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AlofRI(1867) Clarified
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Okay. I usually try to look at all aspects of a debate. If you wish to keep the discussion narrow, … it's your debate. How anyone can think a fetus is NOT ALIVE is beyond me. However, I think that's only a portion of the facts. If that's as far as you wish to go, as you said, no need to argue about THE REST of the story. :-(

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They used to call Christians atheists back in old Rome.

So what is an atheist?

A few T-shirts ;)

This debate is about whether a fetus is alive or not. Whether or not you consider it a "life" is irrelevant as it is an abstract semantic artificially created by you in order to support your point of view which is not part of this debate. Since, as you have stated, a fetus is alive, there is no need to argue further. ;)

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Plenty of your Socialist buddies post ridiculous comments ! That something new that you know of ??????????

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Net Neutrality would have solved all the problems for Progressives there Jewel ! You know state run internet to silence all voices except for those like you !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unable to respond to topics is what you Progressives do so i have some fun responding as you brain dead idiots do ! What the problem is ??????????????????

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STUPOR STUPID here is the truth of your party and illiterate reigns supreme !!!!

Dumbfounded AL could not spell “respect” he chose another spelling “R-E-S-P-I-C-T.” LMMFAO

Later on in celebrating Harlem Week’s Harlem Day, Sharpton tried to get the rain-soaked crowd to chant Franklin’s name. Fortunately, he didn’t try to spell it !!!!! ROTFFLMMFAO

By the way DUMMY the REV works for NBC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would argue against it being propaganda, simply a misuse of the rules of debating, as it were.

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Hmm let's see.

Not responding to the topic at hand? Check.

Posting ridiculous comments? Check.

Unable to comprehend what you read? Check.

You need a new shtick, you're getting redundant and boring.

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..... If one is unprepared to adhere to reason and logic when one argues, then I do not believe that can be considered debate.

Correct glad you agree you’re uselsss at debating

It's just propaganda........

Yes. you do it a lot don’t you ?

BTW mentioning Hegel in a thread doesn’t make you “clever “ it makes you look desperate as in you’re constantly seeking approval from your betters as in me ......... Sorry buddy you’re still a prize cabbage

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STUPOR STUPID ur a Joke and CBS shows you to be a Parrot of what you think is news for which it is not.

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