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I believe that eliminating " The Baby Adolf Hitler " from the German society would NOT have helped to minimize, reduce or slow down, change or alter anything.

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Before I start my argument I would like to invite marcusmoon to a definition battle, ehem this article in this link says, Zygote, fertilized egg cell that results from the union of a female gamete (egg, or ovum) with a male gamete (sperm). In the embryonic development of humans and other animals, the zygote stage is brief and is followed by cleavage, when the single cell becomes subdivided into smaller cells. i will repeat, the article said that zygote was formed by the union of sperm and egg cell, that zygote was begotten by a man through sperm cell which fits the definition of 'father'


: to become the father of (a child) : to make a woman pregnant so that she gives birth to (a child)1 a : a man who has begotten a child;

How can you call someone a child? When you beget someone


: to cause (something) to happen or exist

That man beget the zygote. If a man and a woman have procreate, that something that existed when they unite using sperm and egg cells is their child additionally, without a man the zygote can't exist.


:1 a : an unborn or recently born person

:4 a : a son or daughter of human parents

Look ,these are children who can't speak yet. Let's stop pretending.

children who are of an age where they have difficulty picking what socks to wear any given day are being indoctrinated with this nonsense.

Indoctrinated? Jesus Christ, shut the fuck up you moron. Nobody is teaching them to be gay. Accepting that there are gay people in the world is not "indoctrination". It's fucking reality.

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Their warped reality is so unpalatable to adults

Lol. So in your (non-warped) reality LGBT people don't exist and/or don't need sex education?

You aren't describing "adults". You are describing homophobes. The problem with people like you is that you try to warp language around your own bigotry to make it seem more rational.

Conservanazi(94) Clarified
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Why would any architect or inventor do what they do? Because that's what they felt like doing.

Except in this particular case there is no evidence of an inventor outside of your delusional, purposefully dishonest rhetoric. Not only are you making up myths about how the universe came into being, but you are making up further myths about why it came into being. Your words are just completely empty of any evidence to back them up.

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Question needs to asked there boy/gurl do you swallow ??????? LMMFAO

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Is there a reason Barack Obama gave billions of dollars to the Number 1 State Sponsor of Terror ?

In my 81 years I have looked for, and not found ANY evidence that ANY "god" exists.

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Perhaps he let it loose to see what happened if anything. We happened. Asking "why would God" has nothing to do with his existence. Why would any architect or inventor do what they do? Because that's what they felt like doing.

Which right-wingers? Most right-wingers I know and have seen are saying "We need more School Resource Officers and security in and around schools."

that The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

That's some odd capitalization for the most read book in the world. Despite semantics, technically, praying could be seen as taking action because praying is an action, so you can take the action of praying.

Definitely. But, I don't believe so-called "attacks" on the Bible are justified. Criticism, though, is always welcome. For whatever reason, many people think religion is exempt from being mocked.

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If it was not for heterosexuality how did you make it out of the womb ?

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Were you taught at an early age that pedophiles are okay ?

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You are a Moron and exposing yourself as such is hilarious. Keep speaking LMMFAO

Did Mommy and Daddy raise you to be a Pole Smoker ?

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I dress in women’s clothes and have sex with assorted farm animals , my kids are fine with this we may relocate to Wales

I admit I am a MORON also

You are a freak Nom Wales will suit you

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Pushing a narrative on children shows the depths of depravity you Radical Leftist have reached. Come on deny it

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every tv show over here now has a lesbian , a homo , transsexual , cross dresser , or a combination of all just to appear to be so “ with it “ , it’s nearly a crime to be a heterosexual

Sure, because including gay people is obviously the same thing as criminalising heterosexuality.

You are a...


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You’re right Antrim and the bullshit reasoning they give is “ oh well we are all “inclusive “ here “ , every tv show over here now has a lesbian , a homo , transsexual , cross dresser , or a combination of all just to appear to be so “ with it “ , it’s nearly a crime to be a heterosexual as the P C crowd and media worldwide new best buddies are all of the above

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Dark and remote location ..... you’re right he has his blockhead firmly up his ass 👌😂

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Thanks Outlaw , I wonder If any of the parents are doing anything about it or do they all just keep their mouths shut so as not to cause any offence ; all this bullshit takes hold because decent people are terrified to speak their minds in case the bullying P C brigade savage them

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Very well stated and correctly stated Dermot. Using children as pawns in a political game is just sicking

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He cannot get his head out of a dark and remote location lol.

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The whole world is gone barking fucking mad , are kids not allowed to be kids anymore and allowed enjoy their childhood ?

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