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It's a legitimate point that people ignored. Many people would do what they did if blackmailed into it and knowing if they spoke against it their career would be over and they'd be thrown in jail for treason.

Stop being blinkered, learn to open your views.

I suck the breasts so beautiful.

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Fine wine is a scam and you are a sucker. .

Sometimes it really does mean that, sometimes the thought of being as lonely IRL as you are on CD is not all that nice and they don't want to offend everyone around them.

Are you aware that this is known as the Nuremburg defence? It is named after the Nazi soldiers who were put on trial in Nuremburg, and who argued that they only mass exterminated Jews to "fit in" with their leader's wishes.

Amarel(2379) Clarified
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I don’t belong to or practice any religion. But I can understand the dynamics and value of social systems and constructs as an outside observer.

You are too easy to annoy to be annoying.

Blablabla my trolling is a fine wine, your analogy is moot.

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Life's dealt you a shitty hand? I hear the excuse.

But dwellin won't help, it's all mental refuse

that you let help weigh you down.

Can't seem to progress, always wearing a frown.

Maybe everyone seems to hate you, always calling you names?

Parents beat the shit out of you? Uncle played weird games?

You wearing hand me down shoes? Underwear too?

Can't even think straight cause your house is like a zoo?

Well you can't change others, and you can't change the world.

You can only change yourself, slice them thoughts with a sword.

The thoughts holdin you back, know who it is that is the lord

of your sacred realm. Clear the fortress of your mind.

Don't help? Burn it up crispy as a pork rind.

So your lover left you out flat?

your friend turns out to be a thieving rat?

lost your job? Can't pay the rent?

Dog got hit by a car? You sleeping in a tent?

Well, will complaining solve your problem?

Excuses don't help you solve em.

Why are you blaming the system or the state?

It's this way for a reason, and it's our fate

to go through the trial of achieving self rule.

But the invaders are within, don't be a fool

and attack that on the outside.

You'll never win, castles made of sand, taken by the high tide.

Subjugate the world, still got spies in your palace.

The power corrupts, what poison hides in your chalice?

What matters is the truth,

and you gotta be a sleuth

fighting nail and tooth

with your mind so obtuse.

With lies, make no truce.

At least with yourself, honesty is the key.

It's the holy spirit that'll set you free

and help you see the way things be.

It'll purify like tea,

leaf from the living tree.

Ignorance ain't bliss

don't let yourself miss

knowledge sweet kiss.

Death's cancer cyst?

Beat it down with your fist

with a calculated punch, you ain't even pissed.

Just calm and collected like a precision assassin.

Maintain like the Tzar has gotta be your passion.

Got agents in the brain, CIA, Interpol.

Knowing yourself is integral to the goal

of being a good king. It's all about self control.

Fighting an endless war, and it can really take its toll.

But it can be won, keep your head up.

You grow into a dog, the enemy a little pup

skinny and starving cause you ate all its food.

Stops pissin on your tree, quits being rude

You've conquered yourself, living with a good mood.

WHO is the most ANNOYING member??

I will vote for myself.

Sometimes it really does mean that, sometimes the thought of being as lonely IRL as you are on CD is not all that nice and they don't want to offend everyone around them.

Amarel(2379) Clarified
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I’m not here to troll. Your analogy fails to recognize the valid point of my initial post. I decided to go with the analogy because you pretend to be superior while frequenting the same dive bar as the rest of us. But a sloppy drunk is a sloppy drunk regardless of their drink preference. So you can sip your wine and feel all kinds of ways about it, but your caliber of debate is no more impressive than the beer drinker. The difference is that the beer drinkers know it.

And anyway, fine wines are for ego fluffing, not refinement.


most humans need to belong somewhere

That doesn't mean they should con themselves into thinking they belong to a system of faith which they don't believe in.

Shut up.

GoodListener(533) Clarified
1 point

Explain why please.

No Nomenclature, most humans need to belong somewhere and don't alienate themselves in all societies they turn up in.

Nomenclature(1180) Clarified
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There’s more to religion than the fundamental beliefs.

Not much else, outside of the sense of belonging it might give you. If that is the case then it is a weakness on your part. It demonstrates a lack of intellectual independence.

GoodListener(533) Clarified
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I suppose this is your version of trolling and to prove to me that you're a better troll or something.

Doesn't offend me in the slightest.

