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Took Jesus out of everything and waved Islam in. Yeah that was pure stupidity.

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The amazing thing is, he costs U.S. money while HE soaks up a YUGE profit at our expense! Hundreds of thousands of $U.S. goes into his businesses from hotel rental, golf cart rental, meals @ his hotels, all things that need to be done to protect him from the hate he has earned. Will he play golf while the kids are trying to get his attention? Like he did during their friends funerals?? Well, he does love the game. :-(

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Obama was dumb and really really oh so dumb at the same time so anything is possible.

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I can tell (by the length of the posts here) that both of you guys are committed ;)

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You were looking at his mouth? Why you dirty little bastard. Come look at my mouth.

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That you still haven't provided one shred of evidence for because you're a theist.

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Yep. You can stop looking, Julius Caesar Bolton is our new "security guy"! He'll make America burn while Trump "fiddles around". It will be fun for all. :-(

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Really? Do you have to waste time stating the obvious? You COULD help to "make America great again" by showing the internet world we are not as stupid as they think. But, that's not one of your capabilities, obviously. Oh, well ... what's that slapping sound ... are you tweaking your ears? ;-)

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You DID? O.K., you didn't see anything bad, so, how're you going to waste time today!? ;-)

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I assume you live in America and don't mind that showing how stupid SOME .. "Americans"(?) are, goes around the world on the internet! We allowed Trump into the "Right" House and you seem to want the world to think ..."Well, no wonder! They're ALL stupid!" I guess that's how the right wing thinks America will get great again. By acting TOTALLY stupid!

I know, to assume makes an ass of u and me. No fair! YOU have a BIG head start!

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This is also false look at their career stats, look at their rookie stats, and look at their stats from the age of 30 to 33. Then re-evaluate your statement.

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I disagree LeBron is a way better shooter and he a idol for kids and he will never just shut up and dribble.

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He has though look at The Minnesota Timberwolves game in 2018 or look at Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. Also Don't forget he leads the NBA in fourth quarter points and he is considered one of the most Clutches in the 2018 season. He also has the most points averaged in the final 4 minutes of a game.

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Sure but thats in the US, in France killings and taking of hostages are a little more rare. Well to be honest they have been a litle less rare since the morons at the government decided to open the borders

Jogotskilz16(4) Clarified
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I meant It's not comparing LeBron James to any of those guys and more. Sorry.

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I also support this argument but, why is this a questions? It's comapring Lebron James "The King" to Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, or any other Legends but let me break it down for you.

Lebron James

3 championships

15 seasons

12 playoffs played

14 all-star games

Dirk Nowitzki

1 championship

20 seasons

15 playoffs played

13 all-star games

But keep in mind LeBron James is only getting better by age. Dirk on the other hand is not.

Lebron Dirk

4 season MVP 1

3 Finals mVP 1

11 All-NBA First Team 4

13 All NBA Team 12

6 All-Defensive Team 0

1 scoring leader 0

1 Rookie of the year 0

Now on to the real stats


Rookie year


1999-00 21 DAL NBA PF 82 81 35.8 6.3 13.6 .461 1.4 3.7 .379 4.9 9.9 .491 .513 3.5 4.2 .830 1.2 5.2 6.5 2.5 0.8 0.8 1.7 3.1 17.5

Now Lebron

Rookie year


2003-04 19 CLE NBA SG 79 79 39.5 7.9 18.9 .417 0.8 2.7 .290 7.1 16.1 .438 .438 4.4 5.8 .754 1.3 4.2 5.5 5.9 1.6 0.7 3.5 1.9 20.9

Once again as Lebron is getting older he's getting better

2014-15 30 CLE NBA SF 69 69 36.1 9.0 18.5 .488 1.7 4.9 .354 7.3 13.6 .536 .535 5.4 7.7 .710 0.7 5.3 6.0 7.4 1.6 0.7 3.9 2.0 25.3

2015-16 31 CLE NBA SF 76 76 35.6 9.7 18.6 .520 1.1 3.7 .309 8.6 14.9 .573 .551 4.7 6.5 .731 1.5 6.0 7.4 6.8 1.4 0.6 3.3 1.9 25.3

