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Hillary was involved in a pizza shop that sent her to the LOSERS bid ????????????

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SUPER STUPID i need to see your tax returns ! Give it up !!!!!!!!!!!

Never heard of the liberal media eh nom? Or did you think that shit was real...

Here's the thing bronto, just because the "liberal" media in America which is run by corporations and special interests and the state is full of shit, doesn't mean leftist philosophy in general is full of shit. The right wing media is just as corrupt, and if you read between the lines they are on the same exact side. Each support big greedy corporations and the state.

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Stormy must be the Leftist dream then SUPER STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nazi-like propaganda tactics.

Never heard of the liberal media eh nom? Or did you think that shit was real...

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It's all about the subliminal messaging. The average sheeple consciously thinks everything is "normal" and mundane but their subconscious mind is accepting that they are being conditioned and controlled by sinister forces. This creates a public that is cognitively dissonant and believes they are free and have rights while also blindly submitting to authority.

Could u have exposed the Leftist in a better way ??????????

Tired of pretending not to be nom yet nom?*

This coming from a person who literally calls me a Jew and Hitler...

Moving on.

There is much you fail to understand. He calls you a Jew because you are a zionist, he calls you a Hitleresque nazi because you use nazi-like propaganda tactics. There is no real contradiction there when you take it in that context.

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Tell me the intelligence of a Socialist because the INDIAN SOCIALIST has a problem with that

This coming from a person who literally calls me a Jew and Hitler...

Moving on.

I don't fully agree with you Nom. A lot of his "lies" just come down to honest to God stupidity.

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I understand that maths

The ABOVE shows what a DUMMY u are !!!!!!!!!!!

Nutrition isn't the key to my house nor my vehicles.

Those things require literal keys. I am speaking about the metaphorical keys to mental and physical health. Nutrition is the main factor which decides how your mind and body develop.

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The Fake Indian has what to DO with Israel you IDIOT ???????????????

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I'd beat you with my rake.



You are a Dummy Demorat


5 years of drone strikes used to maintain US military dominance in the Middle East for the purpose of securing trade routes and oil reserves – 2,400 dead [11][12]

Syrian Civil War caused by the US’ funding of Syrian rebels as well as the terrorist organization Al Nusra in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian government [13][14][15][16] – at least 146,000 dead [17][18]

US Funded and NATO Intervention in Libya for the sake of overthrowing the government and getting oil [19][20][21] – estimates range from 10,000 by the deniers, to 50,000 by the rebels. The commonly accepted number by the US is 30,000 dead [22][23]

United States backed government of Sri Lanka for the sake of maintaining trade routes and neo-liberal foothold in southern Asia – 100,000 dead (some sources say 40,000 not including the huge numbers of civilians) [24][25]

The War in Iraq which was for the sake of gaining oil controlling petroleum exports [26][27] and with the interest of advancing US imperialism [28] – most recent study indicates 500,000 dead Iraqis and 4,500 dead US soldiers [29][30][31]

The War in Afghanistan – 2,000 dead US soldiers and 20,000 civilians [32][33]

US bombing of Pakistan for the War on Terror and to maintain our imperial dominance abroad – 50,000 dead [34]

US and Mexican War on Drugs to maintain a monopoly and to support military spending as well as drug cartel violence for profit – 47,000 dead [35]

Operation Desert Storm (First Gulf War) which was for the sake of maintaining dominance in the Middle East as well as for imperialistic reasons [36][37][38][39] – 158,000 Iraqis [40] – 75,000 US Soldiers dead from the War and Gulf War Syndrome [41]

US Sanctions against Iraq from 1990-2012 – 3,300,000 [42]

Iran-Iraq War where the United States funded both sides in an attempt to have each wipe the other out – about 1,500,000 [43][44][45]

The War in Vietnam to “beat Communism” and maintain an Asian sphere of influence – 3,800,000 Vietnamese between 1955-1984 [46] about 58,000 US soldiers [47] about 200,000 in Laos [48] about 300,000 in Cambodia [49] it’s hard to calculate Agent Orange deaths but up to 4,800,000 people were exposed [50] and 100,000 US soldiers killed themselves [51]

Korean War to “beat Communism” and maintain dominance in Asia – 54,000 US soldiers [52] and about 5,000,000 Koreans died [53]

