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By all means, enlighten me.

Also, where do you think you fall in that vision?

Ehh no

Um yes. Why don't you go back and read the conversation, you pointlessly stupid, illiterate fucking waste of carbon?

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I exposed you for child sex abuse and for distributing child pornography

🤔 Ehh no , you defended a child rapist as in Marx and then Muhammad who you claimed as a 58 year old was “ entitled “ to have sex with a 7 year old child , and now you attempt to accuse me of your filth 🖕🤔

LOL. I've met some stupid people before

They are the only people you know ..... birds of a feather and all that 👌

but you really take the biscuit mate.

Mate ? Oh dear letting on to be English again Nom ?

You are a fucking IDIOT.

Real meaning = you have no defence for the rapist Marx or the peado Mo .......I’m waiting.....still 😂😂🖕


One of the main problems with Socialism is that it is founded on an idea which is false--namely, that there are legions of super-compassionate people out there always trying to look out for one another.

Obviously you know so little about socialism that you somehow believe it's a theory of psychology instead of a theory of economics. Your straw man argumentation is boring and stupid because your understanding of what socialism is could probably be written on the back of a stamp.

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Note: Short post explanation--can be expanded upon later

One of the main problems with Socialism is that it is founded on an idea which is false--namely, that there are legions of super-compassionate people out there always trying to look out for one another. Overwhelmingly, the "compassion" is a veneer to cover envy, jealousy, hatred of the successful, self-loathing, etc. Then, you are often expecting others to make it their mission to "save"/"help" people that are not seriously trying to help themselves, and would gladly/eagerly f*ck you over if given the opportunity (i.e. "I scratch your back but you never scratch mine").

Capitalism has built into the idea that there are various types of people in the world--as well as a philosophy of 'good & evil' that tugs at humanities core (inside all of us). To visualize; imagine a mountain that scales so high up the summit is out of view. Various groups emerge, by nature; (a) Those who stay on the ground (b) people who climb at a leisurely pace (c) people who climb as fast and high as possible. Inside each camp, there are (1) fans, who cheer on and encourage those climbing up (2) the "foot pullers", who discourage and try to knock them off 'the path'. "Foot pullers" is where the problem comes in, and there are many different strategies to go about it. (i) the direct approach (ii) "concern" for the others safety. Capitalism is founded on the idea of the imagery provided--which I think is a much more accurate view of "human nature". Not that 'Capitalism' is necessarily the optimal route/solution, indefinitely--though it is superior to forcing "mountain climbers/sprinters" etc. to come back down to a "safe" height, for the sake of those who deeply, 'secretly' hope that they will fall to their death, rather than "concern for everyone's safety".

What does it feel like to lose your soul? When the Left has brainwashed you to such a point, that you cant even spend one second trying to protect viable unborn babies from death, at any stage for any reason, how completely empty can a human being become?

You have all the time in the world fighting and ranting for so called marriage right's of LGBT groups, but when it comes to the life of an innocent vIable baby?


I will never stop fighting for the right to life of babies, just as those before me fought for the right of life for Black people.

You are the new age KKK, but it is not black people you have deemed as worthless. It is innocent unborn babies. Killed for mere convenience.

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So you admit you purchase it

I exposed you for child sex abuse and for distributing child pornography and you come back at me for viewing your own sordid filth? LOL. I've met some stupid people before Dermot, but you really take the biscuit mate. You are a fucking IDIOT.


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Crazy AL i have to show u the prejudice against Christianity in ur party for which u fail to see because ur Blind and Brain Dead !!!!!!!!!!

We SEE you lie again AL when you say you have NO intolerance against Christianity ! FLAT out Lie AL

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Kiddie porn made and distributed by you.

So you admit you purchase it 😂👌

Weird how you forgot to mention that part.

Read above 😂👌

How are those English lessons going, dummy?

How is your defence of the rapist Marx and the peado Muhhhamad faring out for ya 😳🖕

Have you passed 8th grade yet?

You mean the place you hang out trawling for kids ?

Oh, my bad.

Oh dear , my bad 😂 What a truly terrible typically American expression , bet you use that terrible “ awesome “ all the time for the most mundane happenings, you probably say “ thank you for your service “ also to army vets , pass the sick bag 😂

Clearly 8th grade is a bit advanced for you.