2016-17 32 CLE NBA SF 74 74 37.8 9.9 18.2 .548 1.7 4.6 .363 8.3 13.5 .611 .594 4.8 7.2 .674 1.3 7.3 8.6 8.7 1.2 0.6 4.1 1.8 26.4

2017-18 33 CLE NBA PF 71 71 37.2 10.5 19.3 .545 1.8 4.9 .369 8.7 14.3 .606 .592 4.6 6.3 .725 1.2 7.5 8.6 9.1 1.5 1.0 4.3 1.7 27.4

Career NBA 1132 1131 38.8 9.9 19.6 .504 1.4 4.1 .344 8.5 15.5 .546 .540 6.0 8.1 .739 1.2 6.1 7.3 7.2 1.6 0.8 3.5 1.9 27.1

11 seasons CLE NBA 838 837 39.1 9.9 20.1 .491 1.5 4.4 .337 8.4 15.7 .534 .528 6.0 8.3 .733 1.2 6.1 7.3 7.3 1.6 0.8 3.5 1.9 27.2

4 seasons MIA NBA 294 294 38.0 9.9 18.2 .543 1.2 3.4 .369 8.7 14.9 .582 .577 5.9 7.8 .758 1.2 6.4 7.6 6.7 1.7 0.7 3.4 1.7 26.9

Now look at Dirk from age 30 to 33

2008-09 30 DAL NBA PF 81 81 37.7 9.6 20.0 .479 0.8 2.1 .359 8.8 17.9 .493 .498 6.0 6.7 .890 1.1 7.3 8.4 2.4 0.8 0.8 1.9 2.2 25.9

2009-10 31 DAL NBA PF 81 80 37.5 8.9 18.5 .481 0.6 1.5 .421 8.3 17.0 .487 .498 6.6 7.2 .915 1.0 6.7 7.7 2.7 0.9 1.0 1.8 2.6 25.0

2010-11 32 DAL NBA PF 73 73 34.3 8.4 16.2 .517 0.9 2.3 .393 7.5 13.8 .538 .545 5.4 6.1 .892 0.7 6.3 7.0 2.6 0.5 0.6 1.9 2.4 23.0

2011-12 33 DAL NBA PF 62 62 33.5 7.6 16.7 .457 1.3 3.4 .368 6.4 13.3 .481 .495 5.1 5.7 .896 0.7 6.0 6.7 2.2 0.7 0.5 1.9 2.1 21.6

2012-13 34 DAL NBA PF 53 47 31.3 6.5 13.7 .471 1.2 3.0 .414 5.2 10.8 .487 .516 3.1 3.6 .860 0.7 6.2 6.8 2.5 0.7 0.7 1.3 1.8 17.3

2013-14 35 DAL NBA PF 80 80 32.9 7.9 15.9 .497 1.6 4.1 .398 6.3 11.8 .532 .549 4.2 4.7 .899 0.5 5.7 6.2 2.7 0.9 0.6 1.5 2.1 21.7

2014-15 36 DAL NBA PF 77 77 29.6 6.3 13.8 .459 1.4 3.6 .380 5.0 10.2 .486 .508 3.3 3.8 .882 0.6 5.4 5.9 1.9 0.5 0.4 1.1 2.1 17.3

2015-16 37 DAL NBA PF 75 75 31.5 6.6 14.8 .448 1.7 4.6 .368 5.0 10.3 .483 .504 3.3 3.7 .893 0.7 5.8 6.5 1.8 0.7 0.7 1.1 2.1 18.3

2016-17 38 DAL NBA PF 54 54 26.4 5.5 12.6 .437 1.5 3.9 .378 4.0 8.7 .463 .495 1.8 2.1 .875 0.4 6.1 6.5 1.5 0.6 0.7 0.9 2.1 14.2

2017-18 39 DAL NBA C 71 71 24.8 4.6 9.9 .463 1.8 4.3 .426 2.8 5.6 .491 .555 1.3 1.5 .904 0.3 5.3 5.6 1.6 0.6 0.6 0.7 1.9 12.3

