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Polaris95(7) Clarified
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Sorry, I wrote that wrong. You do need hard work to achieve great things. But religion outlaws curiosity and free inquiry, which are incredibly important. The world needs people who challenge the norms and laws. That is how we achieve breakthroughs. Hope this clarifies my earlier statement.

As they kill thousands of healthy viable babies every year, I fail to see the humor.

It's boring responding to clones on the Left. They speak with one tounge. It's a humanistic cult of brainwashed followers.

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The reflex you're feeling is called self preservation by any means necessary. Dismissing a subset of people brave enough to speak truth to power by making up a label of contrarians is a defense mechanism. The path of least resistance is safe and easy. And assures security and safety. I get it. History shows that when a courageous individual stands up to the power structure with truth it is seriously dangerous to their life. Joan of Ark, Galileo, Martin Luther, Smedley get it. Do you know who Smedley Butler is and what he did for America? Have you looked into the U.S.S. Liberty? Do you remember the Main? Ask questions.

FromWithin(5247) Clarified
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Because he knows what I say is true. The insecurity from those on the Left is clinical. They hate having people like me shining a light on their inhumanity.

To hide their support for even No Restriction abortions, they must demonize the messenger.

Try looking at facts.

Have you ever heard of the saying, "Practice what you preach"?

Are you aware of what a hypocrite is?

If you only looked at facts then you would not be part of a religion from the dark ages.

Try looking at facts. Since the the lie of the Left's separation of Church and State, our welfare roles and those living off Government in one shape or form has exploded.

You speak to hard work which is what God mentions very often in the Bible.

Try thinking before speaking. Spewing bigoted rheotric is no place for a debate site.

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Yet a fetus has absolutely no consciousness whatsoever in the first weeks or so. It is not alive, basically.

I haven't read the book but I honestly thought the movie was the most boring, self-indulgent bag of nonsense since The Good Shepard. I should have been able to identify with the story but I thought the casting was bad and the movie was just far too long. I really only watched it because it had a good rating on Imdb. I was very disappointed I'm afraid.

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Causing pain to other people is not humane. Do you really need anymore evidence?

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Ampersand (&) is not supposed to be used in the place of And. It is merely a symbol and I am afraid to think that someone supporting Ampersand is too lazy to actually write three letters- A.N.D.

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The world needs hard workers. But what it needs even more are innovators and pioneers. Religion is just an obstacle stopping you from greatness.

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You didn't answer the question. I think before you run around accusing others of hypocrisy and ignoring, you should take a real good and long look in the mirror. If you want to talk about logs and specks you have an entire redwood tree in yours.

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Your individual vote is quite meaningless in the long run and you indeed can just vote with your heart. Your words and active campaigning in public are what make ripple effects and that is where you need the dollar if you want people to holla.

Campaign ads, paying for interviews (yes not the interviewer paying but politicians paying to be interviewed) so on and so forth, you need to get into the big boy's bankroll to play the big boy campaign game.

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Hello C:

Sure.. Why would we HIDE what we do from kids???


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It is true that the pro-lifers are more equal in their outlook on humanity but what I find disturbing is their lack of comprehension that some things matter more than having rigid equality in one's legal system.

For instance, would you say that the world is better or worse if many unwanted children are sprouting up everywhere?

Simply put, it's higher crime rate, higher child abuse and neglect rates and higher rate of the abused and/or neglected children growing up to perpetuate the vicious cycle onto their offspring.

Abortion is the lesser evil, whether or not it's rigid in 'equality'.

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If you find him such a bore why are you engaging with him so fervently?

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Your anger only hurts yourself.

To call someone a slave is to not understand the necessity of underlings for an overlord to remain supreme.

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If you would rather be lazy than hard working, you're already lazy to begin with.

Enjoy your life as a permanent underachiever.

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| In my opinion.. |


--->If a human torture a man then he was accused wrong. Eye for an eye cannot be justified <----

Even if a police, a president, a worker, or a citizen does it, it is not going to be just. We can forgive, we can use use words to make them learn, phrase can offending, sentence can be advice able, paragraph can express

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I would agree to this. If you ignore the polygamy and banning of certain acts that seem kind of unreasonable, many Mormons are indeed nice people.

Out of all the Christian sects a Mormon is the most likely to communicate with and care for a stranger in my experience. You can argue Jehovah's Witnesses like to communicate more but knocking on doors is not communication, it's alienation.

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|In my opinion. |


I realized this debate is only for one person, you can decide to message her privately and make some serious debate that you are really curious about. Every member has their own opinion and they got a freedom to express their perspective logically.

Sitar and Hitler are two different persons so comparison between a dead body and a living human from their actions while they have different thoughts and past is incompatible to point out. this debate might not be intended to rant but to earn knowledge from different point of views and to build more assuring opinions that can be positively use for lifetime.

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xMathFanx(336) Clarified
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@FromWithin. Out of curiosity, what is your position on spanking, corporal punishment, ect. to children from parents/adults for "misbehaving"?

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No, I'm merely pro-choice for the mom. And the other difference is I have a sense of humor in my posts on this site and you're a bore.

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