Real meaning = You failed to “ lure “ a child into your van you sick dog 🐕

Why don't you go and choose some nice colouring books?

Your obsession with kiddies and colouring books is alarming

There's a good boy.

Yes , we know you like boys you filthy dog 🐶

What about all of the taxpayers who are having to struggle to pay for the millions of Abortions.

Should someone be concerned about them too. ? ?

These oppressions and limitations are decided as a government decision and issue because women want to use the government to force working class Americans to pay the bills for all of the sexual activity and sexual pleasures and sexual adventures

Of the women of America..

Does not healthcare { CONTRACEPTION AND ABORTION } depend on the personal decisions and financial _ bank account - taxing choices of the woman.

The 'religious' people and Pro-Choice people are not forcing and demanding and making women have seX and have abortions. !

The personal choices of the woman have nothing to do with religion.

WHY - Is it the responsibility of Americans to hand their personal hard earned money out to women, to pay the fee, toll and cost of every single woman’s sexual pleasures and joys ?

in the entire earth. ?

this is a horrible idea especially if You are saving Your own money for a future family and waiting until You can personally afford it, before You have seX.

how is it Your responsibility to hand over Your hard earned money to me - to cover the cost of my seXual adventures, My sexual joys and seXy pleasures. ?

The woman chooses to squirt a man’s sperm deep up into Own vaginal cavity.

If she cannot afford it – she should face the consequences and not expect a Liberal Democrat Politician to act a pickpocket and a thief and rip funds out of others bank accounts who are waiting to have sex until they can afford the bills. And others who are having safe sex.

Saving money for the pill or a condom. Yes - PRO-CHOICE WITH - PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

NOT , PRO-CHOICE with demands to make financial choices for - the responsible others, to pay the fees, bills, and costs for the lusts, the sexual adventures, pleasures, raptures, joys and sexual funs and sexual - journeys - for Liberal Democrats. with no limits. !

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You make some very solid points .

Stop being and old fool. I have NEVER said that people must believe what I believe. I never try to force anyone to believe what I believe! You spew deception and lies as always because you have nothing to attack Conservatives with if you kept to the truth.

You are talking about the political correct Left. THE VERY PEOPLE YOU ELECT!


If a private Christian business does not want to embrace unnatural lifestyles, they sue you!

If a State of voters does not want Gay marriage, the Left sues you until you are forced to do so.


I know the real answer

The real answer is that you are pointlessly stupid, as your long pointless tantrum evidences.

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It's because I have no intention of bringing kids into a world where they have to interact with pointlessly stupid bastards like you.

I know the real answer, it's because your genetically inferior shriveled balls and cock are too pathetic and impotent to reproduce. Nature did us a favor by stopping your genes from reproducing. Eugenics is the natural state of things and because of the "protect the weak" mentality of our pathetic modern civilization people like you are allowed to waste resources on your weakness. In nature you would go extinct and I would be eating your organs right now.

Muslims have many of their own ideas

The world of Islam is living a life that has them very involved in the religions mass creation, generation, reproduction and in yielding - many, many billions of children. Their women live lifestyles of marriages where in their religion they are allowed to spend a few hours, days or just a couple months involved in a marriage and childbearing of an average 3 children per woman.

In Islam, the woman is allowed to leave their marriage any time the Husband wishes to get a divorce for any reason and for no major reason at all. And the woman can leave all their children with the previous husband and move on to another husband, anytime the new husband wishes her to do so.

In The Religion, This is normal, so long as all MALE parties agree.

This creates a society of misbegotten children with no families whose mothers are allowed normally to re-marry and divorce on and on unlimited. Many millions of innocent children in Islam simply have no related mothers in the Home and by the time the child reaches adulthood, their real mothers have moved on and on to possibly a very high amount of new husbands and bore many other new children along the way with 4 to up to 12 or more new husbands just in a matter of 20 years and the poor children of the previous marriages are no longer important to the previous husbands comparison to the current children of the current wives.

There are millions of refugee, misbegotten children who have been abandoned by Muslim fathers and mothers strewn and sown, scattered and tossed across the planet that come from parents who conceived each child in the Middle Eastern Muslim world.

