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Then using your hideous barbaric logic, it is none of our business if somene kills you!

The only reason people have a choice to kill is because five men out of nine said it was now ok to kill babies.

Are you so dead inside that you can not see in your own heart how barbaric that decision was?

I'm so sick of inhumn fools caring nothing for innocent life, while you fight to keep your life protected.

If you bring up life of mother abortions, or other extreme case abortions, I will ignore your rantings for as long as you are on this site. NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT EXTREME CASE ABORTIONS!

We are talking about the hundred's of thousands of convienence abortions of healthy babies by healthy mothers.

Wait wait wait wait wait wait....!!!.......I just realized something, Anonymous is PROBABLY Nathan Allen trying to trick me again! You fool, your attempts are getting slightly more cunning but it is still not enough. Did you think I would click on your spyware links?

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The whole question is about God and it’s creation??

Why did he do? What he has done already?!

Please try to understand that God is not what you may think he is. And I may be thinking of it as wrong, as well.

But looking at what exists right now, from past history. All I’m saying that planet earth is a cursed place.

I totally agree. The most practical way to stop climate change is to have a massive war. Then start with what's left and keep it under a billion.

And I should ignore the troll?

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If you cared in the least, you would support the GOP's compromise of 20 week limits (with extreme case exceptions).

But you show you don't care every time you vote for the Democrat Party!


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So lets make it legal to kill you, and hope for the day when we eliminate the need to kill you. That is your logic when it comes to kiling even healthy viable babies for any reason.

You say and do nothing to protect them.


The cock sucking faggot has shown up got worried their did not think you would come. I really do wish you stay but like you do I will ban anyone who disagrees with me. And you just so happen to be threating me and everything you will be the one banned not me you cock sucking monkey

I have a life stalking those that are faggots and side with the wrong peopel

Well well, we have a hacker don't we? Well let's see. Top link is from a year ago things have changed with how I do things and how I debate. Second link is a duplicate of a Saintnow debate. Even says so at the bottom of the debate. 3rd is calling saintnow a dumb ass, and 4th that dude deserved that. He was a troll before being banned.

Do you not have a life? Like really who spends their time going through firewalls, and avoiding anti virus and whatever else is in place just to bring up things I do not want everyone to know. I can make everything you link to disappear just like that. You are now walking on thin fucking ice. Tread carefully you will be banned within the next 48 hours.

How could I be him trace me give me a link I will do whatever you want to show i am not them

here is a link I have found on his computer

should of never logged in on a unsecured network.

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