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If you are looking at people, you aren't really paying attention to what scripture says. There is nothing in scripture that says that people are good. In fact, scripture makes it pretty clear that people are not good. There is One that is good, and that is God.

The faith is not about being a "good" person. The faith is about recognizing your own faults, getting some humility from that realization, and showing others charity as you have been shown charity. The faith is about keeping it real, recognizing that God is The Supreme and Ultimate Reality, and loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

Is discernment a gift of the spirit? Certainly. Those who love the truth will be more in line with the truth when they make moral decisions. Those who bow down to idols will allow their idols to corrupt the truth that they do cling on to.

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The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is God.

That is what "God" with a capital "G" means.

The ones who do know that this is what they are talking about tend to avoid it because even they know it looks stupid to argue, "It is the truth that there is no truth, and it is reality that there is no reality! Prove to me that there is such a thing as proof! Hah! You have shown me no proof, there is no evidence!"

If they don't believe in God, they don't believe in truth, so they aren't being honest when they ask for evidence.

No, good atheist arguments are always against little "g" gods, not The Big G.

It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in The Supreme and Ultimate Reality, it clearly exists, and no amount of cleverness or mental gymnastics is going to get around this.

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality by necessity must exist. It is intrinsic to what that means.

Why do people have a problem with God? Because they believe that the things people tell them about God are God. They are superstitious. They are the people who automatically assume that a UFO is a spaceship piloted by little grey man like creatures. It's called an unidentified flying object because it is in the air and we don't know what it is. So with that understanding, what does "The Supreme and Ultimate Reality" mean? What does God mean?

This is really something everyone should have common ground on. The existence of God should not even be up for debate. Atheism is not a defensible position. It's practically an academic joke to make know it students expose themselves as being fools. It works really well, because know it all students tend to be that way because they think so highly of themselves. It is easy to get them to think they "know better" than to fall for that God scam.

Seriously, take every atheist argument against God, and I don't mean scripture or any of that.. I mean arguments directed at God. Now replace the word "God" with "The Supreme and Ultimate Reality" and see how stupid the argument sounds.

Yes, atheism is stupid. It is stupid because God obviously exists, that is damn near the defining characteristic of God. EXISTENCE.

That doesn't make atheists stupid, that makes them ignorant. If they knew any better, they wouldn't be atheists.

Real deal atheists? The ones shouting from the rooftop "There is no truth! There is no reality! I'm a little tea pot short and stout!" will die in their sins, because to deny truth is an unforgivable blasphemy. Let them live out the rest of their lives in the hell they have created for themselves. They deserve it.

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If you are feeling like you are being bullied over the internet, it means you need to get out more.

Fresh air is a lot more fun. Being on the internet all the time makes you dumb. The world is falling apart around you people, and all you can do is worry about what a bunch of loser malcontents say on some internet website? For a lot of these people, it is probably a way for them to let out aggression in a world that has hammered them into submission otherwise. They are weak, and their weakness is let out here. Let them take their drugs.

That is what this place is. That is what all this amusement is. Drugs.

One day, when it all shuts down, all you electronic crack junkies will be standing around with your hands on your genitals. You will get robbed. You will starve. You will deserve it. Maybe you should have been doing something more useful with your time instead of bowing down to worthless idols. You know, like developing life skills, meaningful relationships, discipline, or growing into a decent human being.

No, instead of working hard and practicing good stewardship, you'd rather do everything half ass, blow all your money on vanities, and argue with people over the internet.

Argue with someone who can't even look you in the eye. Argue with someone who you can't even tell is laughing at you will they intentionally lie to you. Argue with someone who probably isn't taking in a single word you say. For what?

It's all vanity. It's better to keep it real.

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is God. Surrender to God, and forsake idolatry.

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What should I be addressing?

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A fascist is a bundle of sticks.

A bundle of sticks is also called a faggot.

Therefore, fascists are faggots.

Fascism means "Reality is kindling for the fire"

A "fascist state" would therefore be a mode or condition of being set on autodestruct.

I don't know what fascism is, that is just what I think about it.

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Can you answer these questions?

"Why is it objectively immoral for one evolved bag of pond scum to kill 17 lesser bags of evolved pond scum?"

(If you don't believe this, please explain how it is objectively immoral)

"How do you rationally knows truth from fiction?"

I think if you answered this questions, it might lead to more edifying discussion about these things.

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The fact that you are even talking about "right wing trolls" is evidence that you are feeding them.

You don't defeat trolls, because for them to win is to get you to talk. That is the whole point of that type of trolling.