How strange it is that Islam allows its children to be sown, inseminated and disjected out from its location and region but never allows anyone from other faiths and religions to enter into its world with any eXpectation or chance of prosperity.

The disjectus from other religions who end up in Islamic countries are driven down, killed, forced into conversion, driven out and down into poverty and slavery and the daughters are eXpected to be given to Islamic customers and spread and passed around in marriage rings of never-ending partners as is the custom of marriage that Islam demands.

And Non-Muslims are never able to multiply or succeed inside the world of Islamic government in Islamic kingdoms. The situation has created the fastest growing religion on the planet with (1.3 billion) Muslims as the largest religion that has ever eXisted on earth.

This has led many Muslims even from within the Middle Eastern community to feel that they themselves are at war with one another. Imagine the reality of the war that this situation has created for Non-Muslims.

this would be all ok and fine for everyone if Muslims were able to take care of the children and offspring that they create however without a war to support their lifestyle there has never been any way for Islam to sustain itself in any capacity, this is why Islam must be allowed to take the successful religion of Abraham and re - shape it to their pleasures and lusts.

The Protestants and Roman Catholics and Atheists absolutely love seeing the religion of Abraham made into a total circus, for it is the only way that they can accept the New and Old Testament. -

Through the Contact and Eyes of their spiritual father, prophet and revelator Mohammad.

1 point unconstitutional

ACLU disputes your words AL !!!!!!!

Once again, an appeals court ruled that President Trump’s Muslim ban — now in its third iteration — violates the Constitution’s most basic guarantee of religious freedom

Now tell me again AL that Leftist have no Love of Islam !!!!!!!!!

Gee, why do I ban you? What a laughable moron! Sick hypocrites like you support No Restriction abortions yet you judge others for spanking their children?

Hmmmm, what is worse, dismembering late term viable babies, or disciplining a child?


is it because you can't get a woman or because your anti-human agenda forbids you from producing human life?

It's because I have no intention of bringing kids into a world where they have to interact with pointlessly stupid bastards like you.


Please remember that Yahoshua according to the Bible will be sitting " IN " the throne of the Father - God Almighty

Rev 3:21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father " IN " his throne.

Why would someone who is not God Himself be honestly claiming to be someday sitting " IN " the very throne of God ? Satan has made this claim and attempted to sit in the throne of God.

Either Yahoshua is lying and will never sit " IN " the throne of God - or He is God in the flesh as the Bible says.

Why Yahoshua is making this claim. ?

You need help because you have no idea what you are talking about and who is saying what!

I never said anything about taste buds from fetuses. Try getting your arguments correct. Your age is showing.

That’s because you spend your sad life jacking off to kiddie porn

Kiddie porn made and distributed by you. Weird how you forgot to mention that part.

How are those English lessons going, dummy? Have you passed 8th grade yet?


Oh, my bad. Clearly 8th grade is a bit too advanced for you. Why don't you go and choose some nice colouring books instead? There's a good boy.

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The Flotation Device is payed to put out there AL ! Did u miss that ? So what if Trump wanted to bang it ! U got a problem with that ???????

Keep up the good work my brother.

The Left and fake news wants to keep their support of eugenics under the table.

I did not know that Pepsi is using fetal tissue in their business. If true, it is truly sick.

Keep enlightening the world with what is going on. I remember when the Democrat Party and Left told us all how aborted babies would not be used for profit.

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Old Crazy AL entering the arena with Leftist Ignorance once again.

For once Crazy AL can you say the Russians influenced 60 million votes ?????????

Come on with some type of proof other then what the Low INFORMATION media spoon feeds you !

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Do you ever wonder if there is more to life than spending every day on this tiny little debate site saying the same thing over and over? No you dont. Because youre a sad old man. Time to put the other foot in the grave there, don´t you think?

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You are a filthy Jew rat zionist bilderberger and you should be put in a gas chamber until you bleed from your eyes and vomit out your liver.

Dear - Wolfgang666

The Quran does condone " slave trade "

and rape. There is absolutely no punishment - no penalty for slave trade or rape in the Quran AND the Quran / Islam's CORE foundation is " slave trade "

Even today - The slave trade is still happening - as it was in the Quran. Have You ever read these books ?

