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FromWithin(5996) Clarified
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You and the Left must worship alcohol, because you are not screaming for background checks on past DWI drivers in pubic places selling alcohol.

Don't you care for the lives of children killed by drunk drivers? WHY ARE GUNS YOUR ONLY WEAPON TO BE OUTRAGED AGAINST?

Do you worship alcohol or would you like big Government doing a background check on you every time you buy alcohol.

LIAR!.................................................................... TARGET SHOOTING KILLS NO ONE!


I believe life of mother abortions should be legal because it will save at least one life.

If you lived in this nation, I would bet a lot of money you would still vote for Democrat Politicians who keep No Restriction abortions legal for any reason at any stage. That would make you as big a phony as the people in this nation who claim to be against No Restriction abortions but vote for those who keep it legal.

Stop being a deceptive loser swallowing what fake news tells you.

I WENT TO SCHOOL 50 YEARS AGO AND GUESS WHAT? There were no mass shootings in school. We had TV and we had the news telling us about such things if they were happening. It's not the gun!

Just because smug arrogant people like yourself think you have the right to decide if a gun is important to others who want to protect their families, does not give you the right to decide what's important to me and millions of Americans who believe our gun rights are VERY IMPORTANT!

Back ground checks for repeat drunk drivers would save far more lives than your ludicrous gun restrictions. It's not the car, it's the alcohol consumed by people who have no caring for those they might kill on the road. Back ground checks on these repeat DWI drivers before they buy that alcohol would save many lives, but of course you don't want to be inconvenienced when it comes to things you like.

Lives only matter to people like you as long as you are not the one being inconvenienced.

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They were.

The gang violence of the 80's far eclipsed the school shootings, etc. of the past couple decades.

The main things that changed since the early 60's that are relevant to school shootings are:

- A smaller percentage of Americans own guns now than in the 60's. If access to guns were a factor, the reduction in percentage of Americans should have further reduced the rates of gun violence. This has not been the case, so we must look someplace other than guns.

- A much larger percentage of Americans grow up in single parent households now than in the 60's. Kids, particularly boys, growing up without fathers in the house with them, are less likely to be apprenticed into responsible adulthood. Basically mass shootings are the ultimate in toddler style temper tantrums, and the acting out of tough guy movie fantasies that result from not seeing the mundane manifestations of manhood like paying bills, doing chores around the house, and taking up responsibility for the well-being of others, particularly the family.

- A much smaller percentage of teenagers have jobs and contribute financially to their households now than in the 60's. In addition to giving kids something useful to do with their time, jobs are great for building responsibility and self-esteem, both of which are antidotes for the nihilism at the core of these shootings.

- Adolescence is now as much as 10 years longer now than in the 60's. Extending the overlap between physical adulthood (which begins after puberty) and social childhood (which ends at financial independence) reduces the urgency to grow up and start looking out for other people. The assumption that childish selfishness is normal in the teens and twenties means insanely selfish actions are going to be more common.

- Kids are less personally responsible for their own social issues now now than in the 60's. The philosophy of schools (and parents) has shifted away from making students responsible for their own self-esteem and for dealing with bullies to the schools and parents negotiating these issues for their kids. As a result of not learning to independently navigate the social landscape at young ages, many teens and tweens are without the required social skills, so they substitute with violence.

- A much larger percentage of teenagers are on psychiatric medications now than in the 60's. We have come to assume that developing coping skills can be bypassed by outsourcing to pharmaceutical companies. Many of these psychotropic drugs have possible side effects that include violent outbursts and delusions.

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There are many situations in the gangster world and legal world (yes ironically both extremes) where lying is a necessity to save someone.

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If you are born with non-human DNA this happens to you on the daily and no one bats an eyelid. Just because someone is human doesn't make them deserve to live any more than another living being which we eat on the daily.

This scenario makes it technical self defence as you were all going to die of starvation had you not killed Angelo. I would equally support Angelo killing you and eating you, so it's not based on his illness.

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There's a fact that they were another option that cannibalism and killing such as fishing, hunting birds, etc at that time. You see, if its with consent and Steven ask Angelo 'Can I kill you? We need food in order to survive' with a response of 'Yes' will you (referring to people on this side) consider it moral?

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Considering , you can save your friend without lying

marcusmoon(469) Clarified
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Maybe prayer is a self-serving thing, showing righteousness to god, providing some form of self-worth?

That sounds like a better way to pray than asking for fixes to problems.

Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

The verse and the context seem to indicate that prayer is not about putting change in some deified cosmic vending machine, but about living a life of conscious joy, thanksgiving, and meaning.

That is not a fix for school shootings, but it is a way to move on afterward.

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The reason I'm so anti-uniform is that in this age of the wonderful internet if a child is wearing a school uniform it just makes it that much easier for perverts and strangers to be able to find them in real life.

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As a former teacher, I can vouch for the truth of what you brought up in your first point. One student who does not want to be there can use up as much as 80 percent of the teacher's time and attention, just trying to manage behavior and keep everybody else from being disrupted.

Nobody ever says it when teachers ask for raises, or when funding bills are up for a vote, or when parents are worried about the quality of their kid's schools, or when politicians criticize the quality of our schools, but the difference between a really good school and a horrible school is how many kids goof off and rob their classmates of the benefits of a functioning learning environment.

I know this from personal experience. I have worked both in Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence and in failing schools that make the inner city schools in movies like Dangerous Minds look like country clubs. The good students in both kinds of schools were the same. They were all filled with highly skilled and dedicated teachers. As often as not, the poor performing schools even had better funding for materials (computers, books, etc..) The only difference was that the crappy schools had more students who got in the way of everybody else learning.

There are few things the US has to offer that are more valuable than universal free education. However, not everybody wants to take advantage of that benefit.

People are only 15 once. Those who don't want to use class time to participate in learning activities and give their best effort to developing skills and understanding should not waste their time or their classmates' time.

Seriously, there are more fun places to goof off than a classroom. Kids who do not want to do the work to learn should go somewhere else and do something they actually want to do.

More to the point, there are better ways to squander opportunities that don't sabotage other kids' chances to build better lives for themselves.

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