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Right, this is coming from the guy who claims to be a white rabbit.

John_C_1812(242) Clarified
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Yes, I am saying an admission to a crime is legal even if the woman believes she is in danger, or is really in danger. There are several Unite states created by the use of the word abortion. Outside the biggest which is an admission of guilt, there is the transferable self-incrimination, and outside the transferable self-incrimination there is a miss-use of the word abortion.

Abortion is an official stop/pause used only on things to have been officially started to address issues concerning life threating malfunctions. The process which is aborted is either restarted, or terminated for safety. Abortion on the other hand takes place with a really woman when she does not become pregnant while she goes through menstruation up until menopause.

The medical profession and genetic sciences see the human embryo as alive and its life is simply extended in a couple ways, cryogenic freezing, and pregnancy are different ways of preserving a living thing that has already been documented. So it is the stopping of the conception process which is when an abortion takes place according to the principle of the word. The other circumstance is termination or female specific amputation.

The reason why legislation of law around the word abortion is illegal. Self-incrimination is never addressed to a standard of United States Constitution the crime is never verbally removed from the admission of guilt. The demonstration set to protect the United States Constitution is female specific amputation. This admission has no self-incrimination of guilt. this places all voters in danger of committing perjury or become accomplish after the fact. both of which would remove them as legal voters.

The DOW was DOWN for the 1st half of 2018...

Except Reagan didn't lose Michigan.

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The real answer is that you are pointlessly stupid, as your long pointless tantrum evidences.

When the new order comes I will be eating your flesh and using your brain tissue as candle wax.

Should we have "zero tolerance" for other laws?

Should we jail every person who gets a parking ticket and detain their kids?

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I can absolutely understand the frustration of students not taking homework seriously and a lack of support from families. I think that if implemented in an intentional manner the flipped classroom could actually work to address some of these problems. In my understanding the success of the flipped classroom centers around students engaging with highly engaging and often creative tasks during class time. If this is occurring student motivation increases as does the completion of tasks outside of the classroom. Regarding access, if more teachers are able to show the benefits of this practice I think that it will allow for all to better advocate for their student's access to technology.


Evan Combs


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There are a lot of foods that contain healthy fats but none are as good as salmon and salmon row as far as I know. Here is a list I found which might have one or two sources you weren't aware of.

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I absolutely agree that students need to understand the "why" behind math and science concepts. I think that a flipped model would allow for students to engage in procedural practice at home and then in the classroom engage in more hands-on activities to build solid conceptual understanding. The flipped model in my view provides students with the opportunity to engage in higher-order thinking tasks during class time with the teacher as the facilitator.


Evan Combs


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Do not kill what you can utilise and reward for loyalty, especially not if they will remain content and happy enough to protect you against threats to your power when and if the time comes.

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Morality evolved out of the necessity of cooperation. Everybody except psychopaths have some form of moral code, which implies that morality is not only real, but beneficial to survival.

Now i see some spewed nonsense right there !!!!!!!!!!!!

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"NASA's interest in Antarctica but lack of interest in The Arctic makes total sense as does the fact that they and Roscosmos have top level Government Security Clearance required to access information in their array of it as well as audit them (which is never ever done).

Oh yes, the Earth and universe are as round and real as you humans are told. There's no conspiracy, all is well."

- The Alien Demigods

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There is only one objective truth and those who disagree with it should be euthanized

There is no God.

Religion and spirituality and superstition are all inherently false.

Governments, laws, and the monetary system are unscientific conceptual social constructs and believing in their validity is the same as a spiritual belief.

Retards are subhuman and should be aborted or euthanized

There is only the physical, materialistic and mechanistic reality, nothing outside the physical is real.

The universe is based on fields and cannot be quantified, therefor modern theoretical physics which completely depends on mathematics is false.

Resource Based Economy is the only sound system for a society

The earth is round and the universe is real

The monetary system was invented by the Jews and Zionists control over half the worlds economy.

Free will does not exist and human beings are objects.

If you disagree with any of the above you should be exterminated.

Talk about a psychopath will u are it LMMFAO

Mingiwuwu(620) Clarified
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The answer has been revealed. It was towel. Wet towels, when twisted, make good whips.

Mingiwuwu(620) Clarified
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The answer has been revealed. It was towel. Wet towels, when twisted, make good whips.