I mean really, are you much better? What are you doing right now? You are obviously trolling. You aren't doing any better than those you point the finger at.

I'm sure you are loving all this attention. How much of it is even real? You are likely building your own hype up, assuming there is even any hype at all.

I don't believe the hype. All I see is you calling yourself number one and bragging about how you spill the entrails of your enemies.

Good show. You make a good clown.

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Atheism of course can be a desire for God to not exist.

If God exists, that makes everyone WRONG.

To the self righteous, this has to be obnoxious.

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Maybe if you accepted that I am talking about The Supreme and Ultimate Reality and not what you or I think that is, you'd have less trouble.

You'd also realize that there is absolutely nothing delusional about saying that God exists, and to say that God doesn't exist is inherently self defeating. It is like saying, "It is the truth that there is no truth!"

See, if you knew what I was talking about, you'd realize that your posturing is little more than arrogance. You are clearly in the wrong, and it has nothing to do with me being right. You aren't arguing against me, you are arguing against The Supreme and Ultimate Reality.

What does it matter if I'm stupid? Even someone who is stupid can understand that the truth isn't a lie and a lie isn't the truth.

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Then you still believe in God, even if you don't believe in God the same way as other people do.

If you believe there is truth or reality at all, you believe in God.

The word "God" is English for "The Supreme and Ultimate Reality".

So you don't recognize the witness of various scriptures? That doesn't mean that you don't believe in God. Indeed, people believed in God even before these scriptures were written.

I recognize the witness, and I recognize the proof. That is why I can speak so boldly about Jesus Christ. It has been proven to me even if it hasn't been proven to you.

Of course God has thoughts though. The evidence of this is that you have thoughts. If God didn't have thoughts, how could you have thoughts? After all, if it is a reality that you have thoughts, it means that thoughts exist. If thoughts exist, it is by God that they exist.

Did God "create itself"? No, of course not. The reason why this is theologically unsound is because God is not a created thing. Created things come from God. In fact, this is practically the distinction between God and everything else. The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is The Uncreated.

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Because in Jewish theology, a name is not an arbitrary pronouncement of syllables, it is a real matter of identity. Not identity like, "this is what I call you", but identity like "This is a defining quality".

There are many names of God in the bible, and they all have meanings. Contemplating these names aide in revealing the true identity of God.

Who is God?

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality.

I AM THAT I AM is what God said.

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is The Supreme and Ultimate Reality.

Or you know, the Word was God and the Word was with God, that sort of thing.

Talking about God here.... The Truth... The Way...

When people deny God, they are saying that there is no truth or reality. The existence of God should not even be up to debate. If there was ever any one thing that should be common ground, it should be God.

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Not as long as there are a bunch of juvenile minded know it alls running around who think it is beneath them to give dignity to those who don't have the same garbage crammed in their heads as they do.

Yet that is kind of the nature of where it is we are. People who lean on their own understanding like to debate. They like to debate because they are insecure about their beliefs. Unfortunately, they are both insecure and prideful. As a result, they can't be seen changing their minds, and they can't help but make degrading comments towards those they see as being less than them.

Really, it amazes me that these people don't see how their mentality not only condemns just about everyone on the planet, but it also condemns them.

They don't know Jesus, but they think they do. If they knew Jesus, it would be better for them. If they could put aside their haughtiness for a moment and adopt an attitude of charity, the result would be more edification for everyone.

Of course, if you are here because you are full of pride and insecure, you aren't here for edification. Not for yourself or others.

I don't ruthlessly attack people. I hold back an awful lot. Why? Because I realize it isn't helpful to tell someone that I think they are really stupid. To me, that isn't a matter of their identity. Just because they believe a lot of stuff that I think is stupid doesn't mean that they are stupid. I want people to have a good time. I want to help, I really do. Do I sometimes slip up and call people names? Yeah, it happens. That doesn't mean that I think it is right. Besides that, I really do hold back an awful lot. It is a lot easier to be a raging arse head than it is to be genuinely polite. I try to take the more skillful route.

In my every day life, this is what I do. I help people. It is hard work, and a lot of times it is very thankless. It is a different environment. In the real world, my actions are my words. Here, my words are my actions. It is the opposite. You can't see what I'm doing here. I can't really be a friend here. This isn't my world. Besides that, I don't like spending a lot of time on the computer and I don't really have a lot of time to spend on the computer. In fact, I'm going to have a lot less time to spend on the computer after today. I am a very busy person. I work a lot. I have to work. I don't think people who are on this site all day know what it is like to have to work. When I am not working, I prefer to be outside.