But - In the Bible -

The Contractor or Debt Payer / or BOSS / Master could hold the Children and the Wife at work until their debts were paid - if the Debtor MALE was irresponsible and engaging in getting married and having kids while attempting to pay off His debt.

They were to wait before they are able to afford to have a husband or wife and children, not place the whole burden of feeding the wives and all the other children that were produced in seven whole years off on the WELFARE STATE of whoever was paying off the debt.

In other words, the children were not the problem of the society just for OBAMA Type supporters to run around screwing everything that moved while being unable to take care of themselves or afford it. And eXpecting Your boss to pay for Your children while You were working to pay off a debt was not going to be an easy ride home with all Your children and wives You copulated into eXistance while paying and working off Your debt.

The entire Hebrew country would be like a Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton city of poverty and people who eXpect others to pay for their seXual joys, pleasures, and adventures.

Respectfully, Yours.

Hello there - Wolfgang666

I see Your point of view concerning The Old Testament condoning slavery, rape, murder, child abuse, genocide, child molestation, and racism.

_- - - ------------------------

But - If You read the Bible - the evidence is clear.

The punishment for participating in the enslavement / slave trade of Your fellow Israeli citizens was punished by the death penalty.

And The Bible - Commands to not to ever participate in the rounding up of slaves who were slaves from foreign lands or Israel who have escaped and run away from their slave owners and are hiding in Israel.

Please Notice Deu 23:15 Thou shalt not deliver unto his master the servant which is escaped from his master unto thee:

16 He shall dwell with thee, even among you, in that place which he shall choose in one of thy gates, where it liketh him best: thou shalt not oppress him.

Here, the Israelites were commanded to not - OWN - innocent, regular people as slaves ) were not to take part in { slave trade } and rounding up and RETURNING or SELLING any escaped slaves of neighboring nations.

They were to take care of these escaped slaves, KEEP, Care for and Feed them and respect them and give them a place and a chance for freedom. To work and be a Hired SERVANT / WORKER in Israel. As a Productive part of Society.

This is the FACT.

It is true. ……….. That the PUNISHMENT of slavery was the Death Penalty.

the punishment for RAPE – also - is the DEATH penalty, According to the Bible..

Check it out.................... Deu 22:25 But if a man find a betrothed damsel in the field, and the man force her, and lie with her: then the man only that lay with her shall die:

Deu 22:26 But unto the damsel thou shalt do nothing; there is in the damsel no sin worthy of death: for as when a man riseth against his neighbor, and slayeth him, even so is this matter:

the punishment for RAPE - is the DEATH penalty, According to the Bible..

If there was no proof of rape, then the man who had sex with the woman who accused Him of rape was that the man was to PROVIDE SUPPORT to the woman for the rest of His life - just for seducing her.

If, a woman is sexually assaulted in the Bible - the BIBLICAL LAW DEMANDS that the Rapist financially supports the woman He rapes - even if she does not want to marry Him. And if she is truly raped and unwilling of Her own free will, - then obviously, she will never marry the man and the Bible suggests that He work for the rest of His life to support the victim or be put to death.

As similar to a marriage contract - He SUPPORTS and PROVIDES SUPPORT for the rest of His life.

A mandatory lawsuit/ full automatic.

In the Bible - The rapists and the slave traders, kidnappers and pedophiles are to be - put to death. Mandatory death,

And If a woman is forced into sexual intercourse and not completely complicit but slightly resisted at the start - but gave in and encouraged and proceeded to participate and REFUSED TO HAVE THE WILL TO SAY NO - AND --- FAILED TO RESIST -

and - it is not a violent rape- the woman STILL MUST be supported and the father can decide if His daughter was forced and has to get married.

In the Bible days, The Jews following their God did not intend for things to be any more barbaric, wild or evil or insane than honorable American citizens do today.

Please do not pretend that the Bible is not able to be rationalized and understood by people who actually take the time to study and examine it in full details.

The Jews did not have the ability to make effective prison systems and control and protect their society from criminals with MODERN TECHNOLOGY of monitoring systems, cameras, forensic evidence, fingerprints, photos, telephones, Telegram Messaging systems, railroads in an organized network across the entire country.

The Biblical Jews did not have massive amounts of materials to make chains, steel bars, windows, and ventilation systems and air and water supplies and great powerful scopical binoculars, with satellites, guns and police with police water cannons and infrared sensors.

