Abrahamic Jew Book. White people made the most progress in the world and white people were PAGAN!!!! So, why do you let a DESERT GOD hoodoo you?!?! If you let the Semite hoodoo u, then u deserve what u get. I don’t have kids - so I would love to see a revolution! I call up the chaos magic!!

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What is DA Nom?......................... zzzzzzzzzz.

Our racial pride is not aggressive except in so far as the Jewish race is concerned. We use the term Jewish race as a matter of convenience, for in reality and from the genetic point of view there is no such thing as the Jewish race. There does, however, exist a community, to which, in fact, the term can be applied and the existence of which is admitted by the Jews themselves. It is the spiritually homogeneous group, to membership of which all Jews throughout the world deliberately adhere, regardless of their whereabouts and of their country of domicile; and it is this group of human beings to which we give the title Jewish race.


Who cares their genetics, Hitler didn’t. Hitler said it’s idealogy more than genetics. Hitler just didn’t have enough balls to kill the Jew book, that’s his problem. Richard Spencer does have the balls to bring out our Aryan Paganism.

I agree that:

1: capitalism requires the majority of people to be kind of a “sucker” or slave.

2: capitalism culminates in a smaller percentage controlling ever larger chunk of money.

3: pure socialism stifles creativity and motivation. At least to some extent. Why work your brain or body harder if you don’t become better off.

4: a hybrid is the sweet spot! Capitalism with TRUE competitive market. Some things should just be socialistic (at least catastrophic healthcare)..

I totally agree that you are a slave in capitalism. But, I’m willing to put up with some capitalism- as long as we help sick people without raping them financially. I also would be better with some open market as long as there was TRUE open competition.

We are all tied together. Unless u live like grizzly Adams

Burrito, I understand how u feel but what u envision is Utopia. In the real world you either gotta take control of the whole world, or try to “rally round the tribe”(with a pocket fulla shells)! Also - if Tribalism was scientifically debunked, then we would not be here today(you see we’ve evolved tribally. It’s also Darwinism- the stronger tribes survive.

So.... unless you are McAurthor and plan to nuke Moscow and Beijing then we should look out for our tribe here.

Now the race based Tribalism may be wrong, but idealogy based Tribalism is good for the real world

Social security crises: retirement and disability based on Health (healthy people work regardless of age).

Education: paid by taxes - but based totally on achievement (highest achievers go the furthest)

Healthcare: catastrophic care by taxes . Elective stuff privately.

>>basic preventive check ups by tax (reduces costs)

Immigration: only people with skills we need. Nationalism. Not our fault other countries can’t provide a decent place to live.

Exit the Jew IMF. Money directly represents labor or skill or product provided

Usury: very tight lending laws. The only thing credit is used for is maybe mortgage. No Jew clip joints

The solution is not that hard. But we ARE TRIBAL. And the tribe comes first! Most powerful concept in history. Check it out

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Well I thought someone knew more than. Jokes on me!


National Socialism was about still owning individual property and business and free market.

Socialism part was about healthcare and education and some government type programs.

I think separating in at least 2 or 3 countries would be th bear idea since sliced bread!! The differences will never work out.! Here’s my break down:

1. California-!left wing. Allow Muslims to take over and open season on killing late term babies, wink wink hehe!

2. Southeast- conservative Christian.

3. Rest- middle. Good with some different religions existing together and gays ok, yada.

Yes fascism is a POLITICAL ideology- Islam is never secular, their Religion and Politics are one and the same. Duh

And letting them take over is just treasonous

He’s correct about opportunity- it’s make it take it Capitalism. That’s capitalism s fault for killing itself with corruption

All I know is the next debate I start will block Outlaw. He has inhaled too much diesel smoke or something. Absolutely a waste of oxygen

What the hell are you babbling about? You and OUTLAW are limited on knowledge and gifted in oral diarrhea.

>>>Pagans do not all support abortion. We have no doctrine on it at all really. What we do support is education. That would mute the point all together. We have unwanted pregnancy because the Abrahamic Path makes sex so TABOO

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So you are saying that NOT Surrendering is a FLAW?!

Well, I would prefer to die rather than be a slave

If surrender is your bag. Here’s to ya dog

I mean dude,

Why aren’t all these “white preservationists” not catching the vibe that : “Hey, duh, Europeans were Pagan until Rome decided to convert the empire. Sometimes I wonder if Caucasians are not the DUMBEST race. They got dupped by the Semite. Not very brilliant.

You should be able th say ANYTHING you want short of directly threatening violence! If I wanna say “The Pope is a FAG”! I have the freedom. I should not be able to openly say “beat the Pope s ass” (even though he deserves a good ass whoopn)

Thanks for that input. That sounds plausible . I feel like Putin did try to influence the race for Trump. I just was confused on exactly why

I’m not a straight up socialist. But, if we agree that primary education is a right (even if u don’t have kids you still pay - what kinda free market is that?!), then I feel each BORN CITIZENS have a right to basic healthcare. Actually, I see paying for OTHER KIDS education is more Marxist and less free market than CONTRIBUTE to a healthcare fund - there’s no doubt I’ll use it sometimes in life.! Let’s just be real here. We already are socialist in part

America may fall or split. No biggie. I m not a white racist - but I think it’s fine if they go make their own territory. California could become the left refuge. Mainly - I just hope people realize that culture mixing is PAINFUL.

Hell, even the Nazis couldn’t decide on one religion. Hitler liked ancient Nordic gods. But so many Nazis were Christians?

That’s ironic - even Hitler didn’t have the balls to kill the Abrahamic god!

Anyone have the NZ shooter s MANIFESTO? I can’t find it? Would like to read it.

I defend a little capitalism- just with strict rules. I also defend socialism to some extent. If you understood dualities, u would understand that extremes are never good. Extreme left (sticklers creativity and innovation. Extreme right, allows a class system to develop until the working class breaks down and revolts. What we have now in America is an EXPERIMENT . 1st time in human history we didn’t live in little Tribes that were lil socialist tribes. Man has not lived without small socialist tribe

Amen man!

I have NO CHILDREN- but I still pay for y’all ‘s kid’s school. Nothing free market about that shit!

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