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Some things I've seen all I can see of

without losing myself, keeping my eye on the real love

All eyes are mind, as are all ears, but

wisdom and knowledge are the shears that cut

the future from the past

throw out the hour glass

wasting time, make it go fast

be a glutton and a sloth, you'll finish last

and the last ain't always first.

a fool will find himself hurt

by regretting that which never got done.

Skipping out on the life of fun.

Keep busy, slow down time, ain't about the money

Ain't here forever, enjoy it when it's sunny.

Before you get old, your bowels all runny,

resting on your life's last Sunday.

Like a baby again, old man with a piss tin

you tell your story, will anyone listen?

You got a girl by your side who you be kissin?

Are you fighting the world, or fighting yourself?

Can you sit at the throne, and see you have wealth

of the spirit, the kingdom in good health.

Maintain like the tzar, you don't even need a car

riding on that shooting star, your mind will take you far.

Your life on par with the greatest in

the hall of kings, purify and cleansin

the shit your body sensin.

If truth be good, and evil be falsehood

an honest man will know what it is he should.

Do, adjust, and adapt to the environment.

Not every moral choice is locked in cement,

tied to the laws enforced by a government,

or what you think it was Jesus had meant.

What do you want done, what don't you want to happen?

Is that what morality is? Before you start flappin

your gums about what is wrong or right,

realize morality is not always blak and white.

We all play a game, have our own rules

if you don't follow your own, you'll join the game of fools

playing right into another's strategy.

being easy to predict helps prevent a tragety

in the game that is run by the elite select few

who make billions from making a monkey out of you.

But does it matter? Why should you care?

You do the same, it's all fair

because a sucker to one is a winner in his mind,

what matters to him is different, and you'll find

that the only way to win some games is not to play.

Because who gives a fuck about what a man has to say

when his mind isn't aware of the metagame?

Thinking to win means drugs, money, sex, and fame

which as an end goal turns out pretty lame.

Selling your soul so you can have the same

goals as the plastic around you, gargling shit without shame.

Amarel(2379) Clarified
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A cheap beer drinker can still recognize cooking wine when he sees it.

1 point

If it was wrong, would you care?

Would it be wrong to be a faithful Jew who fails to celebrate holidays?

There’s more to religion than the fundamental beliefs. There are other values that can compel one to celebrate holidays.

GoodListener(533) Clarified
1 point

To the fan of cheap beer, no quality of wine will suffice.

Amarel(2379) Clarified
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The onus of proof is on the affirmative statement.

But given the nature of this website, no one can provide any evidence about anything concerning you, other than to reference the things you’ve posted on this site, which provide nothing impressive.

GoodListener(533) Clarified
1 point

Can you prove in any way that I'm not as great as I say?

1 point

I upvoted all the rhymes, good show. Very entertaining.

I think I might have to give it to factmachine though.

1 point

Never actually read the bible, have you? Try it sometime.

Amarel(2379) Clarified
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it is the joining of a man and woman to be one flesh as God has ordained

By this definitely, what stops a man and his family member from marrying?

1 point

Not on any legal ground, but honestly, if they aren't having children, why would I care?

Only the lunatics of the site like Nom

So let me just get this straight. You sent me all of these abusive private messages for absolutely no reason, but I am the lunatic?

You need psychiatric help you bloody clown.

1 point

Yes, I definitely would - but it's a complicated thing. Emotions are unpredictable things, and the future is a lot like juggling, when you're learning - it's amazing how little things can become magnified, and it all fails. I'd make sure not to go into it with blinders on, but it's got beautiful possibilities.

I hope it works out well, whatever you decide.

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Goodlistener because Dunning–Kruger effect.

This is how sick this political correct world is becoming. To trivialize something as important as a father in a child's life, shows the utter lack of caring for children from all these feminist or Lesbian homes.

Lets see, it's father's day at school, and the child has to explain why their father is not here.

Well, uhhhh, my father is not here because I don't even know who he is, but I brought the test tube with me. My mother says she needs no man, but I would have loved having a father.

Sperm from a man and woman who can not conceive the normal way is one thing, but to take sperm from complete strangers just so some women can have a Baby without bothering with love and marriage, is a joke.

I wonder why the Left cares so little for the wellbeing of our children?'

NO, it's not in the best interest of the child to have no father at home. Sometimes it can't be helped, but should never be a plan for women who are too bored with their lives and want a child to bandaid their unnatural lifestyle.

The FBI was more concerned that it got out to the public than the impropriety of the meeting. Also, since when is the FBI/DOJ upset about leaks? There's been so much of that going on since Trump came into office they ought do commercials for Depends.