Career NBA 1465 1434 34.4 7.5 15.9 .473 1.3 3.4 .384 6.2 12.5 .497 .514 4.9 5.6 .879 1.0 6.7 7.7 2.5 0.8 0.9 1.7 2.4 21.3

There's more but this should out this debate to an end

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No. Putin didn't need facebook. Voters fear for their lives if they don't support him. He has his cronies stuffing ballot boxes (caught on film). Dissidents dying around the world, Russians "disappearing" or "having accidents", killed "by criminals" during "robberies". The only way Trump "helped him win" is by showing him respect .... one scumbag to another!

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Yeah... try reading my argument here again. I commented on Andy's debate AFTER I commented here. It's not difficult to understand.

We need a war to wipe out the scums. The world population is too high - killing off Muslims wood take out about 1/3. Be a real good start. It’s us or them. They want to conquer not co-exist.

I’m a control freak (almost fascist). So yes I agree with that type shit. I don’t feel humans as a whole can make the best life choices - humans NEED CONTROL.

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LOL, are you that blind to your sickening hate?

I’ve never hated another human in my life but I detest hypocrisy especially from a so called “ Christian “ like you who rabidly attacks anyone who challenges his Bronze Age beliefs

Your type joined groups such as the KKK.

My type ? I’m a humanist and a lover of all people and it’s rich you accuse me of what Christian Americans used to take pride in as in the K K K , also you live in a country where in the not to distant past you treated blacks like dogs and thought them unfit to be educated , eat with white people or use public transportation

Still hasn’t happened in my country John boy

You hate Christians

I love my wife and family their Christians

while those groups hated Blacks and Jews.

Yes I know you and fellow Americans hated Jews and blacks

hate is hate and you spew hate for Christians every day of your life.

Another statement you cannot prove

It's sad how insecure you are.

Again you’re the one who bans opposing opinions to yours proving yet again your insecurity, your attempts are projecting your failures back on me is sadly tragic and typical

LOL, are you that blind to your sickening hate?

Your type joined groups such as the KKK. You hate Christians while those groups hated Blacks and Jews.

Hate is hate and you spew hate for Christians every day of your life. It's sad how insecure you are.

1 point

God said you will know a Christian by their love.

That certainly rules you out then and I guess god would be all for gun rights also and would possibly carry a “ piece “ himself , fuck that blessed are the peacemakers nonsense

1 point

I do not ban opposing opinions

You certainly do you lying hypocrite , you and a sizable amount of your fellow Americans bleat on about the “ freedom of speech “ but there only words as you wave your American flags and talk about the land of the free yet go insane at anyone that questions your John boy Walton views on America

From day one on this site you’ve banned me from everyone of your debates simply because I challenged your views on abortion you hypocrite

Now why don’t you amble back to Walton’s mountain and get grand pa to knock out an old tune on the jug while you all wave your American flags and act all patriotic

They are smart in their eyes only.

The Left is made up of hypocritical phonies who claim to be tolerant and inclusive while supporting the killing of late term special needs babies for merely being diverse.

You can't make this stuff up. The Left is made up of truly stupid people who lack the discernment to see their own hypocrisy.

I mean COME ON! These hypocrites hold midnight vigils to save the life of a mass murderer, while marching to keep No Restriction abortions of viable babies legal.

1 point

It depends on if the fight happens before or after Trump gets executed for treason.

Grenache(6026) Clarified
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I said it depends, too. I said "I'm not saying none emerge normal or successful." Clearly yes it depends.

But I don't agree public school is simply government indoctrination. You're giving way too much credit to government having their act together. All government needs to do is give the platform from which common folk have a chance to pull themselves up. That's not indoctrination, it's a chance at survival.

It's sad that there are so many judgmental Liberals who hate Christians and do all in their power to censor any mention of Christianity from our public lives.

Their so called inclusive tolerance for diversity is the biggest laugh of our lifetime. They live in a constant state of insecure disdain for any person who dares mention morality.

The only time they support true choice is when it comes to killing unborn babies. Their values are so screwed up it is amazing.