So what? I just want everyone to know that my heart is heavy with compassion, and that is why I say and do the things I do here. I care about you, even if I think the opinions you express make you look like a monstrous and despicable person. The people I love in the real world are probably a lot worse than even the most wicked person on this site. I associate with killers, prostitutes, knee breakers, magicians, psychopaths, and those who are overcome by substance abuse on a daily basis. Why do I do that? Because I'm able to get along with these people without sacrificing my integrity. I preach the gospel everywhere I go, and most of that preaching comes from simply being a good friend. From showing CHARITY.

And that is what is really needed, not just here, but in the church, in politics, in the workplace, in the real world. More charity. Without charity, everyone will simply devour each other. Besides that, when we don't show charity, we condemn ourselves because we are guilty of the same things we accuse others of.

What am I? I'm just a man.. or a cartoon frog.. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that God is The Supreme and Ultimate Reality, and the good news is that The Truth sets you free. It's about keeping it real. Showing charity is part of keeping it real. We all have been shown a lot of charity. We all have been given a lot of grace. We are where we are because of so many factors outside of our own control. It isn't right to think so highly of the self. Keeping it real leads to humility. Honest humility leads to sincere charity.

Sincerity of faith and charity, that is the way. That is the right path. That is all I preach. What is the alternative? The worship of strife and chaos. A person who worships strife and chaos is not thinking about other people. They are thinking about themselves. They are working to satisfy their own lusts. They are doing it for the lulz.

Do you all want to get something meaningful accomplished through debate? Surrender to God, and show charity to one another. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be open.

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In other words, "I know everything, so there is nothing anyone can teach me."

Good luck

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All I hear is "I deny The Supreme and Ultimate Reality".

This instantly makes you wrong, so why should I care about the rest of the crap that is falling out of your head?

I don't believe in your knowledge falsely so called. You certainly aren't talking to me.

See, if you actually listened to me and understood what I was saying, you'd come to the realization that atheism is a self defeating position that is inherently foolish.

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Yet here you are, expressing your own opinions very loudly while being resistant to conversation and even banning people. Narcissistic? So what if I am? It's very obvious to me that you are projecting. The measure you use to judge has been used to judge you.

Sorry, I don't see how your faith in God makes you any different than the pagan. You aren't fun. Get over yourself. You might as well be an atheist masquerading. You're worthless.

You might not care about my opinion, but I don't care that you don't care about my opinion. It would be better if you were thrown into the sea with an anchor tied around your leg.


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I think it comes from having a superstitious idea of God. If your conception of God is anything other than THE SUPREME AND ULTIMATE REALITY, you aren't actually talking about the God that any real believer professes faith in. Besides that, you aren't talking about the God that is universally recognized from the scripture in all the major world religions.

Of course, atheists tend to debate people are superstitious ideas about God because it reinforces their own superstitious ideas of God.

They have no idea what they are doing.

There are also a lot of atheist who actually do believe in God, but because they are practitioners of magic(that is, the utilization of belief as a tool), it isn't in their best interests to point people to a conception of God that is actually real.

Atheism is either ignorance, foolishness, wickedness, or all three.

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You can't go against God's will, don't be ridiculous. Whoever is denigrating your words, they are doing it by the will of God.

So is this your excuse?

I tell you, it makes no difference whether you forsake God or come to God. It is by God's will. It is God's will that you experience things the way that you do. It is also clearly God's will that the state of your consciousness changes over time. The you of today is not the same as the you of long past, and it won't be the same you as the you of the future.

I'm throwing around seeds because some of those seeds will land on fertile soil. Those who grow with God will have peace. What is peace? Accepting God's sovereignty over all things and aligning yourself with it. On Earth as it is in Heaven. What does that mean? It means to forsake delusion, and embrace THE TRUTH.

The TRUTH is what sets you free, and embracing the TRUTH will ultimately lead to a happier life.

I can't speak for anyone else, but the reason why I preach the good news is because I'd like for everyone on this planet to have a good time. It's not about me. I have my peace, and believe me when I say that there are many who would look at me and expect me to be miserable. I tell you, there are those who have it far worse than me, and they have found peace because they love God.

So hey, you could say, "I have peace, I am content! I am even happy!". I don't care about that. I am not your judge. The one who really knows is God, and you may be able to fool others.. You may even be able to fool yourself.. But there is no fooling God.

Keeping it real is the best policy, and what am I saying? All I've been saying the entire time I've been on this website is to KEEP IT REAL.

