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All these left wing morons say is that all trump supporters are racist and anti-american but in reality they are the

anti-Americans. We are more divided than we have ever been as a country and here comes a guy who is not a corrupt politician and wants to unite us and clean up the mess Obama made. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!

Pro gun. Anyone who brings up the stupid argument on how guns have killed many people I.e. school shootings. Is dumb. It’s not the gun killing, the gun is simply the tool. The thing killing is the person.

Trump/Lincoln are my favorites. They have done good things fo this country.

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Hey, you're the idiot who lives in a country where 17 kids get murdered in a school shooting and your populace responds by being too fucking moronic to do anything differently.

No doubt another one will happen next week.

You are the farthest left person I have ever heard of. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. And bring facts instead of your leftist bullshit.

Shut the fuck up. Right now. Trump is fixing our infrastructure, he’s neutralizing threats, he’s creating jobs. He has said nothing racist. The left is just being a big baby because they didn’t win. So, bring facts before you say something stupid like this.

The left needs to get the country out of the social justice shit hole its created. Trump will do that(even though he’s republican). And also, the left hating trump doesn’t necessarily mean he’s doing a good job(though he is), they hate him purely because he’s republican.

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It goes against the core of his fascist ideology, which he thinks he can hide by throwing out occasional red herrings about Marxism. A person who is arrogant enough to never admit being wrong is not a Marxist.

When did I ever state I was a 'Marxist'? Simply because I understand it, does not follow that I (fully) agree with it.

As stated previously, I generally support the principle of Meritocracy, although under certain conditions of which I have described before, Democratic functioning can work very nicely. This is why I support Worker Co-Operatives under certain such conditions

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Absolutely the best idea I've seen on this site, you can include me out, ha, I mean in.

A difficulty may arise in that unless we can all stick to a fairly disciplined timetable continuity of argument may be lost.

But, as problems were made to be overcome I'm sure the contest will succeed with flying colours.

Go to your corner, when the bell goes I want you to come out fighting.

I want a good clean fight, and no hitting below the below the ankles.

NumberOne(251) Clarified
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The ethical tenability of 'lying' can certainly be a topic for debate

I suggested debating the difference between debating and lying, not the "ethical tenability of lying". Debating and lying are not the same thing, and my assertion is that you are not aware of this. It is indeed evidenced by your misrepresentation of my words.

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Do you have facts that back up that statement because if you do not then you should know that you're accusation means absolutely nothing.

If I say I perform an experiment, how would it be any more convincing to you than the many scientists who already have? If you would like to disprove it, do so.

We see superstitious behavior in several animals, including humans (disprove away) - and it helps explain why people were driven towards a god hypothesis when many events in their life seemed to be random (lightning, tsunamis, comets/meteorites, etc.)

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