The Bible is very clear. The Midianites and Moabites and other unclean living people were bringing plagues, sickness, and diseases and unclean infected foods into the Hebrew camps and they were following the other god. ALWAYS in the Bible the term " Following the other gods '" always referred to and included the practices of the dangerous activity that was killing and infecting and killing thousands of people at a time and the god of the Bible was stopping the plagues and diseases by ordering the killing and removal of those who knew what they were doing was wrong and who were spreading the plagues and diseases and murdering their fellow citizens. The Bible was about protecting babies and protecting life.

Even today here in the USA - Today, If You are gay or have had any gay sex within the last year - You are banned from donating blood and organs. In the Bible days, there were no treatments, tests, medicines and antibiotics, cures, surgeries and modern advanced technologies. Once You catch a disease You and everyone that You knowingly infect are doomed to suffer a horrible, painful and excruciating, torturous and agonizing Painful horrible death. You beg for someone to knock You in the head and get it over with as Your penis or guts or liver or organs are literally slowly rotting off - with no painkillers, no treatments, and medicine. The Jews were being constantly attacked and were in a constant state of war. They were always on the run and living and surviving with all of Your neighbors attacking You,, it is completely impossible, especially when Your neighbors are also spreading diseases in the water supply and by having seXual contact with people in Your Own Neighborhoods.

Leviticus has explained many of the details of the violent, evil behaviors of the neighbors of the Israelites who were allied against Israel and attacking them ...... for even their sons and their daughters, they have burnt in the fire to their gods. .... Lev 18:3 ... ye not do: and after the doings of the land of Canaan, do not walk in their ordinances. Lev 18:7 INCEST - causing blood problems. - Lev 18:20 Adultery - Prostitution causing blood problems. - Lev 18:21 BURNING little Children in a fire. Lev 18:22 HOMOSEXUALITY - causing blood problems. Lev 18:23 BEASTALITY - causing blood problems.

There were diseases, plagues and at their last stages of dying from homosexual/gay rectal, bowel cancers and stomach cancers people die in horrible pain and agony. Homosexuals place others in danger. I know the pain, I have seen it and have spent time in the trenches, changing diapers of infected gays, cleaning up vomit and bathroom and bloody foam from the mouth as the gay or the infected dies in agony with blood and puss running from every orifice.

Please study and explain what You are saying.

Because taking a single mental step is not completing a long journey..

Please visit an educational website that will show You so many things that You never even imagined.

Click Here. ... Thank You.

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I would help, I would single handedly save his ass and become even more of a hero than I already am. Because i'M Alex Jones and I'm super bad ass.

2 points

As a true political warrior,

🤔 You mean as in your defence of the raging alcoholic , racist and rapist Marx ? 🙀😳😳

I am VERY disappointed at your lack of commitment🤔

Real meaning = You’re sick of getting your ass canned on C D so you downvote , report and ban those who school you , you’re a cowardly dog and your “ insults “ are those used by 4 year olds in a schoolyard yet you hilariously think them “ devastating “ 🖕😂😂😂😂🤔

Amarel(3114) Clarified
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Have you seen how internet-tough he is? He has a lot of angry words and he isn’t afraid to say them anonymously. You ought to watch your words, otherwise QuantumNomzi might say hurl some very real, very serious anonymous hollow insults your way.

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Nahhh… They're attacking the Irish somewhere on here, so I thought I'd pretend to be Irish. I think it's funny..

Yes you do think it’s funny but yet get all butt hurt if Jews are attacked by the self same asshole , why’s that ?

By the way I’m 100 per cent Irish and yet to ever hear even one Irish person say “Top o the morning to ya “ are most Americans stupid enough to think this is a commonly used expression or is it just you ?

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Read it again. My summary was spot on, otherwise you would have been offended and corrected it.

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I don't have any kids you moron.

That’s because you spend your sad life jacking off to kiddie porn

There, now you know something about me.

Yes as in you’re a panting peado

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You are not a warrior … .

Even if You or I do not believe in a deity – we can still read The Bible Stories and see what they were dealing with and what they had to do to survive and keep from being infected with widespread diseases, plagues and symptoms.