1 point

I really don't think it would help. I can see some good reason for it, but I'm also concerned that we'd get some innocent ones along with the guilty. Repeat offenders, genetic evidence...things like that, then yes.

2 points

I really don't care.

If there was something there, I wouldn't shed a single tear as they cuffed her- but I didn't expect a damn thing. Is she a criminal? Likely. Are the republicans barking up the wrong tree? As always. What she's actually guilty of, they do on a daily basis - it's called selling out the nation.

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That's not "backfiring", that's addressing the issue. It's not a partisan issue.

Amarel(2379) Clarified
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You said that “Gender...(is) the social and cultural differences associated with the biological sexes”. This isn’t inaccurate, though I think you overly separate the social role from biology when you move on to say that people can change their gender.

First, this whole discussion has been around the role of being upfront about such a change. The is because people whose gender fits their biology are in fact different from people whose gender does not. The fact that trans women are not in fact the same as women leads to there being different considerations concerning them, as this conversation has illustrated.

The fact that something is a social construct does not mean it is completely fluid. Language is a social construct, but you cannot make up gibberish and expect to be understood. The social construction of gender roles doesn’t negate the biological ties that gender has to sex. They cannot be completely severed.

The definition of Gerrymander is to manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.

So who first decided where the boundaries of election districts would be? Those officials and politicians in charge at the time, that's who.

Are you saying that those boundaries are written in stone for all time?

The people should decide if they want to change it when voting. States

The Supreme court will be addressing the issue.

I thought the Left was big on calling the Constitution a living document that could change with the time? Why not boundaries?

When it comes to truly barbaric things, the GOP is not so inhuman to support something just because the other side does it.

The Democrat Party supports No Restriction abortions of healthy viable babies. Why is it Conservatives do not say we will also support the inhumanity.

There is such a thing as right and wrong, and people grounded in humanity understand when to say no.

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Districts need to be undone, and made into regular areas that make sense geographically, and laws need to be put into place preventing this bullshit anti-democratic nonsense.

I came up with an algorithm about how bad to be in any society:

I am a huge proponent of the idea that if everyone is breaking a law, then you should join in and break it.

I am also a huge proponent of the idea that if you're among the first to break a rule, you are scum and need to be disciplined.

I am furthermore a proponent of the idea that if there is a non-rule-breaking way to counteract the cheating, then do that instead.

According to this algorithm, Dems should do it too if Reps are unpunished for it.

Skip to 3:10 and watch the black guy slay the white gay to shreds.

He set the entire thing up to reverse-mock the people mocking BLM. ;)

1 point

The longer you treat them as kids, the longer they'll act like kids. When we changed the drinking age to 21, what happened?

When we assumed most were adults after puberty, they got jobs and led responsible (more or less) lives as young teens. Physically, people mature younger, now, but emotional and mental maturity is stunted because the societal message is that they're children.

This is how snowflakes get created.

1 point

We know that Project Veritas does this - you know, the real fake news of James O'Keefe.

1 point

I want to stay informed. What you call attacks, I see as healthy disgust.

NowASaint(1280) Clarified
1 point

Sounds like you're losing it a bit, brother .

1 point

To start with, a man cannot marry a man unless you change the meaning of the word marry into something with no unchangeable definition. If you first change the meaning of marry, deny that it is the joining of a man and woman to be one flesh as God has ordained, then a man can marry a rock or a fish or his mother or sister or his dog or whatever he claims in the name of Hell he feels like marrying.

1 point

Hello N:

I believe Alabamians were about to ELECT a child molester to the US Senate.. Did you miss that?


1 point

Hello bront:

It's true.. But, they were already working for George Sorros.. He pays more than cheapskate Trump.. Riding a bus and wearing a pussy hat pays good..


1 point

Hello bront:

What's WORSE for the country is Trump's attack ON the media... And, while I'm at it, when Trump attacks the FBI, the country LOSES, too.. How is it, that this DUNCE of a president doesn't know that??

How is it that YOU don't know that?? I thought right wingers LOVED the Constitution.. No, huh???


1 point

Hello bront:

OMG!!! Hillary DID that??? She should be JAILED before she does it AGAIN..

What's that?? She CAN'T do it again, cause she's a washed up loser politician with NO power?? Does bront know?? Oh, it's you... DUDE!


1 point

Hello bront:

Incest laws vary depending on geography.. My bet is you CAN marry your mother in Alabama, or your sister in Tennessee..


1 point

Hello S:

Sure it is.. This great country of ours was FOUNDED in dissent.. That's why they INCLUDED it IN the 1st Amendment..


