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You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

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I would like to offer you a chance to have anal sex with me.....................

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>Low unemployment

>DOW at 25,000+

>America having not been in a war during his Presidency

>Obama & Hillary will have been exposed

>People saying Merry Christmas being normal again

>A big beautiful wall on the Southern border

>A completed distrust by moderates Independents, Conservatives, & many liberals of the lying Soros media

Furthermore, if I’m making interjections in my discourse and conversation it means, I’m writing in point by point method and I don’t have to maintain conjugative or pluralistic grammatical methods to make my point.

Furthermore, if I’m making interjections in my discourse and conversation it means I’m writing in point by point method, and I don’t have to maintain conjugation or pluralistic grammatical methods to make my point.

Any person who hired or used labour, when and where it can be proven that person had prior knowledge of an illegal or illicit act is considered to be complicit in those acts, and punishment should be comparable and fair.

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Yes, absolutely!

TzarPepe(754) Clarified
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I don't believe my position is wishy washy at all. It simultaneously respects freedom of speech and property rights.

If a press uses their property rights to deny usage of the press, others who think that is wrong can stop supporting them. Support a different press. Or get your own press.

Let the haters speak hate, I am not scared of them.

Come on! Too broad. This isn’t hard to understand. There are people who don’t believe in the historical fact of speciation due to natural selection. Come on, I expect slightly better than that.

Rick_Zeta5A(104) Clarified
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I was trying to clarify your viewpoint. It’s pretty wishywashy to be for free speech but also for ‘shutting people down for bad language’.

Ignorance is an argument from a literal lack of understanding of the facts. Hateful means incited dislike.

I don’t believe any ‘type’ of speak should be banned or illegal, I think when someone has a terrible hateful viewpoint, it’s a less than subtle display of their ignorance and any ignorance can be rectified with truth and understanding.

What we can’t do is police words and dumb down language so that it protects certain social groups, whilst doing nothing to eliminate ignorant attitudes or ideas.

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Really quite the opposite. It is an attempt to take art away from the artist and bring them to a more natural, primordial, and child like state. Let the universe do the painting for you.

Really, the artform is in selling the splatter paint art. These people are the real geniuses. Why do you know about any of this crap to begin with? People with way too much money throw their money at it. Maybe they have such a low opinion of everyone else that they see splatter painting as the best the lower class plebeians can come up with. Buying their finger paintings and sticking it to the fridge with a magnet is really the charitable thing to do.

Crazy people need to make a buck too, ya know? Some pretty good art comes out of crazy people.

Then there is splatter painting..... Sounds like some kind of side hussle a land sharking used car salesman would come up with. Surely some dumb rich schmuck would buy this canvas with my guacamole diarrhea splashed all over it. This painting really takes you to a place.

Anyone complicit in illegal activity knew what they were doing and deserve whatever punishment the rest of law abiding society gives them.

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