An atheist would probably feel that the Bible and God do not have anything to do with them personally, in the modern world.

However, there are many experiences that the characters of the Bible lived through that could help in todays's modern environment.

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Is that the correct gist of it?

Hello again, A:

Nahhh. Read it again and get back to me.


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Let me continue your education you dumb cunt , you attempt to hold forth on subjects you haven’t a clue on , I’ve corrected you several times and still you adhere to quoting from Muslim apologetic websites like the thicko you are .....

You undoubtedly never heard of the Sahih Bukhari which accurately portrays the life and times of Muhammad and is deemed sacred amongst Muslims and .......

Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī (Arabic: صحيح البخاري‎), also known as Bukhari Sharif (Arabic: بخاري شريف‎), is one of the Kutub al-Sittah (six major hadith collections) of Sunni Islam. These prophetic traditions, or hadith, were collected by the Muslim scholar Muhammad al-Bukhari, after being transmitted orally for generations. It was completed around 846/232 AH. Sunni Muslims view this as one of the two most trusted collections of hadith along with Sahih Muslim, yet not generally infallible.[1][2] The Arabic word sahih translates as authentic or correct.[3] Sahih al-Bukhari, together with Sahih Muslim is known as Sahihayn.

Narrated Hisham's father: Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married 'Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed that marriage when she was nine years old.

Sahih Bukhari 5:58:236

You’ve just been schooled ......Again 🖕

You’ve attempted a weak “defence “ of the peado “prophet “ and being schooled so tell me what’s your defence for the alcoholic , rapist Marx again ?

This is a wonderful video. I watched it and it is very good as it explains that The those in Yahoshua in the New Testament were anti-slavery.

Also in the Old Testament Isralies participating in the slave trade by the enslaving of other Israeli citizens was punished able by the death penalty.

Also, the Hebrews were commanded to not be involved in rounding up escaped foreign slaves who had run away and were hiding in Isreal.

The Law Of God - was to protect, care for, feed and support runaway slaves and to give them a life of freedom with rights and respect.

However, The Kings of Israel did enslave their prisoners of war that were attacking them and forced their conquered enemies them to pay restitution and reimbursement for the war that they carried out against Israel.

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I don't have any kids you moron.

I wonder why that is Mr. liberal nazi, is it because you can't get a woman or because your anti-human agenda forbids you from producing human life? Perhaps a bit of both?

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Im going to restate your position so that I understand it. Tell me if I am correct.

You believe that a fetus is a parasite in a woman’s body and you ask why she wouldn’t want to be rid of it. However, neither she nor anyone else should be able to sell the parasite because it is a vessel of life, albeit a vessel of a parasites life.

Is that the correct gist of it?

1 point

Please, Set your incredulity aside and tell me why you are against it.

Hello A:

It ISN'T a woman's body.. And, it has nothing to do with her anyway.. Besides, we're talking about the fetus here.. But, if you wanna look at it in those terms, the fetus is a parasite sucking the life giving juices from its host.. Why WOULDN'T a woman have the right to rid herself of that?

But, it's neither the mothers body OR a parasite.. It's a life, and the vessel for that life should be treated with respect.. Does that mean an aborted fetus should be buried???? No. Does that mean its remains should be put up for sale? No.

You probably won't be satisfied with my explanation.. There are just SOME things that you immediately RECOIL from.. This is one of those..


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There is no conflict between science and religion. Although the Bible disagrees with evklution, evolution is not a science.

1 point

You are not opposed to everything that is illegal. Why are you opposed to selling fetus parts? Isn’t it the woman’s body and the woman’s choice? Are fetal stem cells valuable?

Please, Set your incredulity aside and tell me why you are against it.

1 point

Hello M:

Nahhh… They're attacking the Irish somewhere on here, so I thought I'd pretend to be Irish. I think it's funny..


1 point

Why are you against it again?

Hello A:

“to knowingly acquire, receive, or otherwise transfer any human fetal tissue for valuable consideration if the transfer affects interstate commerce,” is a CRIME. I'm assuming that states also make the practice illegal, and if they don't, they should..

To me, the notion of harvesting aborted human body parts and SELLING them is REVOLTING. I can't believe that ANY human wouldn't be horrified at the thought.. No, huh??


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Then factmachine and nom were right all along

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