1 point

Hello A:

Donate??? Nahh.. I SELL my sperm.. It comes in a golden goblet..


It's not an act of charity, you get paid for it and a single mother-in-the-making is just as entitled to buy your sperm as a lesbian couple is. This is simply the reverse of surrogate pregnancy and due to how sperm physically works (as opposed to pregnancy) you don't even need to sign a contract other than the one that gives the clinic the right to use your sperm as they please.

You should only do this if you are that desperate for cash. The thing is, though, that if you are actually that desperate for cash they rarely will want your sperm because they advertise your sperm by your profession, height, weight and race (among a few other things but those four are always mentioned) so if your profession isn't respectable they will rarely want to buy your sperm in the first place.

1 point

No, but in this context a bi-sexual could marry him/herselself.


1 point

No, but in this context a bi-sexual could marry him/herselself.


1 point

Hello A:

So, you ASK a question just so you can answer it and call me names???? DUDE!! I guess I DO annoy you..

But, since you brought it up - I WON'T say his name, because I'm not here to make people FEEL stupid - but, there IS a participant here who says that I'm NOT Jewish because he doesn't like my Jewish heritage, or something like that.. I NEVER did get what he was actually saying..

But, it's doesn't matter, cause the guy who said that is either STUPID, makes up history, or HATES Jews.. I dunno which, and I don't care..


1 point

its got to be Excon who feels we are all too stupid to know where the emphasis in a sentence is.

Hello A:

I'm NOT here to make friends.. That I've ANNOYED you means I'm doing my job..

Look.. I DON'T capitalize the "e" in my name, like YOU do... I'm VERY annoyed at that..


Overall, no one here is too annoying because I don't let you fuckers get to me. :)

You guys are too blatant when you troll, my brain goes 'red alert this is designed to make me angry' and I just laugh at it or ignore it depending how unfunny it is.

The one who tries most to be annoying is definitely Brontoraptor. He is not the most annoying though because he fails due to how blatant he is. xD

Maybe I am the most annoying member. I wouldn't know.

Me vs these amateur trolls.
Atrag(5208) Clarified
2 points

Lots of nodding winking, talking of child porn and your dick. Really going for gold there Trollling.

Atrag(5208) Clarified
2 points

So lets summarise how to be a brilliant troll in the eyes of Bronto:

1) Mama joke.

2) Say that the other persons should commit suicide.

3) Ban when you get owned.

Nice one little buddy!!!

1 point

I don't think Bronto is trolling Prodigee by posing as Sitar and Goodlistener. It is true that both Brontoraptor and Sitar have low IQs, and that could be why their posts seem similar, but Sitar was here long before him.

1 point

What did I do? You mean posting nude photos of unborn children oh wait wait!! THAT WAS YOU!!!!

2 points

So many to choose from...

For me its got to be Excon who feels we are all too stupid to know where the emphasis in a sentence is.

Sitar is pretty annoying too but I left her off a bit because shes brain damaged.

1 point

You know what you did, and I'll leave it at that. Leave me the fuck alone..........................................................

1 point

Why do you keep banning me from debates? Can't stand a well reasoned argument?

1 point

Not tonight honey, I have a headache............................................................................................................

2 points

You are a fucking troll. That's all..............................................................................................

Were the founding fathers wrong?

No. The British were shitheads and still are. That's why the modern left wants to be like the British and the modern right still has to fight off the redcoats.

Was Dr. King wrong?

No. That's why the Democrats killed him and Malcolm X.

Was JESUS wrong when he disobeyed the Pharisees and Romans to save our souls?

No. That's why we oppose you, the new Pharisees.

1 point

Of course it isn't. Parking in a no parking zone is peaceful disobedience etc etc etc. How is that a right???

1 point

It was Saint Peter who said we ought to obey God rather than man, in reference to preaching the name of Jesus. Checkmate................................................

Your virginity and your snatch is showing. Oh...and your mom moaned like a whore in her last hour...

GoodListener said:

full of your blood fuckboy. :)

12mins ago.

Write to GoodListener

He can see IP addresses and track activity.

No he doesn't...............................................................

That smile will actually be the look of having your mouth full.

No more child porn for you by the way. Oh some advice. The donkey (me) is bigger than you are. If ya know what I mean. Wink wink nod nod.

Committing suicide. I predict you'll game out in about a year or two, blaming it on God or an invisible nothing, saying my name as you croak. didn't get to 50. didn't even get to 10. Off ya go prodigee because I get the last word.

