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Dane Cook and Kat Williams both have their moments but they don't even hold a candle to Carlin or Hicks.

Jerry Seinfeld has some good jokes but he isn't groundbreaking by any means.

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My apologies, posted this on the wrong argument.

You make a fantastic point, but technically shouldn't Amendment 9 should apply to Amendment 10 as well?

Shouldn't it be not allowed to discriminate against anyone even if a state votes on it?

And yes I'm positive Proposition 8 will be revoked in the future.

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Except domestic violence.


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At the age of 18 you can buy a marijuana club card (state/country depending), a gun, and cigarettes.

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While it is true that they spread disease and are a general nuisance, they help spread pollen and help decompose material.

It also can't be ignored that because of the Fruit Fly genetics experiment conducted by Thomas Hunt Morgan helped us make a huge leap in learning about genetics, heredity, and evolution. They help study genetics in biological studies because they are easy to manage, reproduce and die quickly, and have only 4 chromosomes and 3 autosomes.

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It's up to the person if they wish to post private and intimate details. It's not at all required.

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Absolutely not. Myspace is a social networking site created to connect people together. If anything the majority of my relationships have strengthened due to me being able to chat with my friends at any time of the day in many different manners.

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It can also be argued that even when they do change their positions it's bringing them closer to enlightenment due to them realizing ideas they never thought of before.

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Why are you opposed?

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No. 18 year olds have many more places to drive to, what with being adults, moving out, going to college, etc. 16 year olds are still young and still are required to go to high school, the majority stay local to their parents and school. Receiving your license at 16 gives you more time to drive and gain experience on the road in a safer environment. When you're 18, you won't have as much time to learn the basic lessons only experience can give you about driving.

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Actually it technically was okay. People married much younger back then because life spans were shorter. It's all about relativity.

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Whether or not you think it should be (in all fairness however, I do too) it remains that a champion is a person who wins. Regardless of whether they had malicious intentions or not.

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I agree with the fact that it's dirty and unsportsmanlike. However staying true to the actual definition of what a champion is, cheating is irrelevant. I'm taking this very literally.

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cham·pi·on Audio Help /ˈtʃæmpiən/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[cham-pee-uhn] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation


1. a person who has defeated all opponents in a competition or series of competitions, so as to hold first place

A champion is simply a victor by definition, so if they win by any means they are still a champion.

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No. The word pedophile wasn't coined until the 1800's, Muhammad was alive in the 500-600's. So technically he wasn't a pedophile, just a man who had sex with children, which back then wasn't as frowned upon as it is now.

(Keep in mind this argument isn't totally serious, he is a pedophile for our time)

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I said outside what we perceive as logical, so no I don't. It's just my own personal theory.

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Sexuality is a basic instinct in humans. At a young age it might be more difficult for children to tell the difference between reality and fiction, this can cause problems when a movie or TV show glorifies fighting or killing.

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I understand where you're coming from, but nonetheless different highs can be perceived as better or worse for different people. I have friends who stopped doing pot after they started shrooms because they "like it better". The trip might be different, but maybe it's more immersive and that may be what certain users want.

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I would say coke, but Mountain Dew wins me over.

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The idea of an afterlife or heaven changes from religion to religion. The Norse believe you travel to Valhalla when you die in battle, the Greeks believe you go to hades. Heaven is the perspective of your own beliefs and cultural ideas. I would go to heaven because in my own idea, heaven is where you are happy and blissful for all eternity.

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This isn't about caffeine this is about Marijuana. Your analogy that soda leads to energy drinks is like marijuana is to cocaine, E, etc. is completely ridiculous. Soda isn't a gateway because soda is not an illegal drug which creates a sensation which the user wishes to pursue.

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I smoke too and am like you. Not everyone transfers over of course.

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