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Maybe. I estimate their are about 4.5 billion houses on this earth so I will split about .5 percent of the presents with you I guess.

Amarel(2388) Clarified
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You have two sources,, and quora. Your Cleveland source is there twice. In your Cleveland source, the only time they could quote an actual person, that person said what I’ve been saying. When they misunderstood the nature of an officer involved shooting, I had to go to the loca news webpage to know what really happened.

You stole Christmas NathanAllen? Share with me. Give me a bite.

NathanAllen(2169) Clarified
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O now you are a hypocrite. You just used a CNN source but now you are saying their wrong. Because it does not go your way. How did I know you would do that.

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Listen Nate, your ignorance is now willful, which I can’t abide. Cops are not trained to kill, they are not trained to wound, they are trained to stop the threat. This is why they, and literally everyone everywhere trains this way.

Attempting to use a lethal weapon for non-lethal purposes would make you a fucking idiot. If you are successful, it’s likely to make you a dead fucking idiot. Or the person you are trying save is dead.

Your source is terribly written. I noticed they couldn’t quote anyone saying cops shoot to kill. They simply claim that that’s what cops say. I know cops. None have said that.

When your source did quote someone, that person said exactly what I said, cops shoot to stop the threat. How bout that.

They cite a cop who shot a guy in the leg who was holding a knife to a woman’s throat. If that man really wanted to cut that woman’s throat, how would a shot to the leg stop him? Fact is that cop fired several times and hit him in the leg once.

“After several verbal commands to drop the knives, an officer fired several shots at the suspect. The suspect was struck in the right leg and dropped the knives.”

Please educate yourself. Until then, fuck off.

Did he take reputability for what I did. I stole it fair and square. Who the hell does he think he is.

My proof.

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Ha ha, thanks, will sign up..........................................................................................................

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Thanks for the heads up. I have an issue with the trolls too. May I have the link to that site please?

Damn right. I am a unique one... No one on this site could pull me off. I can shot down another nathanallen account just like that. And so can a bunch of other members. Like you said I have a personality unlike a lot of others on who I am talking with.

Unlike all of you fools I do not match that formula for x+y=y+x for everyone.

Sv3rige, does not ring a bell. Hmm that is right never accused you of owning that account. I did accuse you of being good listener and the other low point accounts that regularly troll the site.

NathanAllen(2169) Clarified
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LMAO, sure I am you dumb broad. Get a life, you wish I would waste my time on you like that. Don't make me blush because you are trying to show a twisted sense of affection towards me. '

Might be gay just not gay enough to let you near me.

We all know it was you in those photos. But wait did you really post such shit?

O shit their is some hot bananas. Monkey child porn was always a fetish. How did you now?

O shit their is some hot bananas. Monkey child porn was always a fetish.

Yes, but soon I will be leaving due the chaos and trolls of the site. Found another site I recommend to actual debtors. DebateIsland.

Already am a member and going for the numbers again. Already putting my name out their for the big boys.

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Me because I have a short fuse. Autism is a mother fucker.................................................................

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Like whatever you wish. Seriously............................................................................

NathanAllen(2169) Clarified
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Do you not read anything I say? Because I did say I stopped reading when I read the CNN url.

Officers are taught to kill not wound, but to kill. So even if I did nick a main artery it would either kill them or they have a good chance of surviving, I am giving them better odds than a kill shot.

O here is a CNN article you might like this one.

Like I said a real skilled marksman will be able to under stressful situations aim and not miss. If a soldier can not hit their target when in a life or death situation than their a bad soldier. Aim and shot do not let the things going around you effect you mentally.

This nurse or doctor even explains why you could survive. itself-be-functional-at-all

Sure their is a much greater risk since their is that one main artery but if you do not hit it that person has lost control of that arm. And they will likely fall in shock or pain.

EldonG(548) Clarified
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This looks like it goes into greater detail than I've ever read - it addresses precocious puberty as well as general physical maturity:

Everybody is me.

"Come on goodlistener. Give up the goodies. Show us a nothing giving us a something. Give us a presentation. I'm interested in seeing it. What magic nothing products do you need?"

Hmmm, maybe a god named God?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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