I probably could suck dick well if I wanted to but yours I'll be biting into and smiling as you scream.

You immediately came up with him being your brother the moment I pointed it out. You slipped up by trying to cover it up with such a ridiculous lie and could potentially have made it out like I'm framing you with this idiotic denial but you fucked yourself over.

Even if you denied it, it's too obvious. You also should know that the real power in this site (Andy) can see factually who is who and he knows you are the alt-spamming trash poster.

I know I have. Now get on your knees and do my bidding like the little sissy girl that you are. Come on. We both know you could fit a blue whale in that mouth.

0 points

I already exposed you buddy, the best you can hope for is an equal exchange of exposing. The thing is, for all anyone knows you could be downvoting people I would downvote just to frame me, it's not conclusive evidence but you have admitted to being a well known troll with alt accounts which IS conclusive.

The first step to what?

Nope. You're supposed to be normal about it...but are still pissed off... because you're a little bitch. Admit you are. That's the first step.

No I don't, you have exposed me.

Even a thirteen year-old will not take the bait

Poor attempt. Anyone with a dick between their legs would know that a 13 year old would take the bait. But of course. You don't have a pecker do you?

Alright then. Am I supposed to be angry about


1 point

Your mother' jokes are not how to troll effectively

I wasn't trolling. I'm really between your mom's thighs....Son.

You made all of them and others too.

It wouldn't surprise me if you were the bestiality troll from a while back.

Don't throw stones out of a glass-house fuckboy.

You thought you could turn me exposing you into you framing me with this debate and I flipped your entire idea upside-down, inside-out by first baiting you into denying a provable fact (you being Leafy) by masking it in between less provable alts of yours and you openly admit it the moment I prove it.

This account, the very account you accuse me of being, down-voted my posts as well in that debate (but different posts since those had maxed-out their 24 hour limit on down-votes for the GoodListener account)

Your other accounts have downvoted me 2-3 at a time on and off and you used to do it to Nomenclature. thenightking

You are not fooling me for a split second and should probably delete this debate to save yourself the embarrassment of how I back-fired your 'exposing' debate hardcore.

Oh...and by the way prodigee...

I'm gonna give you just enough time to respond then block you. Why? To piss you off. Enjoy.

2 points

Also I said Nom3nclature is the only one that I made out of all those accounts.

I didn't specifically say I had NO CONNECTION to any of them.

Like anyone cares what I do here, and yes I denied it. If it was me what would I do? DENY IT. If it was my brother what would I do? DENY IT. If it has nothing to do with me what would I do? DENY IT

So no matter what I would deny it, me denying it doesn't prove anything.

No one can bait someone into a 50-message-long chain of comments like Dana can

I do fifty on a bad day. Wanna suck me off for money? Don't answer that prodigee. It was a rhetorical question.

WinstonC(864) Clarified
1 point

"If a man pretends to be his twin brother in order to trick his brothers girlfriend into sex, you wouldn’t support legal recourse for her?"

I would, because they lied about who they are, not about their features. Individual A pretended to be individual B in order to con individual B's girlfriend. If a woman only sleeps with rich men, and a poor courtier purposefully gives several signals that he is wealthy (or even outright lies) in order to sleep with them, is this rape?

"You acknowledge that gender identity is of paramount importance to a relationship, why not important in the short run as well?"

I view one night stands as people simply using each other as masturbatory devices. The male is effectively an animate dildo and the female is effectively a living flesh-light. As such, it's only really important if the person finds out. This isn't to say I condone such deceptive behavior because I don't and as aforementioned the consequences for both parties if the truth emerges are likely to be major. The straight person is likely to be mentally scarred and the trans person is likely to be physically scarred.

"Why is the sexual orientation of the misled person less important than the gender identity of the misleader?"

I don't view the gender identity of the misleader as more important than the sexual orientation of the misled. Nice use of the Socratic method by the way.

Peaceful disobedience is a right

Said Lucifer.

Of course, if you look at a Progressive "Christian" calendar, it provides a twisted verse that would be confusing if you didn't know the quote was not from God but from...............Satan....

Dana is pretty easy to troll, her strength isn't in avoiding being trolled but in how consistently she can keep a person stringing along in replying to her.

No one can bait someone into a 50-message-long chain of comments like Dana can.

I am not her.

Impersonating real people is an actual crime just so you know.

I really don't care what you say at this point because I just caught you red handed when just two posts ago you denied having anything to do with that account.

No I suggested he come here and help me troll people if he so pleased, and he did please.

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