Mingiwuwu(620) Clarified
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The answer has been revealed. It was towel. Wet towels, when twisted, make good whips.

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The answer was towel. Wet towels, when twisted, make good whips.

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That speaks volumes to the Confused Leftist here that cannot read nor comprehend

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SUPER STUPID who are THEY and were are THEY ???????

Is this more baseless claims from a PARASITE your MOMMA birthed ????????????

REMEMBER words matter DUMMY

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Nahhh… They're attacking the Irish somewhere on here, so I thought I'd pretend to be Irish. I think it's funny..


SUPER STUPID all you speak on is baseless facts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“to knowingly acquire, receive, or otherwise transfer any human fetal tissue for valuable consideration if the transfer affects interstate commerce,” is a CRIME. I'm assuming that states also make the practice illegal, and if they don't, they should..

To me, the notion of harvesting aborted human body parts and SELLING them is REVOLTING. I can't believe that ANY human wouldn't be horrified at the thought.. No, huh??


Got a link to backup a claim SUPER STUPID ???????????

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I must say do you have a degree in dietary medicine ??

Can you post your degrees in the said field you claim to know so much about ?????????

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Ok i will follow the diet you think is the best for me ROTFFLMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Let's get this right !

U are a Black Irish Jew but your mind tells u that u are an ATHEIST ?

Confused is the 74 year old business man LMMFAO

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SUPER STUPID you with your words have claimed to be a parasite !!!!! That is truth well spoken by a BRAIN DEAD IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Brooke,

I definitely agree with what your saying. I also work in a Title 1 school where my students do not have access to computers or internet at home. I think what is important about the Flipped Learning is the that it breaks down the traditional teaching model where the teacher holds all the knowledge. I created a hybrid model, where some lessons leaned more towards the traditional model, while the next day would be less lecture based. I found that my students became bored with the traditional learning model and it resulted in less learning and more behavioral issues. I also had the luxury of having 90 minute class periods which allowed me to squeeze in both lecturing and more customized and creative learning activity.


Olivia Rauss


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Besides, we're talking about the fetus here.. But, if you wanna look at it in those terms, the fetus is a parasite sucking the life giving juices from its host.. Why WOULDN'T a woman have the right to rid herself of that?

SUPER STUPID your MOMMA should have taken up your view ROTFFLMMAO

1 point americans/

Euthanize the Illegal Mexicans then !

But is this going to be a problem with u Open Borders people when addressed with an issue u cannot really address ?

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Check with CNN you LOW INFORMATION IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!

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LMMFAO who is whining about an election the Leftist when the WANNBE Supreme Leader said it was not possible. Your claims are a destructive FORCE within your party DUMMY it is easily seen.

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AL what did Obama say ????? Come on DUMMY and explain

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Now pay attention here DUMMY ! Can u do that is the question.

When did the Russians hack the DNC ? That was 2016 under Obama's watch and what did the WANNBE Supreme Leader say ?

Listen to the false premise put forth as of today ! It is laughable

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Do you know of any other great sources of fat? I like nuts and such but do not eat them that often since I do not get the sense that they are that great compared to the fatty oils.

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Islam is a monotheistic faith centered around belief in the one God (Allah).

Muslims should be EUTHANIZED as you see it LMAO

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It's the job of the police to enforce the law are they stopping random women and arresting them for planning abortions now ?

Why do you keep twisting my words?

You claim you have the right to condem them and tell them what they can do , that's tyranny

I never said that I have the right to tell women what they can do. I said that I could, not that I want to. If a father told his son to do something which the son didn't like, is that tyranny?

So going on your " logic " cops now stop women and tell them they're breaking the law and arrest them for aborting ?

Your point is absurd

Again, you're twisting my words. You're always interpreting things wrong.


Explain why it's not hypocrisy.

Your words not mine

You continue to avoid the question.

Which is why I still keep giving direct answers , do keep up

But you're not.

I never said that

Ok, so what I asked before was, "You think that life isn't valuable?"

Apparently I realized that I asked you a different question. The question I asked you about a few months ago was, "Don't you think that all human life is important?" And your answer was "No I don't" The questions were similar, so that's why asked the question in the first place of whether you were in favor of life in general, and when you said you never said that, I was saying that you did.

