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About time someone grows a pair to tries to bring my name down. Good one no one cares but you. No one listens to your bullshit. And do you really thing people care if I am throwing around a commercially available IP tracer? NOPE

Nomenclature has vitamin D deficiency and cerebral hypoxia

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100 puppets later and?

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Nomenclature has vitamin D deficiency and cerebral hypoxia

Amarel(2350) Clarified
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Well yeah. I was only including living conscious things .

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My ten year old cousin made me listen to that song. I didn't kill myself when my parents died, I didn't kill myself when I was kicked out of school and sent to prison at age 16 for stealing a flute from the music room, I didn't kill myself when I found out I had cancer, but damn it, the more I think about jake paul the more I want to just end it all.

Your life would be empty without Bronto, he is what all of your time here revolves around

Good one, retard. I still have a message inbox full of your idiotic, delusional rants.

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I just realized we have the same initials only backwards, I guess if I was someone else that would be incriminating but since I'm me I can tell you that's just a coincidence.

Your life would be empty without Bronto, he is what all of your time here revolves around in this cruel cold world, you just sit here and argue and call him a liar and a nazi while he calls you a commie and a libtard back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and head explodes

They actually have the highest conscious level since they do so little else.

Please tell me you're joking, rocks and toasters sit around all day too, they don't even have to waste energy metabolizing anything or producing seeds, so inanimate objects must be the most intellectually smurt

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I do not entirely disagree with you on the fact that it is not that simple. I think there needs to be a transparency of what evidence-based practices and QI projects that are being utilized in the care of the patient. There needs to be a revision of the admission consent forms to include these procedures and the possibility that the data could be used in the future to improve patient care.

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Hi Sueann,

I understand your point of view, but I do believe there needs to be a middle ground with the consent and transparency of policies and procedures. With the changing models of patient-organization, hospitals should take this opportunity to revise and revamp how informed consent is presented to patients. As suggested by Campbell & Parsi (2017), hospitals should try to employ a non-traditional approach to a traditional concept by expanding how information is delivered to patients. For example, while EBP and EBQI may not need to be regulated by informed consent, it should be explained to patients the there are specific practices and procedures that are being implemented into their daily care and can be used later for further improvement. As I had stated, while I do not feel there is a need for informed consent for EBQI, I do feel there is a need for transparency.

Campbell, K., & Parsi, K. (2017). A New Age of Patient Transparency: An Organizational Framework for Informed Consent. Journal Of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 45(1), 60-65. doi:10.1177/1073110517703100

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