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You made an excuse why killing innocent viable unborn babies is ok. This is what every inhuman person has done throughout the ages.

Different victim, but the same old barbaric excuses to why an innocent life is expendable.

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AL you are a dumb ass and here is the reason why Hair on Fire AL -My first words were, "Of course it is alive". I disagree that a fetus is self sustaining. If the mother dies, the fetus dies …

Got some facts you stupid idiot on an insane claim ????????????

Step up to the plate you piece of tripe or STFU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Progressive Jewel your Commie Media uses propaganda each and every day. So i do wander what message there is to help out the Blue Wave in 2018 ??????????

Given that most people fall on the bell curve for education and also on the bell curve for morality, what makes one child succeed over his peers with the same qualifications is pure, unadulterated, luck ;)

How can anyone argue otherwise ;)

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But you must know that Crazy AL some kinda way equates sex with Christianity ! So who can enter that Confused World LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!! NOM you Socialist must live with a fire extinguisher ROTFFLMMFAO

Why not make a philosophical debate about what constitutes a "life." The problem I find with those debates is that there is not end. They are just people's opinions. I prefer "narrow" debates. My next debate is "The sky is blue" ;)

AL you crazy leftist are totally insane and you demonstrate your madness on a daily basis

Awwwww, poor little Outlaw is upset because he's run out of moonshine again!

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If you don't got loot you won't be knockin' no boots. .

no endz no skinz
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AL you crazy leftist are totally insane and you demonstrate your madness on a daily basis

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Knocking boots with females has something to do with Christianity there Crazy Hair on Fire AL ????????

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