FactRegime(18) Clarified
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You are right but not entirely. Olive oil contains a less than optimal fatty acid ratio, with the omega 6 outweighing the essential omega 3 from which the body can build other essential fatty acids. and both contain a less than optimal amount of healthy fats in general. In order to get an optimal level you should eat some seafood such as salmon, especially the salmon row which contains massive quantities of nutrients on top of the healthy fats. Since you are a vegan this is contrary to your current lifestyle but the fact of the matter is this is the best source of healthy fats.

Guns are all equally lethal

Is a BB gun as lethal as an Uzi?

Both seem equally difficult.

Both are difficult, yet we can/should take prudent steps towards each.

this is punishing the good Samaritan

Considering that accidents happen has nothing to do with punishing good Samaritans.

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You sound like a whiny little bitch obsessed with dietary concerns what a truly exciting life you must lead

What kind of fucking retard doesn't care about eating healthy? I bet you eat ice cream and little debbie snacks all day, guess what that gets ya? Heart disease, cancer and diabetes you dumb fucker.

JustIgnoreMe(3365) Clarified
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Right. It doesn’t apply to registration, weight limit, and parking. It does apply to everything else including the speeding tickets you mentioned.

Meaning that if I just change my example from speeding to parking tickets, the NRVC argument fails - consider it thus changed...

Not to “cite and release” the offender once ticketed.

Yes, the officer often has the discretion of cite and release - though it is generally discouraged.

"If, for example, the driver is licensed in a jurisdiction which is not a member of the NRVC, the officer must collect a bond or take the defendant before a judicial officer or simply issue the driver a ticket."

Tell me that’s what you want at the border.

I think ankle-bracelets would be a better idea for most cases.

Easier than what?

Easier than fighting a case for asylum.

I can’t call a friend to bring cash.

Can you call a bail-bonds person?

seek asylum at a designated crossing point

Many tried to do exactly that and were deliberately blocked:

Bad laws require a legislative change.

Bad policy changes can be fixed with policy changes.

historically 40% have never returned

Does ending successful programs help?

"According to ICE, overall program compliance for all five regions is an average of 99 percent for ICE check-ins and appointments, as well as 100 percent attendance at court hearings. Since the inception of FCMP, 23 out of 954 participants (2 percent) were reported as absconders."

the Rep House Bill

You mean the one with the support of less than 5% of Republicans in the House (11 out of 236)?

The one that allows the currently separated children to be detained indefinitely?

The one that increased judges which Donald Trump specifically said was bad idea?

The one that hasn't even been heard in committee, much less been given a vote?

Why not pick the ones that did get a vote?: (299 pages)

Vote (>400 pages)


Chuck Schumer rejected it

He said it would be slower than the President who instituted the policy reversing course, that it would be difficult to get legislative agreement, and that Republicans would likely add other provisions to the bill - all of which turned out to be true.

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blah blah blah blah! Didnt read.

Get a life.

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Ultimate diet revealed- Eat/drink only these ten things for optimal health

I have learned that 'good fats', such as olive & coconut oil, are excellent and imperative for peak performance--both physical and mental. After a large dose of these in a meal, your nervous feels super-charged within 20 minutes later. I would highly recommend.

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You sound like a whiny little bitch obsessed with dietary concerns what a truly exciting life you must lead where your main daily concern is whether you should have processed coconut water or processed Goji berries must bore people to death at the Marxist drop in centre ....Life in the fast 💨 lane Nom style 😂🖕

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Human morality is nothing but a superstitious belief

No. Morality evolved out of the necessity of cooperation. Everybody except psychopaths have some form of moral code, which implies that morality is not only real, but beneficial to survival.

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Saying that if you disagree with any of the points you made and having to get exterminated makes you a real psychopath.

What you call psychopathy is actually the correct way to look at the world. Human morality is nothing but a superstitious belief and truth, progress, protecting the ecosystem and scientific/technological advancement is more important than the lives of the humans who work against those things.

0 points

Saying that if you disagree with any of the points you made and having to get exterminated makes you a real psychopath. You're the one who needs help.

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Ehh no

Why don't you go back and read the conversation, you pointlessly stupid, illiterate fucking waste of carbon?

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Got a Abe Lincoln quote that fits u well in this post !

And it reads - “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

― Abraham Lincoln

What more is to be said

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By all means, enlighten me.

Also, where do you think you fall in that vision?

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