Look at how much opposition I get just from that! You know what it does? It proves scripture right, because scripture SAYS THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

Just as they called for the crucifixion of Jesus, just as they slayed the prophets.. So the world will revolt against the truth, no matter how clearly stated it is.

What am I saying?

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality!

Watch people foam at the mouth. It is really pitiable. Yet, it fulfills the scripture, "Because they received not the love of the truth, they have been cursed with strong delusion".

It is the love of Christ dwelling in me that compels me to spread The Good News. Salvation is God. The Truth sets you free.

Keep it real. I'm very consistent. It isn't about me. I'm not trying to be a teacher. I'm trying to point to The Good Teacher. I have faith that Truth stands clear apart from error. I must become less so that The Word of God becomes more. It's not about me. It's about God.

So whether or not you find my words convincing, it is the will of God. I am not the one who saves souls. I am not the one who hardens and softens hearts. It is God, and it is even written that some vessels are made for honor, and others for dishonor.

It is always better to forsake idolatry and turn to The One True God. The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is the focus of the relationship. How does God speak to us? Through his Word, and it is written, "All things were made by him(The word of God which is God); and without him was not any thing made that was made.". If this is the case, your very experience is your relationship with God, and God speaks to you through life.

How can you deny my God? It's because you don't know my God. If you knew my God, there would be no doubt in your mind that this is the only God even worthy of being called God, for all other gods are subject to death, but The God I believe in is Eternal.

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The way things actually are as opposed to the way you see things as being or wish them to be.

By definition, there can only be ONE Supreme and Ultimate Reality. There can't be two "supremes" or two "ultimates". There is One True God.

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality.

If you say this God doesn't exist, you clearly don't know what you are talking about.

So repent, and believe The Truth.

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No, what is irrational is trying to reason with people who have a stated position that THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN TRUTH.

I'm telling you that by your logic, I'm a "determinist machine" even though I believe in God.

Hating atheists doesn't do any good. Show them some charity, they clearly don't know what they are doing. Bashing people and acting superior is never a convincing way to argue.

What do the scriptures say?

Without charity, it matters not if you know everything, can speak every language, and give your body to be burned... The effect you will have is the same as a loud clanging symbol.

Why do I do what I do? Because it is God's will. Why do you do what you do? Because it is God's will.

The one who hardens and softens hearts is God. It does no good to be pretentious about it, because we are where we are because of the grace of God, not our own doing.

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You are clearly not talking to me, you are clearly talking to some homogenized prejudice.

Sorry buddy, you making me into your straw man because you have a hate boner doesn't make what I say idiotic.

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is God. What you experience is a reality. This reality is your personal relationship with The Supreme and Ultimate Reality. Your experience is not God.

I do not kill people. I do not call for anyone to be killed. I believe in charity. You clearly do not believe in charity, because you have already taken yourself as judge by condemning "moronic churches". See, that is the difference between what my position is and your position. My position is not to lean on my own understanding, but instead say, "I don't know", and let The Supreme and Ultimate Reality be the judge, surely the righteous judge. I am a fallible human being. You on the other hand are puffing yourself up to be something.

Well, no matter how intelligent you are, no matter how capable, no matter how influential... You will die in your sins, and God will continue to be as God always has and always will.

You don't understand the faith because you already think you know. I'm telling you that you don't. The faith is in God, The Supreme and Ultimate Reality, and the discipline is loving God. Loving God means loving THE TRUTH. If you love THE TRUTH, it will eventually give you some humility, and make you an overall more honest person.

Maybe you should get a dictionary and figure out what "Supreme and Ultimate Reality" means before you start speaking about things you don't understand as if you had understanding.

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The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is God, and if you accept this, your entire argument against God is nonsensical posturing.

Abandon these superstitious ideas about God, and embrace THE TRUTH.

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Saying that The Supreme and Ultimate Reality doesn't exist not only is unscientific, but it undermines the very validity of science to begin with.

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The Supreme and Ultimate Reality is God.

If you accept this, your question can answer itself.

Surely this God by necessity must be eternal, always existing.

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The only thing I ever consistently stand on is The Supreme and Ultimate Reality. I don't even stand on myself. Is not honesty intrinsic to this? Who are you to judge another's heart?

Humanity is doomed because that is the nature of created things in a temporal world. Time destroys it all. It is the eternal nature of God's word that saves all of it. Even though yesterday is gone, it is still here, always existing, one with God, The Supreme and Ultimate Reality. All of existence is here by The Word of God, and The Word of God is eternal.

There is no salvation apart from God.

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