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Abortion doesn't kill a baby because it's not a baby. It's an inviable parasite. It cannot eat or breathe on its own without the host (woman) so it is not its own entity. Therefore abortion removes an unwanted growth. If the fetus were a person than every miscarriage would be a murder and Mother Nature causes miscarriages in 20-45 percent of pregnancies. Are you going to accuse Mother Nature of killing babies? Or the host (woman)? I think not. It's not a baby. It's a bunch of cells.

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Intelligence and desire to have sex are two entirely different parts of the brain. One can be very stupid and have no sex drive. As can one be very smart, very horny and take all reasonable precautions (pill, condom, etc) and STILL end up pregnant. Sex is more than procreation. Other primates (and many other species) have sex for the pleasure alone. Humans have those same desires--smart or not.

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Well think about it... women already have abortions whey they are impregnated against their will. Isn't that the point--that they didn't intend to become pregnant?

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Yes, because criticism and humor are essential to a balance, objective society. If we fear that someone somewhere will be offended, how can we possibly communicate our concerns about a faulty government, harmful actions, or antisocial beliefs?

There is a time for political correctness, but the other 99% of the time it is unnecessary and unwarranted.

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Theater class. Sometimes a lot of 'homework' but rarely required pencils, formulas, or any rulers. You could goof off and have a good time while still learning a skill.

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I say lousy, if by lousy you mean unemployed, distant, detached, overworked, unavailable, lazy, unintelligent, boring, uneducated, and other non-criminal versions of a bad dad.

However, if pops is a drug dealer, murderer, rapist, etc... Be satisfied with being alive and not knowing the sperm donor.

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"If it is ok to abort, why do those who do so end up so destroyed for the rest of their lives?"

They don't. Not if they do it for the right reasons. There is always the "what if" factor. But millions of women have had abortions and are living perfectly healthy, happy, successful lives. About half of women in the US who have had an abortion already have children, so they know the joys and stresses of children. They make the decision for the greater good--the family and society.

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"Everything happens for a reason"? So incest, pedophilia, rape, and abuse are results of reason?!? There is nothing reasonable about raising a constant reminder of a cruel crime. Those opposed to any type of induced abortion have no idea what its like for a child to carry the burden of being the offspring of abuse. It is a fact that unplanned/unwanted children are more likely to be subjected to abuse and neglect--continuing the cycle. Stopping that cycle of abuse is easy. It just takes one outpatient appointment.

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I use caffeine to wake me up. I use alcohol to have fun. I use benedryl to get to sleep. And I like the way catnip and spearmint make my tongue tingle.

I think perhaps you may want to specify what TYPE of drugs in your question.

Supporting Evidence: Wiktionary definition of "drug" (
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Oh hell yes. Just fire off one nuke. Just one bloody nuclear missile will set off every goddam cold-war and anti-terrorism defense around globe.

Not even cockroaches will remain.

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I only dislike Republicans (or Democrats or Libertarians or what-have-yous) when they're hypocrites who don't practice what they preach, abuse their power, mislead the people they purport to represent, or harm the innocent for the sake of achieving greater power/wealth for themselves and their cohort.

In other words, I dislike politicians.

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My kid knocked up your honor student.

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