1 point

No. If you turn out alienated from having compassion for or any dealings with the common folk in your society then you're a weirdo. Remember, the home schooling parent is rejecting whatever they think those common folk are and then they instill in their kids to also reject the common folk. To reject them because they don't believe the same religion, share their culture, look the same, etc.

1 point

Nope. You ban opposing opinions. You and I had several debates on this site where I systematically took apart your reasons behind your claim but you still use it as a shield and an excuse.

Will people like you ever get tired of using false Christians to make your judgmental assaults on Christians?

Those racists and KKK people who called themselves Christians were anything but Christian.

God said you will know a Christian by their love.

The only reason the business is denying service to customers is because they say that the police “disturb” and “scare” some of their Muslim customers.

I do not ban opposing opinions. I ban deceptive people who deny what they support such as No Restriction abortion every time they vote for the Democrat Party.


Yup. Don’t care.......................................................................

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So what ?

Almost two dozen school shootings have already occurred so far in 2018 in the U S , why are you concerned about a Muslim hostage taker ?

According to non-profit organization Everytown for Gun Safety, a total of 19 shootings have occurred on school campuses across the United States as of March 2.

Atrag(5324) Clarified
2 points

That it is a debate from a school class like many others on this site? Duh

1 point

his anus shaped mouth.

😂😂 I will never look at his mouth in the same way now

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See your post as the last respondent on Andy's Will you follow the Rules ? thread.

Your memory appears to be fading, I hope it's not Alzheimer's.

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It is must cheaper. School doesn't need to do an investment. Kids have the equipment in their pocket.

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No, abortion shouldn't be legal.

Merely your opinion and lawmakers and legislators disagree with you

It's pretty much a way of brutality murdering babies

It’s not , why are you calling a fetus a “ baby “ ?

which are innocent lives.

They’re not , they’re potential lives

They're humans, like us,

They’re not maybe you should try and look at images of a fetus and a fully formed human and attempt to spot the differences , if there are any

and we should give them the chance to live in the outside world, and experience things for themselves.

Oh stop , bring out the violins and let’s have a weep in

Liberals try to ban guns,

Ridiculous isn’t it ? 33, 000 gun deaths a year and 18, 000 injuries and people want them banned , why not just bring in more ?

but they allow abortion to made legal

But you’re allowed a choice to carry in the U S but you want to deny choice when it comes to abortion , why’s that ?

, which is stupid.

That’s not an argument

Abortion kills more innocent lives

How do you know their potential lives are going to be innocent ?

than murders by guns, or other firearms.

So it’s cool for gun deaths to happen but not to abort a fetus ......oooookay

5 points

Yes of course it should be and to deny it is to deny a right a woman has over her own body , denial of this right is unjust and unfair

From HRO

Human Rights Watch believes that decisions about abortion belong to a pregnant woman without interference by the state or others.

The denial of a pregnant woman's right to make an independent decision regarding abortion violates or poses a threat to a wide range of human rights. Any restriction on abortion that unreasonably interferes with a woman's exercise of her full range of human rights is unacceptable.

Governments should take all necessary steps, both immediate and incremental, to ensure that women have informed and free access to safe and legal abortion services as an element of women's exercise of their reproductive and other human rights.

1 point


Only you run around calling people "daft wank" and making child molesting jokes incessantly. You are Hellno Nom, admit it.

0 points

And you work at Walmart as a door greeter. You drag one leg behind you when you walk. You also have a pig tail hanging out of your ass. Oh and you molest kids. Can't forget that.

1 point

President Onoma is even worse than president Obama.

crack doodles

meth noodles

heroin PCP mescaline noodles

ISIS existed before Bush. Obama let them out of the cage.

6 points

Says the one calling names on a debate website.

That's not name calling that's merely an apt description of you as in you're an idiot

So, people who disagree with you are fish and fish are people who disagree with you?

I never that , I said you have the intellect of a fish which you've demonstrated yet again with this latest piece of gibberish

Says the man/fish/Darwinist that believes women can kill their children as long as they haven't been born yet.