The United States in Latin America and the Third World

“El Bloqueo” AKA. The Cuban Embargo – one of the more insidious forms of siege warfare of modernity [54][55] – this is one of the more difficult numbers to come up with so I will give you what I have and then add a commentary – 47,000 children dead [56] and the Embargo has stifled medical technology and lead to the deaths of tons more. The numbers are uncalculatable [57]. As a result, in a few years the effects on consumption by the general population were in evidence: daily caloric consumption, for example, dropped 34 percent, and protein intake plummeted 40 percent between 1989 and the worst year of the crisis, 1993. [58]

Former CIA Station Chief in Angola in 1976, covert agent, and the highest level CIA officer to testify to Congress, John Stockwell, tells a grisly tale of US involvement in foreign countries for the sake of money and geopolitics. He cites covert operations in Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba, to name a few. Over the course of his testimony and lecture he extensively researched the actions he was involved in and figured out that given the bombings of water supplies and other essential infrastructure, the invasions, the coups, etc. in third world countries, the United States, on its quest for empire, has been responsible for 6,000,000 deaths. Just let that soak in. According to the official story of the Holocaust, that’s how many Jews were killed. This is an unheard genocide against the third world FOR PROFIT and FOR POWER.[60] If you read nothing else or watch nothing else,

Genocides and Other Mass Deaths

Poverty. One of the most overlooked causes of death today is something called “structural violence” – that is, violence against the bottom rungs of society in order to make a profit. Structural violence can occur due to lack of medical care, slashing of wages, gentrification, etc. But without a doubt, structural violence is the largest killer WORLDWIDE. Studies performed by Canadian researches Gernot Kohler and Norman Alcock published under the title “An Empirical Table of Structural Violence” found that 18,000,000 people die each year due to systemic poverty [61][62].

This is recurring violence that happens year after year after year, the scale of which is unprecedented. Hell, if one takes Rummel’s and The Black Book of Communism’s claims seriously, structural violence has killed more people in JUST the 21st century, than Communism.

The Genocide of the Native Americans – according to professor of ethics Ward Churchill, over 10,000,000 Native Americans were slaughtered [63] and other studies by historian and professor David Stannard indicate that the number is closer to 100,000,000 if one includes South America (Churchill only looks at North America). To avoid any conflict, I will split the difference in my final calculation and use 50,000,000 [64]

Slavery (not just White slavery) – over 1200 years of Arab slave trading and then 500 years of European slave trading amounts to over 100,000,000 people enslaved and killed (there were about 80,000,000 that would just be slaves)[65]

Children Killed by Preventable Diseases yearly – 5,000,000 [66]

Children Killed by Hunger daily – 17,000 (multiplying to get a year so 17,000 365=6,205,000) [67]

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I understand that maths probably wasn't your strongest subject, but unless the number of full time jobs exceeds the number of available workers (which it never has in recorded history), then blaming the people is fucking stupid and insulting to their intelligence.

That is a Socialist problem and the INDIAN is quite stupid by omission

Stalin and Mao both have kill counts that dwarf that just by themselves.


Estimates of the number of deaths attributable to Joseph Stalin vary widely. Record-keeping of the executions of political prisoners and ethnic minorities are regarded as neither reliable nor complete.[1] Historians working after the Soviet Union's dissolution have estimated victim totals ranging from approximately 3 million[2][3][4] to nearly 9 million.[5][6] Some claim the death toll could be 20 to 30 million.

This campaign led to the deadliest famine in history and the deaths of an estimated minimum of 45 million people

Everything you say is a lie, bronto. I haven't even got started on capitalist dictators and I'm already 60 million ahead of your count, cunt.

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Does the Socialist know what 8 times 4 IS ?????????????????????????

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The Bible tells us to love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself. It also tells us to do unto others as you would them do unto you. How is any of this evil? Anyone who acts otherwise is sinning against God. You may have a case against the other religions, but no one has ever been harmed by obeying the Bible

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OL Beth has baseless facts and you know the baseless facts to be true ??????

"I am a lying American-Israeli Jew with no soul".


"You can't be a Nazi without hating Jews."

The Nazis had over 100,000 Jews fighting for them in the German Army you stupid lying little prick. Your first quote is false, which is ironic given that you are talking about things Nazis do (i.e. invent false quotes).

Stalin and Mao both have kill counts that dwarf that just by themselves. Looks like we've got the lowest kill count to date. Thanks for pointing out how we kill less. (Pat on back)

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