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Any questions

Do we have enough tapes to stop them from talking shenanigans?

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How about an atomic bomb drop with pig snouts in the nukes?

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So what is objectively wrong about arming yourself in a country with 33,000 gangs, especially as a woman?

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What does "being a smart thing to do" have to do with morality? Is it wrong or not. And if not, why not?

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Gay rights have nothing to do with homosexuality being a sin, just like these other mentioned things are sins.*

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That vote Democrat and are supported by liberals. See the obvious irony yet?

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You are probably a good person but you haven't taken the time to fill out your profile, so I'll never know! ;)

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That's as brilliant as saying it isn't uncommon to see a man who's a stripper for men. Sure, they exist, but not much.

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So tell us what he's going to do to you using the Bible.*

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Being a target of worldwide discrimination and hate isn't controlling everything. It's being the victim of mass racism and bigotry from Russia, western liberals and Islam.

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Hello, I’m back.

Yes, they're called retarded delusional superstitious beliefs that belong in the bronze ages.

I don’t want your insults, I want a real answer with some meaning behind it.

Yes, I'm very triggered by the fact that we live in the 21st century and people think religious beliefs are still relevant.

I can easily say that I’m triggered by the fact that we live in the 21st century and people think atheist beliefs are still relevant, but guess what, I don’t really mean that. If you are living in America, then you should realize that we have the first amendment.

They should be burned at the stake too.

No one should.

There's no reason to burn people just for not believing in retarded fairy tales. Don't you think enough of them have been burned already? Let's burn the burners and not the burnees.

There’s no reason to burn people for believing in God, and practice worship. How come you don’t account for the millions of Jews who were killed by the nazis during WW2? What about the Christians who were persecuted by the Romans? And yet today, people like you keep attacking Christians. How about we burn no one.

hahahahaha fuck you. Christians deserve to burn for

A: following a religion that has caused the unnecessary deaths of millions by burning and otherwise just for not believing in their fairy tales

B: Holding back the human race scientifically then claiming to be the source of civilization

and C: Being retarded

I think that if you read the Bible, you would understand that the deaths of people weren’t caused by religion. Also, if you look at the world around you today, people are killed by murderers, accidents, and diseases. Are any of those deaths caused by religion? No. Also like I pointed out earlier, millions of Jews were killed by nazis because of their beliefs. Another thing, Christians aren’t the cause of deaths either. I live in a Christian family, but did they kill anyone? The answer is no.

If we’re holding back the human race, then how did we end up here? We’re not holding back the human race at all, and it has nothing to do with Christians.

That last point you made is stupid, honestly. Christians aren’t retarded, people with autism are retarded.

It's spelled atheist retard.

Ok jeez, it was just a spelling error.

First of all that you are all pussies who would rather justice signal and be morally outraged then realize that christianity is cancer and second of all that I hate you.

First of all, you need to chill out. I don’t know what kind of family you grew up in, what kind of people you’ve been around, but you need to stop being the way you are. Look, I’m sorry that your feelings are hurt, how about you try going to another website?

If you’re going to ban people from your debates, you probably shouldn’t even make debates in the first place. I don’t know why you banned me in the first place, but it certainly was for no good reason. Also, don’t dispute me if I’m already banned, if it’s a debate you want, then do it without banning people.

They should be burned at the stake too.

You're an idiot.

There's no reason to burn people just for not believing in retarded fairy tales.

So if belief in fairy tales is the qualifying reason for why someone should be burned at the stake, you must therefore advocate brutally murdering children, pensioners and eccentrics.

You in fact are the worst kind of idiot. You are someone who has begun the journey into reason, but after getting 300 yards you stopped, turned back, and have now dedicated your life to mocking everybody still at the start line. I'm not a psychologist but if I were constructing a profile on you then I would bet your intelligence was mocked by someone close to you and you now want to punish everybody else for it. You aren't interested in knowledge except for its application as a form of power over other people.

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Who says I believe him? I just made this debate to piss people off.

If you don’t believe what the guy said then why even bother posting the debate at all? It’s not even an actual debate either. This is a debate website, not a website where you get to make people mad about something.

You got that right. I hate them because their fucking retarded.

How, exactly? To be retarded means to be less advanced in mental, physical, and social development. Besides that, it also means to be straight up stupid. Christians are none of that whatsoever.

Does that make any less sense than God being his own son?

Supporting Evidence: Is Jesus God? (
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Fartmachine would be heard begging for forgiveness and extolling the Lord Jesus Christ above everyone else.

So you admit that you are a pussy who thinks that being afraid of death is a valid reason to believe in something? Because these are your words not mine.

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You're such a childish ingrate.

by far and away its biggest idiot.

The reason why you say this is because I am the only person here who isn't retarded and you are just part of the herd as evidenced by the fact that you get so many upvotes, this may seem like a positive thing to someone like you but smart people know that popular things are always stupid. You are the Jake Paul of CD, the guy who gets 9 million upvotes specifically because he sucks.

There is no reason behind any of his profanity riddled rants

It's not that there is no reason there, it's just that you are blind to reason.

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religion without science is lame. Science with Religion is........

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without science people wouldn't have the cure to most diseases like measles and hepatitis which or prevents liver diseases. basically you would die in young age probably and possibly humanity would be in great disaster. not only that but without science their is no technology meaning no phones,cars and even television. also our history would be unknown. people think math is in science, False science uses math only in measuring the length of a cell in micrometers.

beastforever(511) Clarified
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Someone who questions everything. Someone who understands why square pegs were not meant for round holes.

A conservative could do that. The only difference is, a conservative would most likely have predefined answers.

excon(5486) Clarified
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Hello marcus:

Well, if there are 300 million guns, and only a 150 million gun owners went through a background check, that leaves 150 million who didn't..


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Hating Christians and wanting them to burn because....why? They think differently than the OP?

I don't care that people think different as long as they aren't FUCKING RETARDED

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Maybe hes a rebellious Christian teen.

My father is an atheist and my mother is a wiccan. I am not a teen. Even if my parents did try to make me a christian and I was a "christian teen" I wouldn't actually be one because I wouldn't believe in their retarded religion.

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So you’re just gonna believe some random guy in a jungle

Who says I believe him? I just made this debate to piss people off.

That doesn’t even make sense. God and the devil are separate

Does that make any less sense than God being his own son?

I just think you really hate Christians for some reason.

You got that right. I hate them because their fucking retarded.

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So what about folks like me who have gone through most of the political spectrum?

I buy that there are structural aspects of the brain that may support tendencies toward particular attitudes, that support particular mental capabilities that lead to thinking about things like risk, income, and social relationships according to different levels of complexity.

However, there is a lot more to what we think and believe in than that.

Culture plays a part.

So does life experience.

So does what side of the bread your butter is on.

Wait, I thought the Jews controlled everything...........................

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