Man Fish ??? Oh yes I forgot you don't understand Evoultion either and now a fetus is a child , you are getting desperate aren't you ?

Where do you get that anti-abortion advocates do this?

you are anti abortion , are you ?

What are you babbling on about ?

Yes, I'm anti-abortion. I'm also anti-Dermot, but that's irrelevant.

You're anti Evolution also so you're consistent in your stupidity

Since you say a baby is different from a fetus biologically, what cells change?

Why not consult a medical textbook ?

Well not my own.

Yes I know

I use your logic.

As in me denying Evolution is fact. , interesting

You're right, I shouldn't be given credit for your faulty logic.

Another typical bit of stupidity from you

What's a garden lawn?

Oh I forgot you don't have them in trailer parks

Also, this doesn't seem to be helping your argument.

The argument is over from the off you've yet to offer a defence

Potential human. It's living. Otherwise, why would it need to rely on the mother for nutrients?

So what ?

No, I admit it's immoral to kill a potential human that also happens to be your child,

Yes you admit it's immoral to prevent a potential human being born ,but it's fine to prevent a potential human being born by using contraception , you're a two faced hypocrite

but I'm pro-contraception.

Yes you're pro abortion

Where have I lied?

Denial now as well , you agreed when I originally corrected you by stating " A potential human " then denied you agreed now to agree agsin making you a liar

How's that? Your only consistent argument is "Her body , her choice".

That's the only argument needed ,

What gives you that choice?

It's not my choice it's the individual's woman's choice , I don't care either way abort or don't , your body your choice

There's no law or amendment giving women "bodily rights", so where do they get them from?

Your ignorance is appalling why not do a bit of research into Roe V Wade in your own country and see what the findings were , you truly are an idiot

Bodily integrity you idiot

Why aren't their choices equal?

It's not his body

Yes, the baby is in the mother, but the baby wouldn't be there without the father.

Amazing , thank you for that

Where do you get this from? You continue to say "Her body, her choice" but the baby isn't solely hers.

So you're saying the man should have a choice but why should his. choice be given equal consideration ?

So you’re fine with him making a choice but not the woman unless she’s anti abortion?


You seem to want the man to have a choice but only if it's anti abortion

No one gets the choice to murder legally.

It's not murder you clown and no one is charged with murder for aborting so your stupidity is exposed again , and another correction your government murders people " legally " in prisons and bombing campaigns

You're a liberal.

I'm a humanist you fool

It's only babbling to you because you can't comprehend the words I'm typing.

Incorrect , I cannot comprehend the gibberish you type

Then why have you called it bodily rights in the past?

Same thing you idiot

You act like the terms are interchangeable,

They are you idiot

like sex and gender.

No , that's merely your obsession and Americans in general with gender don't you guys invent a new gender every day ?

I don't need to do research, you're providing me with all the information I need.

I know as in Roe v Wade you're another dense American who gets schooled in American law by a European

I've looked it up, and I still don't understand where they get "bodily integrity" from.

I know your stupidity isn't helping you is it ?

It's not given as a right by the United States government, and ethicality is not a replacement for the law.

But abortion is legal in the states you prize clown as your courts and legislators agree with me as in there is no accepted consensus on when life begins making me right again

If it were, abortion would be illegal.

Prove it

Pro-choice = Pro-abortion, idiot.

Pro choice , idiot

You argued that the facts of Evution may be incorrect like you do on most facts as in above until corrected by your superiors as in me

1 point

Your former God George W Bush created ISIS and all the other problems when he allowed Rumsfeld , John Bolton and the rest of the neo-con filth to talk him into lying to the American people about WMD's and invading Iraq and destabilizing the entire middle east for generations to come.

Apparently your ass isn't any smarter than the rest of you.

Put the pipe down, your memory is ruined already.

1 point

Probably. CNN said so and has been wrong every time, so obviously a firing, something about taxes, and some bullshit about him being a space alien. This is - CNN.

In other news, Trump drank racist water while taking a misogynistic vitamin today, all while helping Putin win the Russian election. And something about strippers, porn stars, and sanctuary cities not being lawless liberal hellholes.

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